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Most people want to be successful in life. If you think about it, those that don’t aren’t the kind of people you want your kids hanging around.

Successful people don’t live a random life although random events happen every day to everyone.

Successful people live on purpose.

They live with intention.

There are outcomes to be attained and persistence to be measured as a prediction of future results in life.

One question is what is success?

Actually, success, like “happiness,” can mean different things to different people.

For example, a person that owns their own house cleaning service might set their level of success at serving 3 customers per day… while someone who loves music might consider success as cutting their own album.

Obviously, success does not always have to involve money.

Success could be getting a good grade in a difficult class or learning how to bake the perfect chocolate cake.

Success can be being a great husband or wife, being a great family, building wealth…it can be all kinds of things…

Success comes in all different shapes and sizes with one common denominator.

success kevin hogan

Success is important and it takes work to reach.

Success is woven into PURPOSE.

Regardless of what your current definition of success is, there are always ways to go beyond your goal(s).

This series of articles will provide you with factors and actions that will CAUSE you to better yourself as a person, and give you proven methods you can apply to reach the pinnacle of success as you want it to be!

Let’s get to it…

Realize your Potential

Legend Point: In order to succeed at anything, you need to see that you have the potential to acquire your outcomes.

For example, if you want to be a recording artist but have no singing ability, having success in this field is not likely.

I love to play guitar as much as I like anything…(well OK, second best). I put a McCartney concert on You Tube. Sometimes an Elvis concert….pull out the electric guitar…turn the volume foolishly loud for 25 minutes and bang out 6 or 7 tunes to the potential dismay of the neighbors who are wealthy enough to have good insulation and construction to deflect most of the sound…

Fact is…I’m not very good…

So could I be a professional guitarist?

Sure. With lots of training. Lots of training. Dozens of hours per week of practice and I could be doing gigs with a pro band.

And make the charts?


In the music business, that requires having made your name by age 25 in almost all cases. Exceptions are few and far between.

So, I could make a couple hundred bucks a night….that’s a pro…but there are no illusions or delusions of grandeur here.

However, if you love playing guitar more than anything…or say… working on cars and have a real talent for fixing engines and transmissions, and to you, success would mean working for NASCAR, you have potential to learn and achieve that success.

My general rule of thumb is that, if you don’t get ridiculous, you can accomplish most things at most stages of life. Most limitations are mental and not physical.

Don’t Look Back

Everyone has failures or mistakes from the past. Everyone.

In fact if people don’t have a list of failures the chances that they have any skill or talent at anything is remote. Lack of failure really can only come from lack of attempts.

To achieve success, you need to learn from your past and draw from the value those difficult lessons but do not ever dwell on the past. Simply move forward and make better, more educated decisions from the lessons learned.

For most people, the past is a great indicator of the future.

Don’t be one of those people.

Learn from your mistakes. Realize that in most cases they don’t mean a darn thing in the scope of life..

Dare to Be Remarkable

Be honest with yourself as to what you want out of life and what you want to give of your life.

But STOP for a minute.

Don’t think so big that you can’t wrap your life around what the daily experience of your life will be like or you will NOT get where you want to be.

Plan to earn $100,000 per year before you earn $200,000 per year. (Once you know how to earn 100K, 200K is not much of a stretch. BUT be intelligent.)

Experience and Familiarity are very important to achieving success.

The Plan

Develop a Plan as your very first step if you are planning to build a business. Whether you will be searching for investors or not, this plan will be the blueprint to your outcome. The Plan will consist of market trends, financial planning, competitive analysis, exit strategies, marketing and promotional options, everything about your goal. When going before an investor, you will be required to have a real life plan.

If your outcome were something personal, you would not need to create a business plan. Instead you will have a Project Plan to allow you to keep track of everything involving your destination.

If your success plan involves relationships or attaining a relationship, you REALLY need a plan.

No plan = no high quality relationship.

And a good plan has a Plan B and Plan C under it…

Don’t Give Up

In 2016 we (we almost always refer to T.S. FYI) went to Italy and Switzerland. We rode bikes with grades my body simply couldn’t do at that moment in time. It drove me nuts. I even made videos for Facebook (that might still be up) sharing the dark humor of asthma meets the Alps.

I remember coming to Lake Como on one of these two wheel excursions and I was so damn happy. Water! I can swim for hours or days. I remember wishing she would push me in.   🙂

Then last year in 2018 we went to Italy again. This time we did Pompeii early and praise god it was essentially flat.

“Let’s go to Mt. Vesuvius.”

Oh yeah that’s a good idea. Kevin Hogan dies on Vesuvius.

“Of course.”

So we go and we walk… and she can humble any athlete I’ve ever met…but I’m still me. I have to stop about 1/2 way up. The incline is stupid. She continues.

