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They arrived in my suite on the French Riviera. They had told me they wanted my “advice about a new business project.”

The bad news is that dispensing free advice is rarely something that turns out well because the vast majority of people simply don’t act on it. BUT, this group of four included a key figure in my next major live event.

I smiled as I opened the door.

I was pretty wiped out and asked them to dispense with most of the pleasantries. I gave everyone a Coca Cola Light and sat and listened.

(Here’s the Short Version of 40 minutes of madness.)

“You’ll make a great figure head for this new travel MLM program. You travel a lot and you’ll save a fortune on your trips and everyone who sees you live will want to be in your downline simply because you are at “the top.”

(Nothing wrong with MLM but I need to do a lot of investigation before I endorse ANYTHING.)

“I rarely pay for my own travel…I don’t need to be on top.”

The woman (interpreter) who spoke laughed as she presented the groups idea. It was lost on the other three international folks.

I like all of these people. They simply didn’t understand that pitching someone in their hotel suite under a disguised pretense is not how you run a real business or a relationship or really anything that matters in life.

“Guys, here’s the deal. I love you all. If I sell something I have to have certainty about it, which is why I sell very little other than a Kevin Hogan created event, program or product. There’s no control over this kind of a business. Making money is fine. I see the money. I also don’t care about the money. Someone who likes being on top will eventually do something to screw up the company and people like me in the public eye end up paying a price. This is not about you. It is not about the concept. It’s a great idea. It’s simply something that has risks I can’t control. For the very reason I’d make a fortune with your program, I put myself at risk in ways that I just don’t do.”

rejection pain They were so sad. Not angry. They were HURT. Seeing their faces put ME in PAIN.

I felt GUILTY.

I felt like I let them all down.

I felt sad inside because I crushed their dream of having me be a figure head for their business.

I hate saying, “no”, but I have to as much as anyone – especially when the request is potentially harmful to me, my business, and people I love.

They left very disappointed, and after the door closed I imagine they expressed very few positive feelings about ME as they found their way to the lobby and out the door to their car.

They felt REJECTED.


They had been rejected. It’s hard to express anything but disappointment, sadness, or anger when it happens right next to another person. This wasn’t ONE ON ONE. This was FOUR PEOPLE who are believers in THEIR COMPANY AS WELL AS KEVIN HOGAN.

Rejection is very complex. I rejected them, but that rejection was not meant to be. I rarely put myself in a position where I have to reject someone. Had they told me why they were really coming to visit, there would have been no drama.

Face to face rejection is one of the most difficult of life experiences.

One of the reasons online business is so popular is that rejection just doesn’t hurt in cyberspace like it does face to face.

In the real world, including my suite, rejection REALLY hurts.

Reacting to the cutting pain of rejection is as natural as responding to the pain of a cut or burn.

It is instantaneous. Unfortunately, you can heal 50 cuts and burns in the time it takes you to get past one personal rejection.

The brain registers both rejection and “physical pain,” in pretty much the same way, with one exception. Personal rejection includes all levels of pain, emotional, social, physical. Physical pain is generally not personal, about the person or their IDENTITY. The duration of rejection can be almost never ending where physical pain tends to heal pretty quickly.

Now, stop and think for a second:

After the instant reaction of pain, what happens next is fight, freeze or flight.


They hurt. They ran in less than 3 minutes after I said, “no.” Alternatively they could have frozen or defended and argued. They had never heard my rationale so they had no preparation for a counter attack.

10 Actions Often Used to Defend against the Pain of Rejection

Defense Mechanism Kevin Hogan

Some of these are brilliant strategies. Some are dangerous and unwise. Use those that do no harm to others and help you get stronger.

Print this page of the article out on paper and then LITERALLY circle the ones that resonate most closely with you. (Or, just read the thing and let it do you virtually no good, either is fine…) You’ll come back to this later; and you’ll be making some changes…

1. Searching for Clarity

You want to find out what you’ve done. You want to understand why you have been rejected so that you can fix it. “Tell me what I did so I can fix it and I won’t do it again, I promise.”

Here’s the way this manifests:

  • “What did I do wrong?”
  • “What did I say?”
  • “Is it because I’m not good looking?”
  • “Is it because there is someone else?”
  • “Is it because you already have another provider for your insurance?”

2. Seeking Forgiveness

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, it won’t happen again, I promise…I will make it up to you…” For most, this is your natural response to make everything return to normal – hoping the feelings of profound pain will soon vanish.

