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Part Two of Ric Thompson interviewing Kevin Hogan on what will cause success and failure in you.

Kevin Hogan: We have to be able to be prepared for all of the stuff, like the little kids, the scouts with their first-aid kits, for all the stuff that can go wrong.

Kevin Hogan on Success and Achievement Factors You literally map it, because then you anticipate challenges. One of the biggest things that I’ve watched, when I look at people who succeed versus fail, and I pay close attention to the people who fail, is simple…people who succeed have a map for things that they do when something goes wrong.

They don’t get too stuck on one long-term goal. Short-term goals are very crucial, by the way, to achievement.

Up until 30 years ago, long term goals were crucial because the world’s economy was designed for you to go to school, get a one time career/stay with it for life and retire gig.

That’s not the case any more.

Short term and maybe as far out as middle term goals matter most now.

All the research points to this beyond a shadow of a doubt, but the further out you go, the less valuable those goals become, and the longer term goals can actually be counterproductive.

If your mom says, “You’d make a great minister,” and you say, “Great, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll become a minister,” or a great lawyer or whatever, I think it might be the same thing, actually.

You’re just negotiating with a different entity. I never thought of that before. As you think about it, there you are and you’re going to be a great lawyer. What if attorneys aren’t that needed where you are? Then all of a sudden you have this one skill, right? Then you become fearful, and rightfully so, because it’s all you know.

Barbara Sher wrote a book called Refuse to Choose, a revolutionary program for doing everything that you love.

The idea is that over the years we’ve been taught that you have to become good at just one thing, and then be really amazing at that. The fact is that probably isn’t going to work anymore, unless you are the absolute BEST, and I mean #1, not top 1%.

People who get good at two or three things learn the ability to evolve and to change with the times.

Ric Thompson: “If you could change one thing or if you could give one piece of advice, a recommendation, or an idea that was the difference between a success and a failure that you learned a long time ago, what would it be?”

Kevin Hogan: One answer to that question would be a quick story. I owned the first licensed school in the mid-west to train hypnotherapy. I taught therapists how to do hypnosis, and that was my specialty.

I did that for seven years, from 1990 to 1996 or something along those lines. We taught therapists; it was really cool and it was fun. We had this great advertising resource. It was very inexpensive and provided a very nice income and a lot of revenue. Then one day it dried up.


The company that owned the catalog that we advertised in didn’t want to take advertising anymore. They wanted to have all of their products and services advertised and no one else’s, which I totally understand as a website owner; I get that. My heart sort of stopped too, because I wasn’t ready for something to go wrong. I didn’t realize that other people could affect the game.

I had all the goals lined up; perseverance has never been a problem. Everything was in line with all the books, but there were no books that would tell you how to deal with something like your only source of revenue is now dried up. The revenue is not the people who walk in the door; it’s not even the people who you do business with. It all hinges on your marketing, the ability to communicate with the potential clients to develop those relationships. What I had done was make this enormous mistake.

Kevin Hogan on Success and Achievement Factors I had put all of my eggs into one basket. I trusted one way to communicate with a group of people who might be able to use my product or service. It was an enormous, dumb, rookie mistake that everybody makes.

You really want to focus on two or three things.

Be like Barbara Sher and ‘refuse to choose’. You don’t have to have, “I want to be an Internet marketer,” or, “I want to be successful in selling this,” or whatever it is. Say, “That will be fun, and I will do that as long as it’s fun, as long it’s exciting, and I’ll evolve.”

When you evolve, you evolve up. You transition. You always learn. You’re constantly learning and constantly filling your mind with knowledge, information, and all of the stuff you possibly can that excites you. Then you have the huge advantage over everybody, which is this. You’re doing something that fascinates you. You’re doing something that is exciting or interesting, and they’re all doing something that they’re frustrated with, are bored with, or because they have to.

They don’t really like it; they’re not really passionate. I hate to use the word passionate because it’s a word that’s used so often over and over, and it’s almost become trite, but it is true. If you have something that you’re passionate about, if you have something that you’re excited about, think about the people who come up to your door on Saturday afternoon. “Katie, go answer the door, would you?” It’s either one of five groups of people who are at the door.

One thing you know for sure, is whoever is at the door, as irritating as they are, they are probably passionate about what they are doing and that’s the kind of person you want to hire.

Ric Thompson: “What are you best known for? What do people see you as most passionate about? How do you become recognized as the go to person? How do you at some point evolve from that?”

