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How will I ever trust people again after the pandemic is over? How do I work with customers to get them to trust me?
Trust is the currency of love and business.  Almost everyone trusts a lot less in 2021 than they did back in 2019 and the trust spectrum was dropping then. You’ll trust people again because in a capitalist and free society, you almost have to trust people that you know and don’t know to live any kind of life. It will be a very long road. To get people to trust you start THINKING NOW about the 1/2 of the world you don’t trust (people who disagree with you on how to handle race or pandemic politics, liberty, etc.). Get curious about people who you don’t trust. Get curious about people you don’t particularly like.
trust people pandemic
2019 Wroclaw, Kevin finds a cool place that helps the disabled.
Ask them, “How did you come to the conclusion that you believe XYZ is the way to go/the right thing to believe?” “Do you see your belief structure as a way of thinking that will both make the world safer, smarter, healthier and happier, or at least 2 of the four?” You must understand people’s intentions, right or wrong, ill created or not. The people who can listen and get HOW people concluded what they believe will do the best going forward.
how do I make them trust me
I read an article that said willpower is over rated saying self regulation is a lot of work. You comments?
Lack of self regulation units (how much willpower or self control you have as the day goes on) simply means after they are used up for that day you become significantly less in control of your emotional reactions. Not building that willpower muscle combined with good judgment is why you see so many shootings and protests that turn into hate fests and people pushing up into other people’s faces.
Plenty of psychologists have mucked up the world with ideology instead of accurate assessment of what can help most people most often. People need to be taught self control and what to do when it runs out for the day. It’s not inborn. It doesn’t just facilitate achievement and success, it keeps people alive. The people preaching otherwise simply haven’t thought it through and they are dangerously wrong. Self regulation is one of those attributes and gauges that helps you predict what people will or won’t do.
will power and self regulation
Kevin taking a game of bubble ball very seriously, in Poland 2019
In the money webinar, you said that just because a stock or a fund is a good investment for one person it could be a disaster for another. I had to leave and there was no replay. Why?
The short answer is everything goes up or down and cycles longer between up and down and trends longer between down and up.  What’s good for someone who is 55 is not necessarily good for someone who is 25. The younger person doesn’t have to be terrified by the short term machinations of the international markets.
The Japanese stock market was down and stayed down for 20 years. It was previously unstoppable. Meanwhile the U.S. market has gone to the moon for the last 10 years.
Going forward, Japan (Asia in general) is likely to be up against inflation for the next decade and the U.S. market is likely to be flat or fall over the next decade. That said things like gold and platinum are likely to do quite well in dollar terms. (They just made a lot of dollars in D.C. and they made very little new gold.) That trend could go much longer than is typical for metals. There’s lots of different risks and kinds of risks. If someone gives you general advice about the markets you can generally guess they will be less profitable than the market and that they will have miscalculated when things will be good and bad.
Kevin Hogan 2021
Kevin and Bianca at the Landscape Arboretum in November 2020
What have you been up to the last few years? Since live events have been gone I miss you.
I miss you too.  2014/2015 we were working on a book and movie that simply didn’t get executed at the last moment. 2016 I developed relationship with a person in Bulgaria. We did all kinds of fun and interesting stuff for a couple years including some very life changing work with orphans there. 2018 was the year of live events especially in Poland where they wouldn’t let go. Lived awhile in Gdansk, Wroclaw and Sofia.  Who’d have thought… 2019 was the year of “meeting girls”! Many interesting dates to Las Vegas, Oslo, Wroclaw, etc., and the most important date of all, was Paris where I met my wife. Today we are working on numerous projects, most important perhaps, the massive one of a kind, online courses on differing aspects of life everyone needs to master. I will do a few more Zoom events this year before saying enough is enough.  It’s time to get back out. It’s time for Influence: Boot Camp in Las Vegas.
Next Up: Is Chauvin Guilty or Innocent?

Is Chauvin guilty or innocent?
12 people will determine that in Minneapolis this week and you and I are glad that it’s not us that has to make the decision, because we didn’t hear all the testimony. I believe your question might have been guilty/not guilty as you can’t really come up with “innocent” in trials. It’s not appropriate for people not in that court to make this call as regardless of the outcome, it will have a strong influence internationally. The lesson for everyone is to INCREASE your self regulation AND personal judgment and compassion toward all people.
