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Up until now, I’ve found 14 factors in creating effective subliminal “messages”. There are probably more, a lot more.

What does “Subliminal” mean? What is a “Subliminal Cue and Message?” Subliminal cues are images or words that appear on a computer screen and are “flashed” at varying intervals through the experience of someone actively participating in some other activity on the computer. Perhaps they are playing a game or doing a test. They might be balancing the budget or doing their banking.

The flashed images are almost never visible to the vast majority of people. If the image DOES become visible, it is not subliminal. It is nothing but an intrusion on the computer user.

Subliminal images are generally pictures of animals or people’s faces. They can also be words.

Complex images like scenery, or anything that has multiple meanings don’t have an impact on the individual and are not useful.

Subliminal images and cues are used to calculate just how important certain images or words are in priming behaviors of the individual. In other words, can you change behavior by unseen words or images.

You can.

A word written on a piece of paper laying on your coffee table is a supraliminal cue. It often has a similar priming effect as an actual sublminal cue on a computer or TV screen.

The word, “Love” could influence people that sit at the coffee table to be more loving, IF they are not consciously aware of the piece of paper.

40 years ago subliminal images were thought to include hidden pictures of people or body parts in magazine advertising. The efficacy of such advertising strategy was never shown to be profitable. (It didn’t work.)

Much as psychotherapy no longer uses Id’s, Ego’s and SuperEgo’s in search of repressions, Subliminal Images are now tested to see what is effective in priming behavior in real life.

Understanding how to utilize a “subliminal cue” requires that the person understands just what makes people tick. And sometimes, we learn from these cues what else makes people tick!

In this article I want you to find out a few of these factors and discover how you can use them at the office, the club, the bar and with anyone you choose.

Part of my mission on this orb has been about giving my friends the edge in life. The edge over the competition, against the scamsters, the edge on achievement of goals and desires.

People desire instant everything

Is There Really Instant Anything?

Greed is something you and I would like to know more about. What triggers greed? What dollar figure or imagery?

People buy the “Instant__________” because they are greedier than they are smart. There are exceptions. Instant Coffee is not great but not so terrible.

  • Instant Billionaire
  • Instant Weight Loss
  • Instant Fame
  • Instant Pick a Desire

And, there is a lot of money to be made in the “quick buck” business.

In 2006, right before “The Secret” came out, I can now tell you that I was asked to joint venture a promotion where you would spend $10,000 of which I would get paid half when you wrote X.X. a check for $10,000. What would you have gotten for your money?

You guessed it. His claim was that you would be able to simply “imagine” and “think” about something and it would come into being.

No kidding.

I read the documents that you would get. It was embarrassing. It should have been illegal. I was disgusted.

I told the middle man trying to make this JV happen, NO.

He was surprised. Told me how easy the money would be.

And in fact, I am regularly asked to put someone’s junk in Coffee for you to look at…I refuse 99+% of all such “offers.”

Let someone else do it. I’m having Coffee with you.

Now, on the rare occasions I tell you that something which is claimed to be spectacular… is indeed true…, there is a reason to consider the proposition.

You’ve trusted me for 5 or 6 or 10 or 11 years or however long you’ve been with me on Monday morning. And you know that if it’s in Coffee, it’s worth considering. You’ve been “primed” to know that what we talk about is worthy, trustable and typically falls in the realm of usefulness, value and fun.

A lot of readers would have pulled out $10,000 and spent it just because Kevin Hogan would tell them that they would get something, literally, for nothing, virtually instantly, like unexpected piles of money in the mailbox. (And I am not kidding, that is precisely what this “opportunity” that I let you miss was about.) It was called Quantum Something or Other….

How and why was this amazing program going to work?

  • Because you imagine it.
  • Because it’s the nature of the universe.
  • Because it’s understanding the nature of the universe and utilizing that.
  • Because you did affirmations for it.

And that is total garbage – and though I rarely name names, don’t ever fall for this.

So greed is something you need to consider as you find out about using Subliminal Cues.

