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Tinnitus Relief FAQ for Xanax, SSRI’s Hypnosis, Herbal, Supplements, Habituation, w Kevin Hogan

100% New: June 2021

tinnitus hypnosis, xanax, Kevin Hogan
1. Can my tinnitus be cured?

If cured means a certainty that your tinnitus will go away and never return for the rest of your life, probably not forever. It does happen. But generally, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 years after we get someone’s tinnitus remitted they will have tinnitus revisit them in a decade or two.

2. Can I be sure I can get tinnitus reduction?

Most experience significant tinnitus reduction (at minimum) over time for a long term period (years).

3. Can my severe tinnitus go away?

It can and it is likely that this will happen. This means that if you stick to the program you’ll get remission or close (we’ll talk about that further below in the FAQ, the vast majority of the time.) and such remission can last decades.

4. Can covid cause tinnitus?

It appears the early data (covid is still in process) is that covid contributes to some people’s severe tinnitus.

5. Can the coronavirus vaccine cause tinnitus?

Anecdotally I’ve seen this. But statistically, a real hard and well done study? We don’t know. I would suggest everyone who can, take the vaccine.

6. What causes tinnitus?

There are over 200 causes of severe tinnitus. (We don’t work with moderate or mild tinnitus.)  Depression, trauma, sound, drugs, prescription drugs, blood flow, nerve compression, TMD, etc. etc. The list is very long. It’s uncommon that tinnitus is experienced because of cochlear (hair cell) damage.  Generally hearing plays a role in severe tinnitus but the vast majority of people who have what they believe to be sound induced tinnitus, experience remission, again, if they follow the complete program from a to z.

7. Does it matter to getting better what caused my tinnitus?

Yes, because sometimes the things that get someone better are similar to the things that cause tinnitus. Some tinnitus causes lead to severe tinnitus that is easier or more difficult to gain reduction.

8. Do you work with anyone who doesn’t have severe tinnitus? What is the criteria?

If your tinnitus is always under 60 dB at the start of your tinnitus experience (the first week) then we almost certainly will not see you. Severe tinnitus is when you experience tinnitus at a median 65 dB or more per measurement over the period of one month. Generally people who have severe tinnitus agree that below 64 dB tinnitus is tolerable and frustrating. Tinnitus 67dB and above is severe.  It’s at THIS level that we have “the conversation” with people who are suffering. That said, quieter tinnitus that is experienced at a higher frequency, say 8000 hz instead of say 5000 or 6000, is generally more intrusive, thus severe suffering can be experienced even though the tinnitus volume is not as loud as would typically be experienced by one with higher dB levels.
Make tinnitus go away, Kevin Hogan
9. Can antibiotics cause tinnitus?

Not penicillin and it’s derivatives but the aminoglycocides, certainly (streptomycin, gentomycian, azythromicn, etc. etc.) Dozens of medications cause tinnitus.

10. Does Xanax help tinnitus?

For most people yes. But it’s not “that easy.” You’re looking at just one medication (which differs from it’s generic) against a human brain and a human body. Xanax can help most people with severe tinnitus to answer the question. Xanax should reduce the volume of the median person with 67dB (for example) to perhaps 61 dB within 2 – 4 months. That difference is dramatic.

11. How much Xanax?

Please don’t ignore the rest of the family of benzodiazepenes. For example Klonopin and Serax are very, very important in gaining reduction or elimination. Not all by themselves but in conjunction with other approaches and therapies. The question about how much xanax is really about cause, current suffering level, weight, physical condition, psychological condition, other meds, diet and on and on. There isn’t a FAQ dosage. There is a range that will help and generally MD’s need re-education on how important severe tinnitus is to a person’s life continuing or not and then measuring that against what is likely to help or hinder.

12. How many people will a small dose of Xanax help with severe tinnitus?

There has never been a controlled study for people with severe tinnitus. Among my clients, the benzodiazapenes in general help reduce severity about 2/3 of the people we work with over time. All of this class of medication are about equally helpful, though some people respond better to Klonopin or Serax than Xanax. Testing is important.