Kevin Hogan: As the body-language expert, I was always pretty good. I had written about it. Then the New York Post called, and they said, “We’d like you to analyze the body language of President Clinton. He’s going to deny that he had an affair with an office intern.”

I was scared to death. I watched this; it was a very short thing. He just says, “I did not have a sexual relationship with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.”

Kevin Hogan on Success and Achievement FactorsHe’s pointing his right hand right at the camera, and he’s very firm. I think, “Boy, it looks like he’s telling the truth, but I just have this weird feeling that he’s not.” I had videotaped it; I rewound it.

Rita Delfiner, who is a writer at the Post, called back right away and said, “What do you think?” I said, “I haven’t really figured it out yet.” I watched that video over and over again, and I thought, “You really want to be right. If you’re going to go in public, this is the New York Post about the President of the United States. You probably want to be right.”

I didn’t know the correct answer until it finally dawned on me that he was denying this, which was just fine; he should be denying it, but he denied it with his right hand.

In other words, he was shaking his right finger just like Mom used to do at me when I was a kid. Of course, Mom, when she would get mad at me or be angry, she would always raise her hand, point her finger at me, and say, “Now Kevin Lynn,”-don’t tell anybody, by the way, that my middle name is Lynn, or I’ll be very upset-“don’t you dare,” and then fill in the blank with whatever the problem of the day was. Then it hit me…


President Clinton is a left-handed man.

I thought, “Whoa!” I tried that, and I thought, “I wonder what it would have been like if Mom would’ve pointed at me with her left hand and tried to be angry.” Then I tried to do that. Go ahead and do this right now, unless you’re driving-don’t do this if you’re driving.

Then I thought, “Wait a second! You can’t fervently deny something with your opposite hand.”

I called Rita back and I said, “Rita, you can say that Kevin Hogan says that indeed President Clinton did indeed have an affair with that woman, the office intern…..”

Thank goodness it was right. If it had been wrong, if it had been wrong, then you need another thing to do because you’re out of a job. Being intelligent and talented is only as good as being right on a big one. People will remember you for being right on the big ones until you really screw up big.

Then they realize you’re just an astrologer. I think I’m pretty good at body language. The fact is I could be just lucky right now. I could be lucky; I could’ve just gotten a lot of these things right because of randomness. I’ve learned never to give myself too much credit for anything in life.

Just in case, I want to keep learning about things that are cool, exciting, and fun so I didn’t let it stop at nonverbal communication in college.

Kevin Hogan on Success and Achievement FactorsI was also interested in rhetoric, which, of course, is a dirty word nowadays. It’s too complicated to hear Aristotle and all that stuff. At least with persuasion influence and all those kinds, it’s much more interesting and people like to learn that stuff. We talk about all that now. If that ever went wrong, that would be a shame. Let me ask you a question, Ric. Where did you grow up?

Ric Thompson: I grew up in Florida, South Florida, as a matter of fact.

Kevin Hogan: South Florida. What kind of an income level were you at when you grew up?

Ric Thompson: Middle-class income. I’d say $50,000 to $60,000 a year from my Dad, I’d guess.

Kevin Hogan: That’s pretty good. To be at that level and to grow up in that, that’s a pretty normal and good kind of life.

Ric Thompson: That was more like a high-school level. I’m not sure what he was when I was younger because we never talked about money, business, jobs, or any of that type of stuff.

Kevin Hogan: Exactly. Now here’s something that’s worth pausing and thinking about. There are a lot of people listening to this call who probably grew up like you, and there are a lot who probably grew up like I did. I grew up on the North side of Chicago in a little tiny house, with a little TV, and a little living space.

There were seven people, and then my step-dad died and then there were six, Mom and five kids.

She didn’t have a job that was full-time.

She couldn’t because she had five kids age 1-11.

She worked for a lady who sold tulips halftime, and she was there. When your husband dies and you have five kids, life gets challenging. Life was like that for about five, maybe six, years. It was….challenging.

One of the things that happened to four out of the five of us kids in that family was we all developed not a belief, but an attitude that no matter what, we aren’t going to be broke when we grow up, no way.

There were no goals;…nobody was thinking, “I want to grow up and be rich.”

Having the Boy Scouts bring your turkey dinner to you on Thanksgiving in 1973 is a really crummy experience. It’s so appreciated when it’s there, but it’s very embarrassing.

