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Covert Persuasion: Mastering the Science of Verbal Illusion and Reality Persuasion

Covert Persuasion and Verbal Illusion He meets with the Mexican president. They have a press conference. It goes better than anyone would have guessed. Clinton is obviously bummed out resorting to the fact the meeting even happened.

Trump gets back home and pulls out his phone. He tweets that Mexico will be paying for “the wall.” The Mexican president then responds on Twitter and says they hadn’t spoken about payment at all. And the story goes on. Clinton attacks.

Obviously your gut tells you that Trump should take a huge hit in the polls which represent millions of voters.

As I’ve shared so many times, a humans “gut reaction” is darn helpful in survival situations. It’s terrible at calculating what will happen in reality.

The result of all of this madness?

Trump gains ground in the polls.


The reasons will be discussed at Boot Camp but I’ll give you two today.

The first is simple. Lots of independent voters use Twitter. Trump is a twitter-a-holic. Identity is always one of the big 7 factors in influencing someone. The brain silently reports, “we both use twitter and even though I disagree, he is more like me than the other one.”

The second of course is that the person who a message is about tends to gain not because of identity but because of familiarity. It’s simple branding. If you keep saying “TRUMP” over and over again, people will check that box in the voting booth.

You don’t need to ask me what the smartest thing for Clinton to do next is…keep watching, a dozen more unexpected lessons of influence are anticipated…

In past issues of Coffee, I’ve shown you how simple it can be to use covert persuasion to provoke images in people’s minds that lead them in the direction you want them to go.

One of my personal “favorite” ways to influence someone to change a behavior or do something they need to do is with an intention question. I love it because it’s simple.

I’ll use an example I have told to live audiences in the past. It wakes everyone up from the last speaker…

Covert Persuasion and Verbal Illusion People ask you intention questions all the time and you do NOT act on all of them. But you act on far more intention questions than you might think possible.

Almost all of your actions in reaction to intention questions are non-consciously carried out.

Fortunately, almost no one understands that there is a dramatic difference between:

a) Pinch Jane’s butt.


b) Are you going to pinch Jane’s butt today?

The statement almost guarantees an “I will do no such thing” response.

The question causes you to actually THINK about the question. You might even ask the person to repeat the question! You WEIGH the advantages and disadvantages.

What happens? “Huh, uh, um.. HUH? I don’t think so. No.”

That’s much different than, “no.” This could actually happen. Of course it’s a low probability but it’s not zero.


Oh…if Jane is not your girlfriend or wife, I would encourage you to go with “no.”

Manifesting Intention in One Second

Intentions manifest when the person has images squeezed into their conscious mind and stay there until…, an intention question must be asked.

Simply telling someone to “rob a bank,” or “kiss the girl,” doesn’t accomplish anything.

Reactance will stop the behaviors from being done.

It’s the way the brain is literally “wired” and how the processes all interact with each other.

People rarely react as intensely to questions as they do to statements.

If you ask someone, “Will you buy a Samsung Galaxy 7 before Christmas?” that someone is much more likely to buy a Samsung Galaxy 7 than the person you asked, “Will you buy a phone before Christmas.”

The second person is much more likely to buy a phone than the person you asked nothing of but to whom you suggested, “you should buy a phone before Christmas.” The latter is immediately tossed. Rarely are images generated, and when they are, they fade prior to being printed out.

Covert Persuasion and Verbal Illusion Meanwhile, a one-second question will likely lead them to the use of a new phone, or, in the first case, Samsung Galaxy 7, much more often than you or they would have predicted.

The “employees of the mind” (subroutines, parts, subselves) are fast at work. And they do keep track of information.

As soon as you buy the computer, an employee in the brain pulls the constant nagging reminders about phone purchases and the notion is “forgotten.”

Let’s get more precise here.

“Are you going to go to dinner with me this month?”

Invoking an “Employee of the Mind”

You ask that question and the other person now has an employee in the brain that is in charge of making certain that she goes out to dinner with you.

She may not. It may not be possible. She might be repulsed! But the nagging employee doesn’t pay attention to such things. A ringing telephone is most often answered. An unanswered question rarely stays that way.