13. Will Xanax cure tinnitus?

Not in doses an MD will prescribe and not without other therapies and management aspects.

14. Is Klonopin better than Xanax?

The last five years or so I’ve seen more people improve with Klonopin than Xanax but that is not a scientific study but a summary of case notes. We do a lot of different techniques, therapies, management and homework tactics that all complicate the “what causes what” scenario.  We like Serax, Klonopin, and Xanax. Valium a little less, but just a little. And none of these are going to be the answer. They will help eliminate a few but they will only help with some reduction, the majority.

15. What SSRI’s (Zoloft) help tinnitus reduction?

This is a tricky question, because the meds are often and typically prescribed with other medications and that mix makes a big difference. When I started working with people the impact of the SSRI was much more impressive than it has been the last 10 years or so. All of the SSRI’s should help the majority long term. (Prozac, Zoloft, Cymbalta, etc.)

16. Do other antidepressants help severe tinnitus?
Xanax and Hypnosis for Tinnitus, Kevin Hogan

Effexor has proven very helpful. It works well with Klonopin and Xanax.

17. What role does hypnosis or hypnotherapy play in tinnitus reduction or tinnitus elimination?

a) suggestive hypnosis has no value. (stereotypical idea of hypnosis in most people’s experience)

b) hypnotic metaphor (found on the audio program you can acquire below) has been found as very helpful for most and we continue to put the audio/video program to improvements over time.  You don’t need a therapist for this. We won’t see someone until they have used this program for one month.

c) subroutine/modified ego state therapy has been quite helpful for the majority.

d) positive regressions might be the most efficacious hypnotherapeutic tool I developed for tinnitus. We encourage everyone with severe tinnitus to use it. The data supports it and you can do it yourself. Most of our clients do hundreds of them and rarely have we seen anything have the impact the PR’s do.

e) there are many other kinds of hypnosis that have not been found to be helpful.

18. Does TMD/TMJ cause tinnitus?

It does and simply doing surgery to fix the TMJ doesn’t fix the tinnitus. That’s the trick we didn’t know 25 years ago.  Perhaps 1/3 of people with severe tinnitus have TMJ. Perhaps more. Whether the TMD is a direct cause of the tinnitus or they are co-incidental, we don’t know. My belief is that TMD causes most of those cases of tinnitus where a person has both.

19. How long does it take to get over tinnitus?

If you contact me within a week of onset and you begin instantly you could be in luck as quickly within 1 – 10 months. After a week, the tinnitus becomes “sticky” and there is a much, much more complex longer plan that is required for every several months that passes. We’ve worked with people who have had tinnitus 35 years and had it eliminated. Tools work when applied correctly. Nothing with tinnitus works fast. The reason is simple. Tinnitus rapidly becomes emotionally charged creating millions of neural pathways that carry the sound and link the sound to hundreds of stimuli. Therapy, management and consulting is largely about getting back on the right highways.

20. What’s the fastest you’ve seen someone with severe tinnitus gain remission.

9 days.

21. What is typical for severe tinnitus reduction and remission?

Reduction can predictably be expected in 2 – 4 months. My first objective is for the client to either reduce their tinnitus by 10 dB or experience a median of 61 dB or lower within 4 months. One of those two is likely. Our other “90 day desired outcome” is for the individual to be less emotionally charged by the tinnitus and have their overall distress reduced by 10% in that same period.

Remission (silence) Depends on so many factors and how many variables have concocted the person’s head noise. Generally 1 – 4 years. I’ve seen faster. We’ve had a few slower.

22. Will the tinnitus completely go away?

Waking tinnitus is notoriously sticky. If your tinnitus is louder in the morning than the rest of the day, it probably will be the “last to go.” And it may not go at all though it WILL quiet down. That said, we aren’t looking for the morning tinnitus eliminate at the same pace as other tinnitus periods in the day.

