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Beating the New Obstacles of Getting Rich


How do you make money in a crisis? How do you build ANY kind of a future in a crisis? And don’t let anyone kid you, you are living in a crisis. It just hasn’t gotten bad yet. Yeah, I know the government sent you a check and they are probably going to send another and anything can happen from now and the next 110 days until the election when ALL the bills will come due for payment.

Hey, maybe you let Fake News convince you that student loans could be forgiven, mortgage debt could just go away, the lease on the building erased, medical could be free for all and somehow magically no one would have to work, even the professors, doctors, landlords. Maybe you believed socialism was possible, sort of like they do in northern Europe.

I promise you that the government can and will make up a whole bunch of “money” out of thin air next month and they will send at least the big corps and those with the smallest incomes, SOMETHING. It’s simple, there is an election in just 3 1/2 months!

So if you are going to die in November, you will be fine. But once the election comes then all the socialism in the world will start cracking at the seems, including the United States paying for it’s choices.

Of course most kids won’t be in physical school. (Many will try, someone will die, probably a professor or teacher, and the powers that be for better or worse, will shut down the schools.)

Here’s a secret: Most people will be at home, widening their current social circle a BIT, but not much.  This is actually a very good thing because when you work and live at home you avoid expenses, will develop tax breaks and will have a huge edge IF you do things wisely.

Here’s the reality of your life, your money, your world, your future:

If you do not seize the bizarre opportunity of the moment and build wealth now, you will have a real personal crisis in 5 years.

With the exception of World War II, the events of 2020 are the biggest game changer in the last century, simply because the impact is global.

Instead of solving problems as humans, “solutions” are now legislated. People imprisoned in their homes (literally in some countries)…so yeah crisis. Where people have the power of decisions they often experience FEAR of making mistakes, regret, etc.  But where people are boxed up without any choices? They tend to experience loss of control, hopelessness, depression. In either case you have crises on all levels of society.

It’s fascinating. It was a year where the external excuses of life seemed to trump the internal strategies of what’s happening inside of people’s homes. On a personal level I don’t like that. Wreaks of socialistic disasters just waiting to make a comeback.

Life changed but your BEST future didn’t, at least not  your future out say…4 years.

Understand, the TRANSITION during crisis is always challenging.

Never think it isn’t because if people tell you it’s easy then you have bigger problems, you’re listening to idiots. It’s not super easy, effort will be required. There will be a period where you’ll work harder for less. But you CAN choose to be better off in 2 – 4 years. It’s a series of choices.

And just because a the world caught a nasty cold doesn’t mean that having a life that is safe, secure, stable and prepared to set up a solid future that is sound and storied with success has changed. Not an iota. Not a jot. Not a tittle.

But people have taken to causes instead of working. This is predictable. People have taken their complaint to the world and good for them, but they will sink their own lives, their futures as they do so.

No, life didn’t change because of a virus. It simply created the breeding ground for another set of obstacles, some real, and some fabricated.  There is nothing new about people getting sick. Right now we can safely guesstimate 1.5 million people will probably die from combinations of covid and something else over the next 12 months. I see no reason and no math to believe a change is going to happen. You can’t “hope” for “vaccines” that WILL appear, I promise you “they” will appear. I like vaccines. They CAN be very helpful for a lot of people. Real vaccines. Vaccines generally take 10 – 20 years to get to the public from square one because to do otherwise would be insanity. You can kill a lot of people in haste.

Meanwhile there are others that are talking about “cures” to flu/cold, however you wish to quantify CV.  You don’t really believe that. No one over 30 can POSSIBLY believe that. How many cures for the cold and flu are there TODAY?


So, instead of being afraid of something that DOES appear to have SOME risk to average normal humans as far as mortality, it’s absolutely worth getting on with life which will END ANYWAY.  This doesn’t mean be stupid and shake hands with a bunch of people at a nursing home after visiting a meat packing plant. There’s no reason to give the frail yet another unnecessary risk in what little time they have left on this planet.

It’s impossible to KNOW what to “believe” in this wildly large social experiment but one thing is certain and…

To be clear: CV19 is ONE challenge like drunk drivers, protestors, demonstrators, bad cops, taxes, the government in general, criminal activity in general and on and on and on. It’s A problem. It’s not THE problem. People’s lives that matter and all related “causes” and “fights” will destroy millions more lives than a virus.

