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People with the closest understanding of what is real (vs. perception) are the people who will have more of what they want in life.

People who Have What they Want, Kevin Hogan

Remember this as you read today.

Today you find out what you will get in life.

And you find out how to avoid what’s happening in South Korea, one of the truly great nations on this planet.

Today in South Korea you can spend $100 per day to stay in solitary confinement, in a 7′ x 8′ prison cell, a week at a time. My friend and colleague, Hing, from Indonesia tells me the Chinese are the hardest working people on the planet and he would know. But as far as measurable output in terms of hours, only Mexicans and Costa Ricans work harder than the South Koreans do. Some in South Korea are quoted as saying the real prison is “out there.”

But it’s not really the measurable hours that are stripping mental health from our friends in South Korea.

(For the record, people in Poland, Latvia, Turkey, Greece, Chile, Estonia, Russia and a whole bunch of other countries work significantly harder than those in the U.S. do.  People in Mexico for example work a full DAY per week more than those in the U.S. The U.S.? It’s right in the middle. Western Europe erroneously believes the U.S. citizen is a workaholic. Not the case. Not even close. Why the stereotype? Germans average about 3 days per week, as do those from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Norway. It’s the contrast principle that is hard at work in stereotypical thinking.)

How does THAT happen?

Fake News has been around for a lot longer than Facebook…

The point of course is that it is NOT the hours clocked when it comes to the life you want. It is who those hours are serving, who is serving with you and how you see the future doing the same thing over and over again.

It’s what they are experiencing every single day that they are doing. The same thing. The same grind. The same hamster wheel, to use our old expression about the “out there,” here at

Getting What You Want in Life specifically includes stopping the reception of that which you do *not* want in life.

In South Korea the monotony of the daily same old/same old is what is not wanted but is continued.

It reminds me that…

The second sentence in The Bible translated closely from the Hebrew begins, “And the earth was without form (a wasteland, a ruin).”

The earth was a “wasteland, ruin, empty, desert” And THEN Elohim (literally “the mighty ones”) went to work.

Big changes were made. God took a mess and then changed EVERYTHING.

Your LIFE probably ISN’T a wasteland or a ruin.

How to Get out of a RutWhere you begin is a much better place than where the evolution/creation of the earth began.

So what do YOU want to happen in your life?

If you’re having problems making changes, it’s time to take a cold hard look at your world.

Are you receiving some sort of “pay off” for staying in a rut?


Most people avoid the fear of being rejected by other potential employers, for example, when they are feeling imprisoned at the office. In other words the prison is often felt to be better than the release from prison to “be free!”


It sucks telling people, “yeah I was out looking for another job and I got three turn downs today.”

Not just the turn down itself, but the telling OTHERS of the turn-down. Rejection AND Embarrassment! What is the pay off for doing the same thing you’ve done for X years?

The Human, when in doubt will do something that will bring it comfort or put it in the place of familiarity.

Obviously change is not comfortable. Change brings the unfamiliar, the uncomfortable, anxiety, fear of judgment and on and on.

People stop change because they are getting SOMETHING for NOT changing. What is it?

It’s not the same benefit for everyone so consider several possibilities.

  • Financial?
  • Emotional?
  • “Support” or “Sympathy” from Friends and family that might not have been there otherwise?

“It” is different for each person, but “it” IS something to consider.

Getting what you want in life will mean overcoming some of the bizarre magnets that hold people in place for no good reason.

Remember the last episodes of Friends where Monica and Chandler were preparing to move to the suburbs? The rest of the game was trying to talk them out of going. “You can’t go.” “It’s wrong.” “You belong here.” It’s a lot of pressure. You typically don’t want the people in your life to choose to leave you, and humans often hate to disappoint the people humans choose to leave.

The pressure of being judged negatively by those around you TODAY is a HUGE MAGNET.

And always remember the largest aspect of the judgment is upon themselves because they do not want you to experience freedom while they remain in jail because they know they couldn’t get hired at Target or Walmart if they applied tomorrow.

Limiting Beliefs

Break Free of Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are all about PERCEPTION of what is real vs. what is not real.

For me understanding what is most real and most true has always been of key importance to me.

It’s always been obvious that the ability to acquire what you want in life has REAL limitations based upon geography and context. It’s also obvious that most people are limited by more than their place of birth or residence.

