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[Ric Thompson is a really sharp guy. He interviewed me a while back. He wanted to know the real differences between why people succeed and fail. We talked at great length. This is part of our interview. I think he did a great job. In this segment we talk about how to visualize for results based upon groundbreaking research.]

Kevin Hogan: You have amazing choices and amazing battles and obstacles to overcome. There are people who are prepared to overcome them and people who know what they don’t want as well as what they do. People always think about what they want and have all these pretty heavenly pictures in their mind; that’s cool.

When the research was done at Yale about four years ago, they found that when people picture a goal in their mind, this really cool goal, and it’s imbued with emotion and all that in first person, it turns out that’s not what works.

If your readers want to write something down, they can write down. You actually do a split-screen image in your mind, and you do it in third person.

Here’s how it works.

Kevin Hogan on Success and Achievement FactorsOn the left-hand side of your TV screen in your brain, you have a picture of what you don’t want in your life, a very vivid picture.

On the right-hand side of the screen you have a very vivid picture of what you do want, and it’s in third person.

Not only are you watching yourself, but there’s also a group of people watching you.

When you combine all of these elements into one picture, one image, one sense of feeling, that turned out to be the most powerful, goal driving, behavioral-change tool there was.

Is that cool?

Ric Thompson: That is very cool. You have a split-screen image. Does it matter which is on the left or the right as long as you’ve got two pictures, what you don’t want and what you do want?

Kevin Hogan: That wasn’t tested. I don’t know.

Ric Thompson: “That wasn’t tested. In theory, one-half of the picture is a very clear picture of what you don’t want and the other side is a very clear picture of what you do want. The third component you mentioned is that you have to kind of step back, remove yourself, and watch it like a movie. Right?

Kevin Hogan: Exactly. And I never would have guessed that was what worked. It explains why so many people who are doing this kind of visualization in an associated, first person fashion, are not achieving their goals.

Kevin Hogan: Perfect. If people do that, they see other people in the image watching the whole thing. You see the other people; there’s an audience in your mind watching the whole thing, and the audience sees the person as failing, for example. Then the audience sees the person as succeeding and being successful. That was the other component; when they added that, the numbers dramatically increased. It was just a behavioral change into what people were willing to do and how successful they would ultimately become.

OK, because this is pretty big, it would be nice to know how to integrate that into getting our desired outcomes.

Ric Thompson: Right.

Kevin Hogan: In Outcome-Based Thinking – number one, you know what you want.

Number two, you know what you don’t want because now you’ve got your picture, right? The picture of what you don’t want is in your mind…and of course, you have people watching you.

Why? Because when there’s just me, I can be lazy by myself. I can sit down here. I’m just going to sit down for a second, if you don’t mind. Now I’m sitting on a nice couch, looking across the room, and it’s kind of pretty. I feel kind of relaxed. I could probably get used to this for a few hours. That’s kind of nice. I think, instead, that I’m going to stand up and walk because that’s one way you build energy….to move.

Moving builds energy; builds momentum….

And here’s the package:

Get back into momentum; get rid of inertia. You have a picture of what you don’t want, a picture of what you do want; obstacles, how to overcome the obstacles; and then you’ve got to make a commitment, which is a very simple commitment. What is the absolute least you will accept in your life in each of the areas that matter in life: relationships, love, happiness level, the security level you’re willing to give yourself and/or your family?

You say, “What’s the least acceptable result in this area?”

Today, we’re talking about money, so for this today it might be,

“I absolutely will not work my butt off selling for less than $100,000 a year; no way. I’m going to do it, and it may not happen this year. In fact, it probably won’t.”

Most people spend all day in minimalism.

Have you ever filled a sink with hot water, put in some dish soap and then gotten ready to do the dishes the old fashioned way?

Kevin Hogan on Success, Achievement and Wealth FactorsLet’s say it takes three minutes to fill the sink and put some soap in.

Then let’s say it takes an additional 30 seconds to wash a dish.

That’s where most people end.

But there are 10 dishes in the other side of the sink.