Each of these things is not THE CAUSE of a bad life.

Each is AN obstacle.

15 years ago you were coming up on what would be a significant recession. Nothing like the early 80’s. No, obviously not. Different kind of world then. THAT was hard. But the then coming recession would still be challenging. I started to encourage people to START A COFFEE TABLE BUSINESS at the HEIGHT of the “life is a bowl of cherries boom” of 2003 – 2006.

I laid out in painstaking detail why starting projects IN YOUR HOME and NOT IN A BUILDING NEXT DOOR is necessary for every thinking family.

MANY people listened and thrived. I’m thankful for that.

Each year more and more people realized that everything from the tax benefits to control over your own money, to living with your loved one’s NEAR TO YOU,  to using your talents at peak income, all come while working over your coffee table.



Not every time. Sometimes people had to “try, try again.” Sometimes an obstacle is having selected the wrong set of projects. That’s where Inner Circle paid off. Rarely do we see anything go wrong that is unfixable with people in IC.


Because we replicate what works over and over.

Now the governments of the world join hands and don’t ask people to be RESPONSIBLE for their behavior, but DEMAND that their behavior meet a new set of criteria, that of the government. Look at the people who got paid to stay home and do between nothing and very little. Do they want to go back to work? Obviously not.

But there are now a HUGE number of people who have a DISASTER on their HANDS. A REAL CRISIS…

…but as I’ve written 500 times, crises ARE the MOMENTS OF OPPORTUNITY. It’s one of those things people write on Facebook now but have no clue as to the depth or you’d see change in their world.

People who are smart TODAY will have the same advantages of when I first wrote articles like this from 2003 – 2009.

OBSTACLES of late 2020 and 2021 are going to be BIG like they were in the early 80’s and they might be worse…Maybe a lot worse.

And because we have the CUMULATIVE IDIOCY of governments around the world, I promise you that there are going to be two groups of people who will thrive.

1) The already wealthy. Good for them. They were smart and hung onto their earnings.

2) Those who SEE WHAT IS COMING and make that Coffee Table Business happen NOW so when things are REALLY challenging in late 2020 and 2021 that they will have a HUGE JUMP START on the rest of the planet.

As I noted hundreds of times in the late 2000’s, the FAST WILL EAT THE SLOW.

And they will again in this crisis.


With this in mind…

You want to be able to set up forecasts of probable and less likely outcomes where you live and what you will really be doing in the world in the next few years.

How would you like to know what people are thinking?

How would you like to know how to predict what they are going to do next?

This article will show you just how surprisingly predictable people are. (Predictable once you understand what makes people tick.)

Then, you get to learn how this will all factor into the problems you will face in wealth building…

The Rich Get Richer…

….In real life people who build wealth tend to continue to work hard and build wealth in spite of the penalties given to people who strive for success, people who work two jobs and earn more money to take care of their family, etc…

And…In real life, people who blow their money tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over…and society rewards them…only to have them blow what they were given again and again.

In general, it’s somewhat fair to say that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It just takes more effort to accomplish BOTH of those things than we might imagine. And it’s all because of our emotions.

Rich tend to get Richer

In the United States and most English speaking countries, all things being equal, anyone without major physical or mental handicaps should be able to build wealth if they choose to. And that is a true statement.

If you and I live in the same house or the same city, or state, for the most part, it’s a decision as to how much money you want to earn. And the decision is yours and it’s mine.

Unfortunately that person you’re living with only gets taxed 15% on his income because he works 8 hours per day. You work two jobs and get taxed at 28%.

That’s real life in America. It makes absolutely no logical sense whatsoever.

And the guy in the bedroom next to you gets the same amount of services (or more) for doing less than you do.

Thus, those who build wealth tend to work with even more focus and determination to do whatever they can to not let society’s punishments run them over. And just what happens when society is given THAT chance?

I’ll show you in a minute.

The Egalitarian Society

Concept of Equality Kevin Hogan

“Equality” is an interesting concept.

