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For decades women have been the grocery and department store buyers. The drivers of the economy in general.

Women ARE Mom’s. Women are NOT Moms. Those are two very different demographics and psychographics.

It’s perhaps strange to read, but men more than women prefer to shop in person vs. online.  Women are comfortable finding that low price on line.

Kevin Hogan on Selling and Marketing to Women

Build a Relationship to Win / Win

My personal strongest interest is in building relationships online.

If you’re online and not focusing on women it’s likely you have challenges.

It’s costing you money….

  • …because you don’t know how to market to women.
  • …you don’t know how to sell women.
  • …you probably couldn’t get a woman to say “yes,” …well…read on…
Selling to women is often counter intuitive.

Marketing to women, for most products and services, (but not all) can be VERY counter intuitive.

Women are becoming a POWERFUL force on the Internet today ~ a force that will only be increasing in the coming months and years! The fact is that women are responsible, at least in part, for 80% or more of the buying decisions in most homes.

Legend Point: MILLIONS of women are in charge of the purchasing for divisions, departments, offices and even ENTIRE companies that they work for (have you thought about that??).

Women are shelling out the bucks for products that men “typically” bought just a decade ago.

This is nothing new to women in general, and particularly to Coffee with Kevin Hogan Readers but…. it shakes up a lot of guys….

Most Marketers Don’t Understand Women

I love watching marketers who don’t understand women. They pander to them, patronize them, appealing to outmoded and outdated thinking processes…and then I watch them go broke.

Legend Point: Women want the same respect you give men. They don’t want to be patronized or pandered to. They recognize when you are them with political correctness and would rather do business with someone who irritates them than someone who doesn’t respect them.

Pause. Think about these two thoughts:

  • How much business am I losing by NOT putting focus on the female market?
  • How much business am I losing (that I am NOT even aware of) because I don’t know the hard facts about marketing to women?

Maybe you already market to the female audience and want to increase your knowledge, sales, and response. Maybe you have been thinking that your product or service would be perfect for women. Or, perhaps, you are just reading these findings with an open mind ~ thinking that maybe you can use this information for a future venture.

(Good thinkin’….)

Women will always think differently than men, here’s why…

So….Just Think “Pink”?

Idiots….a lot of people try that and go into the dumper.

Unless you are selling Mary Kay, Avon or Victoria’s Secret lingerie, you’re thinking the WRONG color. Kevin Hogan on Selling and Marketing to Women

Some marketers assume that marketing to women is as easy as changing your colors to pink and sprinkling flowers around your web site. Not so. In fact, the opposite is the case.

If you’re really serious about reaching your female market, you have to care about her and get to know all about her and her life. (I’m dead serious. You think relationship and permission marketing is limited to men?!)

You need to know her desires, the pressures and problems she faces, the dreams she has, and what she is like on the inside….. What her HOT buttons are, what turns her completely OFF to your offer, and what makes it irresistible!

Legend Point: It is critical that you understand her needs and be able to offer solutions for those needs.

Women and Men Buy Differently

Many retailers have changed their approach to the woman’s market as well. Compared to men, women are complex creatures. Listening to the politically correct and uninformed, you’ll hear that men and women are the same and buy the same. Not even close to true.

Women and men are as different as night and day in how they reach conclusions, how they buy, why they buy and WHEN they buy.

Look at your client list. How many women are on there?

Tell the politically correct crowd to shut up so you can start making some money and doing business with clients that are far more loyal to you long-term than men ever will be.

In the online world, the companies and individuals that are successful marketing to women online are the ones that understand how to communicate interactively with women. I will show you how you can do this too over the coming weeks.

The most important factor in understanding the mind of women is watching what women do.

Observe how women behave. How women buy.

You don’t understand that mind, you make no sale. Simple as that.

Once you understand the mindset, THEN you can ask obvious questions:

  • What does she need/want?
  • What is her life like?
  • What makes her buy?
  • What are her HOT Buttons?
  • What makes a product irresistible to her?
  • What keeps her coming back to buy more?

What do you need to do in order to sell to women?

Want to Sell to Women?

Kevin Hogan on Selling and Marketing to Women Put These Keys at the Forefront of Your Thinking….

  1. Women are busy people! They want YOU to make their lives EASIER, SMOOTHER, better!
  2. Women usually work long hours balancing work, a home and family, carpooling, and all of the responsibilities that they have on a daily basis. Many women are pressed for time with chores around the house and taking care of the kids. They don’t have time to spend researching and analyzing everything they buy….so, they are looking to you for help with that.
  3. Women are BIG relationship builders! They value the opinions of those they feel that they can trust. Help them trust you, and you have taken a GIANT step towards success with marketing to women!
  4. Because women are so busy, they want good buys, easy shopping, a relationship with you, the seller, and honesty.