This one manifests in many different scenarios as well:

  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you…give me another chance…”
  • “I didn’t mean that, please understand…”
  • “I’m sorry you misunderstood what I was saying…”
  • “Please don’t hold this against me…”

3. Defensive Ostracism

Since they have hurt you, you will conspire to get rid of them. It can be as simple as booting them out of YOUR circle of friends. The reaction/response can be more complicated stuff like getting them fired or things you really shouldn’t do because they fall deep into the vengeance territory. Tit for Tat.

Your profound pain will now be equalized. They shot you now you will shoot back. Problems do happen when they use weapons as opposed to words. But always remember that rejection is PROFOUND PAIN and that you should always anticipate profound pain in return for issuing profound pain.

Point of Self Realization: Revenge doesn’t make your pain reduce, but it gives you a sense of justice. Therefore the pain persists but inflicting pain equal to what you just received assures the other person understands what they did to you.

Now write this down. In the next series of articles I will show you specifically how to get revenge without doing damage of any kind to the other person. Justice helps begin the healing of rejection.

Those are three of the more common categories of reaction to rejection, but you’ll recognize these, as well…

“The Words I’m not saying are, ‘You’re Worthless!'”

rejection hurts 4. Giving Up

You surrender to the rejection. You give in to the fact that this person has won and there is no more fight from you.

5. Denying That Rejection Has Occurred

“Oh, it was really nothing. I’m probably just imagining it.”

The delusional/denial response can certainly can take some of the sting out, but how will this response play out in the future?

6. Derogating The Source Of Rejection

You belittle or humiliate the one who rejected you. This is similar to revenge played out in a less “physical” fashion. They reject you and you make sure that they are taken down publicly and painfully. It’s only words, or Facebook, after all….but this really comes back to haunt…you.

7. Distancing Oneself From His Or Her Rejecter

You distance yourself, preventing additional loss of Self-esteem or Self-worth that comes from repeated exposure to this person. Given the choice of fight or flight, you leave.

8. Pessimistic Reaction: “I must be flawed.”

You decide that something must be wrong with you to make the rejecter reject you. Right or wrong, you interpret that the rejecter’s point of view is the correct one.

9. Highlighting One’s Positive Qualities To Counter The Rejection

You make yourself look good to others to make the rejection look like it was minimal or nothing.

10. Becoming Defensive Or Even Aggressive

Verbally fighting back, getting physical or even worse, acts of violence.

11. Spending More Time Alone

You seek solitude where there is no possibility of rejection.

Spending Time Alone

OK those are the responses and reactions to rejection. Now how should we REALLY FIX rejection? It’s gotta be true, right?

They rejected you, so you feel and almost know that you have no value. You didn’t even get a CHANCE!

For the moment, let’s just say they are wrong and you are right.

Now, you have an interesting problem. If they are wrong and you are right, you are compelled to prove your point to them. You want to show that you are a bargain at 10 times the price. That’s what happens if you think you are right. This is actually a good sign for your future, because it means you have some measure of self-worth.

Don’t confuse self-worth with what parents have told their kids for the last two decades. People really aren’t great until they are great. Telling them they are great at the wrong time can really screw things up for kids.

We’ve told kids they are great, when they are in fact average. We’ve sugar-coated everything when sugar perhaps wasn’t necessary or desirable. Question is, did all that help or hurt the individual’s opinion of themselves?

My guess is that it helps until they fail over and over. Had they been focusing on competence they’d be failing a lot less often.

Shift back to rejection and self-worth.

The research shows that people with low self-worth use the 11 strategies more often than those with higher self-worth. That’s because the above strategies are defense mechanisms. They are instinctive and are designed to protect the Self.

Defense Mechanisms

Defense mechanism are behaviors we adopt to ward off pain, in this case.

For people who are sensitive, rejection can be a long-lasting and traumatic experience. What causes sensitivity? Rejection and long-lasting and traumatic experiences. When you see the sensitive person, you know what their life has been like. No rocket science required.

Even people who have a healthy sense of self worth still experience rejection from time to time. You look at them and think that they could never feel the pain of rejection, but they do.

Rejection Hurts Self Worth

However, rejection is much more debilitating to those with lower self-worth.

And people who are rejected more and more obviously tend to have lower self-worth. It is a truly vicious circle and not easy to break.

