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E-Courses Online with Kevin Hogan for 2019

– You never need to be online at a specific time.
– You work at your own pace.
– You have email access to Kevin Hogan as your personal coach during the course.

The 7-week Comprehensive & Systematic Formula for Wealth Accumulation

The NEW Wealth Creation & Accumulation System E-Course

Next Course: September 7, 2019

Whether you earn $40,000 or $400,000 per year, this private E-Course will be one you will always cite as a “turning point” or the “step to the next level.”

“Wealth is definitely about money, but it is also much more than just money. It’s about really living your life while your wealth grows!”

Being wealthy comes down to a decision and a choice.

Over the 7 week E-course, you’ll take at least one step up the pyramid of life. By the time you have completed the course, if you choose, you’ll find yourself already having completed the single most difficult piece of wealth accumulation. When you complete the course, you will have a proven plan and a Playbook to make sure you do exactly what you are supposed to do!

It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s intense, and whether you are a millionaire today or will be starting from scratch, this experience will show you the way, simplify your life, give you more joy and give you the pleasure of watching your new pile of gold grow each day.

There’s all kinds of neat little blueprints to building wealth out there. I’ve seen most of them and a few are OK. They could work in some circumstances. But when I sat down and looked at the bestselling plans to see what was missing and why so many people were disappointed, it was obvious that what was needed was The Wealth Playbook.

When you were born, there was no Life Instruction Manual. There was also no Wealth Playbook and to date there never has been…until now. Your tuition includes a REAL Wealth Playbook which is comparable to an NFL team’s playbook and play calling sheet for each play in the game.

Aside from being immensely valuable, the most valuable system you’ll ever use, it’s fun which means you’ll use it every single day!

Next Course September 7, 2019. You can register and save now!

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How Do I Become a Published Author?

Next Course: September 27, 2019

How Do I Become A Published Author? Write, Publish & Sell Your Book! E-Course. Learn from someone who has done it! With more than 15 successful books published, Kevin Hogan has walked the path that aspiring writers are just beginning.

  • How to write your book so that it will sell a publisher and so that it will sell to the general public. These are two COMPLETELY different sets of problems.
  • How to self-publish for those with a little backbone that want to maximize profits.
  • How to avoid all the rip offs in contracts that publishers will ask you to sign. This part of a module can save you between 50% and 75% of your royalty check. Many authors expect royalty checks of $20,000 or more, only to see a check of $4,000. Why? They signed a contract with little catches that even an attorney wouldn’t have caught because very few attorney’s understand the nuances of publishing contracts…
  • You will learn how to actually sell your book so you can make some money and not just have a book that is “remaindered.” (Those books in the “bargain books” section at Barnes and Noble…you don’t get paid on those you know…)
  • I’ll show you how to get a significant advance on either your first or second book. This is top secret and few authors ever will see a penny advance on their first or second book.
  • I’ll show you how to get in print in hardcover for your first book! Few people if any ever get into hardcover editions.
  • Much More!

Avoid costly mistakes and learn the marketing and promoting secrets of an expert. Only 9 applicants will be accepted.

You may Pre-apply now and receive instant savings! See Application form for applicable discounts!

How to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book E-Course

Information Product Development & Creation

Kevin Hogan Information Product ECourse Next Course: December 2, 2019

How Do I Make Money With My Products on the Internet? Maybe you have a web site or a blog. You know there is untapped potential in offering products. But how do you do it? What works? Where should you focus?

Not only will you discover the best ways to choose what to sell, you will discover how to create your own information products.

  • How to choose what product(s) to create and market
  • How to automate the selling and distributing of your product(s)
  • How to design a web page that sells
  • How to create an audio or video product
  • How to create a downloadable product
  • How to bring traffic to your web page(s)
  • How to get qualified traffic to your site so you have interested buyers
  • How to utilize affiliate marketing to sell other people’s products
  • Profitable marketing models, including the “Funnel” Marketing Method
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating the products you will be proud to offer

Get all the Details for the Info Product Creation E-Course


Professional & Public Speaker Course

Kevin Hogan Motivational Speaker Body Language Expert Sales Influence Training Next Course: November 9, 2019

How Do I Become A Motivational Speaker Learn all the inside secrets of becoming a successful motivational speaker! Everything is here.

Improve your speaking style, learn how to be paid what you’re worth, marketing yourself, building a successful website, and much more.

  • Control your income level. (Decide how much you want to get paid!)
  • Develop programs, products and written material superior to all competitor’s
  • Have your own Boot Camp (which is the fastest way for participants to accelerate their career and their lives!)
  • Learn why Boot Camps are the best investment per dollar spent for every participant.
  • Have knock ’em dead platform skills…inspire…entertain…inform…change lives
  • How to use publicity to build your self and your business
  • How to position yourself as THE expert in your field
  • Use the internet to add enormous amounts of money to your income.
  • Give profitable teleseminars that people desperately need
  • Dominate your market
  • Where the hottest markets are right now

Apply today to guarantee your spot!

Professional Speakers E-Course

Build Your Small Business Online

Create the Lifestyle You Want with Internet Marketing

Next Course Begins:

October 1 2019. Register now!

How do I Make a Profitable Website Presence and Build Wealth on the Internet Will you be the next person to earn six figures annually on the Internet? Using the same strategies and techniques we’ve used to make a ZERO investment turn into SEVEN digits….you CAN do it.

