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Build Trust that Lasts Kevin Hogan

Simple question.

If you were going to go into their office or their personal space and offer your product, service, your Self at the current price (what they get in return for your P, S, or yS) SHOULD THEY SAY “YES”?

Be 100% honest.


Do you trust your SELF? 100%? REALLY? If you say X will happen, does it happen 99% of the time (barring death and dire illness in the family)?

That’s all I want to know.

Fact: The sociopath can gain trust quickly because they show very few signs of fear or concern. This can look like the honest, certain individual. So the person you are talking with can’t be sure they can trust you, but YOU MUST BE absolutely certain that when you say X they get X.

You need their trust if you want them to buy from you.

You need their trust to allow you to market to them.

You need their trust or they won’t buy from you a second time.

You need their trust or you can’t be above suspicion.

You need their trust…now. You have seconds for their minds to open themselves to the possibility of trusting you.

Most marketing, sales, and relationships rise or fall on trust.

The bond of trust engenders loyalty and loyalty is the bankable commitment between two or more people. Trust is the certainty that they will always be there for you.

Trust Your Self 100% Kevin Hogan


Trust is the knowing that the other person will do right by you. They can put money in your hand and know it will be safe there. Credit card? Safe. Trust needs to be REAL TRUST.

How do you get it?

What do you do?

  • Trust can be earned by works…someone observing you and your actions. (Their behaviors)
  • You can accept them based upon their reputation. (You’ve “heard” they are trustworthy.)
  • You can listen to them communicate about themselves…”listen” to their words and what they mean. (In fact “listen” to all of their communication about themselves, including nonverbal.)
  • You can give trust to someone freely without requirement. (The other person did nothing to earn or deserve the trust that has been awarded them. It’s been given to be retained, or lost.)

We probably get an e-mail or a call five times each week where someone simply asks what program they should buy from the store at That’s one of the greatest compliments you can pay someone. It says, “Tell me what to do, I trust you.”

There aren’t many things in life I feel better about than hearing someone ask a question like that. 100% certainty. Someone who would count on you to catch them when they fall.

That kind of trust has nothing to do with me telling someone how good of a person I am. It is all about reputation or evidence seen. That’s it.

And you want that.

When you have that reputation…when you provide that evidence…you permanently carve in stone your name, your brand, your value.

Let’s do that.

The perfect reputation…is yours.

Does Honesty Sell?

It’s remarkable how people who are completely honest and morally upright are often perceived as not telling the truth. I see this all the time with people, particularly with people who are generally introverted.

Have you ever known someone you believe to be impeccably honest yet they can’t sell anything to someone else? They are unable to persuade or even have their position taken seriously.

Why? They often don’t FEEL or BELIEVE themselves to be honest or doing the right thing. They aren’t CERTAIN they are giving more value than they are receiving in exchange.

These people can’t wait to exit their business life each day so they can have a personal life where they feel authentic.

Life, in general is largely about whatever you want it to be about. You can design and invent and reinvent your life, to your CHOICE, your business every day.

I don’t have business friends and personal friends…I simply have friends. A lot of those friends are people I do “business” with. That means money changes hands for services or products.

People who feel the compelling need to separate personal and business lives will find it difficult to sell, promote, and market…themselves…or anything.

Like What You do; They Will Trust You

When people see that you like what you do…that you enjoy the process…. that you care about them…they begin to trust you. They begin to let their guard down, and rightfully so, because they don’t feel it needs to be UP.

Remember that everyone behaves differently in different contexts. As I’ve said many times, The Context Is “Everything.” (An over generalization to make the point…but not overgeneralized by much!!)

The distinction someone makes between a “business” and “personal” life and how personal congruence will either cause sales, persuasion and successful marketing, or not.

Example: If someone hates their job so much that they are such a different person at home than at work, then they are deeply entrenched into well defined role playing. SOMEWHERE they’re feeling inauthentic. And in that environment they’re not being “themselves” and that means that they don’t have the ability to be comfortable. They look anxious, nervous, deceptive. The distinction is easily picked up on and it’s read by most people. They don’t know what they have just read, they just know it doesn’t “feel right.”

Hating your job and dying to punch out at 5:00 creates a rather divided person. A person who will end up deeply in debt and eventually contribute to the long term insecurity of their family. They also tend to end up with addictions and other messy behaviors.

The solution?

Have their Trust…Now

Trust – Do You have to have Integrity to Have Trust?! Turn the page…

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