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Influence, Persuasion, and the Exotic Dancer Each night hundreds of thousands of exotic dancers across the world perform for men in return for compensation.

Some nights those women get paid a lot (a good day), some nights they get paid very little (cheap jerks?).

Why is it that some nights men pay less and other nights, they pay more?

Same women, same exotic dance, same everything…except one thing…

…the “time of the month”.

…and I don’t mean the beginning of the month, the end of the month, near pay day…I mean HER time of the month.

It turns out that a whole lot more rides on the m- cycle of women than I ever would have speculated.

Research to date had shown clearly that women are very likely to stray during the days she ovulates and that women are more likely to remain faithful to their “mate” at THAT time of the month. No big surprise on either aspect.

Enter Lap Dancing…

I’ve had the occasion to run into a few exotic dancers over the years. Most are putting themselves through college or making up for the income of a husband who hit the road when the baby was born. Dancers are interesting people to talk to. They are probably more astute than most CEO’s and “get” influence better than anyone you’ll ever talk to. And they make money.

The average American goes to work and earns about $40,000 per year. $800 per week. The average female dancing American goes to work and earns significantly more…

They know secrets about you that no other human being knows. They understand human behavior like no scientist and they know how to persuade when the world’s best negotiators are impotent.

I’ve not talked with that many dancers but I have had a few interesting conversations over the last million or so years.

One girl was a med student.

“On a good night a thousand is reasonable,” not bad for dancing, though the women will tell you that it’s hard on their feet, they get propositioned for marriage nightly and have to put up with stalking behavior…and face it…they have to put up with men, which is no picnic anywhere on this planet…

Comes with the territory, is what she told me.

But what determines whether that woman will have a “good night” or a “bad night?”

Evolutionary Psychology and the Economics of Women

One of my favorite scientists and authors is Dr. Geoffrey Miller. I read everything he writes because he’s so dang smart and I always learn a lot from this guy.

Miller is a leading evolutionary psychologist, which means he’s as fascinated by sex, sex differences, human behavior, reality and the “why we do stuff” as I am. Scientists aren’t politically correct.

So here’s the study that this self-sacrificing professor put together earlier this year….

1) Two month period. “Researchers” collected data covering 5,300 lap dances. (I never thought of this when I was working on my degree…I am SUCH an idiot….)

2) One of the questions that the women involved answered online each day was where they were in their cycle. There’s all kinds of technical terms like luteal and oestrus….forget that. She’s ovulating, she’s post ovulation, she’s at that time of the month or she’s pre-ovulating. Those are the official terms for this article….

First results we learn are that women with normal cycles (they aren’t taking birth control pills) earn the most, about $70 per hour when ovulating (fertile), compared with $35 per hour for those who are at THAT time of the month. (Double that in a real city located in most other parts of the country.)

So you say, “yeah, they are probably better looking which is why they take the pill.”

The women don’t go home with the men they dance for. That’s verboten. They aren’t prostitutes (that comes through loud and clear in conversation). They don’t have sex with clients. You want to disagree with these women, YOU go talk to them. They are dancers. It’s a job. They work hard. They go home and study.

Then you say, “That’s ALL they make?”

I forgot to tell you this is NEW MEXICO. This is not L.A., Vegas, New York, Atlanta. This is Albuquerque.

Ovulation Affects a Dancer’s Earnings

Women who took birth control pills earned A LOT LESS than those who didn’t. Their earnings didn’t “peak” during ovulation where the spike was enormous for those not on the pill.

So, obviously men can tell…somehow…that a woman is ovulating or not.

  • Scent?
  • Movement?
  • Nonverbals?

Certainly the men aren’t THINKING about ANY of this stuff…consciously…and are clueless that the amount of money they invest is being reported to the world in Coffee with Kevin Hogan…

For millions of years men have thought it was a mystery to figure out when women ovulate (can get pregnant).

But it’s no secret at all. I’m coming back to this in a minute…back to the research…

The women work 5-hour shifts and average about 18 lap dances in a night, each about 3 minutes. In some clubs, I hear, women will find men that they like, men they think have money, men they think will behave, and persuade them to engage in numerous lap dances at a price that is 20 – 40 times the price of one lap dance. (A fascinating price to pay for the illusion of privacy, status, feeling important/special, being selected….and all that is for another day too….)

Five hours. And the money they earn, of course, is 100% “tips.” In fact, the women pay the establishment they dance at rent each night. They are truly independent contractors with business cards and the whole thing….

In New Mexico, the girls average about $14 per lap dance according to the research. I’ve been told, that in other parts of the country, the minimum for a lap dance is $30 and it’s not negotiable.

Back to New Mexico…

The difference between (ovulating) $70 per hour and (THAT time of the month) $35 is huge. (Periods in between run about $50 per hour of income on average)


Something in the Way She Moves…

Evolutionary psychologist Karl Grammer of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Urban Ethology in Vienna says the result fits with his findings that it’s possible to detect ovulation through the effect of raised levels of estrogens on the way women walk and dance. “It is highly possible that estrogen modulates motion abilities,” says Grammer, in which case “it seems to be most likely that body motion–and not pheromones–is the information carrier.”

