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Prioritize Your Time the RIGHT WAY and Take Control of Your Life

Two years ago this month I decided that because I was out of a very important relationship, I would experience the world and all that appeared to be delightful. Keep up with clients and coffee, get into a little fun, stay out of challenges and do some good in the world. Having been in a meaningful two year relationship that was jointly concluded, I wanted to see who and what else was out there. I wasn’t looking for “the” person but people.

If you REALLY want to do fun stuff for a year or two, you have to prioritize life so you can make great experiences happen. You have to be able to control ENOUGH factors of life to keep all the plates spinning at the same time.

Never let anyone kid you that Life Control and Prioritization isn’t worth it.

experience new things

You deserve to block out your days and years how YOU choose. You should get to have time to do what you want. For me, I wanted to meet a few well known beautiful people that I couldn’t have possibly made happen without using a methodology that I systematized,  that works in real life.

I’ve met, trained and entertained more billionaires than most billionaires have met.  I’ve spent time with CEO’s of some of the world’s biggest businesses and banks. I’ve helped politicians get elected at the level of congress (turned down all offers for President) All of this is BECAUSE. Things like this don’t happen by happenstance. That said, all that is interesting but like you I like to have FUN. They aren’t the beautiful people. These are the beautiful people…

have fun in life

Having the ear of the super rich or someone from the White House in your home is always cool. But that was never my thing. Not really. It was fun, but simpler pleasures were what I wanted more of in life.  I’ve made the time and plan to talk with Heidi Klum (who’d have thought Fashion Week in New York would be THAT good), Jesse Jane (Entourage),  and ohhhh Amy Miller (Entourage, Playboy), among many others. In fact it was just after I saw Jesse Jane on HBO’s  Entourage that I thought, “too fun, too cute!”  Had to make it happen. Did as one must… And it was fun!

Some of the beautiful people turned out to become long term good friends. Others were a pleasure to meet and because I literally had no agenda beyond having fun and sometimes seriously meaningful moments (raising a lot of money w a charity both Klum and I supported, I generally got more time with more people than most people do.  Gotta tell ya’ for some reason, Heidi Klum is one of the few humans who I felt intimidated by… She was SOOO tall.. and so damn beautiful…. I couldn’t speak her native language (German) or mine (English). The way she ran her green room was a lot like what I do, but she was way more intimidating than I am.  That story for another time.

Fortunately the only three living men I’d like to have lunch with (Paul, Ringo, Elton) are essentially unreachable, and believe me, we’ve looked into it…) which allows you to make a few other fun moments happen. Prioritize. (Everyone else can come here to the house.)

All of these escapades and moments that mattered required Priority Planning. And in fact they all do.

You must get to the plate and take swings at those micro-goals just like the macro goals. Then when things don’t pan out, you have to carry on. You have a priority list and you KEEP MOVING.

organize my prioritiesOslo, Norway, October 2019

It’s because of everything you are learning in this article that I’ve been able to make all these kinds of things happen in life. There’s nothing special about me. It’s about a methodology and applied philosophy.

I got a chance to visit the world’s most beautiful places and meet some of it’s more beautiful residents before finally settling down in summer of 2020 with one of those truly gorgeous residents, Bianca. (That’s us below in Minnesota) And now it’s back to work. You can see some of the varied adventures on Facebook.

To do all this  you have to be able to block time for what must be done, needs to be done, has to be done even if you don’t want to do it and you have to become a master of prioritization if it’s all to happen and get it DONE.

what I need to do

Are You the Owner of Your Life

You begin prioritizing your life, your year, your world, your day with what matters most.

Who do you love?

No one? No problem. Pick another starting point.  You love someone? Then let’s begin here.

The first thing you do is put that person on the schedule for an hour in a sensible place. An hour you will have ENERGY.  An hour you will be able to be attentive. This hour is your first hour together with your spouse or your child each day.

Have a spouse and two kids at home?


Block three hours for the spouse and two kids. Ideally block this time in the second half of the day but block this time FIRST. Everyone, especially spouse and kids, must know that they come FIRST.

