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Fighting Back vs. Childhood Brainwashing

Part 1. Overcoming the Well Intended but Useless Advice You Got as a Kid from Well Intended Dragons

June 2023:  It’s time to ERASE and REPROGRAM

Next week. Part 2.

They told you, “here you did good have a cookie.”

They said, “don’t worry about your body, you’re big boned.”

They said, “some people are lucky and others aren’t.”

They said, “You can’t do anything right!”

They said, “You can be anything you want to be when you grow up.”

I rewarded my kids by taking them to Barnes and Noble or Target. Out of every 10 trips they would get to pick something out and I’d buy it for them. At Barnes and Noble, they ALWAYS got a book as a reward. And they could have and read all the books they wanted over time.

One of the purposes of a Coffee Table Business is so your kids can come sit by you and watch their little tv on the floor or play on their tablet while sitting next to you. As long as they don’t disturb Dad working, it’s cool. If you want to talk you have to wait for Dad to finish typing. It could take 5 minutes or 90 minutes. They learned to wait patiently and they were always rewarded by talking with Dad about anything they wanted when Dad was on break.

The garbage advice about rewarding kids with food is insane. Diabetes is at an all time high and it is TOUGH to fight type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes rarely resolves itself over time. Too much sugar makes fat kids. Those fat kids get teased at school, hurt in fights, looked down upon by everyone from teachers, to even other kids who were rewarded with food, and their own parents who told them it was OK to be fat, like your body.

Then answer is, “I’m going to help you lose weight so you are healthier and you live a long time. The person inside your body is  a beautiful person but the fat will steal a big part of your life. So we WILL make this happen.”

You learned from them a long time ago that you must get the secure job, the stable income, the safe life path. But it never resonated with you. You know that you weren’t that person. You always felt that there was something unique or special about you that was really real. Today, you’ll learn how to make the ultimate lifestyle decision and become a huge asset to yourself.

Before we begin, do remember all of them were the people who cared about you. They wanted what was best for you. They were taking the time to talk with you. They were simply wrong. There’s nothing wrong with being wrong if you are good with doing IT right.

It’s never too early or too late.

Here’s What I have for You Today:

  1. How do You Know What to Be When You “Grow Up”…Again?
  2. The Ultimate Lifestyle Decision
  3. The Freedom Factor
  4. How to Become a HUGE Asset to Your Self
  5. Does Believing in Your Self Matter Anymore
  6. If you’ve missed out on Happiness, you might get a dose today…
  7. Freedom comes from having financial and emotional security.

“I don’t really know what I want to do … with my life … when I grow up … to make me happy … to … “

Don’t worry.

Achieving Personalized Human Potential

No one does!

Success, achieving your personalized human potential, is something that can be done in free or mostly free countries. Free means some form of real capitalism as well as flexibility and latitude in your behavior. Success is much more difficult in socialized nations. Meanwhile, we’ve seen communism not impede massive growth in China. It’s amazing that a nation with 1.4 billion people can do as well as they have the last 15 years. In fact, it boggles the mind.  That said, communism on average doesn’t make for a helpful ingredient for individual success in general.

Think carefully about this because no one else will share this with you: It’s rare that someone can have life experiences X,Y,Z (living in the city for example) and be able to feel any possible connection to A,B,C (say people who have a family farm) or passion toward D,E,F (doing what you love and getting paid for it).

It’s like food.

You are familiar with what you’ve had all your life. Don’t give the good stuff up! Move on to replace the current bad stuff with more good stuff!

Leaving Comfort Zone

Someone says, “Hey would you like to try some… sushi, tofu, Asian salad, soy milk?” and I have always struggled to say “yes” and then find that about 1/3 of the time I like the result. You’d never have known.

The rest? You wonder how they qualified as a food item.

Success doesn’t require trying new foods or clothes but it does require living in a different frame of mind than most of the rest of the world.

In the Genes?

