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Hypnosis: Can It Really Stop Tinnitus? (Updated May, 2019)

Intuitively you’d think it unlikely that hypnosis or self hypnosis as a therapy could be helpful in reducing tinnitus noises. The fact is hypnosis can bring about reduction in tinnitus volume. The caveat is that it’s a meticulous and involved process.

Hypnosis for Tinnitus

Much to the surprise of any seasoned clinical hypnotherapist or psychotherapist who has consistently tried and failed, there is a model of hypnosis that can play a role in eradicating tinnitus. Because tinnitus is most typically locked in loops within constellations of the neural net, a great deal of elegance is required at a subjective level to change the objective reality of how the brain’s neurons connect and communicate with each other.

When the Desensitization and Reorganization (CARPETS) Model of Hypnosis is skillfully blended with the State Dependent Memory Model of Hypnosis, the end result is most often a quieter tinnitus and sometimes a client who has completely eliminated their tinnitus. The unique combination reduces the volume and the distress, along with the negative emotions surrounding tinnitus.

One recent study showed that 73% of individuals taking part in a study on the efficacy of hypnosis in tinnitus reduction, succeeded in doing just that.

Unfortunately the model of hypnotherapy taught in most specialization courses is not effective in helping those who suffer with tinnitus. With the right tools however, good to excellent results in tinnitus reduction can be achieved. The same is true for the tools based approach in psychology.

Why don’t more in the public pursue such hypnosis as a successful intervention?

It would seem that there is a perception of hypnosis that is negative in the minds of many. Why this is, can generally be attributed to the media’s stereotypical portrayal of hypnotists in general. People seem to relate hypnosis to the surrender of will to another person…that is until they actually participate in hypnotherapy or say, learn self hypnosis and discover it is very different indeed.

It’s really nothing of the kind.

Hypnosis is an old word that once meant sleep, another misnomer. When a person is in a “state” of hypnosis they are actually in the exact opposite state of sleep! They are in a state of heightened awareness, focused concentration and attention. When working with tinnitus sufferers the client often will not be able to hear their tinnitus “in state.”

As more practitioners learn the specific skills to help those who suffer from tinnitus, more people will share their results. There is work to be done.

It has been shown in countless studies that people who suffer from tinnitus tend to have more “somatics” than the population as a whole.

People who suffer from tinnitus largely either suffered from depression or stress related anxiety before the onset of the noise. This fact, in part, explains the efficacy of hypnosis in the relief of tinnitus. For many decades it has been known that hypnosis reduces stress, anxiety and phobias. Now we are learning that hypnotherapy is effective in the treatment of depression, and, now tinnitus.

When a person experiences tinnitus or any illness, there are emotional clusters of feelings attached to the illness within the neurology of the brain. In psychology, these are known as “state dependent memories.” The memories are so powerful because of the emotional attachment to them. With tinnitus, the emotions can run the gamut from anger to anxiety and distress to depression.

Tinnitus Reduction with Hypnosis

The therapists job is two-fold. The therapist must desensitize or defuse the emotional pain and distress from the associations so that the person has a better opportunity for improvement. Once the emotional clusters have been removed, the therapist will help the client’s unconscious mind focus on other stimuli than the noise.

Unfortunately most hypnotherapists weren’t trained to do either of these crucial elements of tinnitus reduction. The work is meticulous in nature requiring numerous sessions of therapy. Over the years I’ve seen as many as 200 sessions necessary or as few as two. Bringing the volume of the noise down is one of the most complex processes in human experience.

The few hypnotherapists with a broad range of experience with tinnitus sufferers will recommend the use of an iPhone or CD’s we’ve developed with unique hypnotic interventions. These CD’s will allow the individual to use self hypnosis on a daily basis at no additional cost per session.

It is this form of hypnotherapy for tinnitus reduction that has been studied on several occasions with results of measurable improvement ranging from about 2/3 to 3/4. (See below for the proprietary program I developed specifically for tinnitus sufferers, now 19 years in the making.)

It’s important to note that hypnosis is 100% safe for the client with one caveat. It is extremely critical that an individual NOT use hypnosis until the pathology has been determined by a medical doctor. It would be foolish to silence the noise of tinnitus that was caused by a tumor.

What can we expect in a session?

There are two kinds of sessions you can benefit from with a tinnitus expert skilled in hypnosis.

Each hypnotherapist and psychologist has a slightly different style. And in this situation, style matters. However there is a hypnotherapeutic sub-model that has been shown to be most effective in reducing tinnitus volume and other related somatics.

Regression Therapy is a useful form of hypnotherapy. It’s one piece of the model mentioned above.  In regression therapy the client is “returned” to the time before the onset of the tinnitus to discover the trigger of the noise if it is unknown. Approximately half of all individuals do not know how their tinnitus onset. This will come out in therapy in most cases. Generally speaking, from this point the therapist can help the client in a couple of ways. There are similarities between “returning” and the desensitization (CARPETS) model.

One of the key problems the therapist faces in therapy is a clients unyielding search for a cause or a “why” to the tinnitus. That is resolved here and this allows the client to focus attention on external stimulus going forward.