“Are you coming?”

Damn right I’m coming. I will be buried in the volcano. DAMN.

“Yep I’m on my way.”

And a few minutes later I’ve drank some water, would have paid hundreds for an inhaler. But I fought up Frakking Vesuvius. I finally caught up with her and we looked over into the volcano. My lungs were on fire and I remember thinking that I wondered if the top layer of the volcano were as hot as my lungs.  I felt somehow relieved watching the smoke rise from the surface.

To win and NOT DIE, you have to persevere, INTELLIGENTLY.

Part of life is knowing where you have excellence or genius and being aware of things you have to do and sometimes the things you should NOT be doing. And sometimes you have to remind your planner or sponsors to not invite you to Everest or Kilimanjaro.

Let them laugh. Or better, make your own Facebook videos about your embarrassing moments and no one will ever be able to embarrass you again.

In my experience, the greatest rewards happened behind the door that was hardest to break down. (Forget opening the dang thing…)

Have an Unstoppable Attitude

You will develop determination.

It takes a lot of determination to succeed.

And this is why people succeed. Almost everyone has approaching zero self discipline. And when they have a little they rarely stretch to make it a life characteristic. The 5% that do persist on PURPOSE is typically enough to til the balances in your favor.

Maintain your unstoppable attitude, determined to win.

Be in the presence of people who support you. Be around those who want you to succeed.

Complain while you talk to yourself and get sh*t done.

Accomplishment is no easy thing or else they’d call it sleeping. It’s OK to groan to  yourself, talk to yourself, wonder aloud…. so long as you KEEP MOVING.

In my house I’ve always had the rule, “Complain all you want while you get IT DONE.

Think of problems as TESTS.

Make FORWARD your direction of choice.

Walk into the fire.

It’s OK to hurt as long as you keep moving forward.

If you do complain, feel free to complain WHILE you are moving forward.

Do What You Love

Look around for the stuff you love, that you are fascinated with…the stuff that challenges you in a good way.

When you start out, make a list of everything you find interesting. Then in a second column, write down the skills you have in relation to each of those items. This will help you narrow choices down based on interest and skill, which gets you started in the right direction for success.

I hate preparing for tax time every year. Makes my stomach turn when I think about what I pay…BUT, I like (love) pretty much everything else I do…

and off course, I remember when I said…my “goal is to pay X dollars in taxes every year.”

Now I do…

Change your Circumstances

You have a choice in life to accept your position or change it. If you choose to plug along in life hoping that something will change for the better, you will not get anywhere. I’m not going to go into some big complex thing about probability and statistics…I’ll just say this:

If you think something life-changing is going to happen to you that is POSITIVE in your life because you WISH or HOPE for it…you are dreaming. Dreaming accomplishes nothing.

People who walk through life without a plan are really thrown when crisis hits and disaster strikes.

….and I promise you that disasters come often enough to count on them and PREPARE for them.

The best way to get out from underneath the LAST disaster is to CHANGE YOUR POSITION IN LIFE.

Always remember that when it comes to changing your circumstances, you can – you have that power. As an example, women who are in abusive situations often feel controlled and powerless to get out of the situation. They have the same choice of changing their circumstances as you do. If your circumstances lower the chances of winning, you need to change them.

You can’t “hope things will get better.”

They won’t.

You can, however CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES and move forward…

…no kiddin’….

Accept Responsibility

You need to accept responsibility if you make a bad decision or fall behind in your plan. Just do it.


Let us say that you have set some firm milestones that need to be accomplished in order for you to move to the next step. However, you got tired of working hard and took some time to play, which is fine as long as it does not affect your goals. Now months have passed and you are way behind schedule. This delay has closed several doors of opportunities.

Who is to blame? Never think in terms of blame. That’s just about making you or someone else wrong. Screw that.

Accept responsibility. Fix. Carry on.

You’re training yourself to not just fail which is part of success, but to BE a FAILURE which is the ABSENCE OF RESPONSIBILITY.

Seek Input

Whatever your idea of success, conduct a “reality check” throughout the process of reaching your goal. This should be done with someone with a proven track who you have good reason trust. Ask them to provide honest feedback about your projects and as you move through different milestones, bounce concerns or new ideas off them to help keep you on the right track.

Inoculate Yourself Against Toxic Friends and Family

No, I’m not talking about actual poison but toxic people that can poison.

Unfortunately, it would be great if close friends or co-workers could share in your success but all too often, there will be someone who is either dealing with the “green monster” of jealousy or has a case of the “I knew that” syndrome.

If you are serious about accomplishment, you will need to rid your life of these people or at least LIMIT their impact in your life.

While you may not be able to get them out of your life completely, you should avoid them as best as possible. If this is a person you see every day, keep your goals to yourself, and avoid that specific subject.