Thus, our salespeople hear “no” often and develop beliefs about themselves that more often than not aren’t very helpful. Their self worth generally (but not always) goes down into a deep well.

This isn’t true for all salespeople, but it is for most.

Research indicates that the following are ways that people with lower self-worth internalize rejection (or even the fear of rejection) to magnify the already intense power of rejection:

  • They fear the mere thought of rejection more than a person with a higher self worth.
  • They view the rejection as a direct personal hit. It’s proof that there is something terribly wrong with them.
  • They feel that since they have been rejected once, they are likely to be rejected by everyone else.
  • They are more likely to avoid social activities where they think the possibility of rejection exists.
  • They might imagine that rejection has occurred, when it actually hasn’t.
  • They instantly take on the blame for the rejection as if they have done something wrong or something to deserve the rejection.
  • They are more likely to feel more pain and humiliation from the rejection.
  • They are more likely to expect rejection in day-to-day situations.

When your self-worth is low, you tend to deny your internal monitor and avoid attempting to do the things you need to do in order to fit in. You tend to allow rejection to further deplete your tank of self-worth without stopping to fill up again.

Self-worth helps fight rejection, but there is something much more powerful than self-worth….

The question, then, you have to ask is…:

What is this super hero power, and what do you do with it?

Superhero Powers Against Pain

How can you possibly immunize yourself against immense, long-lasting pain?

How can you protect yourself against rejection BEFORE you get rejected?

  • Before that feeling in the pit of your stomach kicks in….
  • Before the warning signals start going off….
  • Before your Self-Worth Gauge registers “EMPTY!”

Fortunately, there is something that you can do that will help you cope and help you maintain self-worth in the face of rejection. Learning this can help to make it easier to deal with rejection and keep you on top when those feelings begin to creep in.

Use Intense Self-Compassion to Help Cope With Rejection

And just what is “self compassion?”

Knowing how rejection works and how our bodies use self-worth as a regulator to help us guard against its threat can help you prepare BEFORE rejection strikes again.

Knowing how YOU personally react will allow you to see yourself in a different light, allowing you to see your response to rejection as it really is. Not as you THINK it is or FEEL it is during the moment that it is happening to you.

Recipe for Disaster?

How you “think and feel” in “that moment” is the trigger most people use to decide what to do. And of course, that is the wrong thing to do.

You must prepare in advance for what your plan will be when you “think and feel” a certain way, or you are destined to be a slave to your thoughts and feelings.

That Self-Worth Gauge registers Self-Worth Units.

Those self-worth units can change over time.

Need a Refill?

Want to know how to start filling that tank back up?

Better yet, want to know how to keep your tank full and lessen the negative effects of rejection the next time it comes knocking at your door?

Research psychologist Mark Leary of Wake Forest University, says having a high self-esteem may not be as important as having high self-compassion when it comes to dealing with negative life events.

And Dr. Leary has just prescribed the solution….

What is Self-Compassion?

Self-compassion is the ability to treat oneself kindly in the face of rejection, defeat and other negative events.

Leary conducted three studies that consistently showed self-compassion is beneficial in helping people cope with rejection in ways that are often different from and better than simply having a high self-esteem.

(Leary presented his findings at the convention of The American Psychological Association.)

Self-compassion and self-esteem are related, explains Leary.

Self Compassion Self Esteem

“Self-compassion involves treating yourself with the same kindness you would show a friend whether you feel good about yourself or not,” he said.

“Self-esteem is simply feeling good about yourself.”

Can you see the difference?

Legend Point: You must remove yourself from the POSITION of the “Rejected”, and put yourself in the POSITION of being the “friend of the rejected.”

What will you say to yourself?

What advice can you give?

  • Get back in the game.
  • Get back on your feet!
  • Don’t let this stop you!
  • Don’t let ’em get to you!

Sounds good at first glance. But it’s a small beginning.

Self-compassion can be a shoulder to cry on, or a swift kick in the butt. Or, both!

The conversation you have with yourself can be encouraging words or reminders of the reasons why you CAN do it and why you are worth more than they are!

Leary’s 3 Studies:

The first of these studies presented college students (both male and female) with three imaginary situations:

  1. Failing an important test
  2. Losing a team athletic competition
  3. Forgetting their role in a play

Next, he measured how each participant thought that they would respond in each situation.

He found that the participants possessing higher self-compassion were more likely to think that everybody goofs up now and then.

They were less likely to think that they are a “LOSER”, a “FAILURE” or feel highly humiliated in the above situations.