The great lesson of traveling is having a better understanding of how other people see reality. Without such observations, it’s very difficult to make the bigger ecosystem of life navigable.

The last 3 years, I spent a lot of time in Bulgaria. Bg (for short) – I grew to love the country and become attached to a lot of the people there. Framing in the Bg mind is very different than framing where I live in Minnesota. In Bg many people believe that the only way to wealth is through criminal activity.

I wrote this in my journal in 2017 from Sofia, “…I’ve heard stories that heighten my awareness to this very real belief, that if you have money you acquired it illegally. Obviously not everyone believes it, but almost everyone who I’ve spoken to has told me this is the predominant general belief here. I am sometimes uncomfortable with the belief because when they work damn hard for a couple bucks an per hour, seeing the guy from the States walk around with two months of income in his wallet has to be challenging to see.  I really get it.”

Success without Hurting Others

“What good person in the masses wanting to do good, will desire to have a life that is more free when the belief is that to do so means you must hurt others?”

How to be free in Life, Kevin Hogan width=

On my final stay in Bg in September of 2018, I found myself, for example, enjoying going to the Russian “convenience store” a few blocks from home. I loved giving the 75+ yr. old lady who ran the store hell. Lots of coy smiles and winks. I got her to say good afternoon in English and she got me to say goodbye in Russian. I’ll never forget leaving tips after dinner that were so big the skeptical servers were uncertain the money was real. Of course I knew that once they got home and the cash spent, they’d know that Americans were not such a bad crew. I’ll never forget the smiles of people whose appreciation for having hung out was very genuine and real.  I’ll never forget how I felt when people opened up SO MUCH to ME as a person and an American. That takes TRUST. These experiences were really the most important in my living/traveling to Bg.

Make the World Better, Kevin Hogan

I first went to Bg with the desire to make a specific improvement in that world. And there was some truth and reality in that motive for the future. The greater truth was when I left Bg, I knew that the people I met in Bg were causing me to become a better person in every way.

Money is Bad

Often times, even in places as milk toast as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, when it comes to money matters, a lot of people have been “programmed” to believe that money is “bad,” and that rich people became that way through unscrupulous means.

Enter Research Results about Beliefs

People may believe that change isn’t possible, or perhaps deep down they simply believe that they don’t deserve the rewards. Either way, your progress will be stopped and the unconscious mind feels as if it NEEDS to be comfortable and safe. This need for comfort/familiarity is a key factor in the cause of the loss of the motivation to change.

Pop psych teaches you all kinds of garbage about limiting beliefs. Here is the result of the studies of tens of thousands of real life people…

Dr. Carol Dweck has completed massive amounts of invaluable and ingenious research and some of that research about change comes down to this:

Belief in Change is Crucial

People who believe they can change tend to take more actions to change and often accomplish what they are trying to change. People who don’t believe they can change…don’t.

Scenario: You want to start your own Coffee Table business. You have dreams of becoming wealthy online. You can see people all around you doing it (and they make it look so easy, too). And yet when you “try,” you don’t get anywhere. You can’t even make enough to cover your lunch.

What happened?

Sadly, the possibility of believing that money could be “non-evil” (it’s really neither good or bad, it simply is a form of exchange) and success as something that happens through building long-term relationships that last for decades or more…well…the chances of changing to such beliefs are going to be rare and slow to change….

And the same beliefs are true in many cultures and subcultures.

Perhaps parents and friends talked about rich people in a derogatory manner, saying things like, “That Mr. Smith is such a show off driving around in his big fancy car. I don’t know why anyone would want to be rich like that.”

I know I sometimes felt like that when I was a kid…though I rarely saw anyone with a fancy car when I was really young…

Of course, you can look back and realize that it might have been your parents’ and friends’ own limiting beliefs that made them say things like that, or perhaps even a touch (or a ton) of jealousy. But the damage was done. You very well may have spent your growing up years hearing how “evil” it is to be wealthy.

Is it “evil” to be wealthy? Is it “evil” to be poor? …what about being wealthy in close proximity to the poor!?

Is it bad to be wealthy…or poor?!

“…money…the root of all evil.”

Root of All Evil, Money, Kevin HoganOf course, the book didn’t say that. You and I know…it said the love (agape) of money, is the root of all evil…


Loving money in the modern era would be like loving Kleenex. So the author must have meant something along the lines of the “pursuit, desire, lust, singular purpose.”