Last week my son was home for very a weekend visit. It was great. He kicked my butt at pool. He plays in two leagues out in Philadelphia.  He kicked my butt about 12-1.  I suck at pool but love to play. Why did he get in a pool league when he moved to Philly?  He was no better at playing than I am now. And all of a sudden he’s a solid team member.

Crazy coincidence. . I first stuck a guitar in my sons hands when he was 4. I gave him his first electric guitar at 14 and amp at 15. (That first year on a guitar is painful for family.) It wasn’t long before he could play twice what I could play.  One evening in his university days he  sat me down for 45 minutes and taught me this insanely complex set of finger patterns. He bypassed my skill level which was just getting to be OK at that time and now can do 7x what I can do. Another coincidence.

Then this seriously brilliant kid was hired by a mid-sized tech company who found an unexplored and critical niche for pretty much all the major companies in the Fortune 100.

Imagine that, there is not one person who grew up in our family that did not eventually work for themselves. 5/5 Entrepreneurs. Coincidence again?

How did he become such a damn good guitarist and pool player?

It’s gotta be in the genes, right?

Not at all.

It’s what he has lived and experienced his entire life.

I put the guitar in his hands at FOUR years old. I’ve shown this picture below before but it’s worth a second look.

Behavior Experience Kevin Hogan

It would be darn difficult to jump from what you live, experience, talk about every day, react and respond to … to something else.

Not the genes. It’s in the behavior. The experience.

And you can be 65 or 35 or 15 and start a new set of behaviors and experiences. People who say they are too young or too old are putting up the ageless excuse of age. It really doesn’t matter.

Getting that it’s not in the genes but in the behaviors is critical because the behaviors precede the beginning the overhaul of the mind frames.

This is where you learn to overcome your lousy childhood brainwashing be well intended (or not) people around you.

I’ve shared with you for a long time that you don’t need 10,000 hours to master a skill or niche. You do need between 1/3 and 2/3 that number for mastery, but to be COMPETENT requires far less.

When it comes to success, success begins with understanding where you are at today:

1. You tend to move in step with the people around you.

Direction Movement Personal Growth

2. When there is no attention to the intentional life direction of others around you, you tend to move toward what you must do to survive.

3. When there is a united and intentional direction of movement in a family or a group the chances of “getting somewhere” increase dramatically.

If you grow up the child of an entrepreneur, you have your 5,000 hours of discussions about entrepreneurship by the time you are 15 years old. It would be difficult, though by no means impossible, to move in another direction. That 15-year-old has heard and “knows” more about entrepreneurship than 98% of people 3 times her age. Of course the recipe still requires a few thousand hours of DO in addition to KNOW. What matters to the young mind of course is not the hours but the sense of “normal” or “familiar.”

This directional flow happens in every family and EVERY group.

The river is flowing somewhere. It will go where the group let’s it go or it will be redirected by the group. Water seeks the easy path in every case. The group however must seek an EXCELLENT PATH.

Not all families (and friends) have parents with strong ongoing interests that captivate the imagination. When they don’t, the children wonder what they will do when they grow up. They have nothing to latch their potential fascination on. Survival comes much easier if a child has a model of survival.  Thriving comes much easier if the child has a model of survival.

My daughter owns a business with offices in Minneapolis and Los Angeles. She employs a number of other psychologists who diagnose then help kids with autism. (Psychologist and Entrepreneur with small business, yet another coincidence.)

The same happens over time as we are over 18. And it happens when we are over 38 and 58 and 88. The group that intentionally seeks results gets results. The group that simply “goes with the flow” of the water, ends up going to the bottom of Niagra.

Just because you move to the university or out of the house doesn’t mean that your environmental models stop. They don’t. The next person or people you live with or work with for large quantities of time will reshape you, pretty much whether you want it or not.