…something in the way she moves….maybe George Harrison was right…nah….

This is the first evidence that oestrus, and its influence on attractiveness, has “a real effect on women’s earnings”, says Miller.

Subconscious Signals Women Send

And between you and me…you don’t really hallucinate that this all turns “off” in other environments… Women are sending signals that they are fertile…or not… The question is WHAT signals?

Conversation? Nonverbals? How they walk, move?


Could it be about the men? If men detect which time of the month it is….


Even on non-fertile days lap dancers with natural menstrual cycles still earned reasonable tips, reinforcing the idea that men are clearly paying for the lap-dancing experience rather than for any perceived opportunity to procreate.

Previous research has shown that women’s faces, scent and clothing become more attractive in oestrus,” Miller notes. For example, earlier this year, Martie Haselton at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that women were judged to dress more attractively during their fertile periods, although the correlation was slight. Other studies show women become more confident during oestrus, says Thornhill. In the context of lap dancing, that may subtly change their behaviour and make them more appealing to clients.

Other studies have shown women become more confident, which could make them more appealing when lap dancing.

Miller links the wage fluctuations to changes in body odor, waist-to-hip ratio, and facial features. Despite operating at the upper limits of flirtatiousness already, he says there may also be subtle shifts in their behavior-“how they talk and move when enticing a customer to buy a dance, and how they perform the dance itself.”

Women on the pill averaged $37 (and had no performance peak) versus $53 for women off-pill. The contraceptive produces hormonal cues indicating early pregnancy, not an enticing target for a would-be suitor. Birth control could lead to many tens of thousands of dollars lost every year.

So let’s get to the real hard data.


When Women Make and Do Not Make Money

Women on the Pill

Women on the pill make the most money on days 18-21 of their cycle. $250 per shift They make the least on 1-3 and 27-30. About $160 per shift.

Women Not on the Pill

Women not on the pill make the most money on day 12, which is a huge peak right near $400 per shift, but they make significant tips on days 8-15, $350 per shift, and again a lesser spike, but still very profitable days 22-24, $300 per shift. Worst days 2,3,28, $160 per shift average.

(Note: Women without an altered cycle will typically ovulate anywhere during days 12-18, day 14 being most common for a woman with a 28 day cycle. Ovulation occurs 14 days before the next period begins.)

These numbers aren’t just “statistically significant.” Where a $10 difference is huge. These numbers show a crystal clear picture of reality that seems politically incorrect to talk about.

“Proof” of Subconscious Awareness

Miller calls his study the first real-world economic evidence that men are subconsciously sensitive to the female cycle. Dancers appear more attractive to club patrons just before ovulation because they “signal” or “leak” signs of their peak fertility, Miller writes. The more attractive a woman is perceived to be, the better chance she has of enticing her client into a lap dance, and then another, and then another.

Proving the same point in reverse, dancers taking birth control pills showed no considerable increase in tips during estrus. This presumably is because contraceptive pills mimic the effects of pregnancy and minimize the hormonal fluctuations that seem to woo men looking for an able mate, or at least a lap dance.

What do I THINK?

I think that like any good scientist, this incredibly important discovery warrants numerous studies outside of New Mexico. …and in the interest of science…I’ll be the first to step up to the plate to sacrifice my time…

What’s the best way to detect unconscious body signals?

When you discover the secrets of body language, you can be the one who:

  • Never gets lied to
  • Knows when they are attracted to you
  • Knows when they are uncomfortable
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The exact same nonverbal communication that gets people to buy from you are the same ones that get them to buy you. Whether you want to master body language to make the sale or get the girl (or guy) this program reveals all the secret codes hidden for so long! Absolutely no one has all of this information. Period. My proprietary research (which you are going to receive!) brings you to the cutting edge of having people fall in love with you in literally a matter of seconds.

You are going to discover what really gets the sale, the promotion, and what seals or kills the deal.

Between 60% and 75% of all of your communication is nonverbal. Are you attracting or repelling people around you? Are you making every sale you could be? How are people reading you?

In the first four seconds people will make judgments about you:

  • I will or will not buy from this person.
  • I will or will not like this person.
  • I find this person kind, or not.
  • I find this person intelligent or not.

And now for the most amazing part of the course: 6 CDs and Video are INTERACTIVE with our secret website filled with photographs to analyze!

You move through a catalog of photographs and nuance by nuance analyze the small lines, wrinkles, facial expressions, hand and body placement. All these details are explained to you by body language expert, Kevin Hogan.

The first two introductory CDs are geared toward helping you make an incredible impression in those first four seconds. This advanced portion of the home study course is all about the other person! Now you can discover whether they are lying or not. You can find out the cues of annoyance, covering hidden feelings, and whether they like you or not.

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