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Kevin Hogan on Willpower and Success You probably know what your IQ is. What is your Willpower Quotient?

You and I NEED willpower…
to lose weight,

do more around the house,

tolerate the bad moods of people around us,

get projects accomplished,

build wealth

and just about anything else that doesn’t come with kicking back and doing nothing.

Almost no one you know would guess that YOUR willpower is (in part) predictable based upon your culture(s) and your identification with that culture.

I spent a fair amount of time in Eastern Europe this last year and every day out was a lesson in cultural differences and human similarities.

Willpower is the ability to control the behaviors of your Self.

Specifically, willpower is the abilty of your mind to control the behaivors of your lower brain and body’s impulses.

You can observe someone’s actions for perhaps 1/2 day and then predict their income and net worth…and make a pretty solid prediction where they will be in 3 years.

Fortunately, willpower is very predictable but willpower is NOT culturally not pre-determined.

Not by a long shot.

Have More Willpower Your willpower is currently woven into your current identity.

This can be modified of course!

Your identity is all the stuff, groups, rituals and people you feel aligned with. As long as you are accepted by a gruop and you continue to feel comfortable with that acceptance and resonance, the identity continues as it is.

Your willpower is currently turned up or down by your impulses, desires, and your mind’s current ability to control your behavior.

Today you get a chance to see all three aspects of the Willpower Triangle in action.

Let’s begin with the big influences on the potency of your willpower and then show you how to use that information to change your life.

To evolve intellectually, spiritually, physically, in wealth and even happiness requires harnessing the power of your mind.

When I was the director of a small charity in the early 90’s, I visited business owners and managers all around the Twin Cities. I’d make an appointment to visit them and ask them to do something for the kids in their local community. I did this for several years until The Psychology of Persuasion was published.

I learned a great deal about people of different cultures. I discovered how men differ from women in giving. I learned who was willing to be most helpful and who simply wasn’t willing to helpl anyone. I kept track of all of this information as well as logistical details to go along with advertising I had sold that included what time people give, what time they don’t, when people want to talk and when they simply won’t.

Only bcause I ask a lot of questions, did I get a true education in dozens of business models. (Franchise tire shops, franchise restaurants, stores that collect and ship mail/packages, hairstylists, mom/pop restaurants and on and on.)

Willpower Succeed In Business My schedule was relentless. I worked long, long days as I developed an entirely new set of beliefs about people.

The first thing that comes to my mind today is the common threads of who made it and didn’t, in the most difficult of all businesses…retail on main street. I spoke very little asking often very personal questions about their businesses. “How much do you make on a gallon of gas?” “How many haircuts do you have to do every day to make actually start to turn a profit here?” “Who comes to this (Vietnamese) restaurant and how do you stay in business?”

It didn’t take long to figure out that main street retail is an unlikely place to make a living.

Those who did succeed had MASSIVE amounts of Willpower. You need the same.

A diverse group of people to be sure, but there were some common threads that you can draw from for your life.

I’ll start with no the new guy on the block but the new family in the country.

The immigrant family from Vietnam arrives. Can’t speak a lick of English. Somehow the couple earns the money to open a store and ends up with a successful restaurant with what appears to you and I to be a bunch of scribbles on the signage that could be the weather report, for all I know.

I remember wondering just WHO could read that signage and if they had ANY business at all.

(At this time the Twin Cities was mostly a melting pot of Scandanavians and Germans… a bunch of cool white guys and girls. But other colors and ethicities? Not.

Vietnamese Restaurants owned by none other than Vietnamese immigrants. I was surprised how many there were. Generally a husband and a wife. If they had kids the kids worked in the store as well.

In my first year in advertising which eventually gave way to fund raising, I was very nervous about visiting Asian restaurants. I always thought I was pretty evolved when it came to “prejudice” but that year I learned I was like everyone else. I got very uncomfortable feelings talking to “these people.” (Ugh, “these people” means they aren’t like me.) And I was from Chicago. Go figure…

The Vietnamese learned to speak understandable English. These folks worked *really* hard. Their restaurants were immaculate.

Willpower and Immigrant They never smiled or frowned at me. They were focused, damn smart, and willing to answer all of my invasive questions about money, their history, why I felt uncomfortable with them, how much it cost to run the restaurant, what they made as far as money in Vietnam and why come here. Some of these questions I would not encourage most people to ask… but I did.

After talking to the owners of 10 or 15 Vietnamese restaurants, I found out they shared a lot in common with other Asian restaurant owners.