Ideally, you want to talk with your kids about your fascinations when they are preschool age. This way, they have a working knowledge, fascination and compulsion to participate/perform three or four of your passions by the time they are 12. Selfish? “YOUR PASSIONS?” No, it’s far from selfish. It’s the connections with the people in your environment, the things you both find fascinating or interesting or fun…that’s what creates the first bonds that can stick two people together. Some people call it imprinting. I call it smart…


Finding Real and Long Term Motivation

You are working at job Z. You start to wonder if you might be ready for a career switch to selling real estate, insurance, commercial property, medicine, engineering, whatever. How about that Coffee Table Business I’ve been talking with you about?

But you’ve been in job Z for 1, 5, 10, 20 years. (Granted in 2023, very few people stay in the same place more than a decade.) The average person in the U.S. switches companies every 4 years. Things really have changed.

Someone says, “You’d make a great Doctor or Real Estate Agent or Architect, or Salesperson”.

When they tell you that, you want to pay CLOSE ATTENTION. They see something in you that you probably don’t.

And for you, in your mind, quite often there is no connect.

You can’t imagine what it would be like.


You’ve never done it. You may never have read about it or seen other people do “it” and you haven’t listened to stories about “it” your entire life.

Same thing is true of a Coffee Table Business.

“How could I possibly earn a quarter of a million dollars per year without leaving my living room?!”

It’s completely foreign to 90% of people. It’s a completely normal experience for quite a few million across the globe.

There’s a lot you don’t go do because you’ve never done it … or “worse,” you’ve done it once and, of course, you obviously showed no talent at it. You were terrible at it and therefore you didn’t return to it.

Parents that don’t move their kids into some flow that has a destination, end up with kids without interests.

That would make sense.

But do NOT ever use that as an excuse to not take on new ventures, projects, hobbies, interests as you hit 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95.

I first put a guitar in my own hands at 17. My Mom could never have afforded to buy something so secondary to survival. We literally went through periods where we couldn’t afford food, forget the guitar pick.

I could never really play competently until the last few years. I didn’t have a mentor.

And here is the grand advantage of living in 2023 vs. any other period in history.

YouTube to Learn Skills

You can learn the majority of skills you need for a lot of different things online. (You Tube is the best place to learn a lot of stuff especially hobby oriented material, for no cost.) Meanwhile there are useful online courses for niches all around the internet. I’ve trained Professional Speaking, Wealth Accumulation, Authoring Best Sellers, and a number of other courses for the last decade.

You and I live in a world where people simply assume that either we have a knack for something or we don’t.

You try it.
You fail.
You move on.

Nothing wrong with moving on, but hang on, there are GOOD reasons to try a few more times.

Why There’s No “Sticky Factor”

The fact is that unless you are burgeoning with happiness and abundance with your current job/career/world/life … it’s very possible that what you tried and failed at might be an answer.

So here you are at job Z. You’ve done it all these years. You certainly aren’t going to leave today but you decide to TRY something else…like an Asian Salad.

You try A, it’s uncomfortable.
You try B, it doesn’t “feel right.”
You try C, you didn’t make any money that day/week at it.
You try D, you were criticized and decided to pass.
You try E, you found it mentally too challenging.
You try F, you found it too physically difficult.


you THINK ABOUT A-F and have the same result.

My best guess is that your experience was precisely as it should be…and is for all people who become successful in life.

Failed at New Business

If you’ve never written a book, it looks like a daunting task. OK, it IS a daunting task. Most people had parents who didn’t experience or thrive in daunting tasks or life situations.

But let’s say you got it written and then it was done. Now no one buys it.

That makes perfect sense if it hasn’t been published.  And if it’s been published, zero sales still makes sense if it hasn’t been promoted.

Imagine you had a job other people thought was cool but you took a dislike to it fairly quickly.

I want to take you today into that other world of experience. I want to take you into the world where there is Freedom. Then if you’d like, I’d like to show you how to have it, if you decide you’d like to try some things you aren’t likely to … like … at first …

FREEDOM BEGINS WHEN YOU DO THINGS YOU DO a large number of things you do not LIKE TO DO.