And we find that people really don’t like to see that other people have “more” than they themselves do…

Take people out of real life and put them in a University laboratory and some mind blowing things happen.

What we find is that people choose to punish people who work hard and succeed in order to bring them down to the level of non-success that they experience. And, they are willing to spend a lot of their money to do it!

(If this sounds like politics, I heard it, too.)

I did an experiment with a group of people in an adult setting a few years ago. People in the class were given random amounts of money and had choices to share it with secret members of the audience or not, based upon offers given to them, by me, representing each secret member. It was simple. The audience member could take $20 they were given in one dollar bills and split it between someone on the panel in any way they suggested. The only catch was the person on the panel had to agree to the split or give the money back to me.

So, if a guy offered a girl $1 and he’d keep $19, it takes no rocket scientist to figure out that the girl on the panel should accept the split. Otherwise, all twenty dollars returns to me.

Make sense?

Of course it makes sense.

It’s simple logic.

But people aren’t logical and they don’t think.

So is Something Better Than Nothing? Turn the page…

Something is Better Than Nothing

Almost everyone puts the kabosh on these wide splits. The people on the panel were always comfortable with 50/50 splits and about half the time they accepted $7 when the audience member suggested they keep $13.

Obviously the people on the panel should ALWAYS agree to ANY split because otherwise the money just all gets returned to Kevin who is running the game. And that is indeed what happened with MOST of the money as the day went on.

Once everyone decided to accept or not accept splits from secret audience members, I wrote on the flip chart how much money each person had. About half had no money. Some people had as much as $10. Of those that had money about half of them had $5-7.

Next up, I gave $10 to each of the poor people on the panel. Now all the people who had nothing to start with (those who were stupid enough to not take a split whatever it was) were the richest or equal to the richest. Instantly the impoverished were “moved into the mansion.”

Then I went to the people who had money from their decision to accept a split.

I told them I would give them $3 (to each person) or each person could take away $6 from anyone on the panel. However, no secrets. They would have to name the person and have me write down the remaining amount of money for that person on the board so the class could see it.

Now logically, every person should take the $3 and be happy. It’s free money. But that isn’t what happens. What happens is that people start pecking away at the people with the most money and pull them down to a level closer to their own income. Pretty soon, no one on the panel had more than $5 and I was getting money back in droves.

People Punished and Became Poor

The richest got hit first. Then the middle class….until everyone was poor.

Given another round where I would give them $3 or they could take away $3 from someone, they typically chose to punish the person who had punished them.

Instead of taking the $3 and being pleased, they chose to take away from those with a few dollars left and impoverish them.

Now, I have to confess that I didn’t invent this “game.” Scientists have been playing variations of this game for years with participants all over the world.

What I did find out was…

What I found out was how much people were angry with each other after the experiment was over. One couple who had gone out the night before, didn’t speak after the game. Even taking away a few bucks from someone in a game, in a class, can cause people to have intense hostile feelings toward each other.

The rich didn’t get richer — at least not in my game under my rules, or under other scientists’ recent studies.

Behavioral Study

People Will Spend Money For Good

According to a new study of behavioral economics, published in  Nature, people will spend their own money to make the rich less rich and the poor less poor. They do so without any hope of personal gain, acting, it seems, out of a taste for equality and sense of fair play.

Earlier research has demonstrated that people are willing to incur costs to punish and reward others, especially in scenarios where every player’s contribution to a common pool results in greater benefits for all. But in those cases it is hard to tell whether the actions are motivated by egalitarian preferences for similar income levels or a desire to enforce norms and encourage group cooperation.

So James Fowler, associate professor of political science at the University of California, San Diego, doctoral student Christopher Dawes and their coauthors set up a game to see if there’s a drive for equality.

The results suggest that a form of material egalitarianism is more than just a long-held ideal of utopian philosophers and political theorists. With not only self-interest but also group cooperation removed as factors, people still, at a cost to themselves, gave money to the poorest players and took it away from the richest.

Fowler and colleagues believe that their experiment shows that egalitarian motives, to some extent, underlie the evolution of cooperation and reciprocity in humans. “One of the reasons we cooperate may be because we care about equality,” Fowler said.