Those who possessed only high self-esteem imagined the events as negative and distressing.

OK so now what?:

In a second study, college students received either unflattering or flattering feedback after introducing themselves to an observer using a video camera.

For participants with higher self-compassion, they were found to be less angry than participants with lower self-esteem as they received unflattering responses.

Self Compassion College Students

Leary also says, “Self-compassion may buffer people against negative events and engender positive self-feelings without the negative features that are sometimes associated with high self-esteem such as defensiveness and a sense of entitlement”.

In the third study, Leary used a series of exercises to increase self-compassion.

The participants were first asked to write about a negative event that they experienced in high school or college that made them feel badly about themselves. They were then asked to list ways in which other people experience similar events also and write a paragraph expressing understanding, kindness and concern to themselves in the same way that they might write a letter to a friend who had went through the same experience. They were asked to describe the event objectively and unemotionally.

This study showed that self-compassion can be induced, creating positive cognitive and emotional effects in the mindset, at least in the short-term.

“Highly self-compassionate people actually took more responsibility for their shortcomings and problems because they didn’t beat themselves up when things went badly for them, they were able to admit their mistakes,” said Leary.

“A self-compassionate mindset may be particularly beneficial for people with low self-esteem.”

  • The self-compassionate participants gave themselves a break.
  • The self-compassionate participants also reported themselves to be less angry and happier.
  • Self-compassionate students were also less likely to dwell on negative events and to view neutral feedback positively.

If you wouldn’t call your friend a “Failure”, “loser”, or “stupid”, why would you tell yourself that?

Students who didn’t have great self-esteem were still helped by self-compassion.

They handled failure better if they were kind to themselves about it, even though they had lower self-esteem.

Why does self-compassion work when self-esteem doesn’t?:

So, Why Does All This Self-Compassion Stuff Work When Self-Esteem Might Not?

Learning to be kind to yourself is thought to be easier to implement than trying to raise your self-esteem during a time of rejection.

Raising a person’s self-esteem doesn’t bring new coping skills if people still beat themselves up for failures.

Self-compassion should promote positive self-feelings, so higher self-esteem may follow self-compassion.

“It should be easier to teach people with low self-esteem to be self-compassionate than to teach them to have higher self-esteem,” said the researchers.

LIFE KEY POINT: Lighten up on yourself when rejection comes your way. Try self-compassion as a way to refuel your self-esteem and use it to stay in control during situations of rejection.

How To Put Everything Into Action?


Do you want a raise, but are afraid to ask for it?

What would you advise a friend to do?

Do you want to move in a different direction in your career, but fear that you’re simply not good enough?

What would you tell your friend?

Do you see your Self-Worth Gauge dropping in the face of a possible impending rejection?

Pick Yourself Up

Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone else in YOUR POSITION.

And THAT is the key. Being able to GET OUT OF YOURSELF and LOOK AT YOURSELF from another POSITION.

The lady in the bar blows you off after one drink.

You know what to do.

Big deal.

Have compassion.

Give yourself a break.

Try some self-compassion now.

And the next time that “rejection feeling” is inside, literally using self-compassion can mean the difference between crumbling under the weight of rejection or coming through it with a 9…or a 10.

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42) I will walk you through STEP BY STEP how I write Coffee with Kevin Hogan every week. Not so it’s the fastest, or easiest but so it’s the BEST.

43) How many OTHER E-zines do you read other than Coffee with Kevin Hogan? I get hundreds in my mail box every week. I read 7. That’s it. I’ll show you those seven and why I like them and why they are as profitable or MORE PROFITABLE than Coffee. Almost all E-zines are TERRIBLE. 99% is not a big enough number. People do NOT GET WHAT AN E-ZINE NEEDS TO DO. You will.

44) You will find out how to decide whether you should have a full color e-zine or a simple text e-zine. There is an EASY ANSWER for YOU and there are only THREE VARIABLES. But if you make the wrong decision, you go broke.

45) I’ll show you how to write a SUBJECT LINE. NOTHING IN YOUR ENTIRE BUSINESS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR E-ZINE each week. Not your product quality, not your website, not YOU, NOTHING. I will show you successful subject lines and then I’ll grab subject lines from my email box and show you what other people are doing that is wasting their time and their life.

46) I’ll show you how to make extra money once per month in your e-zine with an idea very few have ever thought of.