Which leads us to our next success secret…

Be a Good Listener

To succeed in life, you need to learn how to listen first. Pay attention to other people who have enjoyed successes in their life.  Good listening takes time to learn but in the end, it will be your greatest tool.

Connect With Winners

If you have a goal of being a best-selling author, find friends and mentors who either have achieved that same goal or are also pursuing a successful writing career. It is important to surround yourself with people that can associate with your goal and passion, people who understand the burning desire to succeed and can encourage when you meet with disappointments.

Become involved in our Inner Circle. Meet the RIGHT kind of people at places like Boot Camp. Make good things and good connections happen in your life.


Who Wants a ‘Life Secret Weapon’?

The Science of Influence: How to Trigger the Buying Impulse
Kevin Hogan

12 HOURS of new information and we have some fun along the way.

The one area I’ve left open for speculation in the first 48 CD’s, I’ve closed in Science of Influence: How to Trigger the Buying Impulse ( Volumes 49-60).

Impulse Activation moves your hand from their pocket to the shelf holding the magazines, candy bars and nail clippers when you’re in line waiting to check out your stuff at the store.

Impulse Activation is what causes you to push “Buy Now” instead of surf away to a different web page.

Impulse Activation is what causes you to give a meaningful contribution to a charity even when you considered to not do so.

And almost no one is able to INTENTIONALLY cause Impulse Activation.

Except You.

I’ve taken a decade of research and put it all to the task of Impulse Activation.

I show you the Covert Psychological Triggers that are the most likely to succeed and then I show you HOW to use them.

Then I take you into the world of women. No one has ever written about the Covert Psychological Triggers that CAUSE women to act or decide in your favor.

I have.

I take you through step-by-step and itemize those Triggers, then, I show you the EXACT WORDS and PHRASES that work when communicating with women. To my knowledge, no one has ever done this before.

And there is a lot more.

In the last year there has been a LOT of research done in what persuades people…in what unspoken (covert) factors CAUSE people to spend more money, come back more often, buy more products and services.

And I lay it out for you in easy-to-understand fashion.

You are the first to have this incredible program and I am proud that you will.

Because as you come to understand the mind of the other person; you’ll also be learning :

  • How to create the “gotta have it” feeling in consumers
  • How to melt away sales resistance
  • How to tap into the “primal” buying emotions
  • How to literally and instantly establish rapport
  • How to ’cause’ consumers to obey your hidden ‘sales push’
  • How to infuse “proof power” into your sales letters
  • How to arouse your prospect’s inner buying drives
  • How to influence your prospect’s mind to trust you
  • How to bypass your prospect’s conscious mind

In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to create influential messages that hold customers captive from the first words you say to the signing of the check.

In Science of Influence 49-60 you will learn how to:

  • Cause Them to Identify with You
  • Combine Two Key Drivers that Will Cause Compulsion to Comply
  • Form Questions that Will Cause Compliance When Asked
  • Never Have That “Phoney Feeling” Inside Again…and Instantly Watch Your Income Increase
  • Use the Power of the Invisibility Intensifier
  • Take Advantage of Kevin’s Full Christmas Tree Technique
  • Optimize the Use of Their Feeling of Fear


  • Determine Which of the Five Basic Fears to Utilize in Your Presentation or Copy
  • Adopt Key Characteristics of God that Make You More Persuasive (even if you are Agnostic!)
  • Use Features instead of Benefits to Close The Deal
  • Send The Energy of Being THE Problem Solver to Those You Influence
  • Use Sex and Sensuality to Sell. Clear and Simple
  • Modify Old Sales Strategies to Become Influential in 2007
  • Be THE Person That Imbues Them With Good Feelings…They Won’t Want You to Leave!
  • Link Good Feelings with Buying Now


* Take Advantage of The Impulse to Instant Gratification With You, Your Product and Service

The Science of Influence 49-60: Triggering Compliance in the Buying Sequence is UTTERLY UNIQUE among all programs about persuasion and selling.

Because, for the first time, you will find out EXACTLY how to influence women. (Whether you are a man or a woman doesn’t matter. What matters is how you will use what you discover here!)

Women react and respond VERY DIFFERENTLY than men to influence attempts.

The chances are very good that your business is HEAVILY WEIGHTED with either 80% male or 80% female clients and customers.

I’m going to show you how to gain compliance from the women you’ve been missing out on.

I’ll give you THE EXACT WORDS that are REQUIRED to influence and sell women.
I will show you the PRECISE ATTITUDE that is REQUIRED to market effectively to women.

You’re going to have it all in your copy of Science of Influence: Triggering Compliance in the Buying Sequence.

Learn more about the Science of Influence or get your copy now!

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