When are you coming back to Poland? [When are you coming to Romania?]
I’m ready to go but Polska has some work to do as far as covid. I can’t imagine anyone going in or out of Poland without evidence of being covid free, for quite some time. I’d like to come this fall to both countries. It is POSSIBLE that could happen. It’s more likely that we’ll have live events in these countries in 2022.
Kevin Hogan in Poland and Romania
Hogan at Hogan in Harrod’s, London, 2018
When is The Rule of Persuasion coming out? You know, a lot of people want to know how many books are coming.
It’s not in the data base yet but my best guess is we’ll have a release date of October 2021 or April 2022. The book is going to clock in at about 300 pages and the original direction of the book shifted a bit during covid as we see that the world has changed, persuasion has changed and we’ll be the first to get out the new Bible of Persuasion.
In the webinar, you said that new research is coming out about the Placebo Effect that will be helpful in influencing others. What is it?
Just last week it was FINALLY published and yes, what I’ve talked about for two decades turned out to be right. (Whew) Yes, you can say to people, “This is a placebo” OR give them something they believe might be either a placebo or a prescription medication, and the results of each in patients (in this case with IBS) are the SAME.  We’ll probably put together a video or two for You Tube on just this. What I was almost certain would happen is what happened, it’s exciting.
Can I get your programs in digital download?
Yep. It’s not in the store at this point but we have everything in digital download. We’re in the LONG process of going program by program and deleting what needs to be deleted and what needs to be part of the upcoming digital catalog.
Placebo effect influence
Kev at Deb Cole’s in 2019
How do I know what programs to buy first? There are so many.
There are. Do the online video courses for all things success and wealth related. We’ll probably delete all of the early programs on these subjects. The online courses are comprehensive in nature and they’re pretty impressive in what you’ll gain. Courses like Acquisition and Persuasion Protocol are pretty amazing. The Science of Influence 1 – 72 is something that will change your life if you listen and drill it in over and over. The Covert Hypnosis courses are excellent.
You said 2/3 of psychological studies aren’t replicated. Does that mean that 2/3 of the time the studies are wrong? What are some examples? How do I know what to believe? Have you ever been wrong about what to believe?
It means that researchers TYPICALLY find answers that they expect to find. They INTERPRET data through political and emotional filters and rarely in the context of history. They find the current trend in thought and have a format they have to do their research in and then report. And that’s just the beginning of limiting factors in how valuable (or not) psychological research is. Typically research is done with college students and for that demographic we DO have a lot of data that is quite valuable for the culture it is completed in. But to believe that psychological research is representative of PEOPLE (worldwide of different beliefs, cultures and contexts) is ridiculous. Blessedly we’re leaving the positive psychology movement phase of psychology now which has been particularly dangerous. Sadly psychology is now entering ism-psychology and this isn’t going to be better, just different.
When I evaluate a study I’m looking to see who paid for it, where it was done, by HOW MANY DIFFERENT psychological researchers were involved, how often the study has been replicated, what is the culture(s) the study was done in. What is the probability the research was poorly done or simply had data changed from x to not x.  I’ve looked at thousands (and thousands) of psychological, marketing, social psychological studies, lab studies, real world research, you name it. There is so much bias in the work it’s very tough to get past “self report” which is largely useless because it’s so easy to do this kind of research contrasting to real world behavioral research which is far more often tot be honest and accurate than what people “say” they will do or “why” they did something or not.
Sadly psychological research is generally written up with hypotheses at the beginning of the paper and the report on the study validating every hypothesis further down. That is a recipe for disaster. I almost never read a paper where the hypotheses aren’t ALL CORRECT by the end of the study.  Yet, when the study is done elsewhere, we find the opposite results over half the time.
At we won’t report it if we see too many holes in a paper. Example, we won’t report it if the paper is using “self report” data, particularly about what people say they will do in the future or speculate based on their thinking, feeling or memory. It’s also a tragedy that scientists are considering, for example, learning programs successful if students are “satisfied” instead of using measures of LEARNING. “Mommy I don’t like my teacher,” “Daddy, I don’t like learning visually.” (BTW, Learning styles don’t exist.)