The Facets Revealed……
A Sneak Peak Inside A Woman’s Mind

I recently talked in-depth with one of the top female marketers in the U.S.A. on the condition of anonymity, until her book comes out on the same subject in January.

Secret #1 – A Woman’s Life Revolves Around Others…Focus not only on her, but others around her.

Kevin Hogan on Marketing and Selling to Women“If you were to take a look inside a woman’s mind, you would find that women spend a large amount of time thinking about and caring for others. This includes her friends, family, kids, spouse, co-workers, you name it. You can tap into the heart of women by showing them how your products and services can help them take even better care of others in their lives.”

Here’s what you need to do: Once you have fully shown her how your product or service will impact her and make her life easier, take it one step further. Let her know how this purchase will benefit those around her (directly or indirectly) – her family – her kids – loved ones – friends, etc.

This one fact alone will dramatically increase your success when marketing to women!

Secret #2 Show Her Your Motives….

“When thinking about buying from or doing business with you, a woman wants to know your motives:

  • Why are you selling me this?
  • Why are you telling me this?
  • Tell me your why?

Give her plenty of information about you and why you created this product. Explain in no uncertain terms why you are selling this product or service to her.  Allow her to trust you and your motives.”

Legend Point: You want to set her mind at ease and let her know that you genuinely want to help her and you are offering her a real solution, not a chance to get a quick sale at her expense.

Secret #3A Woman’s Secret Questions Revealed…..

“When a woman is looking at your product or service, these are the questions that she is silently thinking in her mind. Give her an answer to each one of these, and she is likely to do business with you:

  • How much time is it going to save me?Kevin Hogan on Selling and Marketing to Women
  • What problem(s) will it solve for me?
  • What specifically is your product going to do for my life? What benefits?
  • If I buy this product, how will it affect how I will be perceived by my peers?
  • If I buy this product, how is it going to affect those around her (positively or negatively)? Whose life, other than hers, is this product going to make better? Example: A product to help her make extra income will surely give her kids a better lifestyle.
  • Who else is buying (has bought) this product? (she wants to know if other women / moms trust you)
  • Is what I am buying part of a high demand market / trend or in a rapidly growing market?
  • How long will it take me to earn my money back ? (This is her question if it is a money saving or money making product or service )
  • Can I really trust you? Give me a reason.

Make sure that your sales copy contains enough information to help women answer most of the above questions.”

Secret #4Help Women “Try It On and Take it Home”

“Women tend to be quite skeptical and then gradually increase their comfort level and belief when buying. Women are very cautious until they feel comfortable. They like to ‘try it on and take it home’ before they decide on buying.

Here are a few ideas that will help her “Try it On” and make your offer irresistible to her:

  • Kevin Hogan on Selling and Marketing to Women Offer a free sample or a “Sneak Peak” before she buys
  • Offer a “try before you buy”
  • Offer a trial version
  • Offer a reduced price to try your product first (this works well with membership sites)
  • Give her a tour (a video tour or some screen shots)
  • Let her know step by step what she can expect

“It is often harder to make the first sale to women, but after they are confident that you offer a quality product or service,…..and especially after they develop an emotional attachment to your product…… they will be very eager to do business with YOU.”

Decide what YOU can do that will allow this demographic to try your product or service before they buy!

Continue for Marketing to Women Secret #5!

Secret #5 Details…Details…Details, Please….

Women are into details! They want to know everything about a product or service before they buy it. They want to know how it works, how much it costs, what type of support they can expect after the sale …and more.

Kevin Hogan on Selling and Marketing to Women Give women PLENTY of information, but make it EASY for them to scan through and find what they want to read. Remember, women are BUSY people, and if you make it hard for them, they will move on to someone who doesn’t.

You can do this by giving your details in small chunks with headings so that they can easily see the things on your site that they need or want to read quickly. When she finds those “details” that she IS interested in, she will read your other details as well…..and she is much more likely to try your product.

Secret #6Trust & Security

The way to a woman’s heart is trust and security. Without trust, you will not have much business in this arena. It may take you some time to gain this trust, but it will be well worth your effort as women who trust you and feel secure with your products and services will do business with you again and again indefinitely. This equals long-term security!…

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