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Losing the housekeeper last week,(he’s not really lost, he got a management position with the other company he is working for) means that I’ll be vacuuming the more spacious level of the house again this week. That’s 2 or so hours.

Not a huge deal, but I know that’s two hours I won’t be working on Coffee. Two hours not doing research. Two hours not working with coaching clients.

That said, there are plenty of hours in the day that are dedicated to, say, Survivor, Terra Nova, Pan Am, and the biggest autumn diversion…the NFL Football games, which run nonstop.

Motivate People So, it’s not as if doing the vacuuming is going to steal time from productivity.

As I write this, I’ve now put off that vacuuming project for two days.

What Motivates?

So what would motivate me to get that vacuuming done NOW?

I certainly don’t WANT to do vacuuming. That’s why one has a housekeeper. There simply are more profitable uses of time.

Then I realized what would motivate me…and you…and everyone…

I was debriefing my son over his day at school. A visit to McDonald’s had been made. I hadn’t seen McDonald’s in about a year. As is the case every year at this time, they are doing their famous annual Monopoly promo. There are Monopoly “spaces” attached to the soft drinks and fries. You get two stamps on each item.

He says, “Hey two Park Place’s, now all we need is Boardwalk to win a million dollars.”

I tell him that would require several million visits to McDonald’s to retrieve that Boardwalk piece. I explained that Park Place would be something everyone gets BECAUSE the pair is what gets you the million dollars.

He’s a sharp kid. He understood the math, the rationale.

Yesterday, (the next day) I was up for my daily briefing and there was ANOTHER Diet Coke on the table with two labels that had been removed from the cup.

“Any luck?”

“Nah…it’s not gonna happen.”

What do you bet there is a McDonald’s Diet Coke on the table today, as well? And therein lies the motivation factor that changes the world.

Motivate People

It’s all about the Car Wash Study!

It’s one of the most profound pieces of research I’ve ever seen. This research shows you the secret to getting people to MOVE, to COMPLETE, and to BUILD LOYALTY.

And, it’s frighteningly simple…

How did it work and how can you use the concept? …

How it Worked at the Car Wash

150 loyalty cards were distributed to customers at a professional car wash on a Saturday.

The following Saturday, 150 different loyalty cards were distributed to different customers.

Loyalty Cards that Motivate People to Buy & More Often One loyalty card had 8 blank spaces for stamps to be affixed after each car wash (leading to a free car wash). The other loyalty card had 10 spaces but two stamps already affixed…leaving 8 blank spaces for stamps to be affixed.

When you’ve got a complete card, you bring it in for a free car wash.

What happened?

The loyalty cards with two stamps affixed were redeemed almost TWICE as often as those with the same number of car washes needed for a free car wash, but with no stamps affixed. 34% vs. 19%.

In my mind, this is almost scary.

Same Effort Needed, Only One Small Distinction

BOTH cards needed 8 car washes to get a free car wash…but the stamped cards got almost twice the redemption rate.

All by itself, that is something almost every business in the world can use to increase profits. But it gives you a lot more than money, and I’ll come to that in a minute.

First…there is more that happened in the Car Wash Study…that will blow your mind…and help you motivate people to your benefit and theirs!

Frequency Matters

At The Car Wash, those people receiving the loyalty card with stamps affixed caused people to visit the car wash again 2.9 days sooner than those without stamps affixed!

Now THAT should make no sense. After all, the car doesn’t get dirtier for people who got a loyalty card with two stamps already on the card and deeply buried in some gal’s purse.

Momentarily setting aside my need to get this floor vacuumed, it’s now obvious that there is something pretty amazing going on here at many different levels, right?

Loyalty Cards that Motivate People to Buy

What’s the Magic Number?

This generated one of those “magic questions” like, “So what is the ‘right number’ of stamps to affix to a card?

For example, a study done at a restaurant wanted to find out THIS:

Are consumers more likely to become involved in a loyalty program where:

a) 5 of 15 purchases are endowed (stamps affixed)

b) 2 of 12 purchases are endowed (stamps affixed)

Note: (Both options leave 10 to go for a free meal in the study.)

What about the marketing savvy consumer? …

What happened?

The meal cards that had 5 of 15 stamps affixed were far preferred and used over the 2 affixed to 12 slots. (Both needed 10, remember…but the 5 of 15 was much more powerful in causing people to take action.)

Loyalty Cards that Motivate People to Buy There should have been NO DIFFERENCE.

But that wasn’t the case.

