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There are 16 core drives and desires that motivate humans to do the things we do. The most powerful are the desire to learn, acquire; the drive to flee or fight danger; reproduce/have sex and the desire to eat. In my book, Covert Hypnosis Manual, and the brand new expanded CD program, Covert Hypnosis Volume 1-8, I discuss in detail how the 16 core drivers of human behavior direct us to the most powerful model of influence and persuasion you could imagine.

Perhaps the responses we show under stress are those that are most telling about our motivations. We will do a great deal to avoid pain but what specifically will we do? As noted earlier we are going to be protecting our genes’ survival and those responses may indeed be “calculated” but what response protects the genes the best? Over time however, people may miscalculate and develop tendencies to respond to a majority of fearful situations in a flight or fight mode. When you become afraid do you tend to respond to fear by fighting or fleeing? Most people don’t really know themselves very well so let me give you a few examples to consider.

  1. You see a police officer on the highway while you are speeding. Do you challenge him to come and get you (fight) or slow down (flight)?
  2. The IRS sends you a notice that you are going to be audited. Do you go in and fight like hell or do you start making up receipts and reconstructing records (flight)?
  3. A tall stranger approaches you (you are alone) on the street late at night. Are you prepared to run or fight?
  4. Your boss yells at you about something. Do you scream back at him? Do you quietly apologize?

As you can see there are many situations that can represent danger to an individual. Now that you have thought of a few of them, you can look at the continuum of behaviors below and how people see themselves and others along the continuum. Which side of the spectrum do you tend to be on? Notice that timid people, (people who consider themselves wise enough to flee from danger see themselves as cautious, prudent and careful. They see other people who may consider themselves to be brave, as foolhardy and reckless.) Where do you see yourself?

With this thumbnail sketch of evolution we now turn to the first three (four) core instincts and desires.

Desire for Tranquility and The Flight Fight Response

Many people move toward tranquility as a basic human desire. When this is thwarted, people respond with the flight-fight response. Show people danger and they go into preparation mode. They prepare to fight or flee. In order to do so they may need your product or service!

What is the danger if your client doesn’t buy your product or service from you, now?

You sell new automobiles.

  • What is the danger if your client doesn’t have a new car?
  • What is the danger if they have one of the other type of cars?
  • What is the danger if they own one of those SUV’s that tip over?
  • What is the danger of not having the best for your family?
  • What is the danger of waiting for a different day to buy from you?

You sell skin care products.

  • What is the danger to your client’s skin if they don’t buy your lotions?
  • What is the danger to their appearance if they don’t buy from you?
  • What is the danger of using the competitors products?
  • What is the danger of waiting for another day to buy?
  • What is the danger to your “face value” if you don’t protect your skin?

You sell yourself as a personal coach.

  • What is the danger to your client if he doesn’t hire you?
  • What is the danger to your client if he doesn’t utilize you regularly?
  • What is the danger to your client if he uses a less qualified coach?
  • What is the danger to your client if they wait to hire you?

I will answer one question for each of the above examples for you then you respond to the rest.

  1. If your client doesn’t buy a new car from you they put their family at risk. They are running the most important things (their loved ones) on earth in a ten or twenty year old vehicle. The brakes could fail, the car could stall at an intersection, the tires might not give you the 10 extra feet you need to prevent a serious accident. Question: Is it worth it? I didn’t think so.
  2. If your client doesn’t buy skin care products from you they put themselves at risk on many levels. First, the fact that they are considering skin care shows they care about themselves. Do you know how many people don’t care about themselves? Do you know what this does to people’s self esteem? Do you know how this affects every day life for the person? Their level of happiness or depression? On another level, the skin is the largest organ in the human body. It needs to be cared for. Skin care products will keep it looking better for a lot longer and that makes your clients not only feel better about themselves but let’s other people see them in their best light. Other people will respond better to your client who will look more attractive because of your products. That isn’t fair, that’s just the way life works.
  3. You are a personal coach. If your client doesn’t hire you then you have possibly created harm for them. You charge $200 per hour but let me ask you this. If your client could have saved or earned $10,000 in exchange for that time isn’t it worth it? If you could have coached them to save their marriage are you willing to put a dollar figure on that? If you could have shown them five ways to draw more interesting people in their lives do you really believe that isn’t worth $500? A person’s daily life is all they have. Are you going to let your shyness about your personal income stand in the way of another humans rich experiences?

