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As you take the long and winding road up through the densely packed trees you get your first glimpse of Hugh Hefner’s private residence, a.k.a. the Playboy Mansion. Like a castle, built in 1920 where visitors originally came by horse and buggy. Hefner bought the Mansion for $1.2 million and today Neferteri Sheperd (Miss July) tells me it is worth between $40-$50 million. As you look around you realize that Hefner’s Home is worth more than $40 million but who wants to pay exorbitant property taxes. Influence, Persuasion, Body Language Expert Kevin Hogan at the Playboy Mansion 08-17-07
Kevin Hogan at the Playboy Mansion Pool The Swimming Pool by day is absolutely beautiful… later it becomes the focal point of the night for many.
Off the Limo Shuttle, all those with cameras take them out and begin snapping. Being received at the mansion is a treat… Kevin Hogan and Playboy Bunnies at the Mansion
The Swimming Pool it turns out isn’t somewhere you swim laps. It’s really a play area and as you can see it is beautiful. Later the pool would be populated with other forms of beauty. Here I get to say hello to the girls who had their bodies painted at various point throughout the evening. Secret: One of them has just finished having a blue t-shirt painted on her. Kevin Hogan and Playboy Bunnies Posing
This shot is of the networking area. As you can see, about 400 were in attendance at this spectacular bash. Internet Marketing Networking Event at the Playboy Mansion 08/07
Kevin Hogan at the Playboy Mansion The event people asked if we wanted to send a photo home and of course I did so Dave Lakhani and I mugged it up for the event photographer which they jetted off to . These guys were great and we hung out a bit together too. I haven’t seen a smile like that on my face since the day I got out of high school….and realize…I’m only hamming it up with Dave….and turn the page, I think you’ll be glad you did!


Playing Pool at the Playboy Mansion Next up is a tour of the Mansion grounds and the famous game room where the likes of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, and scores of other celebrities played into the night. I had told Dave (Lakhani) that was the one thing I really wanted to do at the Mansion. (He really believed me…)
In the Game Room at the Playboy Mansion The Hefner family was home last night so there was no visiting inside, but the outside was spectacular enough. The aquarium, reptile and birds that Hefner has taken in to mend are all beautiful. But then it was back to pool.
In the Game Room at the Playboy Mansion Guide, Neferteri Sheperd
After departing from playing pool we ran into another group of people taking their own unescorted tour of the mansion. It seems that women are not required to have escorts but men are…and that made a lot of sense. Influence, Persuasion, Body Language Expert Kevin Hogan and Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Mansion 08-17-07
Laurena Lacey with Kevin Hogan at the Playboy Mansion Laurena Lacey, A girl with a delightful Irish accent and more than indulgent to our group she somehow pretended that the four of us were cool and she posed for numerous photos in Hefner’s front yard. She went way above the call of duty (she was a guest and not not working). She won us all over as fans. I pointed out to Laurena that the cameraman was over there…only to realize that I too was having a blonde moment…
The star is a replica of the one on Hollywood Blvd. Notice my right hand is very far away from Laurena…I promise you that was not an instinct…my conscious mind was 100% kicked in… Kevin Hogan and Laurena Lacey at the Mansion
Saying goodbye to Miss Lacey’s group we asked Neferteri if we could get some shots in back with mansion as backdrop. As always she obliged…and if you turn the page you’ll see much more! Kevin Hogan at Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion



Back to networking and the party. Internet Marketing Networking Event at the Playboy Mansion 08/07
Kevin Hogan at the Playboy Mansion Grotto Dave and I broke off from the group and decided to explore “the grotto.” I didn’t have any pictures taken of me in the inner sanctum, but I did ask Dave to snap this one the way “in.”
Kevin Hogan in the Game Room at the Playboy Mansion Ryan, who created the “Rich Jerk” icon/brand (and he is nothing like a rich jerk, but one of the nicest guys I’ve had a chance to meet), asked if he could get a short video of me with a couple of the girls in the pool. I told him my pants, shirt, shoes and coat were staying on my body (I’m such a killjoy) but Trina Michaels (working for the mansion, not a guest) ingratiated the video crew for the Mansion and event. With luck that 45 seconds of video will vanish into the archives of Hefner Heaven. I told Trina we’d get a “photo shopped” picture of her and I up. She’s really beautiful but there was no way…I mean…oh man…
Laurena Lacey at the Playboy Mansion Laurena. The total sweetheart. We ship her back to Ireland next week because heaven forbid she overstay her three week visa…..


These two lovely ladies weren’t looking at the right camera in the original photo with the four receiving gals so I asked if we could do a two for one deal. They readily accepted. Influence, Persuasion, Body Language Expert Kevin Hogan at the Playboy Mansion 08-17-07
Kevin Hogan with Playboy Bunny Brooke is such a sweetheart.
See, two looking at camera one, the others at camera two. Not forgiveable. (They were great.) Next week we’ll post more photos from the mansion as well as the Playboy Club in Las Vegas. Kevin Hogan and Playboy Bunnies at the Mansion
Neferteri Shepherd with Kevin Hogan at the entrance to the Playboy Mansion. Neferteri is a down to earth girl. Liked her very much. She is a great tour guide. Kevin Hogan and Neferteri Shepherd


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