Now you could drain the soapy water, clean up the sink, say that’s another minute. And you are done…with your dish…

Total time 4.5 minutes.

One dish….4.5 minutes.

Now, had you done all 10, it would have taken you 30 seconds times 10; which is five minutes and another minute to drain the sink.

10 dishes…..6 minutes.

People don’t think….they do this kind of behavior all day long.

If you have the vacuum cleaner out, do the whole floor.

If you have the lawnmower out, cut the entire lawn.

An important KEY POINT?

Key Point: You spend time getting everything going for one action, or you do all the actions you can once you are prepared. What you do and what you are willing to do, tells me everything I need to know about you as a person, as an employee, as having a shot at being a successful salesperson or entrepreneur.

1 dish, 4.5 minutes.

2 dishes. 6 minutes.

The deal is to get it ALL DONE NOW. Otherwise, you burn up the only ultimate commodity you have in life….time.

And time is life.

Don’t be stupid.

“Just take a little action each day and you’ll move toward your goals.”

Spoken by someone who never made it.

That is not how success works.

You take a LOT of actions each day so you don’t have to do that work over and over and over again…AND…you can move on to bigger and better things.

Little actions DO NOT WORK. Tell me ONE PERSON who has done a little bit each day and had a relationship, made money, raised their kids well, lost weight, quit smoking.


Life is very, very, very limited in duration. Do not do a little bit each day.

Do a LOT while the dishwater is in the sink and then MOVE ALONG.

People who do a little each day, end up with nothing. Life requires engaged commitment.

Mr. Motivation will tell you, just a little each day.

Kevin Hogan says, give me the list of people who did that and succeeded at ANYTHING.

Can we talk about income goals for just a minute?

I hear people all the time say, I want to make a $100,000 next year. If that person made $50,000 this year, you COULD do $100,000 next year, but the chances are you’ll do $75,000 before you will do $100,000. And because momentum is as momentum does, that is okay as long as you say, No, I will not have that result again.

When you start looking, you say, That just hurt too much, or It is too much pain. The credit card bills just got way too high, and it was just too much. No, I am not going to do it. I just refuse to have that again after this year. I know I have got to get out of it, but I am not going to do it again.

People spend hundreds of hours trying to save hundreds of dollars.

It never dawns on the them to spend hundreds of hours earning tens of thousands of dollars.

Saving IS important but it is really only significant when you are earning two or three times about your break even point.

And being honest with your self is important. Whatever you did THIS YEAR very well could be your current least acceptable result.

What is going to cause you to move OFF that number?

Then start doing the behaviors. Back in 1990, my daughter was going to be born, and in order to do that we had to prepare. Some people do not prepare, but we actually prepared. We had a simple promise. It was that we would not put a child into the world until we were out of credit card debt. We did not have an income goal; we were not thinking like that at the time.

We quit going out to eat and going to the movies. We ceased doing pretty much everything for about 20 months. Then we were out of debt.

Now, that is a good strategy, but given what I know now, I would have spent more time at generating a lot of revenue.

We just didn’t want to have kids with debt. I remember being a kid, and I remember you need money and you do not want to have a lot of debt when you start your family. That was one of the things, for example, that we did. The least acceptable result was to have no credit card debt when you have your child. We accomplished that, which is kind of cool. You don’t accomplish all your goals, by the way.

Then finally, if your Outcome-Based Thinking revolves around another person, like a husband, a wife, or a boss – in other words, you’ve got your goal- what you do not want is this.

But remember just because you want another person to be… or not to be in your life in some specific way…is not just your decision. Or maybe you are setting what you think is a goal: My person X will behave in a certain way.”

Kevin Hogan on Success, Achievement and Wealth FactorsYou have got your boss and what they want, and you have got obstacles and all this kind of stuff. You always have to keep in mind what the other person in your life wants, too.

What do they want?

Some key successful relationship points…

Legend Point: The person in your life will support you through virtually everything; as long as you give them what they want. That’s pretty crucial…to write down.