Do you all have a greedy side? Can it be subliminally triggered? How?

We Are All Wired for Greed

Humans are wired for greed Yes, we ALL have a greedy side. It’s nothing to feel disappointed about. We are biologically plugged into greed, long before birth. We all have our pride, lust, envy, avarice, vanity, and whatever the rest of the fun things are that when you overdose on them, they become sins.

In excess, they can cause self destruction. Everyone has some of these traits. Mother Teresa did. Gandhi did. Everyone.

KEY POINT: We all have desires that drive us beyond rational thinking and decision making.

You can buy a CD that claims it’s filled with subliminal messages that will do XYZ for you, and it is garbage. Pure garbage. I always keep my fingers crossed that those selling such things at least believe that they are performing a service…because when I see people burning dollar bills it pains me…you probably only have so many, and pretty much every purchase in life needs to be AN INVESTMENT.

And it’s with this preface in mind we enter the realm of Subliminal Persuasion. When I am talking about subliminal persuasion, you can know that it is more than “real.” It is profoundly and amazingly powerful.

Without hesitation, it is that which is most exciting to me in the field of influence and covert hypnosis, and it is definitely that which makes me the most nervous.

The Negative Side of Subliminal Persuasion

The two negatives are simple.

First, you can misuse every form and aspect of influence.

Persuasion is powerful. It is VERY easy to cause people to kill complete strangers (and loved ones) for absolutely no reason other than a belief. Someone once said to me, “hypnosis can’t be used to make someone do something they normally wouldn’t do.” The truth? Just about ANYONE can cause anyone else to do something they normally wouldn’t do. There’s nothing unusual about it, and you don’t need hypnosis.

Secondly, I become concerned because when we’re talking about subliminal persuasion, 10 people will come out of the woodwork, make a subliminal DVD and put it on the market, make a few thousand bucks and it will “do” absolutely nothing for the unwitting customer.

There are so many conditions that have to be met for subliminal persuasion to be effective and the probability that the huckster has studied it and tested it approaches nil.

And they will attempt to sell us this DVD which was made based upon what was written here or something I released…but buyer beware…they don’t have the whole story….

They are already cropping up…They don’t work.

I want to share with you today, factors that cause success or failure in Subliminal Persuasion.

Exciting Developments in the Field of Subliminal Persuasion

Now, let me tell you straight away that I think the idea of being at a website and having subliminal cues there is nothing short of exciting. The idea of having subliminal-like messages on the restaurant table or at the bar simply fascinates.

“Using subliminals” to get the girl to say “yes,” or the client to say “yes”….it’s all exciting…and you should be able to know how to do it.

If I invest 200-300 hours into subliminal research, I’m going to write four articles about that work….and then I’m going to create a program of perhaps 5-10 CD’s and let you own what I know. You could do all the same research, but would likely find it prohibitive.

There are no secrets in HOW to discover what works, there are plenty of secrets in knowing what works. My place is to save you the 9,999 attempts at creating a light bulb before finding the one way that works. What would Edison have paid for that? Exactly.

The subliminal pull (push) occurs ONLY when several things are already in place.

Factor One: Person Being Persuaded Must Be Motivated

The person to be persuaded needs to be present! There are people that will tell you that you can influence Bill in Tucson with their mind power because of Quantum blah blah. They can’t. Subliminal Persuasion requires the person being able to be present with the stimulus.

What works subliminally? KEYPOINT: The person has to have some intrinsic motivation.

You may remember when I wrote about the subliminal “thirst” study where people who were not thirsty were not motivated to drink or buy *anything* when subliminally “cued.” Only those that were already thirsty reacted to very specific subliminal messages.

Almost all subliminal messages fail because people don’t know how to create them so they can be effective.

A recent study showed that people who knew they were going to be interacting with someone else responded favorably to an ad for a CD that if purchased, would put them in a good mood. Those people who were not going to be getting together with someone were not motivated in any way by the subliminal cues on a computer screen to purchase the CD.