It’s very hard to accept that. It’s like, “Our family has to take charity.” It’s like, “This is not going to be like this.” We’ll do this for other people, maybe, when we get older, but we’re not going to do this.

None of us had any goals.

We didn’t know what we wanted to do. We simply knew what we didn’t want.

Of the five of us, four of us had one result, which was that everybody ended up with pretty good financial success. We had no right to because we had nothing going for us at all. We were all really average in just about every way except for how much we didn’t want to be in poverty for the rest of life.

The fifth child in our family is homeless today. Let that be okay for everybody because that’s her choice, too. It’s a really hard choice, but it’s important that you get that feeling inside of you with your heart sort of in your chest like, “Oh, gosh! That’s terrible! Why did that happen?”

It’s because that is what she was familiar with. She never developed that attitude of, “I’m not going to have this.”

We watched the difference between the four of us and her, our whole life, trying to always infuse her with that, “No! Do you know what? You want to learn. You always want to be learning, always be learning.” She didn’t want to so much; she didn’t think she was all that smart. We weren’t all that smart, either; we were just a bunch of goofy kids from Chicago.

The point, of course, is that you have amazing choices and amazing battles and obstacles to overcome. There are people who are prepared to overcome them and people who know what they don’t want. People always think about what they want and have all these pretty heavenly pictures in their mind; that’s cool.

When the research was done at Yale about four years ago, they found that when people picture a goal in their mind, this really cool goal, and it’s imbued with emotion and all that in first person, it turns out that’s not what works.

If your readers want to write something down, they can write down. You actually do a split-screen image in your mind, and you do it in third person.

Here’s how it works.

On the left-hand side of your TV screen in your brain, you have a picture of what you don’t want in your life, a very vivid picture.

On the right-hand side of the screen you have a very vivid picture of what you do want, and it’s in third person.

Not only are you watching yourself, but there’s also a group of people watching you.

When you combine all of these elements into one picture, one image, one sense of feeling, that turned out to be the most powerful, goal driving, behavioral-change tool there was.

Is that cool?

Ric Thompson: “That is very cool. You have a split-screen image. Does it matter which is on the left or the right as long as you’ve got two pictures, what you don’t want and what you do want?”

Kevin Hogan: That wasn’t tested. I don’t know.

Ric Thompson: “That wasn’t tested. In theory, one-half of the picture is a very clear picture of what you don’t want and the other side is a very clear picture of what you do want. The third component you mentioned is that you have to kind of step back, remove yourself, and watch it like a movie. Right?”

Kevin Hogan: Exactly. And I never would have guessed that was what worked. It explains why so many people who are doing this kind of visualization in an “associated, first person” fashion, are not achieving their goals.


New Release – Techniques of Covert Hypnosis

Covert Hypnosis: “Live”!  

Kevin Hogan helps you unlock the keys to the unconscious mind. You step inside your counterpart’s mind and sow the seeds of often Instant Cooperation and Instant Compliance.


Covert Hypnosis: Live in Boston! Six DVD Set Debut


It only took a decade….


When I developed and coined the term, Covert Hypnosis, in 1998,

I had no idea how it would do as a live event. I decided to do this

almost two years ago now and I’ve been waiting for the right time

to release it.


Filmed with a studio camera before a live audience, I pound out

mostly new material for a full day, starting quickly with a thorough

discussion of what Covert Hypnosis is, how it works, when it can be

used, and how to use it.


Personal, business, relationships, therapy, marketing, sales.


I personally went through the video tape and made only one

major edit moving from a small audience to a huge audience on

one of the DVD’s to eliminate replication of material. (I did a special

preview of the full day event the day before to a packed house.)
So on DVD 6, you get bonus material!


There is SOME overlap between this event and the material in

Covert Hypnosis 1-8 CD set….but not much. In fact, about 80% of

the material in the DVD set is not in the original ground breaking

CD program. It’s that cool, that fresh, that neat.


And it’s packed with techniques.


* The Intended Suggestion

* Spatial Anchoring Halo’s

* Permanent Anchors

* The First Heard Story

* Flagging with Intended Suggestion

* Captivation Loops (detailed to the precise instruction)

* The Covert Model  (similar to the CD set)

* The Fiber of Being Technique

* The Cognitive Dissonance Break Technique

* Distraction for Amnesia Technique

* Confusion Technique

* Leading Questions for Belief Change Technique

* Emotional Future Proof of Present Statement Technique

* Thinking with Things

* Creating False Memories


There’s a bunch more but this is a preview, not a review.


