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The Power of Postive Thinking (POPT) helped me develop tenacity. I never got the “everything will be good,” “life is wonderful” and so forth.

But I did develop a POPT in my self… and THAT has been worth a great deal… (a top ten life experience)

I would go through periods of dark depression and sometimes I’d come out with this controlled enthusiasm toward my future that was pretty impresive. I knew I would have to have a hand in my own future because I didn’t like the way just about anyone else I knew lived. Very early I knew I wanted FREEDOM and I believed…had brainwashed myself…that I would attain that.

When it comes to human emotions…it’s pretty clear that they can often spread like a virus….and the research bears that out.

Through the action of mirror neurons in the brain and our brains’ ability to replicate others’ feelings in our brains…it was clear to me early on that your “thoughts” could influence change in other people.

The metaphysical believed it was a spiritual thing. I did for awhile but because of that nauseating scientific mind, it wasn’t long before I determined that ….I wasn’t that good.

Just as anger and negativity spread quickly from person to person, so do humor and happiness.

Think about it: have you ever noticed that the quickest way to ease a tense situation is to say something sarcastic or say a line from a funny movie?

The instant someone laughs or smiles, a sense of relief spreads through everyone in the vicinity. Even if the angered parties don’t feel better, they are at least able to discuss the problem in a detached and somewhat more productive and objective way, …and get on with their lives instead of dwelling on negativity.

For that same reason, solo drivers who get cut off in traffic tend to remain angry for at least the rest of the drive- because there is no one else near them to send out good vibes and break the tension. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

If you’ve read this article this far, the seeds of expectancy are already there.

Your next step is to clear your mind’s garden of unreasonable doubt and get ready to plant. You’ll learn how to take all that negativity and mulch it down into fertilizer that will let your possibilities grow.

Now grab your shovel, and let’s head in to the garden.

(I don’t like gardening so this metaphor really stretches me…)

The biggest tree in the world grows from a seed you can hold between two fingers.

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t…you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Let’s get started planting your seeds…


“In every phenomenon the beginning remains always the most notable moment.” – Thomas Carlyle

To tune in to the power of positive thinking, you should probably start small, particularly if you don’t feel you can make your brain work for you.

It’s one thing to tell yourself, “Tomorrow, when I wake up in the morning I won’t hit snooze a dozen times and feel drowsy for the rest of the day,” and quite another to tell yourself, “Tomorrow, when I wake up in the morning I’ll be living independently and starting the road to being wealthy and living in a mansion.”

(Unless, of course, you are in fact independently wealthy and living in a mansion at the moment; in which case you might try to think your way into ownership of a small country.)


The process of making positive thinking work for you begins with destruction, or at least a mild shift in your thought structure.

In order to make room for new methods and ideas, you must first rip out all the old negative patterns you’ve been building throughout your life. For some, this can be a gradual changeover process…as you witness positive thinking work for you…

People do try to bite off too much…they think TOO BIG and try and wrap their minds around stuff that….they really can’t even see or understand.

I promise you that no one can wrap their mind around a million dollars (and won’t get it) if they haven’t wrapped their mind around and gotten 100,000 first.

Instead of insane thinking, simply take one small step at a time and you will slowly clear out those good-things-only-happen-to-other-people thoughts, and be able to cultivate the seeds of change.

Roots: What’s In Your Garden Now?

“The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.” – William James

What’s holding you back? Even those who fully embrace the theory of positive (applied/focused) thinking may feel some qualms over entrusting their lives to mere thought.

And that is the way it NEEDS to be. You must DOUBT so you can PROVE to yourself.

If you accept something, anything on blind faith you are standing on quicksand. Forget that.

There are many possibilities that could be producing weeds in your mental garden, and the best way to get rid of a weed is to yank it out, roots and all.

In this section we’ll discuss some of the most common stumbling blocks people encounter on the road to positive thinking, as well as how to overcome them and lay the foundation for a healthy life outlook…

Self-Esteem: Catching the I Feel Good About Me and I’m Worth Something Belief…But NOT The I’m So Amazing I Can Do No Wrong Disease….

For most of human existence, self-esteem was an unheard-of notion akin to the theories of those heretics who believed the world was round. The term “self-esteem” – defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “pride in oneself; self-respect” – made its way into the common public awareness during the ‘60s and ‘70s as a catch-all term to describe the essence of parenting problems.

The “old ways” of parenting were pronounced barbaric and damaging to the budding self-esteem of our youth, and many parents fearful of raising unhappy, ill-adjusted children took advice that led to a generation of children with high self-esteem…so high it eclipsed personal responsibility and created a “me-first” mentality.

On the other hand, most of us are taught that thinking highly of ourselves is a vain, selfish and undesirable trait. Advice telling us to feel better about ourselves and occasionally put us first seems counter intuitive at best.

After all, isn’t self-love the first step on the road to Narcissism Central?

Many people want to feel good about themselves, but guilt too often rears its ugly head and stops healthy self-esteem from developing.

Because of these conflicting viewpoints, self-esteem is a tricky little facet of belief to manipulate. It’s important to strike a balance between modesty and desire.

It takes practice to convince yourself that you are a worthwhile and deserving person, while at the same time keeping in mind that you’re not the center of the universe.

Though it may sound impossible, it’s actually simple to accomplish.

Where do you rate on the self-esteem-o-meter?

Next week, I’ll give you a quiz that will help you gauge your feelings and identify areas that need improvement.

I’ll show you how to measure your self-esteem so you can see just where you are at and where you might want to work on yourself to embrace The Power of Positive Thinking.

Until next time…

(This article is dedicated to Dottie Walters who served as Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s Administrative Aide for years and years…and someone who inspired my life. Dottie died less than two weeks ago and she will be missed in the Speaking Community…)

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