My prejudice/stereotypes changed after one year. Instead of being uncomfortable around the Vietnamese, I discovered they were JUST LIKE ME in pretty much every way.

They grew up poor. Really poor. Dirt poor. They had nothing to bring for their journey to the States. They were coming and starting with ZERO.

They didn’t take government assistance, not even small business loans. They typically borrowed from people they met locally and then paid those people back fast.

(Being a little nosey always paid off for me…)

Their tragic stories I will save for another day. I’ll simply say that I listened, learned and learned to appreciate all these non-caucasions in business.

What was AMAZING was they worked around the clock. They hired ZERO people to help with their business. Family meant FAMILY. Everyone worked to the common goal of survival then thriving.

And they didn’t go out of business when others did.

Eventually their businesses grew and hired other Asians. Maybe family, maybe friends, maybe… that was one question I never asked. I wish I would have.

The WILLPOWER answer was work or go back home where things were unmercilessly bad.

The truth was that airline flights for a family of four or five to Vietnam is something few Americans can afford. These folks were here to stay by necessity and given the CHANCE to succeed well…there was not another choice. Truth be told, they didn’t even consider ultimately failing.

To work in the U.S. was a far superior life than living where they had come from. And they respected this fact.

Entrepreneurs as a whole work long hours, very much like the owners of these restaurants 13 – 15 hour days are not uncommon.

But I could read everyone else’s signs… I couldn’t read Vietnamese.

They simply CHOSE to SUCCEED and then DID IT.

Most never built a big business or expanded beyond one more restaurant. But they were stable and remarkably consistent.

And it turns out that Willpower begins with a choice to move in ONE DIRECTION and NOT DIVERT.

Americans in 2019 simply “dream” about having their own business, whereas the immigrant stopped dreaming and started planning on the ship/plane to the States.

Other lessons from the Asian Americans?

Here’s what’s really interesting, Asians that live in the U.S. out-earn White America by over 1/3! They must have an insider somewhere…

This 1/3 number has been consistent since long before the tech boom. If an immigrant who can’t speak English can will herself to do the things required to succeed, can you?

How do Asian immigrants have this absolutely concrete willpower to get stuff done and succeed?

Willpower Secret: Who you identify with will be a big part of your life’s answer in The Success in Life Equation.

One side of my family is the original (o.g.) American immigrants.

Today white America refers to this group as “Native Americans.”

They (I’d say “we” but I was NOT there) were the first humans to arrive on this continent. This part of my family was Chickasaw and Choctaw. 170 years ago these two Indian tribes were butchered, brutalized, and almost killed off; while the few left alive had their houses stolen from them by White America who came from Europe (the other side of my family…thankfully i hold no grudges)… and then the U.S. government took the Native Americans from the Eastern Seaboard in droves to an unforgiving place called Indian Territory… now Oklahoma.

But how did they get “here?” They weren’t just born in here.

The short version is the treks of choice that THEIR ANCESTORS made 15,000 – 30,000 years ago.

So where did they come from? Russia. Russia? Russia. Near Siberia, western China. Like northern Minnesota in the winter but colder…

You mean “Native Americans” WALKED from Russia to Alaska when the ocean was FROZEN solid, came down through the ice of Canada into the simply damn cold northern USA eventually ending up on the east coast of America?

Now WHO makes that kind of a trip? It’s not even reasonable to think about. And then just the Native Americans were settling throughout North America, well…the Europeans headed west.

The government of the U.S. has tried more than once to kill off the Native Americans. Damn stubborn bunch of people. Very few remain…I’m randomly lucky to be here for sure. The reservation is still there in Oklahoma.

The stories illustrate the will to survive even in the face of horrific obstacles.


I find the story painful yet in the end, inspirational. Your culture has obvious impact on you and your shaping your own willpower. You’ll need to go outside of your culture, in most cases, to take back your own willpower.

Willpower Culture Does the identity of any one person really determine their willpower? Can someone develop willpower regardless of their identity? More importantly, what can YOU do, in spite of the cultural identity we all experience?

Before the end of this article I’d like “volition” to appear next “ignition” in your your mental dictionary. I suspect it will… There are those that have willpower who will break free from “culture” (when necessary) and into a world that is filled with integrity and the potential for achievement.

This person will develop willpower and it will eventually become unrelenting willpower by being anti-system. Can you?

Key point: You want to think and behave like an immigrant. It’s in your DNA…your family immigrated to wherever you are. They faced toughed times and fought difficult battles for you to be here. Do them proud.

