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Citations in the Media

Some of the media that have interviewed Kevin Hogan for expertise on body language, influence, sexuality, relationships, and success.

ABC Presidential Election – Trust the Body Language: McCain, Obama August 28, 2008


New York Times, Presidential Election, Kerry vs. Bush Body Language September 26, 2004



SUCCESS magazine, October 2008, Secret Language: Decoding Nonverbal Clues to Get the Edge. (Investors Business Daily), June 6, 2008, Follow the People Signs, Sonja Carberry,, February 21, 2008, Body Talk, Lauren Streib,

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First for Women, October 21, 2002, p. 90, Get Your Way, Every Time

Star, September 9, 2003, Get Tempted Again!, What are the Couples of Temptation Island Really Like? 44-45

Star, November 15, 2004, Ben and Jen’s Movie Night (analyze body language of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner) p.7-8

Men’s Health Sept 2007, p. 88 “Woo her with words.” (content: seduction strategies!)

Cosmopolitan September 2007 p. 52 “Decoding the Man Hug” (men are hugging more, why and what do these hugs mean)

First for Women May 2, 2005, “Double Your Wow Factor” (Being enthusiastic but not over the top w/ body language.)

Cosmopolitan Nov. 2005, “Are You a Great Guy Reader,” recognizing behavioral patterns in men.

Redbook, October 2003, 160-172, “The Marriage Secrets Hidden in Your Photo’s, What Your special snapshots say about your bond.” (==”Coolest article I ever was interviewed for.”===Kevin Hogan)

Selling Power, Nov/Dec 2005 p. 28, “Foreign Relations, How to Build Rapport with a Prospect Whose Native Language Isn’t English.”

King, Sept. 2005, “Cater2Who” analyze body language of Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly of Destiny’s Child

Psychologies, UK March 2006, page 56-59 “The Art of Persuasion”

Psychologie Netherlands July/August 2007 Full Page, Page 86- Discussing the Problems of “The Secret”

Selling Power November/December 2003 , page 68-71 Brain Gain by Heather Baldwin (Hogan deals with the emotional brain and the reticular formation in selling.)

Cosmopolitan page 270-273 “Little Moves that Reveal What’s Bugging Him” detecting emotional suppression and deception in men

Selling Power May 1996 , page 70, Psychology of Persuasion reviewed.

First for Women, 10/21/02 page 90/91 “Get your Way Every Time” “…men are biologically programmed to compete, dominate and win in order to carry on the species. ….Losing equals failure and we men can’t stand either,” KH goes on to discuss how to get out of arguments with men.

In Touch August 25, 2003, page 71 Liz Hurley and boyfriend Arun Nayar, analysis

First for Women 12/27/04 page 118, discussing mind optimization, shifting out of negative feelings.

Master Salesmanship, April 17, 2006 Front Cover “Turn Persuasion Strategies into Selling Skills”

Video Lewinsky/Clinton citation for details on what KH said about Lewinsky/Clinton. Video tape showing Monica and Bill in a crowd. This was after the New York Post article

BBC Interview Kevin Hogan
BBC interview with Kevin Hogan about debates between Bush and Gore

Kevin Hogan Predictions Bush Gore
October 13, 2000 BBC, Kevin Hogan predicted Bush would go ahead of Gore when no one else did, because of body language

New York Post January 27, 1998 p. 4, “Bill Denies He Had Affair” Hogan, “He looked sick. He was not trying to control his anger. He was trying to control his fear.” (Kevin Hogan was one of four experts that were the first to break the story, that said, he did….)

New York Post, January 28, 1998 p. 4 “Experts – What a Magnificent Gesture!” Hillary Clinton supports her husband on NBC Today Show with Matt Lauer. “She was awesome. She makes her husband look weak”, observed psychotherapist, Kevin Hogan…..”She told the truth…” (lengthy interview)

White House May 3, 1990 “Members of A+ Kids (Kevin Hogan home address) Dear Students: Thank you for sending me the special certificate of recognition along with your message of friendship and support. It was very kind of you to remember me in such a thoughtful way. You have my best wishes for a bright and Happy Future. Sincerely George Bush”

White House October 26, 1988 (Addressed to the home of an A+ Kids team leader) “….I hope each of you will always stay drug free. I can’t tell you how special it was to hear from you. The President joins me in sending you our warmest good wishes. Sincerely, Nancy Reagan”

KARE 11 TV Minneapolis, 9/30/04 Bush Kerry (video from tv show)

FOX News 9/30/04 Bush Kerry (video from tv show)

ABC Newspapers March 9, 1990, Drug Awareness Group a Dynamic Story of Success. “Success Dynamics has spoken to between 20,000 and 25,000 students in the Metro [Minneapolis/St.Paul] Area.”

ABC Newspapers Friday, January 19, 1990., page 8. “I” Matter Dynamic Speaker ‘talks up’ Self Worth, Goal Achievement, during Chemical Free Week in Andover… “Kevin Hogan took the floor in an aggressive dynamic matter. He spoke forcefully about the evils of drugs and alcohol. Hogan stated, “the environment you live in is dictated by who you associate with.”…..”During the school day Hogan also presented one of the Foundations A+ Kids groups to the Andover students. A+ Kids are chemical free students who put on programs promoting self esteem and goal achievement.

ABC Newspapers Friday March 30, 1990…page 8. Promoting Drug Prevention: Parents, teaching self worth are Keys. ….”60 A + Kids clubs have formed in just the last six months.”

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