The employee’s “job” is to make sure that outcome of going to dinner this month is fulfilled. Once the month is over or the person has indeed gone out to dinner, the nagging is ceased and the person has “peace of mind” again.

Did you catch all that this means …

Have you ever heard the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease?”

Legend Point: Human behavior is often codified with some small degree of accuracy in sayings, stories or folklore.

Asking one question of someone can be a causal element for life changing behavior.

For my money, that’s cool… And here is what is even better, where you don’t paint a complete picture, the other person’s brain has an employee to do just that!

Covert Questions If you know what is likely to be filled in based on your knowledge of the individual, their behavior, their personal history, their attitudes and beliefs, the simplest of semi-ambiguous questions can generate the most profound behaviors.

Questions that are well considered can have significant persuasive impact.


There are dozens of processes in the brain, dozens of “employees of you,” which take care of thousands of tasks.

Therapists often refer to these employees as “parts” or “ego states.”

Scientists often refer to these employees as “subroutines” or “subselves.”

How Many “Employees” Do You Have?

Most people are surprised to find out just how many subroutines, just how many employees, are working for you on any given day.

In a nutshell, the fact is that you project into the real world, several different selves “in the brain” that are activated in different situations and environments.

These employees weren’t hired. They were constructed in the brain over time. You didn’t create the jobs. The employees found the work and took specific jobs as life situations were experienced.

Now, return to the original question that started this journey into the brain.

Static Brain

You don’t simply dub in the movie and see the images that are squirted into your brain, you also form judgments about those movies.

In other words, you might have seen some guy pinch her butt. The truth is there was no one named Jane and it never happened! But you still have an emotional feeling about it!


Reality is nothing compared to the staying power of ORIGINAL DATA plus DUB-IN.

A process in your brain squirted in all the dub-in (fill in) and then another very different subroutine came into judgment on the new movie which you actually “thought.”

Let’s say someone was appalled that “she” pinched her butt.

Aside from the fact that she was quite innocent because she was a she, a judgment was laid out.

But wait a second! In the photo here it looks like a guys hand. It was a “he” that pinched her butt.

And of course in the photo the woman is the guys wife, but the woman isn’t Jane. This is a different couple than the pair we spoke of earlier.

Now the poor brain runs wild trying to figure out what’s happening.

Verbal Illusion“That’s cute.”

The brain doesn’t know how to respond because different feelings and thoughts are now experienced in the thinking mind.

“That’s terrible.”

“That’s chauvinistic.”

“That’s wrong.”

“That’s funny.”

“I wish I could do that.”

“She does have a nice butt.”

You didn’t actually think of your response. It was pushed into your thinking brain as well.

After the employee squeezed the reaction into your mind, YOU considered the reaction and then evaluated and spent time considering the data. And it caused you to feel whatever reaction you had. And, in general, because of other processes of the brain, you don’t question your feelings. You trust them. You never stand back and realize that the feelings were simply given to you by an employee of you. You simply “felt.”

And then you justified.

You felt it, so you must be right.

And then you justify being right.

“Trust” your feelings? …

It was all started by a covertly persuasive question. You’ll never forget that asking a question is more provocative and far more easily considered than a statement. You’ll always know that a question brings a flood of emotions, thoughts, feelings, ideas to the thinking brain.

That means if you are on purpose…if YOU are laser beam accurate…a question is the most powerful non-physical generator of internal energy on the planet.

Covert persuasion is most effective in two forms. Story and questions.

The pictures that are thrust into your mind and the feelings and emotions that are instantly generated through historic reaction might be consistent with “you” as a person, but ultimately, they are simply sent up by various employees be they Democrats, Republicans, Jews or Gentiles, some of which represent you and some of which have almost nothing in common with you.

Is it your fault these images and reactions occurred in their brain!?

Not at all. They are simply your responsibility.

Going forward from today, you’ll find yourself acting on these images and feelings with disquieting regularity.

Exactly WHO Are You Trusting?

People trust consistency. They trust predictability. They trust that the familiar will remain familiar and that what is comfortable will remain comfortable. None of this is good or bad but I have a question for you.

Do you trust me?

Here’s why I ask.