So once you grew up and decided that you wanted to make it in life, what happened?

Yep, you guessed it.

Those limiting beliefs popped back up – maybe even unconsciously – and fought your conscious mind tooth and nail. Next thing you know you’re “sabotaging” your own success without even realizing it. The deeply programmed self-limiting beliefs won again. They virtually always do.

And because the brain’s “default setting” is familiarity and comfort and “in the moment,” only those who are willing to get past the power of default at 11 PM …at bedtime when one more snack could be eaten…and you’ll do better TOMORROW…that default…can only change with continuous intention until a NEW DEFAULT is established.

In order to get beyond these sorts of beliefs, you need to recognize them when they pop up – and counteract them.

For example, do a quick experiment with me.

Now. Right now, make a verbal statement about what you’d like to do or get from life this year and next. Or if you’re around other people who you don’t want to look weird in front of…THINK IT…

“I want to be a famous author” or “I’d like to be a size four.”

Or, of course we could say, “oh she’s anorexic,” and there is a tiny (forgive me) chance of that, the fact is that those skinny people live a long, long, long time. Size 2 will outlive Size 12 the vast majority of the time…by about a DECADE.

Say it now …and then stop reading this and tune into your thoughts. What did you hear? Did you hear a little voice snap right back trying to squash your dreams?

For example, perhaps you said, “I want to be a size four,” and that nasty little doubting voice said, “you’ll never do that because you like donuts too much, you…!”


Now you know you are utterly normal.

Or you said, “I want to be a famous author,” and that voice came back with, “yeah right! You got a “C” in English when the teachers liked you..”

Same thing. You are normal…

Censor your Inner Voice

It’s time you begin to develop an inner censor.

No, you’re not going to listen to that voice. Rather you’re going to recognize every time it pops up and says something nasty. Then you’re going to take the nasty thing it says, turn it into a focused or positive intention, and then re-affirm the concept throughout the day and more importantly, throughout the night….over and over and over, until you’ve successfully squashed that doubting voice.

It’s not the “affirmation” that matters, it’s the awareness of your conscious decision vs. the observation of your default behavior.

At noon you said, “Salad and thin.”
At 11 PM you said, “Cookies and…I’ll diet tomorrow.”

The conscious mind gets tired about two hours before bedtime typically, which is why …well you know…

You can’t “beat up a voice,” so what do you do?!

And of course, you’re still going to hear that other voice trying to crush your dreams a lot at first…and it won’t SOUND LIKE it’s crushing your dreams because it says stuff like, “you deserve these cookies.”

Eventually you can silence that voice, as long as you make a CONTINUOUS conscious effort to do so, UNTIL you have reprogrammed your default thinking.

Limiting Beliefs about Weight LossAs you begin your path to change, that voice will be there – so stay vigilant, and keep being aware of your previously non-conscious behavior by reminding yourself all day and NIGHT to do so.

I’m just like you. I needed to make these changes as well. I used to do anything it would take to reprogram new default wiring. I’d write a post it note that will say what I need to do and a little message that says, “…”and if you wimp out you totally suck,” or “if you succumb you deserve to be a loser.”

No one else will tell you that, but that’s called real LEVERAGE and you NEED leverage in this department.

Step One: Really KNOW What You Want (at least what you want NOW for your future)  and Be Ready to Redefine That When Appropriate

Before you can make a positive change in your life, you need to become absolutely clear about what exactly it is that you want.

For example, saying something like “I want to make more money” is vague. How MUCH more money would you like? And when would you like it?

For me, it’s more about “how much money DON’T you want to make,” which allows my default system to know that it doesn’t need X, it only needs 1/10 of X. But for most people that isn’t a big problem.

Without these sorts of specifics, your dreams will probably stay just that. “More money” can mean $1 more. And not specifying a rough time period means it could be tomorrow – or next year. When you said you wanted to “make more money,” I would bet that making $1 more next year isn’t exactly what you had in mind, right?

I remember giving presentations about my book, Irresistible Attraction. Mostly women came to the presentations.

Women don't Want Good-Looking JerksWe’d talk about this in the context of relationships.

“So what do you want in a man?”

“Someone who’s good looking.”

“Was the last guy you broke up with good looking?”


“Why did you break up with him?”

“He was a jerk.”


That IS the entire point.

