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Persuasion Prophecy DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

The Persuasion Interview

Revealing the Future of Persuasion

What happens when 4 brilliant cutting-edge thinkers interview the man some call the ‘Master of Persuasion’?

In one instance, they find out what persuasion will be all about in just five years…and it’s a very different picture than it is now.

The Persuasion Prophecy is just one pattern that will be prevalent in the coming years. After hundreds of hours of new research, Kevin has been able to voice just how it will work and how you can use it. The Persuasion Prophecy is perhaps one of the most powerful patterns that will predominate persuasion thought in the next decade.

That alone would be enough. But then these 4 Brilliant Thinkers got 9-1/2 MORE hours of power from Kevin Hogan!

Just when you thought you had it all in Science of Influence (Vol. 1-60), you find a different approach to persuasion than you had ever thought possible.

New techniques, strategies and tactics for causing compliance quickly…and permanently…
“Kevin, I love your NEW INTERVIEW CDs, they are a potential GOLD MACHINE, so it’s up to me to practice and get great results.”

Jeffrey Carfagna, Pawtucket, Rhode Island


“If you could take Kevin Hogan’s brain (the part that’s been programmed for persuasion and influence in selling, marketing and influencing people) and put that chip in your brain, what would you be able to do?”

Within the space of a month, what would happen in business and in life that isn’t now? How would everything be different?

That’s a disarming set of thoughts, isn’t it?

A goodly part of The Persuasion Prophecy is designed to do just that!

And while persuasion is the watchword of the day, let there be no doubt that this is also a journey into the behaviors, attitudes, intentions and thoughts of a person whose brain has literally been programmed for persuasion.

You’ll get answers to the questions you’ve wanted to know because they are asked by leaders in the area you want to know.

Even Kevin Hogan has a breaking point and through relentless questioning, some of Kevin’s closest held strategies, techniques and personal thoughts on relationships, sexism, feminism, seduction, selling, marketing, productivity, and influencing your own kids come out in often blunt form.

The Seductive Side of Persuasion

Mark Ryan, Professional Speaker, Subliminal Expert and Holder of the #1 Self-improvement Podcast on the Internet.

2 years ago Mark interviewed Kevin and turned him “Inside Out.” With a unique understanding of persuasion, having taught seduction, the most complex form of influence, he gets information from Kevin that Kevin has NEVER RELEASED to anyone, anywhere.

In fact, Mark has culled from Kevin’s brain material that Kevin told him two years ago, he’d, “probably never tell ANYONE!”

Better? Mark gets all the “How-To” from Kevin using his NLP modeling skills. So many people who interview with Kevin are so fascinated by the What Happens, that they forget to ask, “How do I do that?”

Mark knows better….

At the end of their 2-1/2 hours, Mark asked Kevin, “If people applied JUST what we talked about on these two CD’s, what would happen in their lives? Would they become wealthy, happy, achieve their dreams?”

Kevin’s response. Pause. “Yes.”

EXTRAORDINARY and POTENT: Mark gets Kevin to explain why whether the woman in the bar goes out with the man asking her to dance is NOT up to her…or him. There’s a third factor that is far more important, and it is negotiable. NO ONE anywhere has ever talked so openly about this before. You will learn how to be in total control of the sequence of what MUST happen or the woman will say “no” every time.

Then Mark has Kevin bridge this discovery to selling and even touches on marketing.

If the person isn’t making up their own mind, just WHAT do we DO and WHO DO we talk to?

POTENT: Mark is the first person to ever find out from Kevin, how what has happened to Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton will directly impact you and me.

EXTRAORDINARY: For the first time ever, Mark gets Kevin to talk about a simple way to create Consensus Maps to make selling and marketing YOUR BUSINESS easy.

If you know how to make a Consensus Map, it will be almost impossible for you to fail in selling or marketing. (In fact it MIGHT BE impossible completely.)

That half hour alone is worth 1000 times (really) the price of this program.

Then Mark gets Kevin to explain the concepts of people’s actual behavior, what people feel and what they think and why they are all so different. How do you persuade people when you aren’t sure “which” person you’re talking to?!