Your first 10 Discovery Points….

1) How to buy a web name in 2 minutes. (like

2) How to start a website in 30 minutes.

3) How to post the website to the internet in 10 minutes.

4) How to get people to come to the website within 4 HOURS.

5) How to get the biggest search engines (google, yahoo, msn, aol) to direct people to you instead of your competitor, for free. (within 2 days)

6) Exactly WHAT you need on your website to make your website popular. (Within days.)

7) How to make those search engines fall in love with you and send more and more traffic your way. (Within a week.)

8) Specific things you can do with nothing more than typing a letter that will make the search engines think your site is important enough to push you onto the first page at google, yahoo and msn. Within 7-14 days.

9) How to KNOW what to sell on your website(s).

10) Choosing products and services to sell.

“Kevin’s Internet Marketing and Web Wealth E-Course was excellent. He gave us LOADS of stuff to learn, and he also personally answered every single question I could throw at him. So now I have all the knowledge needed to successfully market ANY product. There’s no need to guess or wonder what some other guru knows that I don’t know because he gave us everything that actually works!” Jason Lowe, New Zealand

Next course starts October 1, 2019

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Internet Marketing and Wealth Building E-Course


Decision Point E-Course

Kevin Hogan Decision Making Ecourse Next course begins
June 2, 2019

Achievement Rests Upon Your Ability to Make Excellent Decisions

7-Week (28 Modules) Brilliant Decision-Making Skills

What would happen if you had the method for decision?

What would it be worth to have a simple systematic approach to decision making where the guidelines are from your head and heart?

Most people are paralyzed with uncertainty about whether they should:

  • Ask the girl to marry them.

  • Make a purchase.

  • Move from one place to another…

  • Quit their job…

  • Decide between committing one person or another.

  • Start a business…

You’re going to learn it ALL in this 7 Week E-Course.

If you’ve been in an E-Course with me, you know that although they are always convenient, they are also densely packed with practical, real life application as the end result. That is the same here. Everything you learn will be immediately applied to a crucial part of your life because there is a LOT going on in your life right now and a LOT of it has to change but you don’t know WHAT.

Get all the Details about Decision Point E-Course



Personal Coaching and Mentoring Inner Circle Membership with Kevin Hogan

How would you like to be in a room with a dozen superstars…all getting cutting-edge insights into growing your business, making more sales, simplifying your marketing and making it pay off?

“Your ability to focus and get to the heart of the matter in minutes is what I love about being in Inner Circle. It’s your greatest gift, (next to your boundless compassion and maybe it is a part of that) in my opinion.” Sonya Lenzo, St. Paul, MN

What will happen when you have every secret in the mind of Kevin Hogan?

How would it feel to be the PRIORITY APPOINTMENT on Kevin Hogan’s SUCCESS CALENDAR, three times this year?

How would you like to have the answer to every question you have about making more sales, getting people in the door, running the unbelievably profitable website you so need, and closing every deal possible?

How about one year of daily access to Kevin Hogan via email?

How would you like to know what Kevin Hogan knows two years before it hits a book, a year before it makes it to CD and six months before it is released in Boot Camp or one of ………four annual ?

That’s what is at stake.

If you qualify.

I’ve created a two-level Coaching and Mentoring Inner Circle for a very select group of people.

Find Out About the Inner Circle


Speaker? Learn how you can start presenting “Psychology of Persuasion” and “The Science of Influence” Seminars!

Kevin Hogan Influence & Persuasion Licensee Programs

If you already give seminars and trainings, coach, teach, or consult with self-employed professionals, business owners, or salespeople, why not add the Psychology of Persuasion or Science of Influence Seminar program to your professional toolbox? With a Licensee Kit, you get all the materials to deliver either one of these powerful programs to any company, group or association that sells or needs to market to make money. For years Kevin taught the Persuasion program at the University of St.Thomas Management Center and numerous adult education facilities. It has been delivered in different countries around the world and has been perfected for YOU.

Contact Kevin Hogan personally at


Kevin Hogan, Psy.D. is the founder of the ultimate human behavior resource website. Kevin has written 24 books and produced dozens of programs including Psychology of Persuasion, Selling Yourself to OthersBody Language: The Secret Code of Communication.

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What People Say

“Want to influence others? Want to persuade others? Want to sell others? Then Science of Influence is not just an option – it’s a landmark breakthrough of information you can use the minute you read it.”
"As a psychotherapist, I work in the minefield of decision-making and I can tell you that making good decisions is critical to happiness, success, and relationships. Kevin Hogan’s course covers the terrain of decision-making with his usual thoroughness, candor, and relevance. Kevin is always ahead of the game because of his extensive research, vast and varied connections and sharp mind. His thinking about ‘high noon’ and light a fuse, if applied, would save many relationships and learning the concept alone is more than worth the price of admission."

Author of The Psychology of Persuasion, Irresistible Attraction, and The Science of Influence, Dr. Kevin Hogan is trusted by organizations, both large and small, to help them help their people reach their personal peak performance and maximize influence in selling and marketing. Kevin is an internationally admired keynote speaker and corporate thought leader. In Coffee with Kevin Hogan, he shares his research, observations, and how you can apply them in your life – both in business and at home.

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