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11.5 Ways of Making a Magnetic First Impression that Will Last a Lifetime

Research just out in 2022 shows that it takes about 1 second, one SECOND, to fall in love!

And all I want is for people to like you, respect you, appreciate you.

Whether you’re meeting with a person for the first time, or meeting with someone you’re already familiar with, the first few minutes are extremely critical to the outcome… they are, essentially, the outcome. Harvard tells us that the first thirty seconds of a meeting are critical. I agree, with the added note that each of the first few seconds of any influential encounter are always the most important.

And even that is prefaced with the fact you and I will talk about this month that what happens before you walk in the door in the clients mind and your preparation dwarfs even the first few seconds.

With this in mind you can make add significant sway around your message so that it is received with the greatest likelihood to draw a “YES!” response.

Secret #1

Dress about 10% “better” than you expect your client/customer to be dressed. Do not overdress or under-dress. Both of these choices are considered disrespectful by clients.

Secret #2

People feel most comfortable when others seem to be like them in appearance, beliefs, and/or values. Predict the values and beliefs of your clients and customers and emulate, or at least be aware of, these factors so that you are prepared to make your best first impression.

Secret #3

You should be immaculate when you meet your client/customer. This means you should smell clean (not necessarily heavily doused in cologne, as many men and women use far too much of the smelly stuff), have your hair trim and neat, and physically appear as good as you possibly can.

Secret #4

Find out what values are most important to a person in doing business with you and those values relevant to your product/service.  Answer this question in on paper before meeting each person in the day. “What is most important to you in possibly doing business with me?”

Secret #5

Ask your client how he knows when he has his values met. Example: If he tells you fast service is a high value, ask him, “How do you determine what fast service is?”

Almost no one has criteria before you ask this question so you are in new territory when you pose the question. That’s helpful because the person now continues to construct criteria WITH you and no one else, while you are talking with them. You are shaping the person’s future personality and behavior as you converse.

Secret #6

Ask your client: if you give him his highest value, (Fast service in this instance) will he work with you? If not, then what really is his highest value. Because this is such a basic point, you now discover secondary issues that may actually be primary that can also be solved at which point gaining agreement or doing business with each other is almost certain.

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Secret #7

Be certain that you know what your client NEEDS your product/service to do. Needs and values are often different from each other, and we aren’t interested in what your service COULD do for your customer but rather what it MUST do for your customer to be loyal to you. “If you had to pick one thing that our service/product must do for you what would it be?”

Don’t be shy about this. People do have “must have” things in life. You better be on the same page as the other person when it comes to MUST or you both with lose.

Secret #8

If you are nervous about your meeting for whatever reason, then your client probably is as well. Take advantage of the brain’s organization and keep your client to your right if possible when shaking hands, sitting, and communicating. This accesses more of the left brain for both you and your client and allows you both to relax and perform more analytically.

Yes, people buy through emotional states but having someone at ease with you IS comfortable and that is where you both want to be.

Secret #9

When meeting with women (regardless of whether you are male or female) you should try and keep your eye level below that of your counterpart. Research reveals that almost all women are more comfortable and less intimidated when their eye level is higher than those around them.

Secret #10

When clients are particularly emotional do not exceed their level of emotion as you model their behavior. Do allow yourself to be somewhat upset/concerned by the cause of their anger. “The city is making you pay an extra $20.000 for your license this year? What is THAT about!?”

I was out with the owner of the home I’m renting here in Poland last night. For some bizarre reason I had a bad experience at a restaurant in town that they recommended. We all felt a lot better when Woicej was as upset as we were with the owner of the restaurant.

Secret #11

Be familiar with the terminology of the business/profession of your clients. Research reveals that using the exact same buzz words and corporate lingo your customer does identifies you as an insider and makes your client more likely to say, “Yes” to you.

When you know the vocabulary it is rock solid evidence  that you are competent and part of the inside group.

Secret #11.5

Show sincere interest and fascination with your client/customer, their interests, pursuits and business. It can take time to develop fascination with others. It’s not inherent in human nature.  Think about the last time you blew someone away because they were so into you.  It feels good right? It’s the same way with everyone else.

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Track 1 09:58 Who is on the wall?
Track 2 10:07 Primes/Identity Related Triggers
Track 3 10: 01 Two Core Principles
Track 4 10: 02 Covert Conditioning
Track 5 10: 07 Letter Proxemic Effect
Track 6 07:19 “I” Power

CD 2 Creating Irresistible Impulse

Track 1 10:05 The Reward Phenomenon
Track 2 09:59 Covert Influences
Track 3 10:02 The Nagging Compulsion for Completion
Track 4 10:02 Importance of Possession
Track 5 09:59 People want to be influenced?
Track 6 06:07 Importance of “Presentation”

CD 3 Tapping into Human Desires & Emotions

Track 1 09:59 Hidden in Plain Sight
Track 2 10:01 Ask for the time, and you get…
Track 3 10:04 Who Benefits?
Track 4 10:04 An Important Hidden Element
Track 5 08:38 Tribes

CD 4 Covert Influence to Control Behavior

Track 1 09:59 Signage to Control
Track 2 10:05 Triggering Neural Connections
Track 3 09:58 Choices, How many is too many?
Track 4 10:05 Hallmark Factor: The Power of Interruption
Track 5 11:26 The NEW Power Words

CD 5 Subliminal Influence

Track 1 09:58 Time is …?
Track 2 10: 01 Subliminal Effects
Track 3 09:54 Trigger Points
Track 4 10:05 Channeling Sexual Energy/Sexual cues
Track 5 10:03 Test Your Knowledge
Track 6 13:31 Anticipated Regret

CD 6 Things That Make Your Head Spin

Track 1 09:56 Instant Drama Resolution Covert Influence Technique
Track 2 10:02 Emotional Drama
Track 3 10:06 Lessons from a Dancer…
Track 4 09:54 So What Causes Dancers to Make It Big?
Track 5 10:09 Core Mindset Shifting
Track 6 04:59 Required Rituals of Influence

CD 7 Getting Them to Say, “Yes!” in 2015Track 1 09:53 Differences Between Men & Women

Track 2 05:07 When Do Women Let Down Their Defenses?
Track 3 05:01 Lap Dancing and Covert Influence
Track 4 05:01 What’s Most Important in Influence?
Track 5 10:03 THE Most Important Factor in Persuasion
Track 6 09:56 Motivation for Change
Track 7 07:59 Working Inside How Do People Actually Decide

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Creating Irresistible Impulse. The button is there (for everyone); it just needs to be pushed. What are some of the irresistible impulses marketers are using on you? How can you take advantage of these tactics yourself? It’s all here in this section. Kevin details the marketing phenomenon that pushes the buttons…all the way to irresistible.

Tapping into Human Desires & Emotions. With just ONE change in strategy, a non-profit organization can get 5 times the donations. What can this strategy do for you? You can’t afford NOT to implement this tactic now.

Desires and Emotions… That Influence. You’ve heard some rumors, I’m sure about negative emotions and positive emotions in the influence process. But do you know what actually works, and what to emphasize in the process, and when? Find out once and for all!

Tribes. You’ve heard the term.  What does it describe? How does it come into play in the influence process? Most important, how do you utilize the concept of the Tribe in order to make more sales? It’s all here… Kevin explains about subgroups and how to make appeals based on whether a group is “in” or “out”. This is cutting edge research that benefits you. No one uses this…yet.

Covert Influence…to Control Behavior. You’ve seen the signs. Above the candy jar, tacked to the break room wall. Even posted on a fence, or highway. How do signs really influence? What elements should be used in signs to covertly control behavior? Fascinating new research uncovered for you!


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