You want to have the best possible life, and that means you have to take charge of your life and build your willpower to the level of being willing to leave your comfort zone (like living in a country where people speak your language) to going to where you can’t even communicate with other people.

See yourself as an immigrant.

This is your family history. This is your story. These are your genes!

It IS your identity!

And this is just the first thread of willpower. Here’s how you can develop more willpower!

Understanding reality is critical to developing willpower.

Willpower for Children Key point: When anyone gets to the point where they are claiming something is “theirs” when they have no ownership at all, not only are they delusional, they have given up their WILL TO POWER.

Want to give your kids powerful suggestions to succeed in life?

Teach your kid to be productive for other people.
Teach your child to create value and be valuable.
Teach your child to help make people happy.
Teach your child to decide what they truly want and get them to commit to a Plan and DO IT.

The best way to do this?

Your life is their model.

Those children are “mini-me’s.”

The question is, Are you producing value for others?

This is the beginning of Willpower.

The focus then act of creativity and production.

But how do you do that?!

Power and Production generate Willpower:

Power is the energy and force of willpower that brings you success and achievement.

When you are on your way to your first $1,000,000, you will use power (self regulation) to perform specific actions and think specific thoughts that will generate income.

For me this meant that I did not take phone calls thus avoiding the stress of dealing with distractions and I moved away from all influences that would require me to behave appropriately (requiring self discipline). Behaving correctly in any given context requires a lot of power (self regulation) and can easily trip the circuit in any given moment.

The more power draining outcomes you are juggling in any one moment, the more likely you are to blow a fuse and walk away from everything. Thus putting a bowl of chocolates on your coffee table is begging you to fail at EVERYTHING you attempt to do that day.

Just resisting your favorite snack drains you of power.

Self awareness is very important because without it, self regulation can and will exhaust you. As you push the limits of your power in the moment or over the course of the day, you typically begin to increase your power level. If you do the same thing day after day, you get no increase in your self regulation units available to you.

Self Regulation Food This person is more likely to blow a fuse when additional projects, tasks, outcomes are attempted. They simply do not have the SRUs for it. That means when they hit overload they no longer behave in a controlled, outcome oriented manner. It could mean that they will shout, walk away, slam a door, release an emotion in some way or succumb to a temptation like food, snacks, alcohol, smoking, swearing at you, etc.

This is why people who generate new things often become wealthy while everyone else remains behind. You have to know what you are thinking and what you CHOOSE TO think about. You can not have non-critical outcome oriented stresses running through your mind and body all day or you burn self regulation units too quickly.

Use Your Choice of Willpower to end up where you want to be and who you want to be with.

Is Part of Your Identity that of Being A Producer?

Willpower to Work We get so used to saying, “I’m an X,” “I’m a Y” or similar.

Can we consider a change? I’m not saying we have to change, just consider it…

You have willpower. You are going to use it PRODUCE… to be valuable.

Key Point: You are a producer.

And if you aren’t now, you are going to be soon!

You create stuff to sell, or you sell it, or you deliver it or you service it. And if you don’t do one of those things, “your job” will always be on the chopping block.

If you aren’t productive, you obviously have no safety net.

Key Characteristic of Producers

99% of all activities the average person does each day, require no conscious will.

Remember: You cannot achieve any NEW goal without having willpower. It is the only thing that will assure that you will stick to your goal.

I can guarantee that you wouldn’t even hear the names like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Warren Buffet, and Elon Musk, if these people didn’t have willpower.

How should you think of Willpower?

Think of Willpower as Self-Discipline

Question: You know how you are supposed to write down your goal on a piece of paper, than decide on the plan of action (on the little steps that will lead you to your goal)?

It always looks very easy on paper, but when we begin to translate our plans into daily life, we sometimes find we cannot overcome our daily routine and old habits.

People fail because they haven’t yet developed willpower or self-control.

You use “will power” in the morning when you roll out of your warm, comfortable bed and go to take a shower even though you’d rather sleep for another hour.

In this case you get up because it’s your duty. You realize that if you don’t, you will not make any money that day or even will be fired. That’s a pretty powerful motivation even for the laziest of grasshoppers, don’t you think?

Your family’s well-being depends on it, but when you get to the simple things like exercising or devoting more time towards achieving your goal, you feel like you can always use heavy doses of self-discipline.

You can exercise willpower the same way you exercise your body.

The important thing is to do it every day until you form a new habit. Habits don’t require self-control energy. Once exercise becomes part of your routine you can operate on autopilot. Funny thing is that soon you won’t need any self-control to exercise your willpower.