People can say, “Do you know what, Ric? You go do that part of the business over there; I’m going to continue on over here in my thing. You do your thing and everything will be fine.” The survey says that’s not how it works in the real world. The survey says that in the real world when husband and wife support each other in their joint venture, things work out. You work with your wife, right?

Ric Thompson: I do. Most people find that phenomenally strange.

Kevin Hogan: Exactly. By the way, there are days where she finds that you’re insufferable, true?

Ric Thompson: Absolutely.

Kevin Hogan on Success, Achievement and Wealth FactorsKevin Hogan: She shakes her head and she thinks, “What was I thinking?” I know that because I went through the same thing, but here’s the deal. When that person is supporting you, if you can actually acquire that support, give that person what they need, specifically. The best way to do this, by the way, is this really cool, devious strategy….ask.

People have this really crazy concept of romance, that it’s all about mystery. If you just guess and bring her tulips today, that might work except that she likes lilies more than tulips. I didn’t know that for the first 18 years of marriage. Why? Because I didn’t ask.

Asking is so important. Do you know who Dottie Walters was?

Ric Thompson: Yes.

Kevin Hogan: Dottie Walters ran the biggest Speakers Bureau on the planet for, probably, 30 years. She worked for Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, who is the author of the amazing book, The Power of Positive Thinking, a book that was so huge in my life. Dottie Walters came to Minneapolis back in ’97 or ’98, and she was about 65 or 70 years old. I got a chance to go see her talk. I was so excited because this was one of my heroes.

Kevin Hogan on Success, Achievement and Wealth FactorsThis is a woman who is a public speaker and presenter, and she’s a brilliant storyteller.

She’s a successful person and is one of the people I want to be like. I don’t want to be short and female, but I wanted to be like Dottie with what she had accomplished and do some of the great things that she had done. I went up to her at the end of the event, and I brought her a copy of my book, The Psychology of Persuasion, in hard cover.

I had already prewritten it out; it says, “Dottie, I appreciate everything you’ve done in my life, and you didn’t even know it. Love, Kevin,” or one of those kinds of things. I handed it to her and I said, “Dottie, I know you’re at the end of your day.” Everybody had already gone. I waited until the last person. I was the evil person, the one who made her wait the longest.

I said, “I’m at this $2,000-a day-speaking plateau. I’ve been here for five years. I’ve been making the same amount of money every time I go speak before an audience for five years.” I said, “What do I do?”

She looked at the book. As I was giving it to her, the book was very close to just under her chin because she was a very small lady as far as height.

She looked down at the title, and she opened the book. It almost hit her chin as she opened it.

She looked and said, “The Psychology of Persuasion.” She looked up at me. Ric, she had these cool eyes, these beautiful eyes. She said, “Honey, have you asked yet for more than $2,000?”

I said, “No,” and she said, “Honey, next time you ask, and they’ll give it to you.” That was it. I walked away. I said goodbye; I gave her a hug.

It happened soon enough…the test. A meeting planner calls.

What happened upon being “tested”? …

It was a cold day in January; it was Minnesota – and I answered the phone.

The first question out of every meeting planner in the world is not, “How good of a speaker are you? Can you help us with this and our company? Can you make us better? Can you teach us this? Can you entertain us? How funny are you?”

No, it was none of those things. Do you know what the first question is?

Ric Thompson: Not, “What do you charge” is it?

Kevin Hogan: (laughs) “What do you charge? How much do you cost?” I almost said $2,000, because it’s what comes out of your mouth after five years. I said, “$5,000.” He said, “Dr. Hogan, we had $4,000, literally, budgeted for this event. We probably could’ve done $4,000. I suppose I could go to the board, ask them, and see what they say.” Now this is sounding pretty optimistic to me, too. I’m all bummed out because you’re telling me right now, at this exact moment, that there’s $4,000 waiting for me, which is twice what I’ve ever been paid. On one shoulder there was a little devil that said, “Kevin, don’t be an idiot. Take the $4,000 and be happy with it.” Then on the other shoulder was this little angel. It was Dottie, and I kept hearing, “Just ask, honey. Just ask. They’ll give it to you.”