People say what they want but they FAIL to say what they DO NOT Want.

Get the “scoop” on what the gurus don’t tell you about goal achievement…

Legend Point: You want a good looking XX or XY that is NOT A JERK. Someone who does Z behaviors but not A, B, or C behaviors.

(Make sure such a human exists or it could be a long search!)

Thus the reason you need to be clear about what you want and what you don’t.

What You Don't Want in Life with Kevin HoganNo one teaches that second half of the equation, which is why they produce no successful mentees…

One Step Forward…

Another problem people tend to encounter is that they do the first step ok, then falter. That is, they get clear about what they want. They decide on an outcome, and name the specifics. But then they change their mind and start chasing a different outcome without having determined if that’s what they really want to do at a conscious level.

Pretend you decided your goal is to buy a new Lexus within one year – with cash. (I like buying depreciating assets with cash. I like buying appreciating assets with cash as well, but it doesn’t matter so much because the value is going UP.)

You spent a few months working on your outcome, and then you changed your mind. Instead, you decided that you wanted to travel the world instead.

OK, fine. No prob.

But then just a few short months later you changed your mind yet again, and chose a new goal: perhaps you decided you want to move to Vegas or Tucson.

You could find a nice place and the desired outcome is just fine.

However, we already know the problem: you won’t be able to achieve this goal (or any other) if you keep changing your mind and redirecting your energies to a new goal every few months.

Have a Plan

This is why a PLAN and a LIFE MAP that is DETAILED AND THOROUGH and drawn with someone who knows what they are doing is 100% necessary.

In other words, being clear means not only do you need to have a clear goal, you also need to be clear about whether that goal is really what you want. Start with something you want, not with a “passing fancy” as they say in London, that will cause your motivation to fade quickly – because it will.

Step Two?
We’ll do that next week!

Lifestorms: Erasing the 12 Obstacles to Achievement. Overcoming the Paradox of Love, Power, Money and Happiness

Why life so often brings you exactly what you don’t want…and how self sabotage hides around every corner. Some people have guessed at the seemingly bizarre nature of self sabotage. Guess no more. Self sabotage is very real in everyone’s life, completely devastating and 100% resolvable.

You’ve probably noticed that…

  • The more you argue for your point of view, the less you are heard.
  • That which you fear the most today are often best for you in the long run.
  • The more you need money, the harder it is to acquire.
  • The more you need that person the more they move away from you.
  • The more open you are about your vulnerability the more invulnerable you become.
  • The more you protest, the more you get what you protest against.

What you may not know is that we need at least six fundamental needs met to succeed in every aspect of life.

  1. Basic Safety
  2. Connection to Others
  3. Autonomy
  4. Self Esteem
  5. Self Expression
  6. Realistic Limits

If any of the six are not being met beginning at any point early in life, negative life patterns develop that soon shift from “clay” to “stone,” in the human mind. These negative life patterns actually helped us cope early in life with the areas of life when we didn’t have our fundamental human needs met…Later they become the core of self sabotage in every aspect of life…stopping us from getting what we want and literally making everything we don’t want…happen.

Recurring Patterns

Over the course of your life you have noticed some recurring patterns and themes. Just as the money finally appears, something breaks and you have to have it repaired. Just as you are becoming happy, something big goes wrong. Just as you are getting on track, you get derailed. Just as you get your promotion, you get laid off. You find the girl or guy of your dreams and then she slips away. The worst? You have the break of your life sitting in your lap and you blow the sale, the interview, the meeting. The chance of a lifetime (you think) and a lifestorm hits and it is all gone because of one or two wrong words at a critical moment or even an interrupting phone call. It’s gone. The girl, the money, the power, the job, the career, the happiness.

You’ve wanted to get your life on track and on purpose for so long. You’ve set your goals and have come up short. You learn the techniques and tools of communication and even influence but still it always seems to happen. You try and make all the changes that could ever be made in a lifetime and then…BOOM! Another lifestorm.

What causes all of this? Does God have some kind of perverted sense of humor that puts the candy in your hand until it comes to your mouth and then he makes it vanish?

No, not at all.

12 Specific Patterns

There are 12 specific life patterns that cause virtually all of these events to happen. 12 very predictable negative life paths that you can and will repeat and will repeat over and over until you break the pattern. Once you break the pattern and construct a new pattern in place of the old, you literally change your life (or that of your clients). The fewest number of negative life patterns I’ve seen anyone have are four. The most 11.