Mark gets Kevin to elaborate on how to do:

  • Time Distortion
  • Changing Time Representation (Never discussed by ANYONE before)
  • Persuasion in Wonderland
  • Resistance Reduction
  • A Promo without a Money Back Guarantee for More Sales
  • Group Body Language Reading…fast.
  • Master Idol Worship

Mark goes after what unusual characteristics make up successful people, given that most of them are very persuasive. It turns out there is an always overlooked key factor. Kevin spills the proverbial beans here.

EXTRAORDINARY: Then Mark finishes off with getting Kevin to give him one of his biggest secrets ever. The power to combine one strategy and one law of persuasion to make IRRESISTIBLE YOU. It’s almost impossible to say “no” to you, when you combine these two facets of persuasion!

Then Mark digs deep and at times profoundly for you.

You’re going to learn how to:

  • Discover Replication in Yourself and Others
  • Predict Behavior Once You Understand Replication
  • Powerful Synesthesia Pattern for Selling
  • Characteristics of Successful People of Influence
  • How to Deal with Criticism
  • Does the Picked On Kid Become the Next Millionaire?

Persuasion for the Starving ‘Sales’ Man

Al Duncan, Inspirational Speaker and writer for The Black Collegian magazine has spoken to over a half million people in the last three years. He currently works mostly with Colleges and Universities. Newly married and a parent, he asks Kevin questions about the influence of parents on their kids, and what are the most important influences on your children and grandchildren, in order. Parenting? Genetics? Teachers? Media? Friends?

He asks questions about manipulating behavior with subliminal and supraliminal strategies. Is it ethical and if it is, just HOW can you practically do that at home and at the office?

Al Duncan also takes Kevin deep on Self-Persuasion. Personal Motivation…. even more difficult than persuading others.

Al digs out of Kevin –

  • What works in influencing your kids?
  • Most POWERFUL emotion in Persuasion
  • What are the most important motivators?
  • Can You Actually Attract Wealth? (Answer will surprise you, promise.)
  • Mirror Neurons and Persuasion
  • Why Do People Treat Strangers Better Than Loved Ones?
  • How to utilize pain, fear, anticipated regret in Persuasion
  • How to persuade ourselves to be all we can be
  • Most powerful COMBINATION of the Laws of Persuasion
  • How to monopolize on the “new decision making” being taught
  • The truth about affirmations
  • The FORMULA for Self Motivation
  • What KIND of goals should you set for self persuasion?


  • How far out is a long-term goal?
  • How we can REALLY be more productive
  • Why almost everyone fails at just about everything they attempt to do and what can be done to correct it

Up and Coming Demographic – Women in Business

Michelle Drum-Matteson, Business Owner, Professional Speaker , digs deepest of all.

You Won’t MOVE for 2 1/2 hours. (Kevin didn’t when he listened, scared to death!)

Women’s Issues predominate the thinking of today’s businesswomen in a way men don’t understand.

This interview not only lets dozens of women speak through Michelle (she surveyed what both angry and adoring women want to know about Kevin Hogan and what they wanted to learn from Kevin Hogan).

Women and Influence Seem so Far Apart.

No longer.

A professed sometimes critic of Kevin and adamant admirer of Kevin’s work, Michelle went to taboo where the guys wouldn’t have touched with the proverbial 10-foot pole.

An uneasy Kevin Hogan often pauses to carefully answer the single most difficult questions ever posed.

  • What Men need to Understand about Women
  • What Women must Change for Success
  • Can a Woman “Be Herself” at the Office?
  • What Can a Woman Do to guarantee $1.01 on the $1.00?
  • What Core Distinction divides Men and Women
  • When Will Culture Overcome Evolution?
  • When Will Women Be Fully Accepted as Equal
  • How Can Women Communicate for Achievement
  • Do Women Have to Change their “Style?”
  • Processing Patterns of Women and Men
  • The ONE and ONLY Thing that will GIVE Women the Ultimate Advantage in the Workplace
  • How Aging Women Will Change Western Thought
  • Women and Marketing.
  • Sexism, Sensuality, Attraction and Frustration
  • Should Women Go with their Intuition?
  • Is the Glass Ceiling Real?
  • Can a Woman EVER Breakthrough?
  • Women and 24 Hour Guilt
  • Women Turn the Tables on Kevin- Brace Yourselves!