23. Why don’t you see more people for tinnitus?

Tinnitus is “contagious.” Every doctor, every therapist tends to experience precisely what they treat at one time or another. I’m no different. I can go one  or two years without seeing a client. In 2021 I’m seeing clients. That could end without notice. (It will end without notice.)

24. Why can’t I see someone locally for tinnitus?

Because there isn’t one person locally who has a track record. I’ve talked with most and most are using ONE or TWO therapeutic approaches. Maybe they suggest hearing aids (a good idea for many) or meds (a good idea for most) but the fact is one or two approaches is not going to defeat severe tinnitus. Wasting time on two approaches is simply going to prolong the experience of severe tinnitus and suffering. Do it fright from the beginning, today.
70 dB comes with multiple causes and a war effort to gain quieter days and ultimate remission. If your “provider” gives you less than five aspects to do, the provider doesn’t have the experience. Save your money.

25. I have hyperacusis. How can I get better?

Hyperacusis can be brutal.

The good news is that hyperacusis is defeated in a fashion very similar to tinnitus by itself. Hyperacusis has numerous aspects that will have to be challenged, each on it’s own. What sounds is the person to? (Cars? The Husband? The dog? The kids? Dishes clanking? The refrigerator?) What volumes in general and specific are causing emotional damage? So how LOUD does the refrigerator have to be? How loud do the kids have to be? How loud does everything have to be?

Then we have to look at the frequencies if the hyperacusis is not specific. What frequencies disturb the individual the most? Does it start at 5000 and go higher up the scale? Is it just 7000 and higher? Is it all sound?

26. I have the hum. Can I make it go away?

I’ve had a number of clients with the hum. It’s very sticky. We’ve had some cases resolve predictably with therapy and management strategies. Other cases don’t. Causes are often and typically not the same as typical severe tinnitus. The good news is the hum is generally not severe. But if it is, write and we’ll get back to you asap. There are some serious cases out there.

27. Will ginkgo, supplements, minerals help get rid of my severe tinnitus?

A very difficult question because some minerals like zinc, can make tinnitus a disaster in some people yet with others who are zinc deficient, a small regular dose can help. Unfortunately this zinc deficient group is rarely seen in 2021.

Ginkgo, I wrote 25 years ago something along the lines, “I believe this helped one of the sounds I heard go away.”
Retrospectively, sadly, I don’t believe this is correct.

We looked at Cal/Mag. We looked at choline. We looked at dozens of things that I didn’t think would be helpful and weren’t. I thought the CM and C would be helpful but they weren’t.
I’ve never seen any supplements help even a percentage of people above a placebo effect which generally is those with mild or moderate tinnitus.  Severe tinnitus is invariably more complex than taking a pill of any kind.

28. Is there any placebo effect with severe tinnitus?

If there is, it’s the slowest placebo on the planet. The distinction really is severe.I’m looking at 67dB median over 28 measurements per week. There’s a “placebo effect” for almost everything, not just in drugs but therapies, relationships, business… but tinnitus is a tough customer.

29. How does caffeine impact tinnitus?

Years ago I wrote that caffeine was likely to reduce tinnitus while everyone else was telling people to get off caffeine. It turned out on this one, I was correct. Caffeine use is correlated to quieter heads. No caffeine use (study of over 10,000 nurses) is correlated to greater tinnitus. Simple.

30. How do you feel about habituation/TRT?

Save your money on the formal TRT. Habituation (becoming emotionally discharged to the sound of tinnitus through some modality) is very, very important to do. If you don’t become “familiar” and less charged by your tinnitus, it will NOT go away.