The therapist may have the client simply re-experience onset over and over until the emotional impact becomes boring or even amusing to the client. The desensitization has been shown to work for most. The other traditional methodology is to bring the onset to the client’s conscious awareness so the client can make a cognitive decision about how he should feel about tinnitus. Often the tinnitus or the emotional connection will begin to reduce at this point.

“Sub-Routine Therapy is another skill set of a seasoned hypnotherapist. Sub-Routine Therapy can be used effectively for tinnitus reduction. Generally speaking, therapists work under the assumption that the non-conscious mind always does what it “thinks” is best for the survival of the individual. There are parts of the non-conscious that regulate heart beat, breathing, and blood flow among all the other neurological functions of the body. All of these can be altered in hypnosis by working with the non-conscious.

In Sub-Routine Therapy, we discover what “part” or element of the brain and/or mind is “maintaining” the noise of tinnitus and we negotiate with that part to tell us why the noise is being maintained. Quite often it comes up in therapy that the noise is a signal or a PERCEIVED metaphor of a signal to the conscious mind. Often it is a message to begin to listen to the self or others or to make a major life change, often work related. Frequently, when the part is satisfied that the message can get “through” without the noise, the part happily gives up it’s “job” and rests. Sub Routine Therapy can be miraculous in nature. This author has personally participated in remarkable sessions using this therapy.

It should be noted that quite often there is no mysterious “part” holding the tinnitus in place. Tinnitus, unlike so many things has a multitude of causes and a multitude of cluster reinforcers holding sometimes multiple noises in place.

Suggestive therapy is hypnotherapy that works by suggestion. It is the quickest form of hypnosis that generally works via post-hypnotic suggestion. In this form of therapy, the therapist does not look for causes or parts. Here, the therapist is only concerned with future events and offers the unconscious suggestions. For example:

“And upon returning to your wide aware state of mind you will notice the noise that was so distracting earlier today, will now be faint and will signal to you to lead a more peaceful life and spend more time relaxing…”

Of all the approaches, suggestive hypnotherapy has proven to be the least effective. Suggestive hypnotherapy is very tools oriented and this is why the success rate is so poor.

An excellent therapist will incorporate all three of the general therapy models mentioned in this paper in addition to teaching the client self-hypnosis (see below) for the purpose of completing the first step in elimination which is distracting the mind from the tinnitus.

Self  hypnosis is used for creating an attention deficit for the tinnitus. Distracting the client is helpful but it is not enough.

Secondarily, self hypnosis can sometimes be used to relax and experience calmer states of mind without the need of seeing the therapist. It often depends how loud the volume is. Sometimes a program such as the one I created and is shown below is best used here.

It will frequently be necessary and desirable for a follow up session with a hypnotherapist several months after the original client work has been accomplished. A hypnotherapist will sometimes charge less for a follow up session and will work with the client to make sure the work previously done is indeed working.

Hypnosis is not a predictable cure for tinnitus. Hypnosis is an extremely affordable and very helpful therapy for reducing or eliminating the noise and/or the emotional impact of tinnitus. Depending on the cause of the tinnitus and the psychological status of the individual, hypnosis will generally surprise the client with it’s seemingly amazing results.

The Tinnitus Reduction Program (includes the current edition of Kevin Hogan’s book!)

hypnosis and tinnitus relief
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Anyone with tinnitus who would like to reduce the volume of their tinnitus through the use of self-hypnosis CDs, along with other strategies presented in the program.

The Tinnitus Reduction CD + DVD Program has helped thousands of individuals reduce the distress associated with tinnitus. In most cases, when individuals utilize the Tinnitus Reduction Program as part of a multi-modality approach to tinnitus reduction they experience long term improvement.

“I had meant to write before as I have had your tapes from July now. They have been wonderful and saved my sanity. My tinnitus is greatly reduced and my Meniere’s under control. I return to your tapes as I find them excellent and I use them every night to go to sleep with. Thank you.” Anne Clarke

Your CD program includes three hours of up to date information about how to reduce the volume and distress of your tinnitus. This portion of the program is updated regularly.

In addition to the reporting you will receive of what is working in the area of medicine, tinnitus retraining therapy, and other modalities, you will receive self hypnosis CD’s specifically designed by Kevin Hogan which assisted him in the elimination of his tinnitus. The first discs in the program are DVD’s. They are the most up to date information about tinnitus relief you can get. Now, you can utilize the same program as part of a multi-modal effort in reducing your tinnitus volume.

Kevin Hogan is a psychotherapist specializing in hypnosis, who didn’t stop with just one possible way to experience silence. A multimodal approach is the only way to assure your success in reducing your tinnitus volume and the intense emotional distress that comes from the tinnitus. If you are sick of hearing that “nothing can be done” and “you’ll have to learn to live with it,” this is the starting point.

The program includes the brand new revised edition of, Tinnitus: Turning the Volume Down which includes the latest developments in reducing tinnitus and hundreds of citations for further research.

Tinnitus Reduction CD+DVD Program and the 300+ page book, Tinnitus: Turning Down the Volume

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My tinnitus is greatly reduced… I had meant to write before as I have had your program from July now. They have been wonderful and saved my sanity. My tinnitus is greatly reduced and my Meniere’s under control. I return to your CDs as I find them excellent and I use them every night to go to sleep with. Thank you."
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