Could it be true that life is both this “complex and yet simple?” That if you just change a few patterns that everything will be OK?

Life is never easy. But the negative life patterns are impossible to overcome… yes impossible… without stopping the lifestorms that result from the 12 negative life patterns and then replacing them with specific new patterns. Every now and then someone makes something happen by accident. They know what these negative recurring patterns are and figure out a solution without having had the manual to do so. And it’s been through observing the people who figured it out that the everyone else can stop the lifestorms.

How Does it all Begin?

What are these lifestorms and how did they get here? How do they emerge from the patterns? Why do they rip your future away from us just as you are ready to make a quantum leap into your the future? How do you stop the madness and turn it all around?

Imagine that you are a child. Age 5. Your Mom and Dad divorce. Your father leaves. Forever. Your grandfather tries to take your father’s place and fill in “the gaps.” Shortly thereafter he dies. Your mother continues to work two jobs to support you, your brothers and your sisters. Just as you begin to like them… babysitters come and go over the next couple of years. Finally you reach adolescence and you have your first love.

She/he is perfect for you. She likes you. You hold on tight. You call them all the time. Several times per day. Everyone else that you ever loved has come and gone or just not been there. You’ve basically been on your own with no one stable in your life and have learned how tough life is by yourself. You’re going to make sure that this person doesn’t leave. But they do. They got constricted. They didn’t feel loved. They felt smothered. They sought advice from others and eventually followed it. You were that kind of person who didn’t trust others they told the one you loved. (Note: Many people want to be called all the time and have an extreme amount of attention, however most people who have this life pattern do not gravitate to those people.)

Finally, “not being able to breathe,” they leave you. You are crushed. Again someone has abandoned you. Everyone leaves. Parents, grandparents, babysitters…and now the love of your life. You have the life pattern of abandonment cut with a chisel into the stone of your mind. This pattern will repeat itself over and over again until you recognize it, break it and reshape a new pattern into your mind. Your mind knows no other way to act or how to deal with the feelings inside. Relationship after relationship is destined to go up in smoke until this abandonment pattern is resolved and repaired and remolded.

Break the Chains

And, this is not the only one of the 12 patterns that leads to relationship troubles. In fact, some patterns lead to chaos in relationships, jobs, the pursuit of happiness and all aspects of life. Without correcting these 12 patterns little else will help you break the chains that keep you from having the love you deserve.

In the case of the abandonment pattern, which you may or may not experience, you find that it also causes specific behaviors in the area of money. For example, there are two common patterns with money that stem from abandonment. The first is the workaholic who saves every penny possible so that no matter who leaves or what happens in life there will always be something to ride out the next lifestorm. The second is that the person simply repeats the pattern with money and spends themselves to bankruptcy on things that can’t possibly help their future. They buy more car than they need. They buy a house they can’t afford. They buy toys that do nothing but cost more money to maintain.

The Patterns are Predictable

Like the other 11 patterns, the pattern of abandonment has a plotted course that is predictable in all facets of life. It is etched in stone and it won’t change until it is sandblasted away. No amount of positive thinking will erase it. It will take far more than simple affirmations or a couple of visualizations. It takes a master plan that, while not difficult to implement, takes some time to reset itself after sandblasting away the old patterns.

Remember when you said something like, “My parents did that to me and I will never do that to anyone.” That’s one of the three ways you react/respond to negative life patterns. You polarize consciously or unconsciously from the things that were “done to you.” This could be a positive reaction but it probably isn’t optimal. Repeating the pattern of your parents/elders/caretakers is another common reaction/response, but again, it probably isn’t optimal. On the continuum of possible behaviors there is usually a point in the middle that is where you really will be able to overcome the negative patterns and reset new successful patterns that will stop self sabotage.

Perhaps you know someone who displays the characteristics of the abandonment life pattern. Perhaps it is you. Recognition of the pattern is the first step toward eliminating self sabotage and staying out of lifestorms. The next step is to identify how you would like to feel and behave instead of your current feelings and behaviors.

If you are feeling a paralyzing fear of abandonment…the feeling that this person too will leave you, what do you want them to feel and what do you want to feel? Both parts are important. You certainly don’t want them to feel smothered. You don’t want them to feel mistrusted as that mistrust will usually move the person to the behavior you mistrust them of. You want to feel secure and you want to behave in such a way that does not make yourself appear to not trust the one you care about. All of these pictures are the beginning of setting the new pattern. You must determine what you want to feel and how you want to behave. You want to determine what message you want to send the one you care about.

