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Get well From Tinnitus - Get Kevion Hogan's Tinnitus Reduction Program and Turn the Volume Down

Why don’t people get well from tinnitus?

Because of the complexity of tinnitus it doesn’t fall into any category which makes it particularly challenging to change, ideally reduce in volume.

It’s not a medical issue. It’s not a psychological issue.

Although tinnitus is most typically heard only by the individual, about 4% of the time, your tinnitus can be heard with a stethoscope by another person.

It can be “heard” by the sufferer in an ear, as moving around the head, as in both ears and so on.

Tinnitus is rarely in the ear but we typically need the help of an ENT.

It’s rarely caused by a tumor but we do need an MRI.

Tinnitus is about often incredible volume, disturbing quality of sound, attention, and unyielding obsession.

It literally does not fall into a simple category.

Tinnitus is very real. It is the most real of the problems a person can face in life.

And yet it is very misunderstood.

Tinnitus can be whole tone or diffuse. It can be intermittent, continuous, always the same volume, incredibly variable and on and on and on. It can come in the form of voices or animal sounds. It can be experienced as mechanical sounds. Over the years I’ve listened to hundreds of thorough descriptions. There is no “tinnitus” but there are hundreds and hundreds of different “tinnitus” experiences. The more accurate term, “unwanted noise” is more useful.

So this is why people don’t get well from tinnitus – it’s simply not easy to understand or correct.

Cause can be important to the approach to reduction but 2/3 of the time cause is not critical when it comes to fixing the problem, most typically there are several codes that have to be broken before significant long-term reduction is experienced.

Tinnitus Reduction Programs from Dr Kevin Hogan - Tinnitus: Turning Down the Volume contains the methods and tools CD's specifically designed by Kevin Hogan which assisted him in the elimination of his tinnitus.
Tinnitus Reduction Programs from Dr. Kevin Hogan – Tinnitus: Turning Down the Volume

My Outcome Desire for you: Lower volume, possible remission and dramatically reduced distress so you have a much better life.

When analyzing the road to peace, there are all kinds of interesting challenges, often “surprises” that will happen on the way.

Uncontrolled or temporarily uncontrollable variables have two effects on the tinnitus experience. Long-term stress, anxiety,
depression accumulate and impact the body and brain in negative ways.

Tinnitus is one of those ways.

Tinnitus tends to be the 2nd step a person has in reaction to these uncontrolled variables. The 1st step is the brain reacts to extreme
pain, emotional pain or trauma (death of loved ones for example). The body is constantly sending messages to the brain telling the body how it feels. (It hurts in x, y, z ways). Uncontrolled variables can also lead to everything from spontaneous remission to massive increases in volume. Thus, a positive event like getting a new job, for example, can carry a great deal of stress which can accumulate and cause a mess two months after getting the job and at the same time, create calm days during the experience itself because tinnitus in part is an attention challenge.

That very same experience could easily bring absolute silence while you are experiencing the beginning days of the new job in this case. It could also trigger much worse tinnitus during the day to day frustrations of the new job…and more as time goes on.

After the onset of the tinnitus people experience different degrees of suffering throughout the day and night.

You wake up and you are experiencing being attacked. It’s a brutal experience and it happens daily for some, less often for others.
It’s in these moments that we need the brain to NOT react with despondency, hopelessness, terror. Instead, we must move along the
road to response adjustment.

Quicker is much better and more likely to then remove the brains attending to tinnitus as proof you are alive. Because we remember what happens first and last in the day or in any sequence of any kind, the brain senses today was horrible just because of
this, even though we achieved our absorption outcome. But the brain is wrong.

What really happens is that via absorption you retrain the brain to react differently to the noise when it is at its most merciless moments. We must move from fear/terror/anxiety/despondency/depression to sadness/disappointment/frustration and then to irritation/tolerance.

Reducing the volume begins with that, but of course, that is just the beginning.

Get Well from Tinnitus

Are you looking for a solution that will Turn Down the Volume?

I thought you may be since you’ve read this far and it’s why I developed the Tinnitus Reduction Program – to help you get well from tinnitus.

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"I wanted to make sure you know how many people you are helping… Dear Mr. Hogan, Thank you for your incredibly informative website. I stumbled upon it at a moment of absolute desperation and the information I found there may well have saved my life. I developed horrible, life-altering tinnitus after having a patulous eustachian tube. I went to the top ear doctor in Los Angeles and he prescribed a number of things – among them, the antidepressant amitriptyline. Shortly after I started the amitriptyline my tinnitus got worse. I panicked. I did a combination google search of anti-depressant drugs and tinnitus and found your page. Among your FAQ’s was a discussion where you mentioned anti-depressants could temporarily make the tinnitus work but it meant the drugs were helping and to not quit. Your information was my sole deciding factor to continue the medicine and about three weeks later, the tinnitus stopped. I was probably just another page view so I wanted to make sure you know how many people you are helping. Thank you for giving me hope in a hopeless situation and much-needed encouragement when I was on the verge of quitting."
"Kevin, I really appreciate your Tinnitus-focused website with really well-written articles in helping people understand how this comes about. I really do appreciate the great knowledge you have shared. Thanks to your articles, I was able to gain hope that my Tinnitus problem could be turned around, as I didn’t realize the apparent contributing factors. Thank you again!"
My tinnitus is greatly reduced… I had meant to write before as I have had your program from July now. They have been wonderful and saved my sanity. My tinnitus is greatly reduced and my Meniere’s under control. I return to your CDs as I find them excellent and I use them every night to go to sleep with. Thank you."
"Kevin, I very much connected and enjoyed reading your book Tinnitus: Turning Down the Volume. I greatly appreciate all your diligence in regard to helping the tinnitus sufferers! I wish you the best and just want to thank you for your wonderful work and making it available for us suffering from this most challenging problem. I am looking forward to a full recovery. I wish you the best and hope that you continue to enlighten the tinnitus sufferers with your brilliant findings and continue to be successful. You are brilliant! "

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