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Some will tell you that you were born rich.

You’ll have to catch me in the next life for that line of thinking.

Most people were born with the potential to be wealthy.

Keypoint: Everything in human nature is anti-wealth.

There is no evil or bad connection to wealth in human nature. The storage of resources for significantly long-term usage and security is not in human nature.

The generation of saved resources is difficult because it is not in your nature or mine to do so.

A Consumption Species

You and I are consumption creatures. We are hooked up that way from birth. Delay of instant gratification is the furthest thing from anyone’s unconscious/nonconscious mind.

It is only the cognitive functions of the mind’s ability to overcome the nonconscious part of the brain that allows one to build wealth.

You were born “baroque” and destined to be that way unless you *really* put an edge on your conscious awareness and didn’t let up.

Being like the ant or the squirrel…saving up enough for a rainy day is something that few will ever do.

Success is another thing all together.

The Success Metaphor

As part of the metaphor, we’ll say that there are walls that surround success. Those walls that surround “success” and “wealth” prevent most of the world from entering the castle of success.

Hang with me here…

In order to get through those walls and enter the castle, you have to have the Platinum Mindset. The Platinum Mindset is the only “key” to enter the castle.

(Haven’t gotten the moat into this metaphor yet…we’ll see..)

If you choose the right mindset, then obviously the walls will open up and success and achievement is all but sure to follow.

So, what is the right mindset that is THAT KEY?

We’re coming there…

The reason most of the world will never see the inside of the castle, or ever get the right mindset, is because the right mindset is NONEXISTANT and once you do experience it, it is VERY uncomfortable for most people to even maintain for more than a day or two.

You see, the lack of choosing the right mindset is something that prevents most of the world from succeeding. And frankly, it’s really nothing more than this that stands between a person and achievement for most.

Next to no one develops this to be successful or achieve.

I certainly wasn’t shaped that way.

What an edge that would have given us huh?

But it didn’t.

Life happened.

Normal life.

Dreams, Goals and Success

Dreams happened as part of normal life but no one had the knowledge to give us the map for achievement.

Talk about “The Secret,”

Any moron can visualize, feel it and be grateful.

That’s a first-class Lance Burton illusion and happy delusion.

Dreams are modest fuel for achievement. Even coupled with LOTS of action, they get you next to nothing.

You found this out as you lived the last 20 years of your life.

Unfortunately a cause/effect belief takes over in the mind.

“The dreams didn’t get me where I wanted to go so they must not be important.”


As we stockpile more and more history in our lives, you begin to forget about your goals and dreams. The nonconscious mind has started taking over and you quit before you even begin.

Because the dream, the feeling and gratitude does indeed get you nothing.

And yet they certainly are useful.

A lake doesn’t make you swim but it sure beats trying to swim on dry land. The lake is a piece of the puzzle. Tires on the car. Pick your own analogy. Your lungs.

Here’s a first-rate fact:

If you ask someone who has achieved wealth, “Do you think if I really WORK hard, I can get rich like you?”

They will almost always say, “YES!”

However, if you ask any of the other 90% who are operating on the brain that nature gave you from birth, then you get the reaction of a completely different mindset…

Human Conditioning

People continue to condition themselves over time to not take actions, develop plans, blueprints, contingencies, seek help, etc. etc..

People get into habits that take up time and solve boredom. You may have an ambitious streak inside, but you get trumped by nature, the crows and your past…. and that prevents people from changing anything about themselves and their breakthrough into a truly very different mindset.

A young 20 something guy wanted to own his own business. However, his parents encouraged him to stick with his steady job. He had a degree and a bright future.

Normal advice from a normal parent.

Both parents worked middle class jobs and earned an average income themselves. Their advice was to do what everyone else does, and that is remaining average or slightly above average.

Can’t really fault someone for that. What else could they know?

Being exceptional?

An early dream or streak of ambition will usually be squelched as everyone learns the same thing in the same place at the same time. Everyone is promoted and graduates at the same time. Everyone joins the union to assure everyone has the same benefits and pay…and well…you get the idea….society/culture/the environment/the context literally strips any real future a person could have had.

Then the twentyish guy turns thirtyish or fiftyish and they become more ingrained in their ways. How else could they be? They’ve been “normal” for 50 years and they are going to change now?

The very idea brings up a whole bunch of emotions.

The emotions of fear, panic, stress, anxiety, failure, feeling rejected and on and on prevent people from moving forward. Those emotions come from habitual thinking and negative expectations of your self.

And here’s the breaking point.

Human Intuition?

People tell you to listen to that “still small voice.”

And if you do, you are through. Game over. You lose.

You have to ignore that little voice in your head that keeps you from swimming the moat (!) and entering the castle. That voice is a deterrent. It keeps people focusing on their past, so that they cannot enter the castle.

People’s INTUITION will run them into the ground faster than just about anything known to man. Because it’s based on feelings which are based on human nature, behavioral shaping, past experience, programmed beliefs.

All of that will get you nothing more than a Starbucks frappuccino…

Once you master that little voice in your head – the one telling you that you cannot do it – then you will be one step closer to getting the draw bridge down.

Master that little voice in your head, the past…

So what is the breakthrough? How does it happen?

Breakthrough to Achievement

To breakthrough and enter the castle, you have to choose and change your mindset.

To say it is not going to be easy is an enormous understatement.

But, once you accomplish this triumph, you will be able to experience what most of the world has forgotten about and given up on – and that is achieving your goals and dreams.


I mean, after years and years of habitual thoughts, and constant emotions, and a built up past, how on Earth would one go about changing any of that?

Choices. Decisions. Actions.

But most people stop with, “yes, I’m going to do that.”

These choices aren’t made once. The decision isn’t a “today thing,” it’s an every day you wake up and live a completely different life than you did for the last 50 years thing.

It’s uncomfortable at first…REALLY uncomfortable.

There is no magic check written by Santa Claus waiting in the ether to come your way as you attract it into your life. That is a schizophrenic delusion of the worst kind.

Wealthy people decide to become wealthy.

They make up their minds to become wealthy.

They make a solid commitment that they will do whatever it takes ethically to become rich. It is a series and sequence of decisions and choices and a matter of focusing on it consistently.

Choice. Action. Decision. Choice. Action. Action. Action. Choice. Action. Decision. Action.

The old neurology is LOADED with highways that are ready to take you back to the easy, old ways.

This is why a mentor is so darned important.

It’s one more person who can see you, and see if you are on the new highways or the old. It doesn’t take but a minute or two of listening to someone to know whether they will succeed or not. It’s about as easy as you could imagine.

Are people in reactive mode or are they in control.

It’s that simple.

Next Keypoint?


KEYPOINT: Make up your mind to build wealth, know WHY that matters, and make a solid commitment to yourself.

This is the only part a mentor can’t do for you.

I can keep on you and show you how and when, but I can’t make the internal decisions for you. I can’t make that first choice for you.

Just you.

Once you make the choice and decide to REALLY make it happen, then we can work together. Until then, nothing will help.

Next up?

Remain Consistent for Success

This one is tough…consistency.

At this point, most people return to the past.

Fact is…you have to make up your mind to build wealth, and you have to be consistent in taking the strides to make lifestyle adjustments so you can fulfill your dreams.

Can you “do it?”

Of course, as long as you are consistent and persist.

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