You can have the technology, but if you don’t understand ALL the components, you can’t make it work. 🙂

In other words, the conscious awareness that they were going to be getting together with someone was a prerequisite to buying a CD that would restore their mood.

Legend Point: If you don’t want to go to church Sunday or have an aversion to going to church or want to watch the football game or whatever, subliminal messages cueing you to go to church are going to fail, period.

Factor Two: Effective Subliminals Wire into Motivation and Desires

Legend Point: If the girl is on the fence and your subliminal hits the right button, she’ll happily come off the fence. But if she is repelled by the guy, all the subliminals in the world won’t cause motivation for the girl to be interested in the guy.

As a rule: Subliminals WIRE INTO MOTIVATION and DESIRES, OR, they direct the individual to do or think ONE specific thing.

Return to the “interaction study” for a moment. What do you think motivated people to buy the CD when exposed to the advertisement???

  • A message that said…”feel better and buy the cd”
  • “appear happier to the next person you meet”
  • “this cd will make you feel good!”
  • “feel good!”
  • “feel better!”

See, all those affirmation goofballs will tell you that is the kind of stuff that will work.

It doesn’t. The people who bought the CD were exposed to a subliminal SAD face!

I chuckle only because no one (without this information) will make their flashing subliminal images with that sad image intending to cause a behavior. And it’s pretty much the only cue that will work!

Subliminal Factor Three: Know the ____________ Before You Begin …

Factor Three: Know the Priming Factor Before Attempting to Influence

Priming can work with subliminals FASCINATING: Priming SADNESS enhanced the persuasiveness of an ad for a CD with Mood Restoring music when people expected to interact with someone.

A neutral stimulus (an oval) showed no change in whether people would buy the CD or not.

Now, the only way you come up with these kind of results is by understanding the process of nonconscious “thought”; more accurately reaction. And fortunately, essentially, no one does.

Let’s go on and consider something simple for using subliminals in a supraliminal environment.

That’s a fancy way of saying the subliminal image is actually visible in consciousness and possibly even observed but not likely to be DEEMED as important in influencing behavior.

OK, let’s get to it…

Factor Four: Don’t Dilute the Message

If there is too much noise in your office…too many competing messages…then no environmental prime is going to be that big of an influence (if at all) on someone’s behavior or decision making.

Imagine you sell car insurance and people come to your office to consider buying.

Here are two exaggerated extremes. Which do you think is going to CAUSE more people to purchase car insurance:

Factor Five: Wire into the Non-conscious Mind

A) A photograph of a family is observed. The people are smiling in their car as they drive down the road. Everyone happy and making lots of eye contact, enjoying the ride.

B) A photograph of a car mangled with people standing by the scene crying, tearful, in agony.


You sure?

The answer is B.

The horror of B will FAR outsell that of the no-pain of A.

Remember the person is in the office to consider buying insurance. Seeing a happy family is nice. It’s pleasant. It’s comforting and causes good feelings inside. But the prime of the accident and what that “means” to the nonconscious mind of the fence sitting individual is overwhelming and CAUSES a purchase decision.

Think about homeowner’s insurance. Hurricane coverage doesn’t come with homeowner’s insurance. It’s a separate policy. But the way you SELL homeowner’s insurance is to show the remnants of a hurricane and all the surroundings THEN show the agent giving a check to the family. Nothing sells like that picture because it wires into the drivers and motivators of who we are as people.

And, of course, there is a huge caveat: If the agent SHOWS THE PICTURE to the prospect, they will say no. The PICTURE MUST BE peripheral. It must be off to the side, mostly out of awareness and appear to be set in a nonmanipulative fashion or the opposite result will occur.

Factor Six: ____________ Matters …

Factor Six: Placement Matters

The location of the photo of the car accident with mourners matters, as well. If it’s on the desk…that’s manipulative and you just killed the sale. People do not OVERTLY wish to be manipulated. (The antithesis is an entirely different article.)

Subliminal Placement If it’s on the side wall and visible but not standing out when the people walk in, then it does it’s job.