Because there is  very little replication, this is particularly good

material for people who have listened to a Science of Influence,

Covert Hypnosis or perhaps similar work I’ve released.


And best of all it starts at square one and takes people

down a completely different path than the best selling

CD program did.


I’m totally happy with what this will mean to you when

you watch it. You will feel very satisfied and get a lot

of questions you’ve been wondering about answered and

that makes me happy too!


I do ask you a favor.


Because you will get this at a very special offering, I’d

very much appreciate your testimonial or endorsement when

you complete the set. Then we can more perfectly tell the world

about the program.

Kevin Hogan

Get Covert Hypnosis: Live!

DVD 1: What is Covert Hypnosis and what is its Power and Appeal?

What images and metaphors are evoked when people think about the word, “covert”? Is there positive or negative meaning to the words, techniques, and outcomes of covert hypnosis?

What’s actually happening inside a person’s head when they are being influenced by covert hypnosis techniques? And why does it matter?

What are the basic principles of covert hypnosis and why is it true that the techniques will work…with no limitations?!!!? 


The difference between men and women with Covert Hypnosis.


What one factor of Covert Hypnosis is far and away the most important? Without this element, you will fail. Period. No one will tell you this….it’s here.

DVD 2: The New Power of Covert Hypnosis

The Power of The Intended Suggestion utilizes the concept of priming to cause very specific outcomes in the behaviors of others. Understanding how to utilize the concept of human compulsions gives you rather significant power!

…and your power stays hidden; they will never know that they’ve been influenced with this subtle yet incredibly powerful technique.

What is the hypnotic technique that works 100% of the time in helping others to break bad habits?

What THREE WORDS will covertly influence almost any person or group – these words let you almost slide into the unconscious mind of your counterpart  – instantly and non-threateningly?

WHEN is your most powerful opening for influencing a person?

How can use the “Halo Effect” to give yourself the required image for instant compliance?

How do proxemics affect your ability to covertly influence? If you don’t know the answers, you might face failure in your persuasive attempts, and not even realize why you’ve failed!

DVD 3: Captivation Techniques. 

How do marketers use Covert Hypnosis to captivate audiences?

What is an “Open Loop” and how should you use it to influence?

The most effective pattern for using loops, laid out in black and white. 

The CORE Covert Hypnosis Model with example after example of how to use Covert Hypnosis.

Cultic programming with Covert Hypnosis

Covert Cognitive Dissonance Break Meta Strategy

Distraction and Confusion tools that Work

DVD 4: Well Researched Techniques That Put You in the Driver’s Seat. 

The impact of Sexual and Violent Imagery in Covert Hypnosis

Leading Questions with The Intended Suggestion (Powerful)

Covert Application in Pro Life/ Pro Choice Debate

Mind Movies that Really Reduce Resistance

How can you make people more suggestible? This is key to the success of Covert Hypnosis.

Distraction causes compliance in certain specific ways. How? You can be one of the few who knows and understands this concept. Pay attention carefully to this portion of the program, as Kevin is unveiling some fairly powerful stuff here.

Use the “Leading Question” to lead your counterpart down the path you choose.

How do people sabotage their own credibility and likeability? If you ever talk before small groups, you better know this! These techniques and tips will supra-liminally make your audience like, or not like you…exponentially!

What non-verbal actions can make others respond to you….or not?!!!

How to use shocking emotions and actions to cause compliance.

DVD 5: Bypassing the Critical Factor of the Brain. 

Covert Priming

Story Creation – Using some different (and some similar!) elements than were presented in the original CD set.

Kevin tells his Signature Story and breaks it down. THIS has been replicated elsewhere and is not brand new. That said, it is significant and salient to your success with Covert Hypnosis

Kevin shows you techniques that bypass the critical factor of the brain, allowing you direct access to a person’s mind. You can then have open access to persuading your counterpart.

Study this DVD over and over to understand the power in your hands. 

How to recognize an effective story….and the not so effective story. 

When and how to utilize story with genuine and heartfelt emotion to influence. 

The FIVE most important factors in a compellingly powerful story.

DVD 6: Subliminal and “Psychic” Influence 

What can you do to influence “in the blink of an eye”?