In the case of dealing with money with this life pattern, the same process is critical. What do you want to feel about money? What do you want to do with your money? Do you want to buy $5,000 toys and expensive cars or do you want to invest in your self and your future through education and investment? How will you benefit if you do these things by choice instead of repeating the self sabotaging behaviors of the past? How do you want to feel about money? What thoughts do you want to think about money?

Isolate the Trigger

Once the pattern has been identified and you recognize how you feel and what you think while you are “in the pattern” you then want to isolate the trigger. In the future you want this trigger to trigger the adaptive life pattern that you are going to construct in its place. You will need to do quite a bit of mental imagery and visualization along with triggering the new pattern. You will want to vividly experience the new pattern and the new thoughts and feelings of the new pattern.

You also will then need to cultivate a set of specific actions that will physically move you forward in the new life pattern. At the end of the day you will record your feelings, thoughts and actions that you had in response to the triggers that you experienced that day. Usually within 45 days you can have mostly eradicated the old self sabotaging behaviors and have installed the new patterns that move you in the direction of your goals, your dreams.

Of course there are 11 other life patterns in addition to that of abandonment. There are patterns that include a general mistrust of others, patterns that create behaviors where you put yourself second to everyone else. Other patterns emerge where you might believe you are entitled to things instead of deserving of them. All of these are examples of patterns that give birth to self-sabotage and are roadblocks that keep virtually everyone from achieving their dreams.

To discover which of the 12 patterns you have been the victim of and how to eliminate self sabotage in your life (or those of your clients) you can pick up the CD program and workbook, Lifestorms: Eliminating the 12 Patterns of Self Sabotage: Installing the Life Patterns that Overcome the Paradox of Love, Money and Happiness.

“Blast through Self-Sabotage for Breakthrough Results! Learn EXACTLY what is holding you back from achieving your dreams.”

There is only one cause of failing to achieve.

Self Sabotage

With Lifestorms, you learn the 12 life patterns of self sabotage and destruction and are given blueprints for how to erase the old patterns and plug in new ones.

“If you have taken any self improvement courses and they have NOT worked for you, or you want to get MAXIMUM impact from them…..first unplug Self-Sabotage.
Kevin’s program did that for me.”

Sonya Lenzo,

What Will Happen When You Defuse the Sole Cause of Failure?

This program is 100% content and it is densely packed onto just 3 CD’s! And, just as importantly, you now get the bonus live video presentation (on DVD) that builds upon the CD program. This exciting presentation was recorded before an enthusiastic audience of over 200 people and you will feel like you are right there with them as you watch.

What Do You Get in this exciting New Program?!:

  • 3 Digital Audio CDs: Lifestorms: Crushing Self-Sabotage Where It Starts
  • 25 Page Guide/Manual
  • 1 DVD: Lifestorms: The Patterns of Self-Sabotage
Lifestorms: Crushing Self-Sabotage Where It Starts

It happens to everyone. There are 12 (and only 12) non-genetic blueprints for self-sabotage at the unconscious level. That’s it. I had 9 of them. No kidding. It took time to knock off each of these forms of self-sabotage. (A lot of time for 9!) I’ve never met anyone with less than 2 Lifestorms and it only takes one to take the life out of life, to take a would be success story into a lifelong destiny in the hamster wheel.

Each month, for myself, I review ALL 12 of the patterns and eliminate any residue of self-sabotage that exists. Because self-sabotage is non-conscious, no one is aware of it when it is engaged!
The benefit of being able to be in check is being in charge. When the unconscious mind is quelled then the conscious mind can move forward and achieve.

Delve deep into the non-conscious patterns with 3 audio CDs that help you discover why life often brings you exactly what you don’t want…and how self-sabotage can hide around every corner.

