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How do you take all of these techniques and strategies of persuasion that you learn in Coffee with Kevin Hogan every week, and apply them to selling a specific product or service?

I’m going to give you a template (and there are a few that can be very effective…this is one such template) for interacting with roughly half of all of your clients.

It is called the “Zero Choice– Do What I Tell You To” process. (All completed in a very kind, loving and gentle manner!)

Every day, new research comes in that helps us refine our understanding of how the human brain and mind work. In the last 15 years, more has been learned about memory, learning and decision making than in the prior 2,000,000 years we have walked on the planet.

Today the data comes in on reams of paper instead of the little trickles that were dripping when I wrote Psychology of Persuasion . In fact, since that book was written, we have a completely new understanding of brain, mind, thinking, the nonconscious mind, nonverbal communication, learning, decision making, marketing and selling. That means that armed with “the right stuff”, you can get people to commit, say “yes”, approve your proposal, buy your products and services with far more ease than ever was the case.

Over the past three years (in particular, and since we began back in 1996) I’ve shared with you what I have found to be the most crucial pieces of the mind-change puzzle. Here’s an important one that I touched on last week.

Fewer Choices = More Sales

You’ve seen me share with you this same concept over and over in study after study.

People like to SAMPLE variety but they will BUY from few choices.

Now just STOP and think about this ONE simple concept and how it relates to you…


Imagine you sell financial “products.” (They aren’t products any more than they are services…as if those are the only two things that can be sold…really more of investment coaches, advisors and growers of money!)

You can sell me (persuade me) on the idea of having me invest in:

Universal Life
Whole Life
Term Life
Variable Annuity
Growth Stock Funds
Value Funds
Balanced Funds
Asset Allocation Funds
Long Term Bond Funds
Short Term Bond Funds
Municipal Bond Funds
Small Cap Funds
Large Cap Funds
Global Growth Funds
International Funds
Gold and Precious Metal Funds
Precious Metals

Well…you get the idea.
And I’ve just scratched the surface right?

If you show me your portfolio of all these cool options, you are out of luck.

You have given me TMI (too much information). Your chances of being the cause of my investing with you, your company or in the funds you recommend are remote. Less than one in 10… and that was with a qualified appointment. (Qualified = I have the money, I said yes to the appointment, I want to invest my money…)

What is the RIGHT thing to do?

Remember the “jam study” where people could stop at one of two tables in the retail store?

7 times as many people stopped at the table with the dozens of jellies. 10 times as many people BOUGHT from the table with SIX.

Try this approach and tailor it to the prospect after learning their specific needs…WANTS and DESIRES…

The right thing to do is open the newspaper (NOT a financial newspaper…the LOCAL newspaper that I READ!). Show me the pages that have the lists of the 7000 choices that I have for investing…and that’s just in the mutual fund arena. (This approach will vary from prospect to prospect.)

OH…Do NOT be stupid and give your client a complicated test to determine his risk tolerance. Ask a few questions. Make a call. You are an EXPERT not a test proctor for heaven’s sake.

“Kevin to look at all of these funds and predict which will actually make you the most money (you MUST say MOST money because humans filter by PRIMACY and if you say “might make you money,” you have lost the sale immediately) in the next five years is something that I get paid to do.

“You can imagine (slide right into the unconscious mind with imagine….) that there is a lot of money being made out there and I confess I follow the men and women that are making the money. I watch the people at Wasatch Funds and look at the incredible amount of money they generate over the years and it gives me chills. The same is true for all the others that I follow.

“There are 7000 funds where you can put your money and virtually all of them will make you SOME money. Less than 2% will make you rich. Here are five funds that I like for someone who is 50 years old with two kids just about ready to go to college…(or whatever the parameters are.)

“I like the Blah Blah Fund because it consistently returns a lot of money. When the market got killed several years ago (a LONGGGGG time ago) the Blah Blah Fund was steady. It was one of the boats that stayed afloat when many others were sinking. And when things are good like they’ve been the last couple of years? They manufacture money like the government presses do.