How to Establish the Willpower Habit

Do This: Think about it! All you have to do is devote some of your energy to exercise your will and, after just a few weeks it will become a part of who you are, your self-control will become stronger every day.

You will be a person who has no problems with self-discipline. And when your willpower is strong you can achieve anything, climb any heights, live any wildest dreams, become a person you are meant to be.

Understand this: I want you to realize that any action can be transformed into an exercise of will, provided it is not done from habit or experienced as duty.

Let’s go ahead and check how strong your willpower is.

The Wealth and Willpower Gap

It’s not what you think…at least not entirely.

Willpower Money

One of the most common questions I get is “Why is there a Wealth Gap?” Another is “What can be done?”

Here’s the best answer I can give in two pages to make sure you end up on the safe side of THE GAP.

People want to know why there is a gap between the wealthy and the power as far as net worth or income. It’s an important answer, particularly to identity and willpower.

Let’s set aside the abuses of major corporate giving to people who haven’t earned their salary for today.

Let’s instead look at the big picture.

Understand the greatest effects on human behavior and it’s much easier to solve the problems the behaviors bring with them.

In the United States, for example, a majority (but not all) of the poor are given access to or receive money for food, medical care, housing, education and so on. It can amount to quite a significant amount of money on an annual basis. Let’s just name a number and say it’s $25,000 which would not include medical or education.

I’ve been poor. Very poor. For a long, long time.

Never confuse poor with incapable, incompetent, impotent or stupid.

Don’t confuse being born poor with lack of potential and lack of pride. Don’t confuse being born poor with lack of desire.

Today, the poor are trained by the government to accept this money. Once people begin to accept $25,000 per year without work, they certainly aren’t looking for a job that would pay $15 per hour which would pay them less than welfare, food stamps and the like. It also means when they do the math the poor typically can’t justify seeking employment at $17.50 per hour which would essentially break even with their current stipend after taxes. Thus the poor are trained to become and addict that ultimately “can’t” move from their source.

It’s really quite sad because most jobs that would pay $20/ hour ($40,000 per year) won’t even break even after child care is included. The Mother and her child are seemingly better off in the trap. And that’s not entirely untrue. Essentially, the vast majority of the poor have no logical reason to ever break the cycle. The poor are literally trained to have no willpower.

But it’s worse. The training isn’t complete.

In the U.S., the government doesn’t reward will power.

They punish it.

The poor well know that if they begin to work and earn money, that the government will reduce or eliminate their food stamps, housing allowance, etc. So the well intended poor are punished for trying to build a life.

Establish a Ritual

Write this fact down on a piece of paper and keep it with you for future discussions…

18% of people in the upper 1/3 of all incomes in the USA were in the bottom 33% 10 years ago.

When people WILL to achieve they WILL achieve.

But the training instilled by government on the poor creates an almost impossible cycle to break. Only those poor who are lucky enough to not receive welfare and food stamps will break into the real world and have a chance to live a life beyond dependency and poverty.

And who is the beneficiary of the government’s “taking care of the poor” which is really nothing more than destroying their future?

It’s the people who provide housing, medical related, education. Thus you see medical and education cost escalate because of the way money is allocated to the poor. You see lower income housing sustained through government checks. They aren’t looking back. The money is quite good.

And finally, there are the financial institutions that benefit from actions of the Federal Reserve and the government. Central banks prop up banking and housing markets. The government props up military industry and the medical/insurance industry. The money is so good that the incomes and net worth of these groups simply soars.

Just as the poor who are trained to take money instead of seek work receive significant amounts of money that isn’t taxed, the beneficiaries on the other side of the money are able to grow their incomes significantly. All approved of by the tax payer, who is in the middle of the two groups who supports all of it. The tax payer generally won’t grow wealthier as their cost of living is consistent with inflation. There is no reason to expect someone with a job would ever earn more next year than this year because their education and experience becomes more outdated every year. Within 10 years of leaving professional school, the professional is far behind the times and seeing very little in the way of pay increases if any, if not losses.

Yes, the exceptions are seen in those who have willpower. It’s seen in those who wouldn’t know what a government benefit was if it hit them in the face.

Until a currency breaks, the policies of the current government demand the preferred industries to grow wildly wealthy, while the poor stagnate or increase only ever so slightly and the upper middle class pays the majority of the bill.

The culture of the The United States is following the typical “from rags to riches to rags” …empire down the tubes story.

Start out with nothing.

Have great willpower.

Build a thriving nation with entrepreneurial spirit.

Become complacent.