Some people have guessed at the bizarre nature of self-sabotage. Few people understand it. Guess no more.
Self-sabotage is very real in everyone’s life. It is completely devastating and 100% resolvable!
“I first gave Lifestorms a superficial listen, just curious what it was about, and at first I got nothing more out of it than a sense that it sounded cool. But, during the last 5 days, I have found the miracle! Something inside me clicked when I began to thoroughly study the material. I find myself interacting with the world as if I’m a new person. The best part is that this difference, this peace that I can not remember feeling before, this seems to be not from rational, “studied” or “memorized” knowledge, but a sense of freedom, a sense of a huge load falling off my shoulders, which I did not even know was there.
What I have not mastered yet, I now know I will because of Lifestorms (Wow! Finally!) My friend and I, after the first 5 minutes five days ago, ever since that moment we can barely stop ourselves from discussing everything and we are excited to make time every day to study this, and we dislike the moment when we have to stop because we can barely wait to see what else is there!”

Katerina Spillkova, San Bruno, CA

Let me ask you a few quick questions. What the answers reveal is self evident.

  • Do you ever know you should start on a project but don’t?
  • Do you have projects that you have started but never finished?
  • Do you ever say the one wrong thing at the wrong time?
  • Have you ever had things going well in life only to have everything blow up in a day?
  • Have you tried to be so careful not to make a mistake that you were shocked when you made a truly costly one?
  • Have you ever promised yourself to stay out of trouble in some way only to find yourself in the same trouble or worse again?
  1. Now you can discover your own life patterns so you can eliminate unconscious self-sabotage immediately.
  2. This program will break the heavy chains that hold you from your dreams and your goals.
  3. This program is the first program ever made public that shows you how to identify specific self-sabotaging behaviors and negative life patterns.
  4. Best? You can ultimately erase those life patterns and rewrite new patterns into your brain that will allow you to meet your goals and experience fulfilling relationships.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to identify which of the 12 negative life patterns you live.
  • How to find the triggers of the lifestorms that you just can’t believe you continue to experience.
  • How to change the self-sabotage into success, happiness or something productive.
  • How to remove almost all obstacles between you and your goals.
  • How to understand those around you so you don’t push their buttons.
  • How to predict your behavior and that of others.
  • How to actually achieve your goals so they are more than just a dream.
There is not one person anywhere who can’t utilize every minute of this insightful information. These three CDs are packed with the most powerful tools for getting past life’s roadblocks and personal sabotage ever imagined. The accompanying manual is a helpful guide and resource to assist you in your journey of self-discovery. Anyone can utilize this information and I personally guarantee that if you follow the instructions you will not experience self- sabotaging behavior anymore. Your goals become reality at speeds faster than you ever imagined.
Special Bonus: “Live” on DVD! Kevin Hogan reveals the patterns of self-sabotage to help you recognize the ones holding you back!

Lifestorms: The Patterns of Self-Sabotage

No one breaks their diet plan for the day at breakfast time…, or at lunchtime… or at dinner time…. No! The diet plan (for example) breaks down as conscious will is overcome by the non-conscious desire to eat. It’s that simple. It happens at night. Usually late at night when most everyone is most vulnerable to the patterns that destroy everything you do. And obviously it’s a lot more than just your eating patterns that are affected.
Your love relationships, your jobs, relationships with your co-workers and families – they are all affected. The way you handle money, your obsessions and addictions. How you spend your time – are you on time? Do you respect others? Do you show it? Or do you end up losing that relationship, that job, or that paycheck?

Now you have a video presentation filmed live before 200 people who came from around the world to watch Kevin reveal the specific patterns that cause these non-conscious programs to run and stay running. Without dramatic action, the nine patterns will not change in any meaningful way. Isolating and identifying them in your life and others will help you finally get what you want. This truly eye opening DVD is the introduction to the Lifestorms program.

Whether someone is trying to earn more money, lose weight, stop smoking, get off drugs, or get the girl (guy) of their dreams, this is the answer to identifying what is causing everything to go wrong.

You’ll discover the deeply hidden roots of the most elusive forms of self sabotage.

  • You’ll find out the manifestations that are seemingly benign in everyday life.
  • Most importantly you FINALLY learn what to do next!
This single video presentation will give you more insight to why people do what they do to screw themselves up than any other video on the planet.
And, it lays the groundwork for changing the patterns of sabotage into patterns of achievement, wealth, success and happiness.
You didn’t install these patterns to yourself.
They were put there for you.
Kevin shows you how to find them and pull the plug.

“I was constantly stopping myself from completing projects and seemed to stop myself short from taking any actions that were outside my comfort zone. Everyone should either “Do” Lifestorms or something similar.”