You’ve now blocked an hour with your wife to spend time together, whatever together means it MUST be INTERACTIVE. Some form of VALUABLE communication happens here. It could be talking, studying, loving. Whatever it is is, it is now on the schedule…and it’s the first thing you block out with that person each and every day.

You do the same thing for those two other people there at the house. Alice and Bob get an hour and you block that out as well. If THEY don’t want that time, no problem. You can find out what they do want.

But the people you block out time for each day are the people YOU love and often they love YOU because of what you have done here.

manage my time with family

3 hours are now blocked. Let’s call it 7 – 10 PM.

Now you (in this case me) block an hour or two for all of those Netflix/Prime Time Video things you want to see.

This is leisure. You work for a living. You DESERVE to have leisure time on the schedule immediately after time with loved ones.

This is second only to your time with the person you love. This is YOUR SELFISH TIME. This is time you get to do what you want for and on behalf of you and only you.

The reason you do what you do is so that you have a great life and that revolves around you being sane and the people in your world knowing you care. You care enough to put THEM FIRST, EACH AND EVERY DAY.

If you DO THIS the relationship will flourish.

If you don’t, it won’t.

You have blocked an hour for you, three for the family.

putting others first

Now you block an hour for dinner, a half hour for lunch and 30 minutes for miscellaneous stuff that is required to be alive.

6 hours are now in the books.

time for myself

You’re going to sleep 7 or 8 hours. Let’s dream big and say it’s 8. I’m pulling for you. 14 are in the books. 9 left.

Problems will happen today. Disasters will occur. That’s why you have Netflix and Prime and maybe a DVR. That way you can watch it later on.

Here’s a secret. Most of your family doesn’t want an hour each day with you. It does happen and you plan for it to happen but most days the kids prefer not to have that Mom or Dad time and do prefer the neighbor kids or similar.

That’s fine because this time then goes to solving problems in real time. But once again, the PLAN is in force.

The remaining 9 hours in this are for your business projects. These hours are uninterrupted.

No one breaks the rule.

This rule is what the rest of the world spins on.

Your projects (or future projects) take care of you forever.

It must take an act of God to get you away from the projects you have deemed worth completing today.

This is what pays the bills. It’s what puts food on the table and generates EVERYTHING else in life.

9 hours is a VERY MINIMALISTIC answer to a day in the life of an entrepreneur. But you can do a lot in that 63 hours each week. You may not become an instant millionaire but you can run a small business on 63 hours per week.

And more importantly you can successfully navigate all the needs of those you love at the same time.

afraid of saying no

The rest of the demands on your time require you to say, “NO.”

“No.” This two letter word is the door to freedom.

Going forward YOU set your daily life with intention.

Going forward YOU determine your leisure (and obviously it doesn’t have to be an hour every day, it could be 3 hours on Saturday and 3 on Sunday or whatever works best for you, but, you SHOULD reward yourself with 5 – 10 hours per week…for you to kick back, read, ski, hike, or putter in the yard).

Here’s what you do next…

Get out of what I call “The Hamster Wheel.”

change my routine

It’s where you do the same thing over and over and over and over again, every day ad infinitum.

Stop it!

Now, let’s get specific and get to just precisely HOW and WHEN this is all going to transpire…

assign tasks

Not a lot of people are going to be able to cut the acre of lawn. So the person who is physically most able does that. Not everyone can take care of the taxes or accounting for the business or the home. Everyone’s time matters, a lot. But everyone has to measure up to reality. Someone must do 1A and someone must do 2A. The first logical division is by capability.

It’s rare that in relationships everyone is of equal capability. It just doesn’t happen in real life and if it does that’s great! Simply have one person in charge of cooking and the other person in charge of lawn. One person does x and the other does Y, consistently. When roles are logically assigned and agreed upon you have HARMONY. When they are not, you generate resentment.

Once that is established then you put together your BIG LIST (See The168 Hour Week for details.)

Roles in Life

The letters A, B, C, D, and E each stand for a type of project:

A – MUST be DONE TODAY. Period. You don’t go to bed that night until it is 100% done. Period. No exceptions. Never.

B – These are things you really should do today but aren’t a matter of life and death. There may not be negative consequences if you don’t get them done. As a deadline approaches, a B task can become an A task.