People Cooperate For Equality

Real-world analogues for egalitarian preferences, said Fowler, can be seen in the wide acceptance of a progressive tax and a social welfare net.

“If people didn’t have a taste for equality, then I would expect the world would be even more unequal than it is,” he said. “It has not been fully appreciated yet how much people are willing to level the playing field and how much this determines our ability to cooperate with each other.”

A total of 120 volunteers took part in the experiment over six sessions, playing the game five times in groups of four. Group composition changed with each game and players’ game histories did not follow them. In other words, reputation and retribution were not allowed to play a role.

Participants were randomly allocated different sums of money. They were shown what each player got and presented with a choice to do nothing and maintain the (unequal) status quo or to reduce their own real takeaway pay by one monetary unit in order to either increase or reduce another player’s income by three units. Outcomes of each game were then displayed.

In all, income alteration was frequent: About three-quarters of participants reduced or increased another player’s income at least once and about a third did so five times or more.

Subjects who had received more than the group average were penalized most frequently and most heavily, at a rate of about three-quarters of a unit for each unit above the average. In contrast, those that started out with considerably less than the others got sizeable gifts, at rate of about eight-tenths of a unit for each unit below the average.

The pattern of behaviors had the effect of equalizing income. It also did not change as players gained experience with the game (and so could clearly see that there really was nothing to be gained from their costly actions). Furthermore, it didn’t seem to matter whether individuals had themselves been the targets of an increase or reduction in the previous round: They continued acting as they had, either redistributing winnings according to apparently egalitarian principles or, as was the case with a minority, concentrating wealth in the hands of a few.

The researchers capped their experiment with a questionnaire designed to elicit emotional reactions. Players expressed the greatest levels of annoyance and anger in a hypothetical situation where one player got far more than they had. And the players who felt this way the strongest spent more to equalize the distribution.

And that’s not all. Continue reading...

Translation to Politics

People Who Give Are Involved with Politics

In related research, Fowler has shown that game behavior correlates with people’s political participation. Those that engage in costly giving and taking in a game tend to also be registered with a major political party and to vote at greater rates.

“The ‘Robin Hood impulse’ people display in the lab,” Fowler said, “appears to translate into good citizenship out in the world.”

Coauthors on the Nature paper are Tim Johnson, of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin and Stanford University, Richard McElreath, of UC Davis, and Oleg Smirnov, of the University of Miami.

The research was supported by the Center for Adaptive Behaviour and Cognition at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and the UC Davis Institute of Government Affairs.

Note: Parts of this article have been adapted from a news release issued by University of California – San Diego.

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There’s all kinds of neat little blueprints to building wealth out there.

I’ve seen most of them. I suppose in a perfect world some could work.

But when I sat down and looked at the bestselling plans to see what was missing and why so many people were disappointed, it was obvious that what was needed was a REAL system.

System implies algorithm. Algorithm implies step by step predictability and completion.

Some programs I checked out were grounded in silliness. “If you get a 12% return on your money per year then you….”

Here’s the thing…THAT is NOT going to happen. I’ve met perhaps a handful of people who know the truth about investing.


The stock market, after taxes, dividends, inflation and transaction costs will not return more than 5% against inflation over the next decade.

The stock market is very cyclical and predictably so.

It’s highly unlikely the markets will return even 5% by the end of the decade.

Wealth accumulation is not about investing in stocks or bonds.

You’ll learn the truth about if and when in this course…but now is not the time for either.

Honest to goodness, most of what is out there might be well intended but the teaching is so airy fairy that no one could actually do anything with what they learn. There were a few exceptions. There were some “methods” that simply wouldn’t and couldn’t work. They were disturbing approaches to securing a sound future. I wasn’t sure which I liked less.

When you were born, there was no Life Instruction Manual. There was also no Wealth Accumulation Manual and to date there never has been…until now.

Aside from being immensely valuable, you’re about to experience the most valuable system you’ll ever use. It’s fun which means you’ll use it every single day!

You’ve heard of going from 0 to 60 in 8 seconds in reference to a car, right?

Have you ever heard of going from starting with $1,000,000 in debt only to become a millionaire?

Someone wrote that about me and while it’s technically correct…there’s more to the story than numbers.

