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Millionaire Mind The Millionaire Mind?

I created the program about 15 years ago.

I then created a two month E-course, essentially the “next level” of wealth accumulation. It’s still in beta and everyone says they appreciate it. The results are speaking for themselves.

With the exception of a few very fortunate C- Level Managers, celebrities, entertainers and inheritors; there is one thing millionaires have in common.

Today you get a real look at the traits of millionaires.

Who are the millionaires?

How do millionaires think differently from normal people?

What Do Millionaires Have in Common?

Millionaires most typically are entrepreneurs.

Being able to think from the entrepreneurial frame of mind, which is really a very simple and basic framework – is the fundamental element in developing wealth.

The difference between “unemployed” and “self employed” is razor thin in appearance. Two people wake up in the morning. One chooses to not go to work. The other chooses to go to work. That’s the fundamental difference between being a millionaire or not.

It’s very, very, very difficult for a person to save or invest themselves to a million dollars of net worth.

Don’t let anyone kid you otherwise.

Having Wealth Begins Here…

Having wealth is therefore first and foremost about Mindset.

Frame of Mind. How you think.

Watch closely:

The Self Employed person knows that if she woke up in the morning and went to the office, she’d have nothing in 30 years. The unemployed person wakes up in the morning and wishes she could go to the office.

Being an entrepreneur, all by itself, doesn’t assure one of becoming a millionaire, but it swings the odds in your favor.

Thinking like a millionaire is like Financial Life Insurance. You’ve met and likely heard of people who have always had one business idea or another and acted on them regularly. From the time they were small children, they were out making money and starting little businesses.

That’s one outward manifestation of the mind of a millionaire.

The behavior follows the thought and then the thought follows the behavior. It’s a growing circle.

For other people, that millionaire mindset isn’t developed until later in life.

Mistakes are Normal for Millionaires

Millionaires are innovative, action takers who have developed the mindset that mistakes are normal, expected and common.

Mistakes are part of life. They can embarrass, but they only serve to motivate and wire into drives to pursue freedom.

The Millionaire hates to fail as much as you do. They simply use that frustration to step up to the plate again and swing…until they get on base.

As much as millionaires don’t like to fail any more than you do, they simply fail more often than normal people.


Millionaires are very skilled at getting people to buy into their vision.

How is this different from the normal guy on the street?

The normal guy on the street only sees the end result. The millionaire sees the obstacles and the path through all of the likely disasters en route to the destination.

The millionaire is articulating a different message.

The millionaire tells you the outcome and the roadblocks, challenges and messes along the way. They then lay out a map that offers alternate routes when things go wrong.

The Millionaire has a Strong Preference to Achieve

15 Traits of Millionaires? …

Traits of Millionaires

Millionaires are typically entrepreneurs and to simply list the characteristics is not enough…because they are factors that everyone resonates with on some level. It’s what the characteristics REALLY mean and their BEHAVIORAL EXPRESSION that matter most. Watch…

  1. Certain about Their Ability to Succeed
  2. Driven
  3. Innovative and creative
  4. Open & Closed Minded
  5. Resourceful
  6. Visionaries
  7. Problem solvers
  8. Risk takers of varying degrees and type
  9. Lifelong learners
  10. Self aware
  11. Unlucky
  12. Opportunistic
  13. Persistent
  14. Disciplined
  15. Charismatic

See what I mean? Let’s look at a few of the thinking processes that are common to and typically found in the mind of the millionaire.

Taking a look at the list: it’s not hard to see why a Millionaire Mindset is so powerful in life. Chances are, you already possess some or even most of these key attributes. You may possess many of them in varying degrees.

For example, some days – you’re confident to take calculated risks. Other days, not so much.

I’d like to help you cultivate these attributes – I’d like you to give you specific ideas to help you develop and embrace the mindset of the wealthy.

Millionaire Mindset The Millionaire Mindset gives you the power to:

  • Recognize and Capitalize on opportunities
  • Operate from a place of Confidence and Courage
  • Take very well-calculated Risks
  • Stay Passionate and Enthusiastic
  • Connect with, and Lead people who can help your business Thrive and Prosper
  • Tap into the Courage and Determination it takes to make it through Challenges
  • Learn from and Capitalize on mistakes.
  • Make an Impact on your audience and in your worldOver the space of the next 3 weeks I’d like to share with you…


  • How to get and stay Certain with properly timed doubt
  • How to get and stay Motivated
  • How to Generate a steady stream of ideas – tapping into your creative side
  • How to be more Open and Aware of opportunities
  • How to consistently take Advantage of your resources
  • How to wear the Entrepreneurial hat (you’re more than a manager)
  • How to share your business Vision
  • How to be a Problem Solver
  • How to take more Risk – confidently and wisely
  • How to create a plan for Lifelong Learning
  • How to become more Self Aware – know your strengths and weaknesses.