The 15 – 5 was FAR more effective than 12 -2!

Were there any other nuggets gleaned from the studies?


One big variable was added to resolve a predictable problem.

Can’t Fool Me

Consumers have become skeptical of marketing gimmicks in the 21st century. In the loyalty programs, if you give consumers a logical reason, an illogical reason or no reason…which consumers are more likely to utilize the loyalty program?

What happened in the scenarios where these options were tested?

It didn’t matter whether there was a good reason or a bogus reason for understanding why there were stamps affixed when they technically hadn’t earned them, as long as there was a reason.

Cards given with stamps affixed and without reasons were redeemed much less often.

More stamps indicated more progress with an equal number of steps remaining.

People visit McDonald’s faster even though they know there is an all but zero chance to win.

People WILL visit again more often when they have a reason.

That brought one final piece of data that needed to be tested in another study.

The question was simple.

Do Points Score?

Loyalty Cards with Points Motivate People to Buy Do consumers respond with more loyalty to programs based on purchases (like the car wash) or points (like airlines use)?

For whatever reason, consumers respond MUCH better to points programs than number of purchases. This, of course, is standard consumer illogical reasoning, but it didn’t matter. The difference was overwhelming.

When you do a loyalty program, you use a points system!

Now, all of the above will cause your business to be a lot more profitable. But money isn’t everything.

After all, WHEN is this vacuuming going to get done?

In a minute…

What is at the heart of this strategy that makes it work? …

The Endowed Progress Effect

What you have witnessed in the Car Wash Study is called, the Endowed Progress Effect.

Write that down and remember that because it will make you a bucket full of money.

Loyalty Cards give an illusion that Motivates People to Buy The Endowed Progress Effect means giving the consumer an illusion. They believe that they are 1/3 of the way there, when in reality, they are 10 steps away whether there are 12 – 2 spaces to be filled or 15 – 5.

It shouldn’t matter.

But it does.

Right now, all of the rooms on this level need to be vacuumed and I’m still sharing stuff with you I’d normally reserve for consulting sessions with businesses.


100% of the rooms need to be vacuumed. All of them. And nothing has changed.

What to do?

A Strategy to Get Things Done

In life there is never a one to one correspondence to one situation vs. another. Here is the simple strategy.

I’m just going to vacuum 2 of the 8 rooms. That’s it. JUST TWO.

I’m going to create a 10-box grid on the whiteboard. Before I begin, I’m going to block out two squares with big black letters indicating that TWO ROOMS are already done before I begin.

THEN I’m going to mark the two rooms I actually vacuum on the grid. Then there will be 6 left. I’ll be 40% of the way there.

And you know what will happen next.

Damn thing is, I better get a new housekeeper 2.9 days faster than I had planned for….!


What do you bet there are two more Monopoly stickers on the dinner table tonight?

[The Endowed Progress Effect: How Artificial Advancement Increases Effort, Joseph C. Nunes and Xavier Drèze; The Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 32, No. 4 , pp. 504-512]

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I got paid $500 for my first paid public presentation. Now that may not sound like a lot to you, but this was 1987 when $500…was about twice what it is today. I was 25.

Two years before that presentation, I earned $14,140 as a restaurant manager that worked 54.90 hours per week. (Do the math.) I was not a good manager. To my credit, I was a customer-service-junkie manager. I wanted every customer served at light speed and with the best we had. But I didn’t care if the paperwork was up to date…didn’t care if the drawers added up perfectly at the end of the night. They were always close enough. (If they weren’t I put in my own money and found how the cash disappeared later…) Didn’t care if the coupons were all entered into the registers. I just was not a bookkeeping kind of guy.

I didn’t mind paying lazy employees minimum wage and good employees twice that. But the restaurant did. Employees needed to be paid roughly the same amount of money….How stupid was that?! Lose your best employees to the first real job they find…and I’m stuck with what’s left. I shared that with the regional people. They didn’t like my non-conformist attitude. I confess that I never read “the company handbook.”

That got me into more than occasional trouble. I didn’t know you couldn’t help people with their family problems at home, compliment the lady on how nice she looked that day, tell the guy to get his backside in gear, or bet on the Vikings. I managed “by Mom.” I managed the store like my Mom would have. (And by the way…we were substantially profitable that year over and above the previous year even with bad weather at the holidays!)

I didn’t get fired from THIS job. But I should have. I hated the rules…well I would have if I would have read them. The Regional Manager kept reminding me of the rules. I would almost get ill when I would be lectured about “the rules and policies”. Policy always sounded like Police to me….