You probably know a bit of my story. Here is the thumbnail in three paragraphs:

I was raised in Chicago by a darn good Mom. Our family moved between poor, can’t get any poorer and lower class depending on whether Mom was married or not at the time…whether someone had just died or was dying in a hospital or yes when there were not one but TWO hospital beds in our tiny home.

Life was often nothing short of emotionally brutal. Our neighborhood was not violent although one guy did burn down the entire high school that was attended by 1600 people. (OK, that was a little distressing.)

Everyone that grew up in that child packed neighborhood had choices in life. They could choose to live a lower income bracket life when they got older. They could choose to live a middle class life when they got older. They could choose to live with an upper class income bracket when they got older.

It was and still is a choice.

I have no idea what your life experience was as a kid. I hope it was fantastic! Our experience was unusual. We were not only poor but we had the largest unforeseen debt load of anyone you’ve ever known. It was absolutely not anyone’s fault or “choice.” We didn’t have any money to spend. There were no credit cards. My first step dad spent the better part of 5 years in and out of the hospital accumulating debt that exceeded one million dollars. How does hospital debt get so big? Once you exceed a lifetime limit, the insurance doesn’t pay out benefits. It’s a long story with a lot of instructive experiences that I’ll save for the course.

As you grow up, it becomes pretty obvious you can choose to live in poverty your entire life, make minor changes or make major changes.

I don’t know about you, but I hated being poor. I wasn’t afraid of it because I lived it for a decade. When I was 11, the Boy Scouts brought a Thanksgiving turkey and old clothes. Some fit, some didn’t, all got worn, “better than not having any at all,” was indeed the correct answer.

“It makes no difference where you begin. Got a job? Don’t? Have debt? Don’t? It just doesn’t matter. Where you are going is 100% your decision.”

Today in America, 18% of people in the upper income bracket today were in the bottom 1/3 income brackets one decade ago.

You can know those kind of numbers will continue. It’s inspiring.

What caused 18% of people to leave living in lower income brackets to living a more fulfilling and rewarding life?

It won’t be because they got lucky.
It won’t be because someone gave them a job.
It won’t be because the government cut them a check.

It will be because they chose to change their life situation.


Some people want you to believe that if you were or even if you are poor today, for some wild reason you are destined to remain there forever as if someone is stopping people from living their dreams. That is not only untrue, it’s a dangerous belief.

In the Wealth Creation and Accumulation System E Course you’ll be exposed to a new world.

Kevin Hogan Business Building

There are no courses on wealth accumulation or wealth psychology offered in high school. There is no “playbook.”

Then when you get to college…there are no courses offered on the psychology of wealth accumulation. In the last 4 years, we’ve learned more about wealth accumulation at the research level and the face to face in the real world level than we knew the previous hundred years combined.

And things have changed so dramatically in the last decade that the playing field doesn’t even look the same.

If you went to college you probably went so that when you got out, you’d be able to “get a job.” And one thing is for sure, if you graduated from college you had a huge advantage over those who didn’t graduate from college. A college graduate earns about 1.5 times what a non graduate earns.

Ultimately that dollar figure will almost always be enough to “get by,” and will do nothing toward growing wealth.

To be clear, about 90% of households in the U.S. regardless of their income have no chance at accumulating wealth without making the changes itemized in this system. Paradoxically almost every one of those households has the actual ability to live a wealth life.

It seems ridiculous to think that someone earning $85,000 per year doesn’t have a better “chance at wealth” as someone earning $50,000 per year. It’s counter-intuitive but they simply don’t. The person at $65,000 annual income is living paycheck to paycheck in about 80% of families. The same is true, surprisingly enough for households earning $100,000 per year!

It’s no wonder people get off to a terribly slow start in life. It’s no wonder people get on a Hamster Wheel and stay there for decades. It’s tragic and heartbreaking.

Very little about having wealth is intuitive.

Today something like 40,000,000 people in the USA are on food stamps.

I remember the one and only time we used food stamps when I was a kid. I was about 7 years old and we went shopping. My Mom had three kids, no husband, no full time job, no resources and she broke down and took money from the government…for two weeks.

She was so disgusted that we never used them again. She’d earn her own money and not take that which was earned by someone else. She got a full time job instead. Thank God she made that decision or I might have been a very different person today.