Quit working so hard at greatness.

Develop entitlement mentality through training.

Go Broke.

Watch your country become like others who have gone before.

Happens every time. Every country in history.

YOU can CHOOSE to be an exception…and THAT seems likely.

Habits of willpower develop most quickly when activity follows a “same time, same place” type of format. Ritual.

I suggest you start with good sized chunks of challenge. Then move quickly to big chunks. Work up to where you want to be over a period of a couple of weeks.

Devote just a reasonable period of time to your task, gradually increasing it, as your self-control will become stronger. Make sure you do it EVERY day. It’s important. Excuses like “I’ll skip today, I’ll do extra tomorrow” will not work.

Enlist Support

Important It is also very helpful if you find another person, a friend or a spouse to help you stick to your goal. Social support reduces the need for personal self-control.

This is where your ego comes in handy.

Telling the other person you don’t want to work on your plans equals you admitting that you are a loser with no willpower.

And you most definitely are not that. Therefore, you will get your butt off the chair and begin working on a brighter more meaningful future.

Let me share with you one more trick a friend shared with me.

Strategy to “Motivate”

You’ve decided to go jogging today, but when the time has come you really don’t feel like getting up from the couch and doing any form of exercise. I myself feel like that quite often.

In that case you tell yourself “I am not going to go jogging. I will just get up and put my jogging shoes on”.

It is a lot easier on your willpower bank to initially and briefly convince yourself you are doing an easy task. In most cases by the time you will get up from the couch, put your shoes on and THEN you will probably decide to go jogging after all.

I use this strategy REGULARLY. (not for jogging…)

Under no circumstances are you allowed to become “negative.”

Have an Outcome Based Attitude

Keeping an outcome based attitude towards your goals will help you strengthen your willpower. This is what helps me when I feel down or upset.

Imagine how the same situation could have been worse.

Your car won’t start in the morning, because the battery died.

Big deal! Your engine could have exploded on the highway while you were doing 75 miles per hour. Now that’s bad. You should congratulate yourself because you are actually the lucky one.

What if friends and family see you as becoming a “workaholic” ….as opposed to an ‘I don’t work-aholic.’?

They’ll tell you that because they don’t want the “competition,” but you already figured that out.

Success Is Up To You!

You’ve already figured out that you are the sole person responsible for your own success of failure.

Your culture shaped you but the shape was not cast in stone. Always compare alternatives to using your conscious will, in your mind, side by side.

Would you rather watch TV all day and night, or make your dream come true?

When you think in terms of priorities, things will start to fall into place in terms of setting time aside for things which are important to you.

We’ll pick up here next week.


Decision Point–Discover a System of Decision Making That Will Clear the Way to Success

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Maybe you have been experiencing one or more of the following:

Moving is always tough but when there are more than one person’s job or one person going to a school that they love and the possibility of leaving friends behind makes for what many consider an impossible decision. What do YOU decide? How do you decide?

Your investments have done OK but your total income saved for your future is terrible. There are a lot of options you’ve been told about but you really don’t know what to do. What will you decide? How will you decide?

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You’re on your way home for the holidays. You get stuck in bad weather and are put up at a local hotel. In the bar that night a beautiful woman strikes up a conversation with you and she has offered you the key to her room. What will you decide?

A relative lives with you. They take advantage of you but you can’t let them go because you don’t know what will happen to them. What is the right thing to do and will that thing be what you decide? How will you decide?

An elderly relative lives with you. They can’t take care of themselves any more. You hate the idea of a nursing home or “worse.” You also want “a life.” What will you decide to do?

Your wife is two months pregnant. A test reveals the baby is going to be born with a disease that will require your 24/7 care for the rest of your life. She decides she wants to keep the baby. But you haven’t made your decision. What will you decide to do? How will you make the decision?

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You’ve been thinking of getting a divorce but you’re just not sure. There are other fish in the sea but you wonder if you can still compete? Can you do better? What about the kids? What do you DECIDE? How do you decide?

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Two women have taken a liking to you. You date them both for some time. They both begin to talk about moving in and a permanent relationship. One is the kind of person you feel comfortable with and would be easy to love. The other is 10 years younger and is celebrity beautiful. Unfortunately she knows it and enjoys being the center of attention. What do you decide? How do you decide?

And those are just a few of the decisions that face real people every day. Decisions that people are forced into and have no idea what to do or how to do it.

THIS COURSE shows you how to make ALL of the decisions above.

And it’s important to note, that the right decision easily can be different from person to person. Knowing how to evaluate THAT is crucial to everything you will do…but no one ever does it….