Literally. Change attitudes and feelings with subliminal images and influence.

How do you make a subliminal DVD?


SUPER BONUS: A Psychic Mind Reading for the ENTIRE AUDIENCE, which you can use anytime, anywhere! (This is cool.) 

Words that change minds that Kevin has never put into Covert Hypnosis before. These words have unique connotations and we pick up on threads from DVD 1 with the use of these Impact Words.

THE DVD Set concludes with the solution to the psychic reading Kevin did with Mr. Bob Bayliss the day before, filmed earlier in the DVD. You can replicate this “live” as long as you keep the secret intact!

A powerful summary and profound collection of Covert and Subliminal Techniques and Tactics, filmed live before 400 people.

What Are People Saying About Covert Hypnosis?

“Kevin I just wanted to thank you for taking the time and answering my question. I also wanted to thank you for putting out some kick a*! products. As a person who makes a living from persuading people to buy my products, the information that is in the Covert Hypnosis CD set is amazing, and the Body Language set can give you a leg up in sales and negotiating.” Scott S. Bell, Sacramento, CA
I bought your Covert Hypnosis and Science of Influence and I thought I owed it to you to tell you that your courses are the reason that I made $32,000 last week. I used to lose a great deal of customers ‘on the fence’. I thought it was just part of the deal, you get some, you lose most. I still make a great living getting ‘some’. I believe your courses enabled me to get most of the ones that are ‘on the fence’ while losing only some of them. Thanks!” Mark Deaton, AGSI, Twin Falls, ID
“I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding programs. We develop sales forces all over the world and the Science of Influence and Covert Hypnosis Series are invaluable resources to increase the chances of getting decision-makers to say yes! If social influence and persuasion are a CODE; you are the CODE breaker. I look forward to your future research!” Randy Zales, President, The Randy Zales Company
“The CD’s I bought from you are excellent. I listen to them going to practice, great ‘stuff, backed by research. I use covert techniques on the practice field regularly. I often begin with a ‘suggestion’ before we start and at the end of the session say a linking suggestion for the future workout or goal. I used to sell before I taught, coached and counseled. I found out early all communication involves selling something, an idea, a belief, a hope or a plan. Your help through your presentations is a generative ‘thing’ and I love it!” Performance Coach Joe Donahue, Boston, MA
“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your part in changing the direction and fortunes of my career. Having been a fairly successful salesman for only 2 years, I was invited by the company to come off the road and take on a development/training role for the very new sales team. I accepted the offer knowing I needed to do some quick study in the world of sales. All the other books recommended to me contained the standard closes known to every man and his dog. That’s when I…came across you. I found your Science of Influence Series, Body Language Study Course and Covert Hypnosis to be truly spectacular. And to prove it, I was recently awarded the annual Employee of the Year award with over 50% of the votes! I work for one of the UK’s fastest growing companies, now recognized as the most prolific selling organization in the telecom industry. Kevin, I owe an enormous amount of gratitude to you for the quality and consistency of the material you produce. I truly hope to thank you in person one day but for now…Thank you!” Gary May, Hampshire, UK
“I recently bought your covert hypnosis course and love it. I have been listening to the CDs over and over and over again and doing the exercises in the manual. It’s really starting to sink in and I’m extremely happy about what I have learned about myself and others. I have experienced many “WOW” moments. The 16 core desires/drives is just blowing my mind. I am pleased with the program and the peace of mind it has brought into my life. Thanks.” Ken Kimball, Monroe, New Hampshire
“Kevin, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your 8-CD Series on Covert Hypnosis. I have gone through the series 4 times. Every time I review the CDs I learn something new and another question is answered. Thank you – I really have enjoyed them!” Greg Sysak, Long Beach, CA


This program is for:

People in positions of leadership
Office Managers
People who want a raise
Single people who want to date
Sports, Relationship & Life Coaches
Professional Speakers

Anyone who wants or needs to persuade others!

6 full-length audio DVDs plus a guidebook on CD (PDF format). Plus, as a bonus, you get access to the original 55 page workbook as a download in PDF form!

The PDF format gives you the flexibility to take the manual(s) with you, even when you travel! Never be without the critical information you need. No more coffee stains or ripped pages. You control the printing and print quality.

“After watching this program, you’ll be prepared to influence others in a completely new and highly effective yet subtle way!”

Get Covert Hypnosis: Live!


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