“Your psychological programming needs to be changed to move beyond where you are today.”
Reprogram Money Memory

Your money memory is a very important part of your programming, just as it is mine. Those early experiences with money shaped your beliefs, attitudes and behaviors around money.

Most of those beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are dysfunctional and need REPAIR.

I know because it took a long time to unplug the vast majority of those programs which were a life disaster. Unfortunately, one category of sabotaging money memory is enough to erase any opportunity at growing wealth.

I’d like to suggest to you that three things comprise wealth. Time, Money and Love.

Had I not had a Mom who loved me, again, my life would have been very different. Once you have food, water and shelter, love and time become very important.

The idea of being wealthy never was important to me until 1994. I certainly never wanted or even considered the notion of being “rich.” I didn’t see the point.

At that point you could see that the United States was going the way of Japan. We (as a nation) had been great and we were going to start a slide that 30 years from that point was going to be ugly. Political parties started buying votes with promises of “free money.”

One of my few strengths as a person was math, particularly statistics and probability. I ran the math and I got very concerned that living a “normal life” wouldn’t be a normal life for the duration of my life. It was obvious that carrying on as I was would actually go backward over time. And that is precisely what happened.

I started researching various options and developed an approach to building wealth that relied on thinking. It took several years before a track record was established.

Got a track record?

Here’s one page of that record:

At the turn of the 21st century, “the economy” had gotten much worse. Pretty much all the nations in the world were printing a lot of counterfeit money which meant that money wasn’t going to be worth what it was for the previous three centuries. By the mid-2000’s I had put myself in a financial position that was sensible and I began to encourage people who read my work to buy gold. At the time, gold was $450 per ounce. I had begun buying gold not long before that.

Financial advisers wrote emails to me every day telling me I was wrong. But they lived in a very small world. They based their thinking on a set of principles and beliefs instilled by their industry that no longer matched what was happening in the world. I told thousands of them they needed to get their clients in gold. Eventually the markets had their crash and it was time to rebalance any investments back into the markets.

It did just that.

You’re going to see a similar experience in the next year.

I’ll show you how to navigate your way through this mess.

Meanwhile in that 2007 – 2009 period, what happened was most Americans went into a tailspin. They lost their ability to move out of their homes because they had mortgages that were bigger than what their house was worth or what they had paid for it…and they had no wealth. Middle-class America rolled the dice that a box of wood would go up in value. It made no sense. People really believed that a house was an investment. It’s not. It is a store of value. It will always be worth something, but you can’t count on it to go up in value. That’s just silly.

"I consider this a turning point in my life…

What I gained from this course is simply beyond what I can express through words… the required ‘push’, a lot of confidence, wiping out a lot of fears from me that I could not bring forth and explain,

identifying a few damaging personal weaknesses I developed over the years running on the wheel, re-assurances on a lot of flashes of thought which I firmly believed were true –

but got buried as I could not gather evidence to support those and a lot of insights that no one else would have ever shared with me. And a unique feedback I can give –

I am based in India, a few time zones and culturally different – but what you have shared is absolutely true for us.

I consider this a turning point in my life. Thank you once again!"

Anish Augustine
Bangalore, India

Gold shot up from $450 to $1200. Some of my readers would email me saying “Thank you” over and over and over. They watched $100,000 turn into $300,000 in less than 7 years.

Obviously today gold is at $2000. That would make the hypothetical gold investment worth even more in 2024. My how the skeptics no longer have anything to say.

12 years and my goodness, how things changed. But gold is like everything else, it doesn’t just go straight up. Since then it’s predictably bounced around between 1200 and 2000. And it probably will be in a “trending upward range” for the next couple of years.

Now $450,000 is not “rich.” And I’m not saying I single-handedly helped people get rich overnight. That just isn’t right. I simply showed people how to save their financial lives and secure themselves and those they love while the people who didn’t take the time to learn about wealth and money started slipping off the cliff.

You can only save the people who listen. Most people were stuck in a 20th-century model trying to make decisions in the 21st century. The world had changed. They wanted to be right. “They believed” in nonsense, they were taught and they went down the tubes.