C – C items are things you’d like to get done, but there are no negative consequences if you don’t do them and no particular urgency. These are items that aren’t (instantly) time sensitive. Your annual check up at the doctor could happen tomorrow or next month. It doesn’t really make any difference. It’s a “C.” Planting the garden can be done next week or tomorrow. It has no urgency or dramatic downfall if it never gets done.

D – ‘Delegate.’ These are tasks that you can assign to a person your trust. The goal here is to make D tasks disappear from your list.

E – Eliminate.’ These are tasks that aren’t related to your passions or goals and that don’t help you particularly. They’re time-wasters that take away from the resources you could use for A, B, or C tasks.

The ABCDE isn’t the only method for categorizing out there.

I have a list and I circle the things that WILL be done today. Period. There is no “a” or “b” because what is circled is simply completed. The sun goes down and projects are COMPLETED. Period.

Some people prefer to make simpler categories, such as ‘must do,’ ‘should do’ and ‘nice to do.’ You may choose to leave D and E tasks off your list entirely since they’re not YOUR priority, and instead look at all tasks to see which could be delegated or eliminated.

Start with your A tasks or ‘must do’ tasks, and begin. Once they’re complete, move on to the B tasks or next category.

Best Practices in List Making

right way to do list

It will be helpful to decide exactly when you’re going to do each item on your list. You can make a timed schedule for your day.

This ensures that you’ll get everything done. Another approach is to only schedule A items and do the B and C items during other times.

Definitely guarantee yourself that your circled (A) items are going to be done today. You can bounce back and forth between these major tasks. This practice is often necessary and desirable.

Each day, reconsider each item because priorities change. B projects may move up to become an A item as its deadline approaches.

Don’t keep each item stuck in its category.

The Priority Process

A simple way to set priorities is to take your list of things to do and rank each.

It requires little thought; you just make a list and put the first thing first.

Take a look at your current list. (If you haven’t put one together, do that now. Take your time. It’s only your life!)

Imagine that you only have time to do TWO of the projects on it today. Which would that be? Circle them or put them at the top of the list and then take the remaining items and ask the same question.

Gradually, you’ll move through the items on your list and at the end of this process, you’ll have a list that goes from most important to least important.

Use a project based calendar to keep on track

Of course, you’ll get to more than one item today, unless you’ve made your tasks very large.

But when the unforeseen problems or distractions happen, and they will, you’ll insure that the most important projects DO get 100% done.

Having trouble figuring out how to decide which projects are the ones you will do today?

Consider the negative consequences of not getting each specific task done.

Chances are that there are at least a few items on your list that will cause negative consequences if they are not finished. Let this determine which item goes first.

You can also consider deadlines. Look at your overall life outcomes and related short term requirements.

Which deadline is most pressing or which outcome requires the most time from you?

Here’s an example. You have four pressing concerns today:

« A report that needs to be done for a client

« Research conference to attend

« Reply to an email inquiry from a potential client

« Follow up with a colleague about a job opportunity

Urgent vs. Important Tasks

Since a client is waiting for the report and there will be serious negative consequences if you don’t finish it (an angry client and potentially an ex-client), this is the most important task. If you only finish one thing today, this is it. Place that at the top of your list and then ask the same question with the remaining items. If you have time to do more than one thing today, it is to reply to the inquiry. Between researching conferences and following up, the most time sensitive is to research conferences, so put that next. Finally, you’ll follow up with your colleague.

It might help to write down reasons for your ranking. Beside each item on your list, write a short statement saying why you put it where you put it. You can mention the negative consequences, write down the deadline, or reiterate the long-term goal. Writing reasons your first couple of weeks of this process helps you to clarify and rank to-do items in a more efficient way.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to skip a higher priority item for an urgent one that will get done faster. (You must work on the presentation for your big event next week but the plumbing is leaking.)

You can then cross it off your to-do list.

Time Blocking and Scheduling Your Daily To-Do List

Good time management is absolutely essential for both business and personal priorities. Once you’ve set your priorities and scheduled the things you need to do, you need to actually put the priorities into action. In order to do this, you need good time management skills.