Steve Chambers


Lifestorms are what happen when your Negative Life Patterns trigger Self-Sabotage to keep you ‘safe’. This has been your undoing.
Now, however, you are learning the tools to take control.
Think about how some things keep recurring in your life, things that hold you back.
Now that you have an idea (from reading through this information) of where that Self-Sabotage comes from… Imagine what it will mean to you, and to all who come in contact with you, to never be slave to that reaction again.Freedom.
Next, seriously consider your future, both with and without this freedom.
How much is it worth to you to get clear of all the things you do to destroy your life. Think how many $1000s in income are left on the table. Think about what it will mean to the people who look up to you, who often model your patterns — both good and bad.
Now, you’ve undoubtedly heard that it’s possible to change habits and patterns that you’ve developed over twenty, thirty, forty plus years. And perhaps it is. But to really unplug them and install new patterns takes time.
“If you’re serious about designing the life you love, I’ve made this as easy for you as possible.” Kevin Hogan

Just listen to the 3 CDs, packed with everything you need to get total control over your Life Patterns, over a weekend. There’s a manual with this product to guide you through the exercises. Then spend a few minutes every day for 45 days to keep tabs on the changes your engineering into your life. It’s as simple as that.

Further, take a moment to compare that value to the cost of this simple plan for defeating Self-Sabotage forever.

Special Price For You

This program is so unique, I don’t even know what to compare it to. My original price was $297, but I want this to be as widely available to those elite few who are willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals and dreams. While still upholding the value of the work. So, for now, this relatively hidden program is available to you for just $197

I can only imagine what it would have meant to me to have developed this program and gone through it myself ten years earlier.

It’s time now to unplug these Negative Life Patterns to your procrastination, your ‘status quo’ prison.

In short, it’s time to harness the power of your
non-conscious, and break the ties that hold its powers in check.

“Kevin Hogan Over Delivers”

“It just wouldn’t be a Kevin Hogan product if I didn’t over-deliver. Not only do I pack every product with the best, scientifically researched content available, I include supporting materials to make sure you get 10 times the value out of every product. This program is an exception because it’s worth a lot more than 10 or 100 times in your life.”

And because I want to make this easy for you to really hit the ground running on these cosmic personal changes, I’ve included a DVD which outlines the Negative Life patterns.

But there’s more. This DVD was recorded live in front of 200 people, and gives you the 14 Components of Emotional Intelligence. This is huge. Not only will you now have the power to identify patterns of Self-Sabotage in yourself, you’ll be able to ramp up your emotional intelligence to ‘read’ what’s going on emotionally in others.

What Are Customers Saying?

“Lifestorms came exactly the right information at the right time for me. In summary, I’m the 50 year old ‘unfulfilled potential’ and as I’ve dug up the past patterns over the last few years, I’ve progressed. But your program made me recognize both patterns and origins I had overlooked. Now I’m becoming free.”

John Shoemaker, Tallahassee, FL


“One of the things I’ve learned about psychology and the drives of the unconscious mind is not to immediately trust my strong emotional responses to a situation. In fact, quite often, when I am my most emotionally fraught over a situation, the very VOLUME of the emotion is now a SIGN to me to STOP and think, “heyyyyyyyyy, this is probably a Lifestorm……. I better go review Kevin’s CD program and investigate this.” Thank GOD I already have a CD program.

“When stuff comes up, you KNOW how it can come up quickly! Well, I don’t have to wait weeks to discuss it with a therapist by which time it’s gotten buried again. I know that when stuff comes up THAT is the best time to address it and work through it. Having Lifestorms enables me to do JUST THAT!!

“Thanks Kevin! This is a super power life-changing tool that I use again, again, and again. It’s a great Life Best Practice for me to revisit it about once a quarter or every 6 months or so.”

April Braswell, Menlo Park, CA,


“Lifestorms has become the cornerstone of my personal development library. I’m a big fan of Think and Grow Rich; it’s what got me started when I began thinking as an entrepreneur.

“But just listening to Lifestorms, even without doing the worksheets, has helped me move forward much faster than I could have. Not only in business, but also with family and friends. All that just from the insight I got from listening. Now I’m going back to uproot permanently each of my own negative life patterns.”

Sheridan Randolph, Chattanooga, TN

It’s time…

Was: $297.00

Just $147

Get your copy of Lifestorms now!


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