“Kudos for your Public Speaking Program. And I never even have to leave the house. I actually love doing in-person presentations, but they aren’t the only way to do things. I also do teleseminars, and I have just launched a new joint venture project with some of the big names in Internet Marketing. I am interviewing 7 of Mark Joyner’s Space Monkeys from his 7 Day Business Turnaround Kit, and Mark himself. The participants include Jason Henderson, Michael Morgan, Tom Justin, Reed Floren, and more. Thank you for the inspiration, the skills, and giving me the courage to make this dream into reality!” Tania Baildon, Wealth Virus Expert

It just wasn’t for me. I quit before finding more ways to get “fired.” (No one was “downsized” in those days.)

I wanted to do something FUN, EXCITING, and something I LIKED. My two co-managers LOVED their work. The place was a perfect fit for them…but not me. I was a square peg and had no intentions of getting any more shaved off on the sides to “make me fit.”

Napoleon Hill sat by my bed every night. (Think and Grow Rich, that is.) I was going to do him proud….

Moving from the point of being a speaker who wanted to “get good,” to a professional was a pretty big step for me. I was going to ask for $500….

I was REALLY young. Why would anyone PAY ME to talk to them?

And once I decided to actually answer that question…

It was 1987 at Moreland Elementary School. I talked to the 400 kids packed into the gymnasium about drug and alcohol use. The good. The bad. The ugly. I was scared to death (almost literally, as I suffered from severe panic disorder in 1987…I had panic attacks 3-6 times per week…they were random…I never knew when they would come.).

I was 25 years old and my life dream was now officially on day one. I didn’t do it alone. I asked for help and I had help. I had a friend helping me. Someone who was as dedicated not to my dream but the message we wanted to share. In fact, there were 2 or 3 people like that. None of us got rich. We weren’t in that frame of mind. We shared a powerful message to people who wanted to hear it…and a lot that didn’t. Later letters and testimonials would show lives saved, endless appreciation, recommendations to other schools and organizations.

Two years later I spoke to South St. Paul High School. $1000. I had an enormous audience of students, teachers, parents. The place was packed. Same subject. But media covered this one. We came up with a neat angle that tied us into a national campaign. That was a very, very good thing because it was the beginning of the next level…

In fact most of my early presentations were all $500-$1,000 per day (several presentations per day at each school). They were in front of schools…kids…the toughest audiences on the planet…and I survived to tell about it!

I don’t have detailed records (what a surprise)… but I did about 15 schools per year for four years. I made more money in those 15 days than I did the entire year in 1986.

“Wow, you really do over-deliver! I have at least 2 months more work to do even after the course is over. I am not complaining…this is GREAT. I have arranged 3 speaking engagements already and I have a blueprint for my future speaking to be successful. Not only have your prepared the soil you have helped water and fertilize it! I previously thought speaking was just speaking, but boy, was I wrong! Thanks for helping me open my eyes – and – giving us tools to manifest what we are learning. All of the add-on information helps us have multiple streams of income as well as better and more effective marketing. What you have delivered is more than what I thought I would receive, and frankly, it is worth more than you charged. I can’t wait to get to the $100K mark…you have already deserved a bonus and the course is not over yet!” Karl W. Ellerbeck, NCMT

I made the audience members’ adrenaline pump. I was unconventional. I did a lot of things most speakers would never do in front of an audience. I was not politically correct. My lack of judgment in content often got me a few scowls but, by-and-large, they liked the 25 year old…

I worked hard to get the dates…next to no one knows how to go from anonymous to known quickly…and I was no exception. I had to learn the hard way. But I learned.

I learned how to get paid even when they didn’t have ANY MONEY. I learned how to get paid and my audience was children, which meant ZERO back of room. I learned how to get paid when there was literally no budget, no allotment, no nothing. Each month went by and I learned another secret. Another insider idea that would pay off over and over again. The kind of stuff no one on the outside would ever think about…which is why they were on the outside and I was in the jungle on safari!

Today…things have moved along nicely. I have been invited to speak literally from London to Australia. It took me an enormous amount of time to learn how to move from level to level. 500 to 1000. 1000 to 1500. 1500 to 2000. 2000 to 4000. 4000 to 5000. 5000 to 10,000.

But the hardest leaps were the early leaps. Constantly having to justify how I could be worth 1000.00 for one day…

And that’s what I want to help you do.