When setting priorities, we often make the mistake of deciding what will get done today, and then trying to twist time to meet our needs. A more realistic approach is to look at the time you have today and from that, decide how to go about your daily activities.

The Basics of Time Blocking

Time blocking is a great way to manage your day. With time blocking, you create ‘blocks’ of time in which to work on certain tasks. Rather than saying, ‘I’ll finish cleaning the garage today,’ you set an hour for garage cleaning, say from noon to 1. Of course, if there are things that need to be done today, you’ll finish them. But for each task, whether you need to finish it or not, there’s an allotment of time in which to do it.

Time blocking is important because it gives you a specific time to work on certain things and then puts limits on them. Some tasks take longer to complete.

An Example of Time Blockingcomplete tasks with time blocking

Let’s take an example. You’re a freelancer who works online. You have three projects to work on today.

The highest priority job is a massive job that takes a great deal of time. The other two are short and can probably be knocked out in an hour or so.

Bounce between the projects if you get stifled or less excited about one vs. another. Simply be certain to complete all today before you go to bed.

If you time block, you alot a certain amount of time to that big job; let’s say it’s three hours. When the three hours are up, that’s it for today. This allows you to work on the other items as well, which you can maybe finish today. Tomorrow, you only have to finish the big job.

Scheduling Your To-Do List

Time blocking also helps you to schedule your to-do list items. It may be that that highest priority item isn’t necessarily the first thing you should do. When you time block and create a daily schedule, you can work on the highest priority task at any time of day and still get it done.

Let’s say that you need to:

« Clean the house to get ready for company

« Finish a job for a client

« Think of ideas for an upcoming networking event

The most important is to get the house ready, followed by ideas for the event which is coming soon. The job can wait a few days if need be.

If you go straight down the list, you’ll spend the morning and early afternoon cleaning. Then, you’ll have to sit down and think of ideas. In the evening, you’ll be working on the job. But what if mornings are better for mental work, while the afternoon and early evening are better for physical work?

With time blocking, you can schedule your day and do these tasks at their optimal times. You can start the day off with two hours of the client job, which hopefully you’ll finish in those two hours. You can spend four hours mid-day cleaning, with the option of going a fifth hour if you’re not done. At night, which is your best time for creative work, you can brainstorm event ideas.

Time blocking and scheduling allow you complete control over how you spend your day. But it’s a method that takes time to master. How do you know how long tasks will take? And how do you know when are your optimal times for different kinds of work? Start time blocking and consider it an experiment, monitoring results to find what works and what doesn’t.

Decision Point: The Right Decision, Every Time

Discover a System of Decision Making That Will Clear the Way to Success
Begins May 24, 2024

If you’ve ever taken one of my Course Intensives, yes, it’s like them!

The Decision Point Course lasts 7 weeks and has more than 20 modules. You set your own schedule – you don’t have to be “in class” at any particular time each day. You get VIP access to a secret members-only section of the site and can log in at any time.

Registration today for the course that begins this week allows you to save $700 off the $1,995 price to the public.

If you could point to one word, to one factor, to one element or cause of what happens to you in your life, it is decision.

Maybe you have been experiencing one or more of the following:

Moving is always tough but when there are more than one person’s job or one person going to a school that they love and the possibility of leaving friends behind makes for what many consider an impossible decision. What do YOU decide? How do you decide?

Your investments have done OK but your total income saved for your future is terrible. There are a lot of options you’ve been told about but you really don’t know what to do. What will you decide? How will you decide?

You are a manager at your company and only have enough budget to pursue one product line. You can choose between an almost sure thing with a very modest return or a riskier proposal that could make you a superstar. What do you decide? How do you make the decision?

You’re on your way home for the holidays. You get stuck in bad weather and are put up at a local hotel. In the bar that night a beautiful woman strikes up a conversation with you and she has offered you the key to her room. What will you decide?

A relative lives with you. They take advantage of you but you can’t let them go because you don’t know what will happen to them. What is the right thing to do and will that thing be what you decide? How will you decide?

An elderly relative lives with you. They can’t take care of themselves anymore. You hate the idea of a nursing home or “worse.” You also want “a life.” What will you decide to do?