47) I’ll show you how to get your first 5,000 READERS as quickly as possible and compare them with the first 100,000 people on anyones list and show you why YOU WILL MAKE FAR MORE MONEY being valuable to your 5,000.

48) I’ll show you REAL SECRETS that will help you use your E-ZINE to boost web traffic to your website that NO ONE ELSE IS DOING RIGHT NOW. (They will be after they take the course.)

49) I’ll show you what NOT TO PUT IN YOUR E-ZINE so you save yourself legal problems.

50) I’ll show you what is necessary to make your e-zine 100% deliverable.

“You have created a ‘cookie cutter’ plan to wealth via the internet with this course, all the participants must do is follow the directions, amazingly easy, thank you.” Michael Neumann, Tikrit, Iraq

Kevin Hogan's Internet Marketing e-course

50 More Reasons To Do This Course…

51) I will show you benefits and drawbacks of software programs that can help your business….or not. (Including email programs, linking programs, website enhancement programs, etc.)

52) I’ll tell you THREE PIECES OF SOFTWARE YOU NEED TO optimize income.

53) I’ll tell you the secret of WHY I still have an AOL account and use it A LOT in my business…and how much money it makes me because of it.

54) I’ll show you how to make your website an EXTENSION OF YOU. I will step by step take you through a process that will, if you choose, make YOU a celebrity and your website almost a part of your persona.

55) I’ll show you how your website should read and look so they feel you are there with them when they are at your site.

56) I’ll show you how to make money….a lot of it…while you sleep…for real…

57) I’ll show you how to take credit cards….without spending thousands!

58) I’ll show you how to determine WHICH company to use and WHY.

59) I’ll show you how to select a company to host your store (if you are going to have one).

60) I’ll show you why I took the time and started FIVE blogs. (I don’t even LIKE THEM…but you need to have them…and I’ll show you how to do it all for free and make money on the process!)

61) What do the Kardashians do to stay on top of Celebrity Ratings every week? I’ll show you and show you hot to do it…for you.

62) I’ll show you how I know before ANYONE what is going to be hot this year in web and internet technology. You will be shocked but almost NO ONE outside of the adult entertainment business knows this secret….and now you will.

63) I will tell you the REAL RESOURCES on the web for making money, who knows there stuff, who is full of hot air and who you need to be watching.

64) I will give you a simple formula to balance time for your family and friends and time for your business. That means giving up profits somewhere ….sometimes… but not forever. This module alone is worth the world to me.

65) I’m going to TAKE YOU BY THE HAND and WALK YOU IN MICROSTEPS to start your INTERNET BUSINESS in less than 72 hours.

66) You will learn how to build a website for less than $90. And it will be profitable FAST.

Kevin Hogan on Knowing What's Hot on the Internet 67) If you aren’t selling yourself (and even if you are) I’m going to show you how to find the top 20 HOTTEST selling products on the ENTIRE WEB and how you can be selling them on DAY ONE you are up and online. (Read that again.)

68) I’m going to show you how you can either partially or FULLY automate your website, depending on the purpose of the site…so you can spend time sleeping, eating and with the kids or your girlfriend.

69) Not everyone can be Page #1 in the search engine returns, but I’ll show you how I got there for a lot of keywords and how important it is that you do what I tell you so YOU ARE TOO!

70) You’ll learn how to get THOUSANDS of QUALIFIED visitors to your site for FREE.

There are so many people like you and me that are making a fortune on the web. Most people I know on the web make far more than a neurosurgeon and our incomes make pilots and some sports stars blush.

71) You can be ON THE BEACH and making money under the cabana or umbrella.

72) You can do what needs to be done daily from ANYWHERE on this planet and occasionally on the airplane! You have a business without rent, walls or doors.

73) You will learn how to make “digital” products and “e-books” so fast it will make your head swim (in dollars or euro’s).

74) I’ll show you how to write a GOOD EBOOK in a FEW WEEKS. Not some piece of junk as 96% are…but a GOOD EBOOK that is VALUABLE to your customer…and that they will happily pay $47 for….and you have ZERO COST.

75) I’ll show you how to create hard products for sale in less than a month. (I could show you a bunch of junky ways to get stuff done in two weeks at first but let’s do it right!)

“I recently took your Internet Marketing Course and I was ‘blown away’ by the content and quality of the course. It exceeded my wildest expectations. I was more than pleased. I have recommended your course to many business associates and would encourage anyone who wants to ‘master’ the Internet to take your course. I am still amazed at the content and deliverables you provided! Job well done!” Steven Chambers,

76) You’ll learn how to sell OTHER peoples products and services and not have to ship anything…not take a credit card…and have no customer service and still get paid HALF of the sale!!!!….