Your Mind Set is the single most important predictor of success. If you’re certain about your Self, that you can achieve most things you put your mind to… anything good can and probably will happen with you at cause.

That being said, it can be difficult to sustain Certainty…AND timely doubt.

So what does it take? Really. Is it predictable?

In other words, if you adopt xyz, will you really attain abc.

I think in a fairly formulaic fashion. Most wealthy people do.

People who achieve eventually develop a gut instinct after their 5000 – 15,000 hours of experience at X has been clocked. BUT that gut instinct happens only because they THINK in algorithmic fashion.

It’s necessary because it makes life EASIER to navigate and MUCH EASIER to get past the disasters life has in store for all of us.

The Can’t-Fail Algorithm of Success …

The Algorithm of Success

Here is the algorithm of circular reasoning. It’s a feedback loop that almost assures success.

Premise 1: I will succeed.

You begin something.

Premise 2: I will fail at many projects and I will succeed with many projects.

You will either fail or succeed.

Premise 3: I am never certain what projects will fail or succeed nor am I absolutely certain what my personal role, my personal impact in any given idea will ultimately be.

There is the idea and there is the mind. Both need to be on track to succeed assuming the project can succeed.

Premise 4: If I fail or a project fails it’s simply a moment in time and it’s now time to go to something else that is Exciting, Fascinating, Compelling.

Failure is not a meaningful experience in life. It has no real negative connotation as is so often perceived. It’s just not that important on a project by project basis. If something random comes up that makes the project unworkable, you move on to the next project.

Premise 5: At the beginning of each project I see the result I’d like to achieve.

I’ve determined in my mind where I’m going, with a lot more certainty than you might imagine.

Premise 6: At the beginning of the project, I will determine that I will continue the project and not give up due to “too hard,” “too much time,” “gotta do something else instead.”

I will Continue and Finish to the FINAL ENDPOINT OF THE PROJECT.


Why The Millionaire’s Mind Set Works

Most ideas are workable. I know that just because I can’t do something doesn’t mean someone else can and just because someone can do something doesn’t mean I can. It makes all of the possibilities…possible.

Passion, certainty with well timed doubt, obsession, focus, and the reward will just as likely determine the outcome as the idea itself. When I work on a project, it is complete when my clients have my project in hand or mind and is successfully using whatever I have developed.

It is an algorithm that doesn’t have ultimate failure as a possible endpoint. The only end result, therefore, is success.

And it’s based on “circular reasoning.”

Results at every step move you rapidly into the next step. Even failing at something leads to engaging in the next obsession.

Now consider these Crucial Factors

The Role of Passion in Success …

#1 Passion and Certainty

Passion and certainty are directly linked. When you have passion for something, everything else falls in line much more easily. It’s very tough to quit or give up on something you are passionate about.

If I get stuck spending too much time deciding what I want to write about for you in Coffee, I’ll write about something that has to do with subjects I am absolutely obsessed with:

Passion and the Millionaire Mind

  1. Beautiful Women [ummm…I’m tellin’…] 
  2. Predicting outcomes, handicapping and influencing of human behavior. 
  3. The personal liberty & economy of our nation and our Selves. 

There is never a dry spot or fatigue in those areas for me. I never have to “try” to research, learn, or dig in deep on those three things. Your sweet spots will be different. And everyone is different. You want to have your “list” of things that they could simply never be “full” of.

Certainty is just that. I am certain that if I judge a situation workable, I can probably work it out and if it doesn’t…it is always a disappointment, but life doesn’t end. The next project will meet with a much better result.

Sustaining Passion

Now, passion can wane. It can come and go. The secret to sustaining passion for your projects is doing that what you are obsessed with.

I can play chess, blackjack, scrabble, poker, handicap sports, the markets and public events for a long time. I don’t actually believe I could be bored or tired at any time of doing any of those things.

What’s on YOUR list?

The important thing is to be 100% open and honest with yourself. Don’t try to pretend you are passionate about something that you don’t want to be. That will simply assure middle and long-term failure and wasting life away.

When you’re looking for ways to grow and improve your life, your future or current business, real passion grows with the activity, the changes and the opportunities you pursue.

Never try to kid yourself or try to “work yourself up” about something.

“Ideas” fail when people aren’t on fire about something. It is very, very hard to stop an idea driven by someone who is smoking hot…and you can take that any way that fires YOU up.