Your wife is two months pregnant. A test reveals the baby is going to be born with a disease that will require your 24/7 care for the rest of your life. She decides she wants to keep the baby. But you haven’t made your decision. What will you decide to do? How will you make the decision?

Your home has a horrible defect that you can cover easily in the selling process and the defect almost certainly won’t be discovered for years. Revealing it will reduce the price of your home $100,000. What will you decide to do? How will you decide?

You can stay at your present job which you really don’t like that much and live on a predictable but very modest income or you can pursue a venture that has about a 70% chance of success and if it succeeds, you would double your income. What do you decide to do? How do you decide?

Just wanted to thank you. I took your Decision Point Course earlier this year, and have put the ideas into practice. I knew I wanted to leave my job but didn’t seem able to decide when, how, etc. Well, using what I learned from you, I was able to make a very definitive decision about NOW being the time. I feel great about the timing in my life now and at peace with the decisions, I made. This means so much to me! Mahalo nui loa (thank you so very much).
Stephanie Smedes
Seattle, WA

You’ve been thinking of getting a divorce but you’re just not sure. There are other fish in the sea but you wonder if you can still compete? Can you do better? What about the kids? What do you DECIDE? How do you decide?

You are involved in a custody battle for your children. One of the kids is misbehaving terribly and you don’t know whether you should spank them or discipline them firmly. The result could easily affect the results of the custody hearing. What do you do? How do you decide?

Two women have taken a liking to you. You date them both for some time. They both begin to talk about moving in and a permanent relationship. One is the kind of person you feel comfortable with and would be easy to love. The other is 10 years younger and is celebrity beautiful. Unfortunately, she knows it and enjoys being the center of attention. What do you decide? How do you decide?

And those are just a few of the decisions that face real people every day. Decisions that people are forced into and have no idea what to do or how to do it.

how to do it

THIS COURSE shows you how to make ALL of the decisions above.

And it’s important to note, that the right decision easily can be different from person to person. Knowing how to evaluate THAT is crucial to everything you will do…but no one ever does it….

"Kevin is always ahead of the game… As a psychotherapist, I work in the minefield of decision-making and I can tell you that making good decisions is critical to happiness, success, and relationships. Kevin Hogan’s course covers the terrain of decision-making with his usual thoroughness, candor, and relevance. Kevin is always ahead of the game because of his extensive research, vast and varied connections and sharp mind. His thinking about ‘high noon’ and light a fuse, if applied, would save many relationships and learning the concept alone is more than worth the price of admission."

If you haven’t taken a Course Intensive with me:  this is not like other online courses you’ve taken. With me, a Course Intensive means you will have instruction in several media forms. Video, audio, and text. There is NO specific time you must meet with me every day, but you will have special VIP email access to me throughout the course. And you will have access to the members’ only discussion group.

About 50% of the people who take my courses collect all the materials and work at their own pace later. The other half work with me and sometimes with other participants when necessary, on projects that are necessary to learn how to make the RIGHT DECISIONS.

decision making

My Course Intensives are universally known to be challenging, results-oriented, pragmatic and show you EXACTLY how to get where you want to go.

It’s the Decision Point

Decision making is a function of thinking that almost 90% of people do very poorly. Most people think that if something turns out well, they made a good decision. If something turns out poorly they made a bad decision.

And that conditioning is one of the biggest reasons why people are poor decision makers.

Decision making is first and foremost about MAKING DECISIONS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Every day, people vacillate on making changes in their lives that they KNOW are absolutely necessary, but they decide to do nothing and hope for the best, only to live a life where nothing ever changes.

This is where we begin.


You will learn how to recognize situations where you are about to commit acts of self-sabotage. I’ll show you how to identify it long before it becomes an issue. I’ll show you how to crush self-sabotage so you can make a CHOICE instead of only having the ability to stay with the Status Quo.

This first week’s module alone will be worth the investment in the course.

How would you like to NEVER procrastinate again?

What would happen if you could actually MOVE in the DIRECTION that you want to, even if it is ONLY AWAY FROM WHERE YOU ARE TODAY?!

By the end of week one, you will have daily projects to do for several weeks that will almost literally beat the habits of self-sabotage and procrastination from your life.

Most people don’t know that procrastination is a habit you picked up, but it is NOT your fault.