I thought, “Dottie, you better be right.”

I said, “I’m sorry. Five thousand dollars is the price. I wouldn’t ask you to work for less, and I would hope you would do the same for me.” He said, “Dr. Hogan, we appreciate talking to you today. If anything works out, we’ll give you a call back in a week or two.”

Do you know what? They did, and they said yes. Now that’s pretty cool. I had never been paid $5,000 to stand up in front of an audience for two hours and talk. That was neat; that was amazing.

The next time I saw Dottie Walters was in Washington DC. it was in 2003. It was at the National Speakers Association.

She didn’t remember me at all. I brought another copy of a different book, and I gave it to her. I went and saw her speak. I wanted to talk to her and just thank her, to tell her that she stood on my shoulder and I really deeply appreciated that. I put it in the book. She said, “Honey, would you walk me over to my next event?” She was going to speak on the other side of this big Marriott Hotel Convention Center there in DC. She took my arm, and I’m so proud. I’m walking through the Marriott with Dottie Walters!

Today the numbers are a lot better than $5000 because of Dottie’s advice…asking…

At the beginning today, I told you to place a higher value on yourself, to allow yourself to be worth more than the Wal-Mart price. As you look at yourself and you realize what you’re doing for somebody else out there, is what you’re doing really cool?

Are you really changing somebody’s life? Are you giving them a great experience? Can they identify with you for some reason? Do they like you, or are you giving them a lot of value? Whatever it is they’re getting from you, it’s really worth finding out what that it is, finding out what you’re worth. The only way you can do that is to ask. Ask, literally, and ask without fear.

Kevin Hogan on Success, Achievement and Wealth FactorsYou have to get rid of the devil’s side on the shoulder that negotiates against you.

You simply ask, “What am I really worth?” Once you identify with what you’re really worth, once you have self-worth, are you willing to change your self esteem because somebody asks you a question?

Once you’ve determined what value you give people every day, refuse, absolutely refuse, totally to reduce that value.

If you charge this amount of money for coaching, your $200 a call for coaching, you don’t take $195. You can’t do that because that means that you were worth $200 yesterday or to another person, but you’re only worth $195 to this person.

Right or wrong?

What’s the ultimate answer? …

Wrong, incorrect. You are always worth $200 or more, because every day you evolve and get better. You never have fear; you always have preparedness. Everyday you evolve into a better product. The only people who get paid less are people who haven’t evolved in some key area. Good news: That’s repairable.

Maybe you have to restructure your packaging somehow, but when you’re doing one-on-one, if your price is $200 today, six months from now it’s going to be $225.

It’s just going to be that, and people will pay because you will increase the value of your service to them in whatever it is so that it accommodates that extra value, that extra price, that extra experience with you instead of being WalMart and pricing yourself like so many salespeople who turn into entrepreneurs and are always trying to win on price, try to sell something cheaper than the other guy.

He’s got insurance so he tries to sell you for $20 less.

I was talking this weekend to an event participant who happened to be a psychiatrist.

Her name was Dobra. Dobra works out on the East Coast up in New England. She said, “Kev, I earned $200 for a half hour and $275 for a full hour, and I want to know how to make more money.”

I said, “Is that all the more you are charging?” I’ve got these lines down now. She said, “Yes.” I said, “Why aren’t you charging $500 an hour?” She said, “Nobody would pay it.”

I said, “Have you ever asked?”

She said, “No.”

“How about you ask? How about you become the therapist to the elite? How about you become the therapist for only the people who desperately want somebody to really help them; you’re that person?”

She said, “Wow!”

That’s the ultimate answer, that once you find out your price, what you’re worth, what value you give people, what experience you create for people, what are you actually providing? Do you matter?

Once you label yourself and you’ve got a value for yourself, it doesn’t change down. If your price changes down you’ve done something wrong, bad, stupid, and you need to fix it. If somebody doesn’t want to give you $15,000 because they say $10,000, you should say no.