77) I have pages on my website that people stay for 4,5, and 6 MINUTES. This is unheard of on the Internet. The longer people stay, the more likely they are to buy. I will show you ALL of my secrets!

78) You’re going to know how to build your opt in list of subscribers without having ANY traffic to your website at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

79) Think you can’t make sales? I’ll show you the best technique on the planet, especially when you are NEW with the product or new in business.

80) I’ll show you the facts behind whether you should take Pay Pal and other forms of money transfer. I’ll tell you the costs, risks and rewards involved!

81) Should you offer a money guarantee? Sometimes YES and sometimes NO. I’ll show you EXACTLY how to know WHEN to do WHICH.

82) You’ll learn how to advertise your business for free…in hundreds and THOUSANDS of places on the web.

83) I’ll show you how to take advantage of’s amazing ranking on google to help build YOUR business.

84) You’ll learn how to talk to the best affiliates in the world and convince them to sell YOUR products.

85) Want to know how to use Google AdSense and Google Ad Words? These hot commodities can make you or break the bank. I’ll show you what to do and HOW.

86) I will show you EXACTLY how to outsource to get people to work for you so you don’t have to. YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOW IT ALL!!! (or do it all either!)

87) Increase your profits by leveraging the work of others in emerging countries like Romania.

88) Learn how to make the most possible money with what you have by EASY testing and tracking.

89) Learn how to use SIMPLE email strategies to put a system of income generation on literal automatic pilot. (LITERAL)

90) Email marketing isn’t just an E-zine. There’s more that can be done to turn big profits!

10 More Reasons To Do This Course!

91) I will show you how to CONVERT visitors INTO CUSTOMERS. This is the crucial step in Internet marketing that no one talks about, because it’s the most difficult. I’ll show you how!

92) Learn the key strategies to get FREE traffic. I had almost 1000 people become Coffee with Kevin Hogan readers LAST WEEK. Not people on a list…we filtered OUT almost 9,000 people! NO. I’m talking READERS. You need to learn how to do this.

93) Learn the lead generation strategies of the pros!

94) Linking has NEVER been more important than NOW. 10 links from your friends aren’t likely to be anywhere near as valuable as ONE LINK from You need to know WHO to link to. I’ll show you how to find out and WHAT TO DO TO GET THOSE CRUCIAL LINKS.

95) I’ll take you through step by step the FREE process I use to get my page one rankings!

96) I’m not going to say you need a marketing empire. but if you want it, I’ll show you how to do it!

97) Pay Per Click is growing FAST on Facebook and it’s bigger than Google. MUCH BIGGER. I’ll show you what to do and how NOT to get ripped off for everything including your shirt.

98) Learn how to advertise with the web and OTHER PEOPLE’S EMAIL … yes … for free and better than that: PROFITABLY.

99) Learn in such a way that IS EASY, NONTECHNICAL, NOTHING COMPLICATED IN ANY WAY. I EXPLAIN EVERYTHING which means it’s got to be SIMPLE.

100) Ask any question at any time during the 9-week course…and you WILL have your answers!

“The most remarkable thing about doing Kevin Hogan’s Internet Marketing Course was one week after we started, I had a website up and running! This is not the usual type of course where you receive all the subject matter and it sits on your shelf until you find the time for it, oh, no! Kevin is involved. Every day he send you emails with attachments. He takes you step by step through the process, especially in the beginning when you really need it. It’s in your best interest to keep up with the group, and whatever questions you have, he answers them all. You will receive absolutely everything you need to know about the Internet. Something else that would never have happened without Kevin, is that my website was spidered by Google 4 days after it was published, and Google still comes by every 3 or 4 days like clockwork. A month later, my site had a page ranking of three. For a newcomer going it alone, this is unheard of. The course was worth every penny. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in setting up an Internet company, big or small.” Sharon Dell, Durban, South Africa

Apply below NOW or continue reading …

Kevin Hogan's Internet Marketing e-course

Every day I look at beautiful websites designed by creative geniuses that do absolutely nothing in net profits. (notice that word “NET”)

Beautiful Web Sites Don’t Sell

And I see websites that I can instantly tell you ARE making money. I’ll show you how to instantly make this identification. They look like they were designed by one of my kids … which is one of the ways you know … they will do well.