I intentionally spun an image of Jane’s butt in your brain. I clearly told you that it was a woman who pinched her butt. I showed you an image of what looked like a man’s hand pinching a woman’s butt. Your brain attached that image to Jane. But then I told you it was not Jane. I reminded you that it was a woman who pinched Jane’s butt. Your brain was never given incorrect information. I was 100% truthful with crystal clarity at every point. The story is one of pure covert persuasion. My intention was to show you how to bring images and thoughts into a person’s mind with ONE QUESTION and then a simple story. I also had a more important purpose…

So… do you trust me? When people say, “trust your feelings,” they are really saying, “trust your ’employees of you’ in charge of instant reaction feelings squirted into the consciousness with the ketchup bottle.”

People who “trust their squirts of ketchup are at great risk,” and they are….cute. They know not what they do… And that is how most people decide “yes” or “no,” or “a” or “b.”

I’m here to tell you that it is easy to cause imagery you need to bring on agreement.

I’m here to tell you to use that knowledge wisely.

I’m here to tell you that 1 person in 10,000 doesn’t have a clue about what you just read. People really aren’t stupid, they are simply ignorant. Covert Persuasion and Metaphor If you want a simple metaphor to ponder in your mind, think of a roulette wheel or the wheel on Wheel of Fortune. Lots of different numbers and colors. Each slot/number represents one employee who is in charge of something for you. Some employees are managers and supervisors. Others are janitors that clean up. When you want someone to say “yes”, you will determine which “employee of you” you want to spin toward you.

Once you have the right “part” or “subroutine” available, you can then communicate with the employee (whether inside of you or inside of someone else) knowing that the available subroutine, or part of the person, is prepared to “communicate with you.”

The latest science on these phenomena is absolutely startling.

Awaken the part (the subroutine) in the brain that is disease-avoidant and then put photos of the faces of two Presidential candidates in front of them, they will vote for the more attractive face. It’s simple biology. The attractive face represents a sense of health in the brain, especially to THIS PART of the brain!

That’s covert persuasion.

How do you awaken that part?

Simple. Show a newspaper article about Zika before you show the photos of the candidates.

With covert persuasion you can essentially cause people to respond any way…you wish them too. It’s probably a good thing most people don’t know how to do this. I’ll share much more with you at Influence: Boot Camp.

Communicating in Pictures

The employees in the brain don’t verbalize. They squirt pictures and feelings into the person’s mind and then the person you know as Jane almost instantly reacts then verbalizes, “Hey don’t be pinching my butt, buster.”

It was her friend.

Observing the behaviors generated by the reactions to your communication is fascinating.

For example…

A parental part/subroutine is very different than that of a lover.

The lover will take great risks to achieve his/her love desires. The parental part will take no such risks, and will do everything he/she/it can to keep the self and others secure.

As you can see parts/employees are going to come into conflict. The same is true on your computer. There are programs that you can’t run at the same time. You can’t run Camtasia with certain other programs running simultaneously on your computer. Many programs interfere with others. The same is true for the “employees of you.”

Although they all tend to do a pretty good job, they all have strengths and weaknesses. They’ve had no training except personal experience.

Thus, if someone had a parent die when they were a teenager or younger, a subroutine develops to protect the Self from harm, including the emotional harm of other people dying in the future. This can cause what other people who have never had a similar experience…consider strange behavior.

A friend of mine called the other day, “Kevin am I freaking my son out by talking about what happens if I die?”

My friend’s Mom had died of a vicious case of cancer when she was 12. As you would expect, a subroutine had developed around this fact. It always does. Always. Depending on how the person survived the initial experience, the person will anticipate people to respond in a similar way when other people leave or die in her life.

The friend of my friend might have freaked out but that’s because of their subroutines, their employees in the brain.

Stuck In A “Rut”

And the person will also tend to replicate experiences in the future.

For example. If Mom died of cancer at age 12, then the person will perform specific behaviors to try and (presumably) stop other people from leaving or dying. They might obsess about health or practical issues that in other families were never considered. In my world this is normal behavior. In other people’s worlds it’s not.

This person might buy life insurance at age 30 (as I did) when the probability of death is perhaps less than 1/5,000. But because the experience has happened to them, they will be much more careful and plan around likely or unlikely events with much more fervor.