Want to try on some Freedom of Choice?

Freedom, particularly Financial Freedom, is about having choices.

Most people immediately think that they will choose something that is strictly fun and go do it and become financially free.

That’s not how it works.

Freedom comes from experiencing various pains FIRST.

People want freedom to happen prior to pain. But it doesn’t.

Everyone wants to be successful before struggling to be successful. The ongoing  planned and directed struggle is the telltale sign of success.

Through the Fire

Freedom BEGINS because of the understood pain!

The first time you hold a guitar in your hands and strum a chord your FINGERS HURT BAD. Guitar strings are rather like knives. The strings on my Paisley Fender, a special gift from Gary Moon is one that is now in the hands of my son because he can make it sing and it has an incredible history to it. All for another day.

No Pain No Gain

If you were to go into some form of entertainment, (guitar player, singer, actor, speaker, comedian, podcaster, vlogger, influencer etc.) you can assume that you will have pain all along the way!

There’s no surprise that someone is going to write something nasty about you, even if there is no good reason for them to do so. There is no surprise that someone isn’t going to like you no matter how philanthropic you are.

Of course you’ll be the entertainer.

Is entertaining always fun?

Obviously not.

It requires a personality that is absolutely controlling and trusting all at the same time. The performer, in this case, has to set all the wheels in motion and then trust people to keep them there. It’s more work to entertain than it is to be a janitor or a laborer. The painter goes and paints. The entertainer has dozens of variables to perfect that people in other professions don’t even know exist.

I painted houses for two summers while at university. One weekends, I janitored at a nursing home.

The toughest part about painting is inhaling paint all day and falling off a ladder every now and then. Beyond that … you paint. And you sweat, especially on the hottest days. Yet it’s a pretty good way to earn a living. A busy painter can earn $100,000 annually in the U.S. without much problem.

It’s not incredibly intellectually or creatively taxing. There is no significant stress 80% of the time.

Not so in entertaining. It’s the absolute opposite. There is no set process in entertaining. There are familiar steps and sequences, but you are constantly forced to create and generate something new, unique, exciting, fun, thrilling and fascinating.


That’s why the kid grows up to be like the parent.

They see the results in spite of the pressures and taxing requirements.

They have something to attach their fascination to.

And after all, all kids are smarter than their parents. So if Dad can churn out 25 books, what could I do?!


Finding Your Fascination

But … what if your parent didn’t have these fascinations, passions and interests?

Makes My Kids Successful

It matters, but not as much as you might guess.

You find your own.

It means you have the ability to make decisions and do as you choose. That is a rare experience in today’s world.

So why don’t more people go and do something that requires pain and learning?

Because it looked so easy from the outside.

They couldn’t have dreamed of the pressures, the pains, the frustrations. It’s a lot easier to keep doing what is easier.

And by the way, for a lot of people it’s the best thing to do what is familiar. We’ll talk about this next time. I’ll explain how to know whether you should stick with what you are “doing” or go out and face a new experience every day.

Hint: If you respond to pressure and pain in a productive and powerful fashion, you should get your butt out there and ATTEMPT X,  10 times. If you don’t … you need to learn to respond to pressure and pain FIRST and THEN consider moving into other ventures.

Legend Point: SUCCESS comes hand in hand with HIGH Pressure and SIGNIFICANT PAIN.

Let’s look at what might bring someone to such a place.

Almost no one else will tell you this because they think it will scare you. But that’s because it scares THEM.

The Freedom Mind Frame Principle One: Your undiscovered passion is not likely to be fun on attempt one.

The Freedom Mind Frame Principle Two: Your undiscovered passion is going to be HARD from day one and it will NEVER become easy, or you instantly fail. As soon as it is “natural,” you’ve left success and achievement and moved toward mediocrity.