There are lots of programs that show you how to build a website. (This is no longer complicated. I’ll show you how to build a website by typing as if you were typing any other document on your computer.)

Problem is having a website does you nothing if you have nothing to sell…or if you don’t know how to write in such a way that it compels your reader to trust you and buy from you … or if you don’t know how to GET PEOPLE TO YOUR WEBSITE … or if you … get the idea?

There are lots of programs that address any part of the factors in building wealth on the web. I own a bunch and I’ve learned a lot over the years. But NO ONE has put together the COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM.

And of course when my mentor says, “Kevin, you need to put an E-Course out there that shows people how to do EVERYTHING involved in making a successful web business. Not just one aspect … and it has to be simple, fast and really work.”

And even I felt overwhelmed … and it takes a lot to get me overwhelmed.

I mean that’s like saying, “Show people how to build a city, make it easy, simple, something that will generate more participants in the future from viral marketing and that will not take every second of your life …”

No problem.

But because all of this is fun and there is actually no part of making money on the web that can’t be done by literally anyone with a 5th grade education … then it should be relatively do-able …

I hoped.

And it turned out it was.

If you think of a sport like football, basketball or baseball….you know that if you take out any one player…and play one man short … you are going to get creamed.

And that’s ultimately what web marketing comes down to.

There are lots of nuances that the experts and internet marketing scientists figure out and I LOVE to learn that stuff. BUT the fact is that the big pieces of the pie are far more important than the nuances in this game.

In fact, you can be an expert at say, getting traffic to your site … but if you have stuff that no one will look at for whatever reason … you make zero dollars. I don’t care if you can double that traffic. It doesn’t matter.

You MUST have ALL the pieces in place before you even CONSIDER working on the nuances.

As I look back at what I’ve accomplished on the Web, I know that it wasn’t the awesome website or the beautifully packaged program or the powerful search engine optimization (and yes, you want to evolve beyond basics) BUT it was the INCREDIBLE, UNIQUE CONTENT and having ALL the pieces in place … all the pieces of the puzzle operating competently that caused millions of dollars of business.

Everyday I learn something new but those things alone would never have gotten me where I am.

That required putting together a SYSTEM. And people need systems.

In this program I’ll take you to my original website. It wasn’t back in those days.

I’m going to show you exactly why good things happened. THE SYSTEM was in place. The technology was terrible, the design was not impressive, the programs had inexpensive designs.

THE SYSTEM was in place.

And what I’ve done is modeled what I’ve done and put it out there for you.

I’ve helped a number of other people put their business into the system. They seem to have done alright. Many have far outperformed what I’ve done. (Not even a question actually …)

I want you to LEARN THE SYSTEM.

THEN go and learn all the nuances and stay current in what is working in copywriting, promotional content, search engine optimization nuances.

THE SYSTEM: If you work the system it’s likely you will do six figures annually. How many of those six figures you do is up to you.

Unlike what some people tell you, it does take effort. In fact, anyone who says it doesn’t is kidding you. (There’s other ways to say this and be less polite …)

Effort IS required because it is a competitive arena.

BUT, I’ve never met ANYONE with basic education and knowledge that couldn’t do this easily.

I’m literally going to walk you through step by step as to what to do.

If you have taken my course on Professional Speaking or How to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book, you know that this is where my work may be more helpful than anyone’s out there.

I don’t leave out important steps and make you buy that product later. (Not that anyone would do such a thing …)

You’re going to learn it all and learn how to do it the only real way it’s going to predictably work.

And, just like one sentence in a contract as a speaker for a convention can cost or earn you an extra $20,000..and just like a similar sentence in a book contract is almost guaranteed to cost you at least $15,000 in royalties…I’m going to show you all the crucial elements of making the Internet work for you.

The only time I will get into nuances is when they are SIGNIFICANT to your SUCCESS.

THEN you will plod with me through some lengthier projects. Like writing copy. (An ad.)

Writing an ad is something that doesn’t come intuitively. Perhaps 1 in 10,000 people in business can actually write an ad. Perhaps 1 in 100 people in advertising can write an ad.

Kevin Hogan on Marketing and Branding I’m going to show you how to write an ad…what is known as a “Sales Letter.”

I’m going to show you how to write a PROFITABLE ad.

And I’ll show you a dozen or so ways to spot an ad that won’t work.