“Why? They are simply smarter than everyone else out there. I suggest you put 20% of your money there. Let it sit there and if history is any indicator, you would have X times the amount of money in 15 years that you do today. In other words Y dollars. But that only solves the LONG TERM CHALLENGES.

“You need to have money that is earning you money…and right now you don’t. Your bank account is paying you no interest and might be charging you a fee. The Ya Ya Municipal Bond Fund gives you a checking account, a return of about 4% per year and best of all it’s free from most taxes unlike interest that is earned in a bank account…if they were paying you interest. I suggest you keep HALF (people can relate to HALF) of your money in there for the balance of the year…and maybe next year. (They probably know NOTHING about investing…risk…return…nothing. Don’t let them get spooked that you are going to GIVE more than HALF of their money away to a nasty FUND that doesn’t have a checking account attached to it. Remember, they are familiar with a checking account. There is a psychology that says that if there is a checking account the money is immediately accessible. It’s the same with almost all funds, but they don’t FEEL that way.)

“Now the remaining 30% of your money is for your midterm needs. That’s about 2-10 years out there. You want your money to be secure, stable and making you money. The Elf Elf Value Fund is precisely that kind of fund. It’s been around for 120 years and has returned about 10% per year forever. That means your money doubles every 7 years instead of what happens in your bank account where it doubles about every 120 years. The best thing about Funds like Elf Elf is that it’s like they go to work in the morning for you and give you a nice paycheck at the end of the week. You even make money while you sleep because some of this money is invested into the Wal Marts and Coca Colas in France and Germany… and that is a good thing. Making money while you sleep helps you sleep better! (46% of all Americans have insomnia….)

“That’s it. We can get fancy next year. I don’t want to get fancy now. There is no need to. These three funds (they can BUY this few options) should take care of everything for quite some time. If I find something that is even better, I will call you and let you know. For today, I’d like to see you do this, and get your checking accounts immediately switched over to the checking accounts with the Blah Blah Fund. It works EXACTLY the same way your checking account does…well…almost…remember IT is paying you money to have your money there.

“So, write a check to the Gergenschmit Group for $20,000 and in the morning the computer will move your money into the three funds and I will have your new check book for you by the end of the week. Do you have any questions?”

Answer their questions.
Help them feel SECURE.
They see you as taking their money and putting it somewhere (like above the refrigerator or hiding it somewhere mysterious) they can’t get to. They aren’t secure. They don’t feel comfortable.

By limiting their choices (or giving them only one with specific INSTRUCTIONS)…and making their money accessible to them you are helping them feel safe.

They need to feel safe. They must feel safe AND certain that this is SMART.

Here are just some of the incredible things you will learn when you receive the first 12 cds in the series:

  • Discover which of the desire to gain or the fear of loss is TRULY the far greater motivator and how to harness that power in your persuasive messages.
  • Learn what may be the single most important element of influence you have ever been introduced to. I have NEVER released this information on audio, video or in manual form
  • Discover how skeptical and non-skeptical people perceive and respond to persuasive messages in a VERY different fashion. (Hint: If you don’t know this information you will automatically lose almost 1/4 of all of your encounters.)
  • Ethical techniques to hypnotically enter another person’s mind and reshuffle their deck!
  • The one way that reciprocity can blow up and completely backfire.
  • How to prepare your unconscious mind to always present the right body language at the right time.
  • There is one KEY factor in making your clients decisions permanent: Here it is!
  • How to specifically use Hypnotic Confusion in influential messages.
  • The One Question that someone MUST say “Yes” to every time!
  • The most effective non-coercive way to gain compliance on record.
  • How do you create metaphors…based upon the person/audience you are speaking to?
  • So much more!

The Science of Influence is the place to begin. What makes the Science of Influence different from every other program about persuasion? This material is fresh, potent, tested, and has nearly all of what you will discover is new! There is no rehash of past salespeople or scholars.

Science of Influence Master’s Home Study Course (12 CDs)
with Kevin Hogan, Psy.D.

This program is the culmination of years of selling synthesized with the last five years of academic research into compliance gaining, persuasion and influence. You won’t find a program like this, designed for you, anywhere else.

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