When you have Freedom, when you have a Success Mind Frame.  It’s not going to be fascinating or exciting in week one. It’s not even going to be attention sustaining the first couple of weeks.

Change Up Every 7 Years

It’s going to “require motivation.” You’ll wonder why you chose this crazy idea to pursue. And the reality is you have no idea whether THIS PROJECT is THE PROJECT. You just don’t know because you almost can’t know. Give “life options,” like your future careers or Coffee Table Businesses, a little time.


Assume you’ll have a new career or a newly evolved career, every 7 years in the future. Begin to see possibilities for excitement, passion, compassion, lust and all the other cool experiences you can feel.

If you don’t, you will end up eating junk food all of your life….

A parallel: I didn’t quit with my first two books. They sold 1000 and 3000 copies respectively. It was *hard.* And the idea of trying to “get people to buy my book,” was really hard. (Not to mention a REALLY foolish and naive mind frame on how to sell books.) 247 publishers told me everything from “no” to “you don’t have the skills” to “it’s the wrong place for you” to stuff that really hurt and should have made me quit.

But it hurt bad so I wrote something that has changed business, individuals careers, even governments.


It was uncomfortable and didn’t feel “right.” I didn’t make any money at it…at first…. I was criticized about everything from the grammar, to the layout, to the … use of ellipses … to you name it. It was mentally overwhelming and the time commitment was brutal.

As you can see 25+ books later … I still default to original and use three dots to cause an instant of thought and consideration. You can see the … conformity can’t you? Never let THEIR system stop YOUR creativity.


The first two books didn’t sell. They are pretty darn good, but they didn’t have an author who knew how to sell them. Such is life.

So quit, right?

Well wait a minute.

What’s the alternative?

A job.

I’ll explain shortly that I’m really not one of those people who is cut out for “a job.” I’ve had plenty. Are you cut from the cloth of one who has a job or are you from a different place?

We did some research and found out that based on the Social Security Administration records I had my first actual social security wages (taxed income) when I was 12 years old. (I worked at McDonald’s in Park City, Illinois) The record shows I didn’t have social security wages when I was 13. That must have been because my step dad was terminally ill and then passed away that year, but the following year there was a significant amount of wages paid, at age 14.

We also figured out that in my entire life, spanning now what seems close to one million years, I’ve never experienced a “paid day off,” ever from any job. That was interesting. To this day it still makes very little sense to me at a gut level.

Getting Hired is Difficult? You’d Be Surprised.

I’ve also been able to figure out that since that time at age 14, I’ve never been unemployed for more than two consecutive days and I can remember being fired from both McDonald’s I worked for as a kid… And of course I was fired as an adult three times. That’s being fired 5 times in a life!

The only positive comments someone could say about that young Kevin Hogan, as an employee, was that I was honest. I busted butt for anyone who hired me. I always got a job done even when I stayed late to finish work others did far quicker than I did. I gave a million percent to the company or person that wrote me a check.

So why get fired? Attitude problems. Not always willing to follow rules. Issues with stupid people in authority. Eh… you’ve got a job SOMEWHERE the next day, who cares? Really…

That said, I did have far more than 10 different jobs by the time I was 25.

I really was not a star to say it politely, at anything I did whether I was 12, 14 or 22.

I worked harder than anyone, but I was typically very average in the results department when it came to working for other people. For my own businesses like delivering newspapers from age 10 – 14, shoveling driveways, age 11 – 14, cutting lawns age 12 – 14, selling greeting cards from age 10 – 15…those were all different. I was very good at all of them. I was fond of the boss and the FREEDOM which was painful but in a good way…

Switch From Job to Small Busniess

A number of physical moves (4 high schools in 4 years) slowed down the business ventures and forced me back into “job mode.”

Time after time I was in this “job” life and not only was I mediocre at it, the “rules” never made sense to me. The work was always paying too little for the effort expended and I didn’t enjoy being told what to do. I was terrible at receiving criticism. It took quite a while to get past that.