“As a psychotherapist, I work in the minefield of decision-making and I can tell you that making good decisions is critical to happiness, success and relationships. Kevin Hogan’s course covers the terrain of decision-making with his usual thoroughness, candor and relevance. Kevin is always ahead of the game because of his extensive research, vast and varied connections and sharp mind. His thinking about ‘high noon’ and light a fuse, if applied, would save many relationships and learning the concept alone is more than worth the price of admission.” 
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If you haven’t taken an e-course with me:  an E-course with me is not like an E-course as thought of by the rest of the world. With me an E-course means you will have instruction in several media forms. Video, audio and text. There is NO specific time you must meet with me every day.

About 50% of the people who take my courses collect all the materials and work at their own pace later. The other half work with me and sometimes with other participants when necessary, on projects that are necessary to learning how to make RIGHT DECISIONS.

My courses are universally known to be challenging, results-oriented, pragmatic and show you EXACTLY how to get where you want to go.

Decision making is a function of thinking that almost 90% of people do very poorly. Most people think that if something turns out well, they made a good decision. If something turns out poorly they made a bad decision.

And that conditioning is one of the biggest reasons why people are poor decision makers.

Decision making is first and foremost about MAKING DECISIONS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Every day, people vacillate on making changes in their lives that they KNOW are absolutely necessary, but they decide to do nothing and hope for the best, only to live a life where nothing ever changes.

This is where we begin.


You will learn how to recognize situations where you are about to commit acts of self-sabotage. I’ll show you how to identify it long before it becomes an issue. I’ll show you how to crush self-sabotage so you can make a CHOICE instead of only having the ability to stay with the Status Quo.

This first week’s module alone will be worth the investment in the course.

How would you like to NEVER procrastinate again?

What would happen if you could actually MOVE in the DIRECTION that you want to, even if it is ONLY AWAY FROM WHERE YOU ARE TODAY?!

By the end of week one, you will have daily projects to do for several weeks that will almost literally beat the habits of self-sabotage and procrastination from your life.

Most people don’t know that procrastination is a habit you picked up, but it is NOT your fault.

The same is true of self-sabotage.

I will explain why, where it all started, why it happens to everyone and why it must be eradicated intentionally and with no little effort. By the END of the course, IF YOU FOLLOW the Decision Point Plan, you will have eliminated procrastination and almost all forms of self-sabotage.

I’ll explain in detail why self-sabotage is a little trickier and lurks in EVERYONE’S back yard waiting to strike. I’ll show you how to get rid of it and then prevent it so you never have to deal with it in the future.

And that is only week one! How we doin’ so far?!

Decision IS Destiny

You make decisions all the time. Generally speaking, the more decisions a person makes, the more successful they are.

The better a person is at making decisions, the more successful they are.

When you move from your old home to the home you are in now; maybe you moved because you wanted a bigger house, or to put the kids in a better school district. Maybe it was just closer to where your job is…more convenient.

And of course in the case of uprooting and moving your family, you’re talking about a lot of variables, a lot of things to consider. You’re going to find out how to make the right decision in which house to buy and where to move.

What about leaving your job for some other opportunity?

FEAR enters the picture quite clearly and because the future is seemingly unpredictable, you feel frozen or stuck as to what to do, so you immediately default to stay in your same job. But there is a way to make this decision much easier. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you do….

But there are also the smaller decisions of life.

  • Which movie to go see…
  • Which show to watch on TV….
  • What to make for dinner…
  • Whether to go to the game or stay home….
  • Whether to take a vacation with or without the kids…
  • Whether to wear blue or black…

There is a simple method that takes little thinking at all to make these day to day decisions.

And then there are decisions that you make that influence other people’s lives like taking a new job, going into business for yourself, moving to a new area, having a surgery that has risks involved….

How do you know what to do? Don’t worry, most people haven’t got a clue as to how to make the right decision every time, and there is a right decision to make.

Then there are Destiny Decisions…those decisions that you make that will literally determine where you are going to be in three years or five years.

These are REALLY IMPORTANT decisions. Every day I see people screwing them up as if they are no big deal.

You’ll find out a methodical system that might take a very short amount of time or significantly longer depending on circumstances. Nevertheless, you will find out exactly what to do every time.

Obviously there are plenty of Black Swan’s (unexpected random events like hurricanes and terrorism) out there to get in the way of what you want in life, but nothing you can control impacts your life more than decision.

Write that down.
Put it on the refrigerator.
That alone is worth $10,000, yes?