#2 Create a REAL Success Habit

When you are able to consistently set and predictably achieve outcomes, you’ll create a neurological pattern of success. It will be a feedback loop that simply cycles as I have already described.

Success, of course, feels great. It helps you stay focused on what you can do, what you do well, and where you want to go. That’s the essence of certainty…of predictability.

Not sure where to start?

“If I only had the money/time, I’d______________________________”

Fill it in 25 times.

Then pick one and go do it.

Most things don’t require much money, though they do require time. It’s as fundamental as that.

Blasting Doubt and Limiting Beliefs …

#3 Acknowledge, Assess, and Release

Doubt Leads to Wealth Doubt is extremely important.

There are points in ALL projects where doubt should be addressed even if you don’t feel doubtful.

At the beginning, when you are planning, this is the first time you must utilize rational doubt.

Doubt the project and solve the issues so that the project WILL have the outcome you choose.

Once you’ve begun, you need to set up intervals at which you reassess everything. Take an hour or a day and figure out if you are still on track. You can be working on the product but if the marketing isn’t ready to go, you make zero dollars and pay no bills. Or you can work on the marketing and have it all in place, make plenty of money BUT if you create a lousy product or service – you lose, your customers lose and your reputation gets rightfully crushed.

But random doubt, doubt that is not planned, can manifest as irrational limiting beliefs. Random doubt is USELESS.

Dealing with Limiting Beliefs

How do you deal with (irrational) limiting beliefs?

Take a look at a few examples first.

“This is never going to work.”

I showed you above that you MUST have these moments at prescribed times. You plan uncertainty into your project but when you are moving you are flying the plane. You are constantly checking the controls but you MUST LAND SAFELY. You WILL LAND. That certainty comes from preparation, planning and skill…and continuing until you have completely….completed the project.

“I am such a terrible ____”

When you think something like that go straight to court. Get it decided inside of you that you will either move forward to disprove the notion and not stop for even a moment until you achieve, OR have a talk with your Self about the issue. Set up real life parameters for addressing logical possible weaknesses that PRECLUDE you from succeeding at something. If they can be addressed and you DESPERATELY WANT THEM ADDRESSED… MOVE ON.

“I’m bad with ________”

I’m not very good with grammar. By the time I die I will have made it to college level…probably. That doesn’t stop you from being a writer or being successful. So being bad at SOMEthing doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do what YOU WANT TO DO in life. Baseball players get on base 40% of the time if they are excellent. 60% of the time they don’t get on base….60%. The best NFL Quarterbacks having their best season ever will complete 2/3 of their passes. They’ll have twice as many touchdowns as interceptions but those interceptions are costly. Being imperfect is a provable result of being alive.

“The only way to succeed is by being lucky.”

a) Luck defined as preparation meeting opportunity is a very real experience and you WILL be lucky with this definition.

b) But “random luck”… someone calling you out of the blue and offering you a million dollars doesn’t happen on this planet. Not to anyone. If you believe success is about something random happening good for you to succeed, you need to work for the government. They believe you get paychecks and pensions forever with or without working the week they get the check. Eventually the “luck” runs out…

”I always mess this up.”

Do you mess it up more or significantly worse than people succeeding to the point where if you learned everything you could you still would fail? Then don’t waste your time. Move along.

If you frequently experience thoughts like these, then it’s vitally important to spend some time refocusing your thoughts. Think about what you do well. What are you obsessed with…passionate about…fascinated by….

2 Last Critical Factors

#4 Surround Yourself with Achievers

Surround Yourself by Successful People Ultimately, the difference between successful people and failures is in MIND and in ACTIONS. There is nothing else.

Surround yourself with CONTINUERS and FINISHERS.

NEVER hang out with “Dreamers” or “Idea People.” These people will accomplish nothing. Your environment WILL influence you regardless of what you or anyone else thinks to the contrary. It is a fact.

Be with Achievers. Be with people who have ideas and dreams that then COMPLETE, COMPETE and get to MARKET.

(Hint: All Continuers and Finishers dream and have ideas and then Begin, Continue and Finish.)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an idea that was a million dollar idea. Every idea has to have FUEL and POWER behind it to meet with a great outcome.

The people in your life can play a very critical role in your attitude. Surrounded by negative people and naysayers? Consider asking them for unyielding support. Or dump them.

Get a Coach

Consider also finding a mentor, coach, an Inner Circle to help you stay focused and positive. Let go of the people in your life who cannot or will not support you. Life is way too short. Meet them in heaven when it’s all over.

Embrace those who support you and share the same outlook. That doesn’t mean you surround yourself with “Yes men.” You don’t need people who simply agree with you. Instead look for those who are also focused, motivated and share a similar vision.

Next time…you build on what you took home from here today!

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