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Overcoming Resistance to Persuasion with Influence (The Science of Influence 25-36) DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

What Would Happen If You Could Decide Whether or Not “No” was the Right Answer and Change it Instantly If you Chose to?

What would it be like if they remembered only what you wanted them to remember?

Now you can finally get your hands on The Hidden Persuaders. They can’t even be called “secrets” because no one knew about most of this material until the last three years.

You won’t learn this material from anyone else because they don’t have the information. Now you’ll be able to get a quantum jump on your competitor.
Resistance and Reactance in Persuasion

Resistance and Reactance are two normal and important defensive feelings that come into play in every conversation. As you will discover, it is often necessary for others to experience these powerful emotions and feelings in order for you to successfully persuade them. In what is the most current program about influence on the planet you are brought up to the second with what the brain sciences are telling us about persuasion. All of the following CDs deal with the most cutting-edge influence to date.

“I bought your Covert Hypnosis and Science of Influence and I thought I owed it to you to tell you that your courses are the reason that I made $32,000 last week! I used to lose a great deal of customers ‘on the fence’. I thought it was just part of the deal, you get some, you lose most. I still make a great living getting ‘some’. I believe your courses enabled me to get most of the ones that are ‘on the fence’ while losing only some of them. Thanks!”
Mark Deaton, AGSI, Twin Falls, ID
Detailed Content Breakdown of Each Disc
Discs 1 & 2
The Satellite Secrets

These volumes reveal to you how to influence others to influence others to make you THE answer. The Answer. A great challenge that is as difficult as it is worthy, is to get people …lots of them… to tell other people how great you are. When you have accomplished that you have become a person of influence. That’s what this CD program is about.

There are special techniques that are required to get people to go to bat for you. You have to be 100% trustworthy, have 100% integrity and be darned good. And you are. So, now, it’s time to move to the next level as I like to say. And the next level doesn’t pay 10% more than this level it pays 10 TIMES this level.

You know that I hate hype. I simply share with you real world applications of the most cutting edge information available in the world about influence and persuasion. Becoming a person of influence or a person of greater influence is all about getting to the next level in other people’s minds. In fact, it’s so important that if you can accomplish the goal of becoming the obvious answer to the question you and your services answer you win. If your NAME is on the lips of everyone in a specific field as the answer to “the question” you win…times ten.

Become a person of great influence. Begin having others promoting you every day, in as many ways as possible.

Discs 3 & 4
The Persuasion Paradox and Techniques of Representation

The unconscious mind runs off survival instincts, sometimes with success, sometimes not. The unconscious mind is very different from the conscious mind. It runs on autopilot. Basically a stimulus/response mechanism that adapts along the way…but slowly. The conscious mind is that “computer” if you will, that thinks, calculates, and can make a decision. But those decisions come at a cost. The unconscious is often drawn in many different directions, not just one or two and to cut off any option is a threat to the freedom of the being. (Write that down. This will be referred to, by people as, “I have a bad feeling,” “I’m not sure,” “I don’t feel comfortable,” and so on.

Eliminating choices to a human (and many other animals) can be quite an experience. You and I hate to see that freedom say, “goodbye.” And for good reason. While there are options (escape routes) there is comfort in the status quo. When there comfort in the status quo (what’s going on today) there is seemingly little reason to change. Many animals hunt other animals with this fundamental principle as the guiding principle.

“Let them feel secure, safe, then kill.” Sun Tzu may have even written about it. People want to “feel good,” and “feel comfortable” so they can live in the illusion that they are “happy,” when of course the delusion will be shattered in short course. There is no relationship between “feeling comfortable” today and long term happiness. I would suggest the opposite, but…

…is going for the “yes” response like going for the “kill?” That seems…so wrong! And it would be if you were going to kill someone.

Unfortunately most people perceive every change from the status quo as a threat to their survival, at the unconscious level. You can take this information and turn it into compliance!

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover:
  • Internally eliminate choices for others so they buy.
  • Overcome the persuasion paradox of people’s destructive thinking.
  • Reinforce commitment elegantly to keep the sale after the sale is made!
  • Determine whether no means “No!” …or “Maybe.”
  • How to create NEW intuitive responses in others.
  • Calculate the exact moment to ask for a response.
  • Create peak and final experiences that get “yes” every time.
  • Utilize new priming and flagging techniques to bring them to “yes” faster.
Discs 5 & 6
Introduction to Changing Beliefs and Changing People
This is BIG.
Beliefs stick like super glue in the brain when you are attempting to persuade someone who believes something that runs counter to your proposal.