And I’ve got plenty in my archives of things I tried and failed back in the late 1990’s.

Everyone has a learning curve. I learn fast but boy learning can be painful.

My role here is to take the five or ten years of learning pain and reduce it down into two months.

EVERYONE who learns how to make real money in business of any kind either suffers pain over the long term or if they are very lucky…only during the learning period. For you, we will move FAST.

I’m going to show you WHAT to put on your website.

I’m going to show you HOW to put it on your website.

I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to KNOW if it’s working or not.

There are no, “I wonder what I should do’s” in this course.

You are going to tell me up front if you have something specific you want to make money with. Maybe promoting yourself, your practice, your services or your products.

Or, if you want to sell other people’s stuff ….

THEN we’re going to put together THE PLAN.

It takes about 4 hours to do this. IT IS WORK. IF you won’t do this, do NOT sign up for this course. Spare me the irritation.

I will make suggested alterations in your plan. Then it will be in stone (for awhile).

Then…forgive me, but I’m going to TELL YOU WHAT TO DO, and you need to listen. (OUCH)

If that scares you … thank goodness … you are a normal human being. It took me a LONG TIME to just listen to my mentor.

“Kevin, you are going to design the most comprehensive E-Course on Professional Speaking out there.”

“You gotta be kidding?”

And then I did it. Period. There’s no time to dink around. Time is money. Time is love. To waste or abuse time is not in my nature. It won’t be in yours either.

“As a complete self-confessed Internet amateur I started the Internet Marketing & Wealth Building Course both excited and challenged. Well, all my expectations were surpassed and then some. The information and knowledge has allowed me to feel and be ahead of the game when it comes to working via the web for business and wealth creation. Kevin was more than just a mentor, he was my motivator and friend. Throughout the course, Kevin was always ready and available to help and assist. His material invites you the student to create and explore wherever you are in business so that you achieve and go beyond yourself. Kevin has been the invisible force and drive which moved me to take action TODAY!” David Power, Clinical Hypnotherapist, London

And that is the great thing about building wealth on the web.

It’s all done from home.

It’s all done so you see your kids in the morning and when they come home from school. Commuting costs are whatever it costs you to get out of bed in the morning … to the computer … The weather doesn’t matter because your business is International. Doesn’t matter if the car doesn’t start or if you get fired from your job.

Do Business Across the Web, Across the World

In fact, one of the things I’ve done very nicely with is understanding the people of the world and developing relationships internationally…both in person and on the web.

These relationships are mutually profitable. I have an affiliate (an affiliate is someone who sends me customers and I pay him to do so) in Romania. The funny thing is that even though he’s in Romania, most of the business he sends my way is from here in the United States.

That’s what makes the web cool. Someone can make M in Romania by having someone click on a link on his website and buying a program at mine. That kind of capitalism continues to change the world.

There are no borders. Your world doesn’t know prejudice.

It’s pretty nice for people to wait until you put out your next program and then when they do, they swoosh down and get it because they know it’s going to be even better than what you did before.

I’m grateful and appreciative, and so are they.

Hey go look at a website … any website that sells stuff.

Look for a testimonial that is signed “Cindy W.” or “John L.”

They aren’t real. I mean … Cindy W. doesn’t exist. Neither does John.

It’s a sad statement that the person can’t even get a friend to say something nice about their services. That’s not going to ever happen with you. And yes, I’ll show you precisely how to ensure that.

Kevin Hogan on Testimonials for your Business Go to and see what hundreds of average and real unsolicited testimonials look like. Every person whose name is there is above the town, state or country. Where possible we have put a link to their website so all of our customers can see these people’s businesses.

There are people from the world’s biggest and best companies, finest people and representatives of governments and law.

You are going to find out how to develop a business where people will want to do and say such good things for you and too you….spontaneously… You’re going to do the same.

Integrity makes Money.

Circle that.


Have that integrity? Apply now!

You can Apply now and save!

How does your tuition schedule work? Your tuition is divided into two parts. The total tuition comes to $10,000. $2,997 is your commitment today. When you have taken home $100,000 in sales then you can take care of the balance!

There is an installment plan broken down into 6 small payments for the initial tuition payment.

BUT, there is no installment plan once you’ve done your $100,000 in profits in your online business.

Apply Now for the Internet Marketing E-Course


When you apply today tuition is only $2497

Kevin Hogan's Internet Marketing e-course


When you apply today, 6 monthly payments

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