The same is true of self-sabotage.

I will explain why, where it all started, why it happens to everyone and why it must be eradicated intentionally and with no little effort. By the END of the course, IF YOU FOLLOW the Decision Point Plan, you will have eliminated procrastination and almost all forms of self-sabotage.

I’ll explain in detail why self-sabotage is a little trickier and lurks in EVERYONE’S backyard waiting to strike. I’ll show you how to get rid of it and then prevent it so you never have to deal with it in the future.

self sabotage

And that is only week one! How we doin’ so far?!

Decision IS Destiny

You make decisions all the time. Generally speaking, the more decisions a person makes, the more successful they are.

The better a person is at making decisions, the more successful they are.

When you move from your old home to the home you are in now; maybe you moved because you wanted a bigger house, or to put the kids in a better school district. Maybe it was just closer to where your job is…more convenient.

And of course, in the case of uprooting and moving your family, you’re talking about a lot of variables, a lot of things to consider. You’re going to find out how to make the right decision in which house to buy and where to move.

What about leaving your job for some other opportunity?

FEAR enters the picture quite clearly and because the future is seemingly unpredictable, you feel frozen or stuck as to what to do, so you immediately default to stay in your same job. But there is a way to make this decision much easier. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you do….

But there are also the smaller decisions of life.

  • Which movie to go see…
  • Which show to watch on TV….
  • What to make for dinner…
  • Whether to go to the game or stay home….
  • Whether to take a vacation with or without the kids…
  • Whether to wear blue or black…

There is a simple method that takes little thinking at all to make these day to day decisions.

And then there are decisions that you make that influence other people’s lives like taking a new job, going into business for yourself, moving to a new area, having a surgery that has risks involved….

How do you know what to do? Don’t worry, most people haven’t got a clue as to how to make the right decision every time, and there is a right decision to make.

choose right

Then there are Destiny Decisions…those decisions that you make that will literally determine where you are going to be in three years or five years.

These are REALLY IMPORTANT decisions. Every day I see people screwing them up as if they are no big deal.

You’ll find out a methodical system that might take a very short amount of time or significantly longer, depending on circumstances. Nevertheless, you will find out exactly what to do every time.

Obviously, there are plenty of Black Swan’s (unexpected random events like hurricanes and terrorism) out there to get in the way of what you want in life, but nothing you can control impacts your life more than a decision).

Write that down.
Put it on the refrigerator.
That alone is worth $10,000, yes?

Nothing you can control impacts your life more than a decision.

How would life be different if you knew you were going to make the right decision, every time?

(Every time?!)

Did you know that in life, there is almost always the best decision?

What would happen if you had the method for decision making?

What would it be worth to have a simple systematic approach to decision making where the guidelines are from your head and heart?

Most people are paralyzed with uncertainty about whether they should:

  • Ask the girl to marry them.
  • Make a purchase.
  • Move from one place to another…
  • Quit their job…
  • Decide between committing one person or another.
  • Start a business…
  • Ask the girl to go out with them…
  • Send the letter or not…
  • Decide between hiring one person or another.
  • Get a divorce…
  • Send your kids to public or private school…
  • Choose from a new car, a used car, or no car…
  • Go back to school to get more education…
  • Fire the person or not.
  • Invest in stocks, bonds, real estate and not screw up.
  • Accurately plan for their future in all areas.

Why Do People Make Bad Decisions?

And…they make bad decisions because…we all have about 8-10 areas of failure in our brain….similar experiences where you make the wrong decisions over and over again.

(Like marrying the same guy five times, dating jerks, working for idiots, saying the wrong thing at the worst time, etc. Sound familiar?)

We’ll repair all of that. (If we don’t, life will be the same tomorrow as it has been in the past….)

Did you know there is a proven way to make the right decision in each of the above choices?


For the sake of discussion, let’s assume that is correct. There IS a method you can use to make the RIGHT decision just about every time.

It doesn’t take a genius to think, “I decide to make more money,” “lose weight,” “get a better job,” “get married to perfect person x”.