As you can see, a big part of your job as a salesperson is to highlight the risks inherent of not buying your services from you, now. That’s the big picture of danger. Now let’s fine tune utilizing your clients instinctive responses to dangers so they become buyers.

You will find many continuums of behavioral experience. On one side will be one desire, say, “timid.” On the other side will be the other end of the continuum, in this case it’s “brave.” Now at some times in your life you are brave and others you are timid. However, research clearly shows that you will respond typically from one point on the continuum. I want you to find where you are on these continuums. Then look at how you perceive yourself to be by reading, “Believe themselves to be.” Next look on the other side and see how the other think of themselves. Finally, go back to the next set of descriptions under your side. It says, “Others believe to be.” This means that other people perceive you in this fashion! (What is THIS information worth to you?!?!?!) On the other side you will be shocked at how accurate the phrases are that describe how you feel about others. That’s how these charts work. (For more details about each of the desires, see Reiss’s book, Who Am I?)

Desire for Tranquility

Timid <————————————————–> Brave

Believe themselves to be:

Shy                             Fearless
Cautious                        Courageous
Wary                            Bold
Prudent                         Daring
Careful                         Confident
Mindful                         Valiant

Believe others to be:

Imprudent                       Fainthearted
Reckless                        Cowardly
Foolhardy                       Neurotic
Unaware                         Worrier
Daredevil                       Overprotective

Imagine a tax accountant is attempting to sell their services to a fairly timid person when it comes to their own personal safety. When it comes to the rest of their genes (their children) they are quite the opposite as might be predicted from our previous discussion. Perhaps part of the conversation might go like this.

“Mr. Johnson, when you give me your tax information I want you to be as careful and prudent as you can. I don’t want you to get into any trouble. But your kids deserve to live as well or better than they are and not have all of this extra money going to the government, which is going to blow it on pork projects. Let me shoulder the responsibility for going to war with the IRS. I’ll be up there on the front lines fighting for every dollar you deserve.”

Wow! Mr. Johnson gets to be prudent and the tax accountant is going to be courageous on Mr. Johnson’s behalf. She’s going to fight the war for Mr. Johnson. He can live with that! She will shoulder the responsibility and fight for Mr. Johnson. She has closed the sale!

This is just one example of being aware of people’s response to dangerous situations and then utilizing that information into a communication for the purpose of making the sale.

The following exercise can help you double your income. But there is a danger. If you don’t do it, you will probably stay in the same income bracket you are in for eons. Do the risks of skipping this exercise outweigh racing through this text, which you hope will change your life?

Write down all of the possible dangers your client could face by not buying your services/products from you, now. Write down the possible dangers to your client if she waits, even one day. Write down all of the dangers in light of the evolutionary needs we have discussed. Do this now. (If you don’t you will fail to see the value of this information and are unlikely to utilize this material. That means no increased sales. Please do this exercise!)

Covert Hypnosis: An Advanced Course in Subtle Unconscious Influence The Master’s Secrets Revealed! (Vol. 1 – 8)

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CD 6—Pattern Recognition: Getting someone to think about something is one thing. Getting someone to feel driven to DO something and then watch them do it like magic is something else entirely. Learn so much in just this one CD!!!

CD 7 – This is 2003 neuroscience and research that reveals how to rewire the brain. Some neuroscientists call it “sculpting.” It’s not something that happens instantly and it requires the use of both hemispheres which can be pretty tricky if you don’t know what you are doing.

CD 8 – You are going to learn some unique techniques in the eighth volume of Covert Hypnosis. Not only are you going to learn the truth about values (when they are critical and when they are MEANINGLESS) but you are going to discover the values of the unconscious mind! The unconscious mind and conscious mind do not correlate to each other but they both correlate to the behavior of every person you meet.

Intrigued? Discover the secrets to what separates Covert Hypnosis from every other compliance technology Discover what even the experts don’t know about how the mind interacts with the unconscious mind.

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