Today the financial advisers are paying close attention.

People who followed the plan built stepping stones to wealth. Everyone else lost…a lot.

There is very good news, however.

“Don’t let anyone kid you: Building wealth in this decade is VERY DIFFERENT but NO MORE difficult than it was in 2008 or 2004 or 1994.”
Investment Love Money Paradigm

You simply want to let it happen much faster than you would have 10 years ago.

And fear not. There are no stocks to buy. There is nothing “risky” that needs to be done. Quite the opposite. This is the new paradigm of building wealth, NOT investing. If you have some cool investing plan that has been in your family for 10 or 20 years, have at it. It won’t interfere. Your financial planner’s job is secure though you might want to teach her what you learn so she doesn’t go broke along with everyone else. If she follows her own advice….

Your life is impacted by world events. The economy is impacted by world events. But growing wealth is a pretty basic life function that anyone can do in spite of world events.

At NO TIME IN HISTORY has crisis or disaster stopped individuals who understood what was going on, from growing wealth and securing their future. 1000 years ago, no one invested in stock markets and wealth was built through good times and bad.

The last 10 years have brought more variables to the table that have to be accounted for and incorporated into the Wealth Equation.

Fortunately, there is an equation.

“Think about it. Do you have any idea what the right answer is to these questions?”

Do you know if you should be buying a house in 2024? Wait until 2025? Interest rates are 7 percent! Want to know where they will be next year?

Do you know if you should be leaving your job for another?

Do you know if you should buy gold or stocks or commodities or futures or anything else?

Do you know what allows you to grow wealth like those in the upper-income bracket?

Most people don’t have the answer to those questions. They’ll never learn the answer to those questions. And there is a sad reason this is the case. We’ll talk about this in depth during the 10 Week E-Course.

And there are cut and dried and answers to all of those questions.

The big picture is now scripted.

You can build wealth or you can fall off the cliff. It’s all a choice.

But keep in perspective that money, or what money buys is more about the quality of life for the rest of your life than it is about skyscrapers and personal jets.


You really need all three to have a life you deserve.

And when you do you have all three, you have REAL WEALTH.

The answer to “how do I build wealth” is pretty simple, but the execution requires finesse. There is absolutely a small number of approaches that are right and a monstrous set that are wrong.

And without wealth, access to time, love and money, you could survive but you will barely be alive.

Wealth in one way, is like an Oasis…
wealth oasis

It is yours and it is there to serve you when you need it. And like reaching the Oasis, you start out in the middle of nowhere and only those who get to The Oasis will drink the cool water.

I don’t want to sound all serious about wealth. It has it’s fun side too.

Wealth also has some perks to it.

Wealth isn’t about the limo, although I do like the limo.

It’s not about the Penthouse Suite…but it is sweet. (I rarely use the jacuzzi, but I like the VIP service and special treatment.)

It’s not about getting paid to travel to all kinds of exotic places in the world, although that’s pretty cool.

For me personally, wealth is about safety, security, peace of mind, never having to worry about what life will be like next year, 5 years from now, 15 years from now, 25 years from now, 35 years from now. It’s taken care of. Not exactly exciting stuff to think about. But for me, it solves a myriad of problems.

Wealth allows some people the ability to party nonstop.

Wealth allows some people to have hot cars and hit all the hot bars.

Wealth allows some people to be socialites and the center of the attention.

Here’s the thing. If you earn it, do what you want and live how you choose.

Today it’s hard to think of an argument to not make it a big Life Priority.

There are plenty of “roads to wealth,” now you can actually take your pick…

About 1 in 10 of the wealthy simply inherit it. That’s good for them. It did nothing for you and me.

9 in 10 who choose to be wealthy secured themselves in predictable ways. And there really are a few predictable ways people become wealthy. The last 20 years have given us more opportunities than ever.

It’s such a paradox. There have never been more ways to achieve wealth.

It’s really important to know which of those ways are a) best for you and b) going to be easiest and ecological, going forward.

The Comprehensive Wealth Accumulation Method

The Wealth Accumulation Program helps you to work with a tool called The Wealth Matrix where you see how Money, Time and Love interweave into this thing called life. In the end, you see what actions to take when to take them, how to measure your results and ultimately have what you want.