I want to show you how to move from zero to whatever you want to earn. (There is a cap by the way, in what you get paid for speaking. You can do X dates per year. That’s it. There IS a cap so don’t think you will make 100,000,000 just from speaking. You won’t! You simply get paid more than all of your friends and peers and most everyone else…a lot more.)

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“This class has made me realize that almost anything is possible. Your class gave me every tool necessary to not only begin my speaking career but catapult it forward. You not only made me realize my commitments – but put me on the road to achieving them. You are an incredibly intelligent, witty, dependable, thoughtful, inspirational, energetic and authentic human being. All of that bundled with the fact that you truly care about others makes you very unique. It was an amazing experience for me to begin this e-course and over a period of eight weeks learn all there was to learn about becoming a professional speaker. You are a genuine giver. I hope others don’t miss the opportunity to spend time learning from you. You have changed my path and I thank you for it. Thank you for helping me get my website up to the #1 position on Google.” Tonya Reiman,

  • How to develop a wealth of material that is YOUR UNIQUE MATERIAL to use when speaking. 
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How can you learn the different aspects of public speaking from home with an e-course?
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As a bonus, I’m also going to let you use video tape if you have the ability to videotape yourself. If so, you will have two opportunities to get me video in the 5th and 8th weeks of the course. I will analyze up to 30 minutes of a presentation that I approve for you.  I’ll give you point by point feedback as if I was in the room with you.
There’s a great deal of written work in creating various messages (marketing, manuals, PR, press releases) that you will use to represent yourself to the people you want to hire you. I will line by line each piece of work for you.
Every piece of getting paid what you are worth is included and detailed.

“Kevin, with two thirds of the Professional Speakers Course behind me you continue to challenge and push me beyond limits I did not even realize existed. With over 400 pages of unadvertised course manuals, 20+ hours of recorded training material, continual opportunities for active participation and one third of the training still to come, I cannot fathom what you have left to share! I haven’t even read about a course that contains half of the materials that you have covered to this point, and still say there is more! The opportunity to interact with the other participants really pulled it all together. Thanks…so far.” Murray R. Mortlock, CD, Alberta, Canada

I will hold nothing back. If you need the answer to ANY question you will be able to ask at any time.

The complete plan is here for you. Nothing is left out. No additional secrets. Everything is here. Everything.

The course works like this.

10 people participate (I’d work with 50 if I had the time, desire and energy…it’s not that “space is limited”…it’s not…it’s an E-Course.)

Each week, you’ll receive your lesson for the week. One week it’s a video tape that will arrive in your mailbox. The next week it’s densely packed information and crucial data you get by email. The next week it’s YOU making a video and sending it to me to FIX. Not only will I show you how to present so they WANT YOU BACK, I’ll show you what to do to become a truly SUPERB speaker so they will be talking about you the next day!

Yes. I’m going to show you how I create and develop presentations so that you can literally talk for DAYS and not cover the same story or material twice…all without a script.

This program not only shows you how to make money but…if you choose… how to become one of the best!

Crucial: In order to get feedback on the week’s assignment you MUST get your homework to me by the end of the week. I won’t play catch up with anyone. It’s your life, not mine….and it’s MY LIFE, not yours. I’m dedicated to you, you dedicate to me. If fixing the planter in the back yard is more important than the rest of your life, then don’t register for the course.

At the end of the course, you will have my attention for quite some time because of how I earn my money…

Each participant pays a grand total of $10,000 per person.

I’ll do 100% of the work to get you where you want to be, if you will put a 30% deposit down. (Or less…!)

You enroll for only $2997. (Or choose an easy installment pay plan!)

Then you give me your word (and a signed note) that after you have earned $100,000 in speaking fees, you will pay the balance.

I’m going to write letters of recommendation, take phone calls for you from potential clients, help you in ways that only someone in the field can, and be here for you when you need any holes filled in for you.

If we have corresponded or talked in the past…this is who I prefer to work with. But even if we haven’t as long as you have integrity (total integrity) and a strong desire to succeed, you can participate. You can be a professional speaker

I retain the right to turn down any application for any reason prior to the beginning of the course.

If you want to lead the field, I want to help you. Oh, and if I’m anywhere nearby when you are giving your first speech after you hit the $100,000 mark, I will be there in the audience cheering you on.

Here’s your chance. You’ve always wanted it.

You’ve always dreamed it.

Whether you are 25 or 75…don’t die with your music still in you…this is the opportunity of your lifetime. Let’s have fun together and make some music!

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