Nothing you can control impacts your life more than decision.

How would life be different if you knew you were going to make the right decision, every time?

(Every time?!)

Did you know that in life, there is almost always a best decision?

What would happen if you had the method for decision making?

What would it be worth to have a simple systematic approach to decision making where the guidelines are from your head and heart?

Most people are paralyzed with uncertainty about whether they should:

  • Ask the girl to marry them.
  • Make a purchase.
  • Move from one place to another…
  • Quit their job…
  • Decide between committing one person or another.
  • Start a business…
  • Ask the girl to go out with them…
  • Send the letter or not…
  • Decide between hiring one person or another.
  • Get a divorce….
  • Send your kids to public or private school….
  • Choose between a new car, a used car or no car….
  • Go back to school to get more education….
  • Fire the person or not.
  • Invest in stocks, bonds, real estate and not screw up.
  • Accurately plan for their future in all areas.

Why Do People Make Bad Decisions?

And…they make bad decisions because…we all have about 8-10 areas of failure in our brain….similar experiences where you make the wrong decisions over and over again.

(Like marrying the same guy five times, dating jerks, working for idiots, saying the wrong thing at the worst time, etc. Sound familiar?)

We’ll repair all of that. (If we don’t, life will be the same tomorrow as it has been in the past….)

Did you know there is a proven way to make the right decision in each of the above choices?


For the sake of discussion, let’s assume that is correct. There IS a method you can use to make the RIGHT decision just about every time.

It doesn’t take a genius to think, “I decide to make more money,” “lose weight,” “get a better job,” “get married to perfect person x”.

KEY: Learning the process of making the right decision involves making that decision STICK, be UNYIELDING and barring a Black Swan, guaranteeing you will follow through.

Over the last 15 years we’ve been fortunate to have studied the raw information about how to make laser beam accurate decisions. Complex software programs have shown scientists how to simplify the decision making process using some mostly simple (sorry, it’s not ALL instantly easy!) rules.

And now, you don’t need the software or the computer any more…

And, by the way, in the last 15 years there has been an incredible amount of research done about decision making that teach and use VERY FAULTY processes, that can’t and don’t work.

KEY: You’ll experience FIRST HAND, how what seems to be an obvious decision, is almost always the wrong one….the costly one…(often the disaster one….)

If you follow that teacher’s advice, you’ll flat out screw up.

You’ll end up with next to nothing and headaches and heartaches to boot.


People, including a lot of authors, are lazy.

They don’t do the research.
They don’t test.
Why should they?

They get paid the same no matter what and when YOU screw up, they just say, “you did it wrong.”

Play along for just a moment.

Can I ask you a question?

Have you ever read that it’s been proven that 93% of all communication is body language?

Of course, lots of times. Everyone has read that.

And of course, it’s not true.

(It’s not even close to accurate.)

How could that be, it’s common knowledge…isn’t it?

There was one study done by a brilliant communication researcher 35 years ago that evaluated people saying one word to another, with the other person only being able to see the person from the neck UP. (that leaves about 90% of the body out of the study.) In this one specific instance, Dr. Mehrabian found that about 93% of the communication sent was at a nonverbal level. Obviously when people communicate with more than one word and people can see below the neck, all kinds of factors change the percentages.

Problem is people read something in a book written by Goofball X and they believe what she writes because she says it’s “scientific.”

People look at their lives and think, “I did everything I was told…”

Yep and look at that life. It didn’t work.

The guru didn’t do the research. They went with the party line and taught that.

I don’t care about the party line because I don’t like the people at the party.

Remember when Benjamin Franklin did his famous experiment about testing each of the virtues (temperance and so forth) for a month so he could eventually become adept at all of them? I’ve heard most motivational speakers talk or write about this. I’d name them, but it would take an entire page…

Anyway…You remember… but he gave up the idea after the first week …he never did the experiment. He wrote early in his biography that he was going to do the project and then soon after decided not to. Basically he said it was impossible to do such a thing.

I’ve never heard ANYONE get that right, either.


And because you trust them YOU TRY IT and FAIL.

Franklin’s personal challenge didn’t work for all kinds of reasons I’ll show you later.

Question: Why did you believe he actually did the project?

Only one reason: …because someone you trusted or believed, an author, a teacher….told you that it was true.

Want a quick way to filter a crummy guru out?

If they tell you that story, they didn’t get very far in Franklin’s biography. If they tell you that, they’d tell you anything.

By the way…what did Franklin do instead?!

I’ll show you that at Decision Point, too.