This course will guide you so you can begin the step by step process of breaking away from the chains that bind people to the past and the status quo and begin living an exciting, hopeful, abundant future.

Perhaps you sell products and services, or maybe you work at a good old-fashioned “job.” That is all history. You may or may not choose to make adjustments. There’s lots of right answers and many times more wrong ones. You’ll see them all play out in the game at lightning speed.

In just 11 weeks, with the assistance of the course, I’ll guide you through a method of safely and securely creating shifts in your life.

Abundance and financial freedom are predictable commodities.

By taking advantage of the little known but very important, Price’s Law, I’ll show you how you can virtually assure yourself any result you desire in any field or niche. Price’s Law makes wealth accumulation as predictable as the eventual arrival of a plane en route to a destination.

You’ll literally be able to look at yourself and say, “Ah, in order to get what I want, I simply to do this.” And you don’t have to guess. It’s all laid out for you.

I’m just like you. I had to learn the hard way. The very hard way. I looked at every “opportunity” (scam) and bought into more than a few. It got old quickly.

I changed my approach.

I started studying the DIFFERENCES between people who grow wealth and those who don’t. I found what most of the serious students of the affluent have found. Most of the things reported in pop psychology books and magazines don’t make much difference in achievement…in greatness…in wealth.

You learn what you NEVER learn in college!

The fact is that there’s a LOT of stuff both the affluent and the poor (and everyone in between) do. This was a huge distinction and one that caused me to really scramble about a decade ago. The difference in what I thought was real vs. what IS real was the difference of millions of dollars.

If you really want to achieve Personal Financial Freedom, the freedom from bills and living paycheck to paycheck…you can be quite sure it will happen.

Everything you learn in this course will be…

a) tangible.
b) something YOU can actually DO.
c) take work but not slavery.
d) vehicles that I’ve taken and can vouch for their safety.

Wealth is Best Generated with VERY Small Risks

I’m pretty risk averse….OK, VERY risk averse.

The first decision you make is to not make stupid decisions.

The second decision you make it to MOVE NOW. I’ve done what I have set out to do by of having a really good playbook, being smart enough to do things I find interesting or things I actually LIKE to do, and yes, recognizing and getting past limitations. (Ex. I don’t look like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise)

If you’re looking to emulate the extremes of Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, this is the wrong place for you.

If you would like to live an abundant life where you achieve Financial Freedom…Personal Freedom, then here is the place. You will be given the keys. All you have to do is turn the keys in the ignition and “go.”

It’s an eight-week process. It’s fascinating, introspective, you REALLY learn about YOU. You’ll find out how you ended up where you are. You’ll find out exactly how to get where you want to go.

The approach I’ve developed for you is unique and it is special in that it accounts for personal significance and meaning in the equation of growing a life of abundance.

Life without meaning has no point.  You’ll find out in The Wealth Accumulation System that you can have most of what you want in life. You can have almost anything you choose and you want to choose with what is really going to give you your best life possible.

You may not “have it all,” but you will be, do and have those things you’ve always wanted.

Ten weeks where you’ll apply what you learn and create pathways to financial freedom in your life!


If I could show you how to create the life you desired, adopt the mindset of the wealthy, and literally give you a step-by-step handbook to manifest your life filled with abundance — would you be interested?

And what happens when you put this system into practice after the course is completed??

Legend Point: You will know exactly what to do, step by step. Your Wealth Matrix keeps you on course and moving forward at all times.

The Comprehensive Wealth Creation and Accumulation System is a wonderful experience, and if you register today you will not pay $10,000 which is what many, many seminars that purport to offer a wealth building system charge. The Comprehensive Wealth Accumulation System is $2,997.

But you can pre-register now and save!

For this ONE TIME ONLY introductory offering of The Wealth Accumulation Course, you get in for only $1777.

You can use any credit card or Pay Pal.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

Yes! I will register now for $1777.
Accept my registration paying $195 today and 9 Easy Monthly Installments of $195
Just finished the Wealth Accumulation course. It’s a bit earth shattering – in an amazing way. I have a complete turnaround on some old beliefs that will make the coming year fabulous! Thank you!
Lisa Hyatt

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