So, I could continue working in “jobs” or finally decide at age 25 that it was time to become independent. Talk about scary.

I had no idea what I would do. I had no real “job” talents that I could figure out how to apply in real life. I had a whopping 3 years of college education before the money ran out and I had to leave college. It was a decade before I could begin the process of resuming that madness… another set of projects that really were no fun.

I did have an advantage. Hard work never bothered me. I always worked, usually seven days per week. But I didn’t have a clue about my future life.

I tried numerous contracts with companies or did things on my own. I never just went in for the day or week. I was able to figure out that being good at anything would take commitment.

Finally it became obvious that it was time to take a REAL inventory.

This was the first BIG STEP toward FREEDOM. It looked very much like what I share with you in step one of the 10 week, Wealth Accumulation Course.

A Freedom Mind Frame Inventory you can use…

The Freedom Mind Frame Inventory

Kevin Hogan on Goal Setting that WorksDo this and your world will start to change…

  1. Write down what YOU absolutely don’t like to do; and then what you CAN’T do? Obviously there are times when you have to do what you hate to do, to pay the bills. Make a long list of stuff you hate to do and stuff you physically can’t do. We’ll come back to this list later.
  2. Then make a REALLY long list of what would you be willing to do if you had to? (Hint, it probably should include a lot of stuff you don’t like to do.) Now, come up with a much shorter list…
  3. What are you good at, and/or what do you get “fired up” about?

I was good at handicapping. I will save the childhood handicapping stories for another day and jump straight to age 21. I was now entering an area I loved and was good at.

I connected with Bob McCune, a Las Vegas handicapper. (I would eventually meet Bob three years later.) I mailed Bob all articles related to the Minnesota Vikings from the Minneapolis Star Tribune and when he received the hometown info, he would then factor that into his weekly picks for people who bet sports in Las Vegas.

He also used that information along with info he collected from others like me around the country to win the Las Vegas Hilton Football Handicapping Contest the next year. I’ve entered this same contest with the best handicappers on planet earth. Last year I finished in the top 3% which is not bad, but I still have a long way to go to be the best.

Bob was a warrior for sports handicapping to be a profession not tainted with the problems of the time.

He showed me how the bad guys worked in the industry. He showed me how to be ethical in a field of a lot of unethical people.

Those same “marketing cons” are now used by the entertainment business to “promote” …garbage… reminiscent of The Secret, and similar. All that for another day, as well.

A Possibility Emerged!

I enjoyed doing the research for Bob. It was interesting and I was young and I worked for cheap, mostly because it was cheap or nothing and in the 1980’s, there was a lot of nothing. I called Bob on the phone with anything that happened late in the week that wouldn’t reach him by mail in time for the weekend.

If you enjoy the process of research (or whatever your first discovery is) on X, it probably will transfer to some y’s and z’s, but obviously not all y’s and z’s.

My little part time “job” for Bob was fun. It was interesting. And it was cool to be connected with one of the better handicappers in the field. Three years later, when I met Bob and his sweet wife, Maise, at his home in Las Vegas, I saw exactly what I wanted to be doing. He had a Coffee Table filled with papers, statistical equations, charts. It was a beautiful home with an office that was a mess. It was the perfect life.


I had experienced for a few hours what a COOL LIFE would be like.

Not the handicapping, which would be cool but not pragmatic because I was a rookie, but doing what you love at home and be able to earn a good living at doing just that.

And so it was …

I loved handicapping, but the business was not one you could chance from outside Nevada. Heaven forbid. Again the rules change as time goes on. Who knows, maybe when I’m old and gray I’ll open up a handicapping business. I own the right domains…   🙂

I handicapped for years using the systems I learned from Bob and used them … for my own … personal use.

But he lived a life like I had never seriously thought possible.