The point is that MOST of the stuff people tell you to do…. that is “scientific,” that is based on laws of the universe or proven techniques is nothing more than their imagination having run wild.

…and following their advice will get you the same ultimate destination, every time…

Back to Start. (If you don’t go into foreclosure first.)

So why don’t the vast majority of people make good decisions?

Why are people AFRAID to make decisions at all?

They’ve been given crummy information and worse methods for how to choose and what to do.

It’s that simple.

(OK, there are eight other core reasons people make crummy decisions every day, but to pick on your neighbor here is so not cool…)

And what does the Power of Decision Point give you in life?

  • Choice
  • Personal freedom
  • No limits
  • The Ability to Succeed When Most Others Fail
  • The Ability to Make Big Changes in Life with Easeand…
  • Wealth if You Want It
  • A LOT Better Life If You USE The Power of Decision
  • Success when you use The Power of Decision.

You’re going to learn it ALL in this 7 Week E-Course.

If you’ve been in an E-Course with me, you know that although they are always convenient, they are also densely packed with practical, real life application as the end result. That is the same here. Everything you learn will be immediately applied to a crucial part of your life because there is a LOT going on in your life right now and a LOT of it has to change but you don’t know WHAT.

Each week you’ll receive a number of emails or documents from me. You’ll have homework assignments that are all real-life based…your life. You’ll be given audio’s to listen to or video to watch. You will once again, find out what “over delivery” means!

You’re going to discover:

  • How People Decide
  • Why Most People Make Almost All Bad Decisions
  • How to KNOW What to do…
  • The Four Factors of Luck and How to Tilt the “Luck Factor” in YOUR Favor.
  • How to Beat the Black Swan when Bad Luck Strikes….
  • All of the Successful Strategies for Decision Including Decision Point: MY PERSONAL SYSTEM
“You’ll never see a sunset if you keep going east! And you’ll never live the changes you want in life if you exercise your decisions in the wrong way. No matter how positive or determined you are. So, if you want to begin making decisions that will help you take control of your life at a whole new level, then you need to enroll and immerse yourself in Kevin’s new e-decision-making course. It’s packed with fresh, new, exciting information that will help you train your brain, period. Since I completed the course, I have learned to think better and smarter about challenges, enjoy being able to make powerful, timely and well-considered decisions with new secret technology that until recently, only the elite had access to. In the course, besides being presented in a convenient format, you will be able to start and work on your learning curve at your own pace. And, personalized learning means you can contact Kevin at any stage of the course. I strongly recommend this course, it has solutions that really work!”
David Power, London, England

Do you sell something for a living?

[Pay attention: I’m going to show you how to analyze how your client WILL DECIDE on buying your product or service…and I’ll show you WHAT is going to happen next…think that might be worth $10,000?!]

I’ve never given the system for DECISION POINT to anyone.

I’m not going to write about it in Coffee….ever.

But the time is now to experience a truly transformational experience in an exciting and unique E-course.


No one else is going to ever show you this information. You’ll never experience these experiences with anyone else. You can’t find anything remotely similar “out there.”

So essentially, you’re stuck spending seven weeks with me. As with all of my E-Courses, I am your PERSONAL COACH and you don’t have to be at any specific place at any specific time. The program is delivered via audio, video, and text.

So what’s going to happen in these seven fascinating weeks?

I’ll personally show you the problems you face when you make decisions.

You’ll find out the impact of other people on your decision.

I’ll show you how to minimize the NEGATIVE impact of other people on your decisions, including the people you might love or work with every day.

You won’t regret your decisions anymore.

You’ll understand how to MINIMIZE RISK and MAXIMIZE RETURN on both business and personal decisions.

I’ll show you EXACTLY what to do when the RIGHT decision you determine, FEELS completely wrong.

Finding out how your beliefs, faith, values and lifestyle factor into your decisions matters a lot to you. No one else shows you how to be true to yourself and others around you while you decide for your Self or for many.

Almost forgot…

At the end of the course, you will have one cool, big Coffee Table-Sized Manual that you will be able to refer to forever.

Your tuition: $1995

A couple things before you apply!

  1. I reserve the right to reject any application for any reason.
  2. There may be a few group projects that are necessary for making decisions where two people are involved, instead of just you (as in a marriage, with kids, or at work). If you are unwilling to e-mail one of your fellow participants during these two projects do not apply.
  3. Everything is yours to keep, but you may not share or give away any of this information to anyone.
  4. If you’re still here with me, then I look forward to seeing your application!


Decision Point Application Form

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