KEY: Learning the process of making the right decision involves making that decision STICK, be UNYIELDING and barring a Black Swan, guaranteeing you will follow through.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve been fortunate to have studied the raw information about how to make laser beam accurate decisions. Complex software programs have shown scientists how to simplify the decision making process using some mostly simple (sorry, it’s not ALL instantly easy!) rules.

And now, you don’t need the software or the computer anymore…

And, by the way, in the last 15 years, there has been an incredible amount of research done about decision making that teaches and uses VERY FAULTY processes, that can’t and don’t work.

KEY: You’ll experience FIRST HAND, how what seems to be an obvious decision, is almost always the wrong one….the costly one…(often the disaster one….)

If you follow that teacher’s advice, you’ll flat out screw up.

You’ll end up with next to nothing and headaches and heartaches to boot.


People get emotional.

emotional decisions

People are lazy.

They don’t do the research.
They don’t test.
Why should they?

They get paid the same no matter what and when YOU screw up, they just say, “you did it wrong.”

Play along for just a moment.

Can I ask you a question?

Have you ever read that it’s been proven that 93% of all communication is body language?

Of course, lots of times. Everyone has read that.

And of course, it’s not true.

(It’s not even close to accurate.)

How could that be, it’s common knowledge…isn’t it?

There was one study done by a brilliant communication researcher 35 years ago that evaluated people saying one word to another, with the other person only being able to see the person from the neck UP. (that leaves about 90% of the body out of the study.) In this one specific instance, Dr. Mehrabian found that about 93% of the communication sent was at a nonverbal level. Obviously when people communicate with more than one word and people can see below the neck, all kinds of factors change the percentages.

Problem is people read something in a book written by Goofball X and they believe what she writes because she says it’s “scientific.”

People look at their lives and think, “I did everything I was told…”

Yep and look at that life. It didn’t work.

The guru didn’t do the research. They went with the party line and taught that.

I don’t care about the party line because I don’t like the people at the party.

Remember when Benjamin Franklin did his famous experiment about testing each of the virtues (temperance and so forth) for a month so he could eventually become adept at all of them? I’ve heard most motivational speakers talk or write about this. I’d name them, but it would take an entire page…

Anyway…You remember… but he gave up the idea after the first week …he never did the experiment. He wrote early in his biography that he was going to do the project and then soon after decided not to. Basically, he said it was impossible to do such a thing.

I’ve never heard ANYONE get that right, either.


And because you trust them YOU TRY IT and FAIL.

Franklin’s personal challenge didn’t work for all kinds of reasons I’ll show you later.

Question: Why did you believe he actually did the project?

Only one reason: …because someone you trusted or believed, an author, a teacher….told you that it was true.

Want a quick way to filter a crummy guru out?

If they tell you that story, they didn’t get very far in Franklin’s biography. If they tell you that, they’d tell you anything.

By the way…what did Franklin do instead?!

I’ll show you that at Decision Point, too.

The point is that MOST of the stuff people tell you to do…. that is “scientific,” that is based on laws of the universe or proven techniques is nothing more than their imagination having run wild.

…and following their advice will get you the same ultimate destination, every time…

Back to Start. (If you don’t go into foreclosure first.)

So why don’t the vast majority of people make good decisions?

afraid to make a decision

Why are people AFRAID to make decisions at all?

They’ve been given crummy information and worse methods for how to choose and what to do.

It’s that simple.

(OK, there are eight other core reasons people make crummy decisions every day, but to pick on your neighbor here is so not cool…)

And what does the Power of Decision Point give you in life?

  • Choice
  • Personal freedom
  • No limits
  • The Ability to Succeed When Most Others Fail
  • The Ability to Make Big Changes in Life with Ease and…
  • Wealth if You Want It
  • A LOT Better Life If You USE The Power of Decision
  • Success when you use The Power of Decision.

You’re going to learn it ALL in this 7 Week E-Course.

If you’ve been in an E-Course with me, you know that although they are always convenient, they are also densely packed with practical, real life application as the end result. That is the same here. Everything you learn will be immediately applied to a crucial part of your life because there is a LOT going on in your life right now and a LOT of it has to change but you don’t know WHAT.

Each week you’ll receive a number of emails or documents from me. You’ll have homework assignments that are all real-life based…your life. You’ll be given audio’s to listen to or video to watch. You will once again, find out what “over delivery” means!