You don’t want to simply think in terms of a career or job, but think in terms of processes and activities that you enjoy that span across dozens of careers.

and …

The Ultimate Lifestyle Decision (ULD) Was Now Made

I would, at the very least, have my “office” IN my home. I sold advertising and all kinds of stuff that required leaving the house daily, but I determined my own income, for better or worse, and I liked being in control of my own life.

You determine your own income by deciding when to start and stop generating revenue each and every day. It’s that simple.

So this lifestyle contrasted heavily with the “job” lifestyle. A job was “there,” and my “work” was “here.”

And THIS feels very good.

It’s something that most people will never feel and although Financial Freedom has a price, it is worth all of it and more!

Here’s the real mind frame of successful people….

The Mind Frame of Successful People

Mind Frame Successful People

Two of my favorite actresses who have done it right in L.A.

I like that SJ is so sure of herself, she doesn’t want a salary, she wants a percentage of the movie.

The same is true of many actors like Cameron Diaz who you might think is a mediocre actress and “just beautiful.”  Her net worth is over $100,000,000. Because she does NOT want a salary. Net worth of Scarlett Johannson? $150,000,000. She does not want a salary.

Tom Cruise is worth around a half billion dollars because he gets about 10 million up front in a movie and then a BIG percentage of the back end of the movie.

These people don’t “believe in the themselves.”

They KNOW they will do well. It’s AXIOMATIC.

So much is written on the mind frames of successful people.

Most of it is …bunk. That means ridiculous.

But there is some good stuff. And from the good data we learn quite a bit.

Achievers are studied in athletics, music and scholarship, but not as much so in the areas of life that you and I dwell in.

What is usually written about achievers who have attained financial freedom, is generally written by people who have not achieved, succeeded or attained financial freedom.

Thus, most of what you read about “success” is  well… it IS ridiculous.

It must be how say, cooks, instantly know when the author of the cookbook isn’t really a cook …

And that is OK, because it’s not a requirement, BUT, there are biases projected into the minds of achievers by those who are not.

The vast majority of people who achieve aren’t trying to “get rich.”  People who chase money typically fail and when they temporarily achieve lining their pockets by chasing money, they most often find it vanish even quicker than they snatched it. Meanwhile those who are seeking to do something or do something for others and the compensation for their results is money tend to build wealth (get and stay rich).

On the contrary, they are in the process of (and will continue to be) living a life of financial freedom.

My outcome for YOU is to be able to live the life you want, in any economy, at any time, at just about any place and be able to thrive.

Successful people, people who achieve, people who live a life that they choose, think very differently than everyone else. They process information differently.

The Ultimate Freedom Factor

Whether you are, or will soon be financially free, comes down to one core element in the brain:

The Ultimate Freedom Factor in the Success Mind Frame .. is Decision.

Hold that thought….

Some people sat back today and wondered if they would have a job in six months.

Some people sat back today and wondered if they would still “be in business” in six months.

Some people sat back and started innovating, creating and developing new ways to serve people, clients and customers.

Most people don’t try to succeed or achieve, they try to survive, and most people are pretty good at survival. In fact the wiring for survival is the strongest of all drives.

Humans will do almost anything to survive. And that is a good thing.

So if we will do what it takes to survive, then why worry about tomorrow, today?

The answer is that you don’t need to “worry” about tomorrow. You simply have to plan for it and be prepared for what isn’t in the game plan.

Financially Free Plan Tomorrow


Financially Free people are prepared for the unknown. They KNOW the unknown is going to be there tomorrow or the next day, so they have met that certain outcome with a plan that has been modeled and tested.

Tip #1: Most people won’t lose their job in 2023. Even in a depression (and in life you want to be ready for anything) most people keep on working at the same job. But don’t let “probably” get in the way of intelligent preparation for what is POSSIBLE. It certainly can and does happen.

The person with the Mind Frame of Success will not worry about that day. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t work there any more. It’s what people pray for, right?!

Therefore, it is common sense to prepare for what happens on that day, if it does come.