This is the beginning of effective use of subliminal messaging.

Should YOU be worried about being manipulated by subliminal messages targeted at you?

I’m not.

The research shows that almost no one uses subliminal or supraliminal imagery effectively. There’s plenty of attempts, but most are seen as manipulative and that just causes the “No!” response faster.

With your permission, I’d like to show you a program I made that is pretty cool. It doesn’t have subliminal images in it…but if I made another one like it…I might….and I’d tell you in advance!


Changing Minds with New Mental Technology is now required. This is the Genesis of that Mental Technology.

Covert Influence: The Hidden Persuaders… Strategies No One Has Ever Even Thought Of

The research unveils what works and what doesn’t, and I’m ready to share it with you…

Are you ready for it? Study after study shows that tapping into human emotions is tantamount to success!

What are the details?

On 7 CD’s, you can listen again and again to burn these new concepts, skills and tools into your mind.

Never before released on audio or in book form, this information is freshly tested and scientifically validated.

If you remotely wonder if that statement is correct, think about all of the money major corporations spent on advertising, marketing, promotion, sales and they are now bankrupt.

…It takes specialized knowledge and “digging deeper” to get where you need to go these days…

Getting people to “yes,” has never been more difficult in your lifetime than it is today. It’s going to be more difficult as people’s innate defense mechanisms create a shell around their decision making faculty.

…What Does This Mean for You?

“Delay”, “wait”, “not yet”, “being careful”, “I’ll think about it”, and all of the other “tomorrow” messages are emanating from all directions.

I tried to fit this on 6 CD’s so it would fit the containers we invested in.

No luck! (Fortunately for you.)

This is a lot of information and it just got a little bigger than I guessed.

How “good” is this program?

It’s on par with my best work.

No one else has this information except, now… you.

I want to show you one of the most surprising and perhaps one of the uncomfortable….powerful phenomenon in Covert Influence.

In fact, I want to share with you all the latest research available (well, almost all…!)

Influence Without Resistance. What’s the Key Factor? You’ll have most amazing, truly stunning tactics in predicting what and how your client (spouse, child, customer, read: anyone) will choose. Thus, you are a step ahead of anyone else in implementing the most powerful phenomena in consumer research today. Find out with this program!

Creating Irresistible Impulse. The button is there (for everyone); it just needs to be pushed. What are some of the irresistible impulses marketers are using on you? How can you take advantage of these tactics yourself? It’s all here in this section. Kevin details the marketing phenomenon that pushes the buttons…all the way to irresistible.

Tapping into Human Desires & Emotions. With just ONE change in strategy, a non-profit organization can get 5 times the donations. What can this strategy do for you? You can’t afford NOT to implement this tactic now.

Desires and Emotions… That Influence. You’ve heard some rumors, I’m sure about negative emotions and positive emotions in the influence process. But do you know what actually works, and what to emphasize in the process, and when? Find out once and for all!

Tribes. You’ve heard the term. What does it describe? How does it come into play in the influence process? Most important, how do you utilize the concept of the Tribe in order to make more sales? It’s all here… Kevin explains about subgroups and how to make appeals based on whether a group is “in” or “out”. This is cutting edge research that benefits you.

Covert Influence…to Control Behavior. You’ve seen the signs. Above the candy jar, tacked to the break room wall. Even posted on a fence, or highway. How do signs really influence? What elements should be used in signs to covertly control behavior? Fascinating new research uncovered for you!


  • Number of Choices Influences…
  • The Power of Interruption
  • Surprise and Novelty Influences…
  • The Power of Words…and SO MUCH MORE!

Will you take advantage of this offering?

Or, will your competitor grab up his copy and start selling from under you? Do you dare put this off?

Take advantage now of this offer, it may not come your way again. This is a limited quantity pressing.

Included: Guidebook for Implementation Strategies on CD, plus 7 beautifully produced Audio CDs

You get EVERYTHING you will need to know about influencing others with hidden persuaders.

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