You’re going to discover:

  • How People Decide
  • Why Most People Make Almost All Bad Decisions
  • How to KNOW What to do…
  • The Four Factors of Luck and How to Tilt the “Luck Factor” in YOUR Favor.
  • How to Beat the Black Swan when Bad Luck Strikes…
  • All of the Successful Strategies for Decision Including Decision Point: MY PERSONAL SYSTEM
"Personalized learning means you can contact Kevin at any stage of the course You’ll never see a sunset if you keep going east! And you’ll never live the changes you want in life if you exercise your decisions in the wrong way. No matter how positive or determined you are. So, if you want to begin making decisions that will help you take control of your life at a whole new level, then you need to enroll and immerse yourself in Kevin’s new decision-making course. It’s packed with fresh, new, exciting information that will help you train your brain, period. Since I completed the course, I have learned to think better and smarter about challenges, enjoy being able to make powerful, timely and well-considered decisions with new secret technology that until recently, only the elite had access to. In the course, besides being presented in a convenient format, you will be able to start and work on your learning curve at your own pace. And, personalized learning means you can contact Kevin at any stage of the course. I strongly recommend this course, it has solutions that really work!"
David Power
London, England
Do you sell something for a living?

[Pay attention: I’m going to show you how to analyze how your client WILL DECIDE on buying your product or service…and I’ll show you WHAT is going to happen next…think that might be worth $10,000?!]

I’ve never given the system for DECISION POINT to anyone.

I’m not going to write about it in Coffee….ever.

But the time is now to experience a truly transformational experience in an exciting and unique E-course.


No one else is going to ever show you this information. You’ll never experience these experiences with anyone else. You can’t find anything remotely similar “out there.”

So essentially, you’re stuck spending seven weeks with me. As with all of my Course Intensives, I am your PERSONAL COACH and you don’t have to be at any specific place at any specific time. The program is delivered via audio, video, and text.

So what’s going to happen in these seven fascinating weeks?

I’ll personally show you the problems you face when you make decisions.

You’ll find out the impact of other people on your decision.

I’ll show you how to minimize the NEGATIVE impact of other people on your decisions, including the people you might love or work with every day.

You won’t regret your decisions anymore.

regretting decision

You’ll understand how to MINIMIZE RISK and MAXIMIZE RETURN on both business and personal decisions.

I’ll show you EXACTLY what to do when the RIGHT decision you determine, FEELS completely wrong.

Finding out how your beliefs, faith, values and lifestyle factor into your decisions matters a lot to you. No one else shows you how to be true to yourself and others around you while you decide for your Self or for many.

Almost forgot…

At the end of the course, you will have one cool, big Coffee Table-Sized Manual that you will be able to refer to forever.

Your tuition: $1,995 but save $700 with this last minute chance to get in today!

A couple things before you apply!

  1. I reserve the right to reject any application for any reason.
  2. There may be a few group projects that are necessary for making decisions where two people are involved, instead of just you (as in a marriage, with kids, or at work). If you are unwilling to e-mail one of your fellow participants during these two projects do not apply.
  3. Everything is yours to keep, but you may not share or give away any of this information to anyone.
  4. If you’re still here with me, then I look forward to seeing your application!

$1,995 but save $700 today by getting your application in under the wire.!

Apply for the Decision Point Game Changer
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"This course is such a huge eye-opener! I’m finding the Decision Point Course absolutely fascinating. Firstly, because I had totally underestimated the value and effect of decisions on our lives. Secondly, I’ve always been aware of some of my biases – I’m a fairly ardent feminist for example, and I have often stopped and questioned myself if I’m “seeing through a feminist filter” and I do laugh at myself sometimes when I realize. But I had no idea just how prevalent other biases are, and this course is a fascinating voyage of self-discovery. I’m enjoying the course from a learning perspective in general – your other courses that I’ve done have been for the purpose of improving my business, whereas this one, while it will definitely help in that regard too, feels as though it’s more for me personally. I’m also enjoying the learning for learning’s sake as much as for self-development. This course is such a huge eye-opener!"
Clare Delaney

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