If you say $10,000 to one person and $15,000 to another, I’ll tell you that when they’re talking at their conference, you’re not getting hired back at either place. Get the price, stick it on your forehead, let it be there, and ‘refuse to choose’ like Barbara Sher says. Don’t get stuck being this, whatever this is, for the rest of your life.

Make it okay to evolve; make it okay to have other goals in life aside from the one that your mom set for you or that you set for yourself last year before you had other ideas and other thoughts.

There are so many cool things out there in life, so many neat ways to not only make money, but to make a really significant amount of money to help a lot of people, to make a big difference in people’s lives, to get paid significantly for it, to live a good life and to be able to provide for people who don’t have any opportunities.

You can be that person, too. That’s one of the more rewarding things you get to do when you get past certain income levels, is to actually turn it around and do cool stuff for other people that you never would’ve been able to do before. Of course, that’s all for another phone call, too. Those are some thoughts. I hope we got a few notes out of there.

Ric Thompson: I got a whole page full!

Kevin Hogan: That’s a good place for me to pause.

Ric Thompson: That was fantastic. I know that you never, or very rarely, do calls like this, so I’m really grateful to you for doing the one today. Folks, I didn’t get a chance to mention that Kevin has got one of the coolest newsletters out there. I’ve been a subscriber for over a year now. It’s called Coffee with Kevin Hogan. You’ve got to subscribe yourself to this at his website,


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“The CD’s I bought from you are excellent. I listen to them going to practice, great ‘stuff, backed by research. I use covert techniques on the practice field regularly. I often begin with a ‘suggestion’ before we start and at the end of the session say a linking suggestion for the future workout or goal. I used to sell before I taught, coached and counseled. I found out early all communication involves selling something, an idea, a belief, a hope or a plan. Your help through your presentations is a generative ‘thing’ and I love it!” Performance Coach Joe Donahue, Boston, MA
“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your part in changing the direction and fortunes of my career. Having been a fairly successful salesman for only 2 years, I was invited by the company to come off the road and take on a development/training role for the very new sales team. I accepted the offer knowing I needed to do some quick study in the world of sales. All the other books recommended to me contained the standard closes known to every man and his dog. That’s when I…came across you. I found your Science of Influence Series, Body Language Study Course and Covert Hypnosis to be truly spectacular. And to prove it, I was recently awarded the annual Employee of the Year award with over 50% of the votes! I work for one of the UK’s fastest growing companies, now recognized as the most prolific selling organization in the telecom industry. Kevin, I owe an enormous amount of gratitude to you for the quality and consistency of the material you produce. I truly hope to thank you in person one day but for now…Thank you!” Gary May, Hampshire, UK
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Media Presence

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World Business Class

Success in Influence, World Business Class Magazine, January 2018. Cover Story and Interview with Kevin Hogan


Costco interviewed Kevin for Body Talk: Actions Do Speak Louder than Words


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Sales Guru

Article by Kevin in Sales Guru magazine (based in South Africa). "Burnout: Escaping Living Hell"

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“Want to influence others? Want to persuade others? Want to sell others? Then Science of Influence is not just an option – it’s a landmark breakthrough of information you can use the minute you read it.”
"As a psychotherapist, I work in the minefield of decision-making and I can tell you that making good decisions is critical to happiness, success, and relationships. Kevin Hogan’s course covers the terrain of decision-making with his usual thoroughness, candor, and relevance. Kevin is always ahead of the game because of his extensive research, vast and varied connections and sharp mind. His thinking about ‘high noon’ and light a fuse, if applied, would save many relationships and learning the concept alone is more than worth the price of admission."

Author of The Psychology of Persuasion, Irresistible Attraction, and The Science of Influence, Dr. Kevin Hogan is trusted by organizations, both large and small, to help them help their people reach their personal peak performance and maximize influence in selling and marketing. Kevin is an internationally admired keynote speaker and corporate thought leader. In Coffee with Kevin Hogan, he shares his research, observations, and how you can apply them in your life – both in business and at home.

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