I absolutely have been wrong about what I believed and when that is the case I change. Ability to change is a critical skill to develop. I have no affiliation to liberals or conservatives. I have no religion in a box to defend and I have no social agenda to “equalize” the world which is unique from culture to culture. Where many see dramatic needs to completely reform or rehab cultures around the world, I see fewer problems and more to learn.   I need to see a lot of data to accept and the same amount of data to reject. Every subject is approached with the understanding that most work is framed to fit the “expected response” and thus are wrong (not replicated) most of the time. I look for real world results vs. lab as the very best research has shown us that context…influences as much or more than anything.
Finally, check out how many “A” students there are at the university that did the study. Compare it to how many there were 30 years ago. Those numbers should remain stable but they don’t. Universities are pressured to award “A” and “B” to students who haven’t come close to earning those grades and statistically there is no way that the numbers of students that are getting those kind of grades are being measured and reported in a sensible fashion.
Next up: Covid: racism and hostility, Kevin’s upcoming projects 

You said Corona wouldn’t be as deadly as it was publicized to be in April 2020.  You also said that the social unrest caused by politics surrounding the pandemic could “get ugly” in some places. My questions are now, were you right and second, with all the racist and pandemic hostility, what happens next and does it fade away or blow?
First, let’s begin here. My wife and I mourned the death of a number of family and friends ranging in age from 27 to 68 this year. Additionally MANY of my clients as well as immediate family have been through covid. Some were fortunate enough to have a gentle ride. Others it was very, very close. One of the people who works for us, 31, now has pneumonia that started with covid. We’re thinking about her today and want her well soon.
The initial writing I did on covid was pretty close. I thought we’d be at 1 – 2 million deaths by this time and I think it’s 3 million worldwide.  I’m not so sure I can say I was “right” on that.  But, the epidemiologists were talking about 80 million. I had a hard time wrapping my mind around that. Obviously this isn’t close to being over.  And I really want that bigger number to be wrong. It needs to be eradicated now.  As far as pandemic politics, it’s the one thing that could trigger a serious disaster. People will have some decisions to make that haven’t made them yet. What I want to see happen vs. how people actually behave are very different. I doubt that people will choose to connect to understand on either the social issues in the news or pandemic choices. That means that what I wrote about when I came back from South America 13 months ago (arriving in the U.S. the day before lockdown!), still stands.  I still expect to see a lot of incidences of violence. No, I don’t expect to see a singular civil war in the U.S.  There is nothing that will fade away. It will come down to conflicts or two sided communication with the intent to understand and find creative solutions to very difficult challenges.
I saw your webinar with Eugen last week. When will you come to Romania and when will you do more in depth webinars instead of just an hour and a half of content? (edited language)
I’ve got essentially two Influence: Boot Camps of influence content prepared to share with the world in Las Vegas. That said, half of our audience is international and travel isn’t happening right now, so we will wait up to six months. If it appears impossible to let people come to Vegas, we’ll do a Boot Camp Online. I don’t like online events all that much. Most people don’t do them with any life or zeal and I’m fussy. I’d typically prefer waiting for Las Vegas than not. I’m also not patient…
Influence Bootcamp
Kev and Bianca at the Louvre in Paris, January 2020.
Why did you stop making You Tube videos for your channel?
I traveled around the world a few times, was dating, created 3 MASSIVE online courses, oh and got married and now have a stepson.  We have some videos to put up and we’ll do it when time permits.
I was on the Zoom call yesterday and I heard you say you were going to offer an online course about how to think? When is it going to be released and how will it differ from Decision Point? (edited language)
Right. Thinking is tangential to decisions, as wealth is to success. They aren’t the same though there is a logical progression. During the pandemic I’ve seen about 80% of people only use half of their brains in their thinking processes. It’s rather disturbing. People need to learn how to process the information they perceive for their best interest and that of those they love. Thinking is the biggest subject I’ll have taken on for the comprehensive courses.  We’ll have it out in October.
Decision Point Course
The Editor of the mag brought a copy of their magazine for Kev (before sleep apparently) in Germany.
I heard about your new course. Everyone will probably love it but I’d like to see a comprehensive course on influence and persuasion? (edited language)
IF we don’t believe Boot Camp can happen this year, THE ULTIMATE Persuasion and Influence Course WILL be recorded. Cool or what?

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