31. If you had severe tinnitus today what would you do?

a) get a negative MRI from the doc. I want to see no tumor.

b) get the Tinnitus Reduction Program and DO IT.

c) talk to a doc about Xanax, Klonopin, Serax in accordance with our projections of what the logical dosage will be.

d) talk to a doc about antidepressants whether depression is there or not (how and you have 67 dB and not be depressed?)

e) track exact volume and exact emotional response 4 x per day, chart and maintain until silence is achieved

f) eliminate as many prescription drugs as possible) increase caffeine use.

h) test alcohol impact on tinnitus volumes. (this is tricky and I would need assistance, and so would you)

i) do positive regressions at least once each day for 15 minutes

j) do one self hypnosis audio file per day (Tinnitus Reduction Program). This is tricky but critical, don’t do it yourself, we carefully constructed these.

k) use ear buds with your phone to hear the specific sounds that can mask your tinnitus if possible (generally it is not possible to mask severe tinnitus)

l) use ear buds with your phone to listen to sounds or music that helps reduce your emotional response to the tinnitus at a volume about 3 dB below your tinnitus sound. This is very individual as to whether it will be spoken word, beethoven, bach, mozart, aerosmith, the sound of a spigot, a waterfall, a train…

m) carefully note when your tinnitus is increasing and decreasing in the moment and finding what you did today that is changing tomorrows tinnitus.

n) read no literature and have no conversations about tinnitus, except with your consultant, therapist, doctor. if a spouse asks, simply say 72/6000. No further discussion and go on to the next subject.

o) never listen to anyone who has a pill or a therapy they heard or used or anything. talk about the news, weather, sports, religion, politics, anything but tinnitus.

p) do not add to your future accumulated stress. THIS IS THE KEY. Severe tinnitus isn’t going away quickly so make sure when it does start to quiet it will quiet predictably and for a long, long time. One day of stress is nothing. Accumulated stress/distress is the culprit that will stick your tinnitus.

q) agree with your spouse/loved one’s that because you have severe tinnitus (67+dB, median over 28 measurements per week) that you are challenged and that you will prefer to gently and calmly walk away from unfriendly life moments vs. experience your severe anger and reactions in front of the people you love. perhaps nothing will be more important for the rest of your life. Tinnitus is NOT personal to the loved one’s but you can hurt them and they can hurt you in a moment. There is no blame to be had. Only responsible actions. Show love to those who support you and support those who have to live with someone with severe tinnitus. It will take time.

r) be certain they understand how many different things you are testing and currently doing with your consultant to reduce your volume and emotional reaction. (It will be evident) be certain that they help you DO those things every single day if you don’t do them on your own. then you be certain to humbly say, “thank you” as you follow through.

s) do not add fields of distress until your tinnitus is no longer severe (less than 60 dB median per day over 28 measurements per week).t) never read media stories about tinnitus. never.


Please do not email before watching the DVD’s and reading the book. They answer most questions most people have for me that aren’t answered in this Tinnitus FAQ.

Please watch the DVD’s then read the entire book prior to a teleconsult. It will save an enormous amount of time (and your money). If you want to get started in a logical fashion, start with the videos in The Tinnitus Reduction Program below. It’s very inexpensive and will save you a significant amount of money in consultations. In all probability, I will refer you to a colleague for a teleconsult and future therapeutic work.

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The Tinnitus Reduction CD + DVD Program has helped thousands of individuals reduce the distress associated with tinnitus. In most cases, when individuals utilize the Tinnitus Reduction Program as part of a multi-modality approach to tinnitus reduction they experience long term improvement.

“I had meant to write before as I have had your tapes from July now. They have been wonderful and saved my sanity. My tinnitus is greatly reduced and my Meniere’s under control. I return to your tapes as I find them excellent and I use them every night to go to sleep with. Thank you.” Anne Clarke

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Kevin Hogan is a psychotherapist specializing in hypnotherapy, management and consulting, who didn’t stop with just one possible way to experience silence. A multimodal approach is the only way to assure your success in reducing your tinnitus volume and the intense emotional distress that comes from the tinnitus. If you are sick of hearing that “nothing can be done” and “you’ll have to learn to live with it,” this is the starting point.

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My tinnitus is greatly reduced… I had meant to write before as I have had your program from July now. They have been wonderful and saved my sanity. My tinnitus is greatly reduced and my Meniere’s under control. I return to your CDs as I find them excellent and I use them every night to go to sleep with. Thank you."
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