Women Give Kevin Hogan a Mirror and Then He Gives it Back. Sometimes Intense and Uncomfortable

And Men Will Learn More about Women and How to Influence Them in this 2-1/2 hours than in 1000 hours of courses, classes and conversations.

These two professionals share immense respect in the most steamy of all the private conversations.

Persuasion in Business, Marketing & Selling

Vince Harris, Professional Speaker and Consultant.

Vince Harris goes deep immediately and gets Kevin to talk about False Memory, it’s implementation, and causing change in others rapidly with this controversial approach to utilizing other people’s memory.

Vince gets Kevin to show you how to…

  • suggest an event that never happened to build rapport.
  • be brand new at selling anything and excel.
  • know if a “yes set” really will work or not.
  • use Kevin’s key strategy for your OWN productivity.
  • use priming to unconsciously change people.
  • use his PERSONAL OMEGA STRATEGY for dealing with resistance and reactance.
  • resolve almost all relationship arguments INSTANTLY

Vince Harris, as charismatic as he is, gets Kevin to reveal all the core factors you can immediately implement to be more charismatic, IMMEDIATELY.

EXTRAORDINARY: In a portion of the interview where Vince gets Kevin to explain confusion and confusion techniques, you literally will develop amnesia for parts of the interview as you listen. Once everyone is finally back on the same page, Kevin shows YOU how to do the same thing.

Vince goes where no one else would go with Kevin. He gets Kevin to talk about The Secret as he hasn’t before. Specifically? The context of covert persuasion…

He explains the REAL secret about WHY The Secret is so successful and CAN NOT BE STOPPED.

…and it has nothing to do with what you think!

ANGER? Kevin describes how anger can be the most charismatic of emotions. Here is how.

Conformity? Think you’ve heard it all? How about when you must use it….and when you should NEVER use it!

Vince asks: When you’re a master of persuasion, does your reputation proceed you? How does that change how people respond to you personally?

And Kevin reveals the truth for the first time!!

Then immediately after that, Kevin shows you what characteristic the great hypnotists have to be truly great.

At Vince’s prodding, he gives the listener an inside look into Kevin Hogan’s Platinum Inner Circle, not just how it is presented to the public, but also what life changing values it brings to the individual who joins.

At this point, Vince has Kevin tell you how to:

  • Use the Drive to Survive for Self Motivation and Persuasion
  • Does Kevin Hogan work without a safety net?
  • Morphing in Persuasion
  • Omega strategies that Work
  • Manipulating Memory in Persuasion
  • Use Confusion Techniques for Changing Others Fast
  • Use Dr. Erick Knowles most powerful language patterns!

At this point, Vince has Kevin moving so quickly through memories, strategies, and techniques, that he is literally out of breath.

See what Kevin does to calculate the most powerful persuasive setting to get the other person to say yes – a remarkable and memorable ending to this powerful and very fast-paced and moving interview.

The Persuasion Prophecy is your interview with Kevin. It’s what you would ask if you had a week to prepare and do it right. And what is the reward?

10 hours of new information and new insights into material where there once were only questions! This is far more than just “what works” in persuasion.

This program is unique in that it shows you “how to”, as well as WHY, as well as WHAT to do.

This is a complete and powerful program. It may be the finest piece of work about Persuasion ever put on CD. It certainly rivals The Science of Influence and most will say it is better because it digs deeper into applications, the selling and marketing process as well as REAL LIFE SITUATIONS.

Listening to Kevin attempt to describe what he does and when and how is a fascinating dissection. Learning the strategies he uses in his interactions with others is often mind-blowing…often awe inspiring.

All four interviewers have an agenda. They all get what they want on your behalf!

This program comes on 8 CDs with a complete and descriptive track listing so you can go to any strategy, light bulb idea, or technique on any CD at will. Everything is EASY to find.

10 hours that will never be replicated by anyone anywhere.

Kevin Hogan at his finest because of the people that interview him.

The only rule: “We want you to answer every question. No hemming, no avoidance. Any subject. Any strategy. Personal questions. Intimate questions.

Questions about what you think. ANYTHING WE WANT.”

You’ll start using what you discover the same day you pull it out of the treasure chest!


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