You want your client to buy you, your product, your service. They have a belief about you, your product, your service. You want to change it and have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that their belief is wrong and that “evidence” you have is correct. They will not buy from you if you show them that evidence…even if it is crystal clear proof.

You face an uphill (though not impossible) battle. How uphill?

You already know that people stick with political parties and religions (the reason you aren’t supposed to talk about them in polite conversation) regardless of evidence to the contrary.

What if their belief is not necessarily political or religious? Does that make a difference in how to influence them?

Recent research shows incredible information about what influences people’s beliefs. I take you step-by-step through this information to show you what you need to know. Get the most up-to-date information available today!

These volumes are a results-based program driven by tons of rock solid research. You are going to have the latest and most immediately useful information about changing opinions and beliefs. You are going to learn just why beliefs are as sticky as they are and then I’m going to show you how to make those changes, and then make them stick.

It’s taken me quite some time to research this material and collect it in a format that I could deliver to you in a way that will make it immediately applicable for you. Now it’s here for you!

Discs 7 & 8
Reducing Reactance and Resistance with Persuasion
Now, do you want to really be able to APPLY all of the techniques, strategies, and tactics of influence I’ve taught you?
The next 6 CD’s in this program focus on the newest information available about reactance and resistance in persuasion. You’ll find cutting-edge research that you haven’t seen yet which shows that there are four specific manifestations of resistance (unconscious instantaneous resistance).
• Reactance
• Scrutiny
• Distrust
• Inertia

You are going to learn how to utilize the other person’s resistance so that it works to the favor of the persuasion process. No one has ever talked about this before.

Obviously, that information alone would be enough to justify any “price.” But you know me…

Want more?

  • Did you know that putting reactance into a story reduces or eliminates the resistance? I’ll show you what the research says and how to do it.
  • Raising unconscious resistance (reactance) can help eliminate (in part or whole). I’m going to show you how.
  • Discussing bogus information from sources that lack in credibility can raise your ability to influence or send resistance through the roof. I’ll show you how to avoid the train wreck and make it all work

How about even more?

Of course there is more. Your wishes have come true! A number of devoted students and masters of influence asked me to give you my proven applications of the selling and persuasion techniques that you have learned about in the Science of Influence Library. These 6 1/2 hours of full length CD’s accomplish an outcome no one has ever been able to achieve. You will learn the absolute most cutting edge material in sales techniques, belief change and influence then learn how to apply them. Bonus? You’ll learn applications of the most powerful material from the prior 30 CD’s in the Library.

Discs 9, 10, 11, & 12
What can you learn that no one has shared with you before?
  1. An integrated template that allows you to model a successful sales presentation utilizing techniques learned in the Science of Influence.
  2. The absolute single most important factor in influence. Learn how to make it part of your personality…because it probably isn’t…yet!
  3. Your counterpart needs to be in a very specific frame of mind the moment you ask the big question. I’m going to reveal specifically how I do it, then give you the research showing other proven modalities.
  4. Six specific ways to keep resistance at bay. Once you’ve overcome it, you need to stop the tide from rolling in again…and it will if you don’t handle it with these six techniques.
  5. The single most important determining factor in reading their mind.
  6. I take you through numerous step by step processes for applying everything I have uncovered in the field of persuasion and influence and make it manageable for you.
  7. The 5 most common mistakes even experts make in influence and persuasion. I promise you do all of these things. I did. When you eliminate them…well you tell me…
  8. The reason that the prescription you prescribe that will at first seem perfect for your client will cause them to bolt. Stop it now.
  9. Learn how to overcome desperation on your part or the client’s part. Desperation is the single biggest killer in one-on-one influence.
  10. SecretPersuasion is most effective when it is interactive. Here is how to accomplish that!
  11. Dealing with buyer’s remorse… in advance…and when it happens. How to turn buyers remorse into long term permanent loyalty.
  12. Why telling your counterpart the most sensible, easiest, fastest way to accomplish their goal will kill your sale. How to beat the problem before it brings out the ax…
The 12 CDs in this set come with a 130+ page oversized manual in PDF format on a CD.

No more torn pages, or coffee stains! You control when and how you print it. The manual will help you create templates designed for YOU.

You don’t need to have listened to the prior 24 CDs in The Science of Influence to gain full benefit from this program. If you have mastered the prior 24 CDs, I absolutely guarantee you that this program will make you wonder how you could have possibly had more to learn, to utilize, to create change, to solidify your expertise and become the ultimate master of persuasion! Get yours today.


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