Imagine you got fired.

So what?

You’ll have a job *the next DAY.* EXPECT IT.

I'm Afraid to Lose My Job

Remember, I never lost a job and failed to be instantly employed within 48 hours, and those were in times of recession of that dwarfed the 2008ish recession.

The bigger question is, “How could you NOT be working in 2 days?”

People will be afraid because they won’t make as much money at something else…

  1. How do they know?
  2. Are they talking about the first six months or the first six years?
  3. There is a presumption of permanence in people’s fear.

Here is a fact about Getting a Job Tomorrow:

If someone is willing to work, do things that are difficult, do more than the crowded lunchroom full of useless employees, be loyal and devoted, they WILL be working in 1-3 days.


There are thousands, maybe millions of jobs for people who will bust their butt. Why are they not working? Because they didn’t GO get a job TODAY.

People are free to work.

Here is The Freedom Factor:

Become an Asset

Begin innovating your life into being a person who is an ASSET and NOT a LIABILITY.

In government work there are liabilities…and liabilities. Everyone costs money to employ…no product is produced. (OK some post offices do a good job at delivering the mail, really!)

Don’t get me wrong, there are people in business who are not in revenue producing jobs who matter…like the guy who keeps the water coming to the house and the sewer plant moving along…the police department…the girl who fixes the computer system when it goes down, the janitor (and he doesn’t need to be there if everyone learns to pick up after themselves)….and…ah maybe the two people in R and D who actually do D and don’t just do R.

YOUR “security” is really wrapped up in your MIND FRAME which is oriented toward the power to produce or generate revenue.

I Want To Secure Job

Those people who are ASSETS do NOT lose their jobs except in rare cases like takeovers.

Success and failure are, for the most part, replicable and easy to predict.

The Success Mind Frame might benefit by a high IQ and it certainly will be assisted by EQ. Emotional Intelligence IS, after all is largely, the ability to influence.

…but the reality is that everyone who is successful today will almost certainly be successful in any society, in any economy. The person who doesn’t succeed in a free country, won’t succeed anywhere.

The good news?

Is there a way to have true security?

In most but not all countries on this planet, it’s a choice.

There is almost absolute security in being certain in your SELF.

When you KNOW that you will overcome challenges, you KNOW that you will be fine. How do you KNOW?

You know when you overcome challenges every single day. You don’t know by “believing.”

You overcoming everyday challenges by DOING.

YOU are YOUR insurance policy in life.

You are either an asset or a liability.

Look, if you are not in that Mind Frame of Success yet, do this…

How Do I Know I Will Succeed

Imagine living your life with the unshakable belief that you have what it takes to succeed, no matter what else is happening around you. Imagine never feeling frightened by outside influences again. Imagine knowing that even if the worst case scenario were to happen, you could relatively easily and fairly quickly pull yourself up by the proverbial bootstraps and do what is needed to be done to get back on track.

You would NEVER allow yourself to let your family and loved ones down. Regardless of what anyone else does, YOU are the sure thing. You either can or can’t, will or won’t.

It’s a choice.

You’ll either be able to do it by being an asset or not – by being a liability.


It’s the best kind of security, because it empowers you to feel in control of your life – if not every situation, at least the outcome of the bigger picture.

The Success Mind Frame Draws from Personal Power

Secure Job For Life

Power comes from knowledge and is manifest in action on that knowledge.

Power comes from knowledge like electricity comes from a power plant. The plant is only “potential power,” until it is used, and then of course it is indeed power.

Power is not the power plant, but it COMES FROM and is GENERATED by the power plant.

Knowledge in some domain or niche or field, knowledge that is beyond the norm, is not a commodity, it is a VIP Ticket to security.

Personal Power is the ability to harness that knowledge and use it.

When I talk about power, I’m talking about harnessing knowledge and creating value, on purpose, with intention.

Next week we will investigate how you can use knowledge, as power.

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