To exploit a life experience like this is something that would disturb me greatly. To cause someone to perform useful behaviors by spinning the person to this specific subroutine could be of inestimable value.

This is covert persuasion at it’s most valuable.

I have a question for you…
What’s happening when “YOU” can’t make up your mind? …

You’ve probably said, “I haven’t made up my mind,” or “I can’t make up my mind,” or “My mind isn’t made up yet,” or “I’ll make up my mind tomorrow.”

Well NO KIDDING. People have a bunch of subroutines in their brains all watching out for different interests!

This is why you must talk with ONE employee at a time. Covert persuasion allows you to do this.


Well targeted and well intended questions!

Conflict Within Causes Indecision

These feelings/notions/reactions are common for you and me along with everyone else in the world because parts/employees are often in great conflict over how much they should be squirting into the person’s brain.

The fact is the person CAN’T come to a conclusion or a decision when employees are vehemently squirting away. This is where procrastination, postponements and paradoxical behaviors are born.

You so NOT want to persuade with statements if you don’t have to. (Think reactance and resistance as vicious protectors or killers!)

That leaves well considered questions that bring one frame of mind…to mind.

The Brain and Indecision People feel “overwhelmed” specifically because of these conflicts. Many parts are pushing a great deal of information to the surface of consciousness, causing literally too many feelings and too much information for you (or anyone else) to adequately process.

Because parts or subroutines are notoriously stubborn when it comes to “their issues” they tend to keep pushing intentions into the brain until a decision is made.

Unfortunately, even forced decisions are slow to come because of such great conflicting imagery!

Avoidance May Be Due to Conflict Between Parts

So the protective part tells the person to avoid the potential new lover for fear of an insecure family situation. Meanwhile the part that is concerned with acquiring new or fresh love is sending up images of good times, excitement and romance. These two parts alone can go into conflict for days, weeks, months and even years.

The easiest way to move a person from “no” to “maybe” is activating the right part to generate conflict with the part that is saying “no.”

Ultimately it’s generally important to convince the dissenting subroutine that a “yes” decision will actually bring great benefit to the self.

The pictures and movies that the subroutine/part/employee saying “no” are sliding into consciousness are compelling. But if the part registers that its ultimate “concerns” are being addressed, you can gain a conditional treaty between parts and one part will win while the other part doesn’t lose but stays in waiting.

If the subroutine is shown to have been correct and it allowed a “yes” decision when it should have kept squirting images for “no,” then of course you can assume the future will cause even greater conflict.

Interestingly, future decisions tend to mirror past decisions. This is why people marry the same guy or girl over and over. This is why people stay “in their field.” This is why people don’t leave their church as often as randomness would dictate. It’s why people don’t move or if they do, they stay local. It’s why people tend to be attached to the same bizarre job they have had for ridiculous amounts of time.

Tip of the Iceberg

The activity below the surface of consciousness is typically quite high. Thousands or millions of switches can be flipped up or down in a second and images are created at high speeds that aren’t controllable by the conscious mind.

All of this turmoil allows for the right person to come in and make adjustments and turn dials for another person. Or another person could come into the scenario and make things much worse, create more confusion.

If you always remember you are dealing with a multitude of possible “decision makers” within an individual, you will be at great advantage.

Is this advantage “over the other person?”

Of course it is, if you choose that route.

But your advantage could be in helping that person.

People who understand the underground of the brain will be most valuable in influencing others.

Now, what do you think about when you consider her butt having been pinched?


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  • How to get free television time that would cost you tens of thousands of dollars if you could afford to pay for it.
  • How to get international gigs. (Read that as get paid to travel first class to the most exotic places on the planet!)
  • I’m going to show you EVERYTHING you MUST do from square one to square 100.
  • I will fill in every step.
  • I will show you every secret.
  • I will show you who is getting hired, why and where.
  • I will show you how to work as MUCH or LITTLE as you want to.
  • I will show you how to get INVITED BACK next year so you don’t have to market to that group ever again!
How can you learn the different aspects of public speaking from home with an e-course?
First, you’ll receive raw uncut footage of me at work with various groups and corporations. You’ll see me at my best, good and once when I wasn’t as good as I wanted to be. I’ll show you what works and what doesn’t and WHY and HOW to replicate it. You’ll see what it takes to keep an audience in rapture.
Four times during the two month course you will call in to our special phone system and record parts of a speech that you will develop and that I’ve approved. (I won’t let you develop a presentation that you won’t get paid for!) I’ll have crucial feedback for you within 48 hours in most cases. I’ll let you know exactly where you are at with no B.S. I’ll show you how to repair the defects and enhance your strengths. You’ll get point by point feedback as if I was in the room with you. You don’t need any special equipment to do this. I take care of everything.
As a bonus, I’m also going to let you use video tape if you have the ability to videotape yourself. If so, you will have two opportunities to get me video in the 5th and 8th weeks of the course. I will analyze up to 30 minutes of a presentation that I approve for you.  I’ll give you point by point feedback as if I was in the room with you.
There’s a great deal of written work in creating various messages (marketing, manuals, PR, press releases) that you will use to represent yourself to the people you want to hire you. I will line by line each piece of work for you.
Every piece of getting paid what you are worth is included and detailed.

“Kevin, with two thirds of the Professional Speakers Course behind me you continue to challenge and push me beyond limits I did not even realize existed. With over 400 pages of unadvertised course manuals, 20+ hours of recorded training material, continual opportunities for active participation and one third of the training still to come, I cannot fathom what you have left to share! I haven’t even read about a course that contains half of the materials that you have covered to this point, and still say there is more! The opportunity to interact with the other participants really pulled it all together. Thanks…so far.” Murray R. Mortlock, CD, Alberta, Canada

I will hold nothing back. If you need the answer to ANY question you will be able to ask at any time.

The complete plan is here for you. Nothing is left out. No additional secrets. Everything is here. Everything.

The course works like this.

10 people participate (I’d work with 50 if I had the time, desire and energy…it’s not that “space is limited”…it’s not…it’s an E-Course.)

Each week, you’ll receive your lesson for the week. One week it’s a video tape that will arrive in your mailbox. The next week it’s densely packed information and crucial data you get by email. The next week it’s YOU making a video and sending it to me to FIX. Not only will I show you how to present so they WANT YOU BACK, I’ll show you what to do to become a truly SUPERB speaker so they will be talking about you the next day!

Yes. I’m going to show you how I create and develop presentations so that you can literally talk for DAYS and not cover the same story or material twice…all without a script.

This program not only shows you how to make money but…if you choose… how to become one of the best!

Crucial: In order to get feedback on the week’s assignment you MUST get your homework to me by the end of the week. I won’t play catch up with anyone. It’s your life, not mine….and it’s MY LIFE, not yours. I’m dedicated to you, you dedicate to me. If fixing the planter in the back yard is more important than the rest of your life, then don’t register for the course.

At the end of the course, you will have my attention for quite some time because of how I earn my money…

Each participant pays a grand total of $10,000 per person.

I’ll do 100% of the work to get you where you want to be, if you will put a 30% deposit down. (Or less…!)

You enroll for only $2997. When you Apply today, your initial tuition payment is only $2497 (or choose an easy installment pay plan!)

Then you give me your word (and a signed note) that after you have earned $100,000 in speaking fees, you will pay the balance.

I’m going to write letters of recommendation, take phone calls for you from potential clients, help you in ways that only someone in the field can, and be here for you when you need any holes filled in for you.

If we have corresponded or talked in the past…this is who I prefer to work with. But even if we haven’t as long as you have integrity (total integrity) and a strong desire to succeed, you can participate. You can be a professional speaker

I retain the right to turn down any application for any reason prior to the beginning of the course.

If you want to lead the field, I want to help you. Oh, and if I’m anywhere nearby when you are giving your first speech after you hit the $100,000 mark, I will be there in the audience cheering you on.

Here’s your chance. You’ve always wanted it.

You’ve always dreamed it.

Whether you are 25 or 75…don’t die with your music still in you…this is the opportunity of your lifetime. Let’s have fun together and make some music!

$2997 Your Price Today: $2497

Kevin Hogan Professional Speaker Course

Apply for the Professional Speaker E-course



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