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You probably didn’t know that if your name begins with an “A” or a “B”, that your grades in school, on average, were better than other kids whose names began with “D” or “E” or “F”….it certainly isn’t logical; but because of perceptions of self and others, both individuals and their teachers experience bias toward themselves and others in this manner.Influence, Persuasion, Body Language Expert Kevin Hogan

Now, this doesn’t mean that YOU experienced this, but on average, all other things being equal, if you wanted good grades – your name was better off being Ann, April or Alice than it was Fred, Frank or Dominic.

What you name a child is so incredibly important that it is hard to express here in text the significance.

The Name Game

Back in the late 1980’s, Albert Mehrabian did extensive research in how people are perceived by others, BEFORE they have met, simply based on a person’s name. He researched and came up with findings in areas of perceived intelligence, income, success, morality and honesty, among others.

In his book, The Name Game, Mehrabian’s research is presented in an easy to understand format.

Key reasons my wife and I named our children as we did was based on Mehrabian’s research.

You see, people judge you as soon as they hear your name. And it’s not just an “impression,” it’s a full scale nonconscious analysis of a person on numerous levels.

Long before people see a picture of you, meet you, hear about you, that moment they hear your name – they have created a complete character for you.

“You’re nothing like I pictured you.” That’s after someone hears someone’s voice, reads their articles and then finally meets the person in public.

What happens with a name is even more profound.

Naming your kids with great intention and purpose is soooooooooo important to their ultimate success or failure academically, in life, in love, in finance.

Biblical names generally have a great deal of positive perceptions in the United States.

Nicknames also have different perceptions than their “original form.”

Bob vs. Robert
Dick vs. Richard
John vs. Jonathon
Jack vs. John
Bill vs. William
Ron vs. Ronald
Peg vs. Margaret
Susie vs. Susan
Debbie vs. Deborah
Barbie vs. Barbara

Looking at Mehrabian’s results, the differences in how people are perceived when using nicknames vs. their extended form is generally not as positive in most categories.

What you name your your child, (or a product or your service) can make all the difference in the world as to whether people develop a positive or negative pre-frame of that person/place/thing long before it’s ever seen or experienced.

A name that isn’t memorable or one that rolls off the tongue easily isn’t going to encourage long-term success for kids, products or businesses.

Familiarity and Friendship

Here are some names that “disappeared” years ago, but check out the familiarity and the various feelings you might have inside about some of these names….

What happened to the big hit movies and hit TV shows – and why their demise is advantageous to your success.

Outside of Reality TV, there are very few shows being made that have the universal impact and following of “I Love Lucy,” “Dick Van Dyke Show,” “Beverly Hillbillies,” “Hogan’s Heroes” “Andy Griffith Show,” “Star Trek,” “The Fugitive,” “Bonanza,” “Mod Squad,” “Happy Days,” “One Day at a Time,” “Dallas,” “Family Ties,” “M*A*S*H,” “All in the Family,” “The Cosby Show,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Three’s Company,” “Magnum PI,” “Seinfeld” and lastly, “Friends.” (This is not a complete list of the most viewed shows as a percentage of all people in the U.S. watching TV on a given night.)

What’s interesting about the shows above is that they often drew these huge audiences for their shows…audiences that are almost inconceivable today.

3/4 of American televisions that were on watched the final episode of M*A*S*H. 60% of all households. Cheers and Seinfeld’s final episodes had about half of all households watching and about 60% of all TV viewers.

Point, of course, is that as late as even 10 years ago, some television shows had huge audiences and greatly influenced how we think, what we do, how we communicate with others, the humor we learned and used, and people literally had a sense of familiarity with characters on television that made them seem almost family-like. In other words, Andy Taylor, Lucy, Fonzie, Jack and Chrissy, Magnum, Seinfeld, Frasier, were characters that people almost “considered family.”

Today, there are 50 times as many television shows as were available for half of a century. The characters we know and identify with are less universal in their appeal and far fewer characters resonate as “almost being part of the family” to large percentages of Americans.

[I’m well aware a lot of you guys in the UK and Europe are unfamiliar with many of the above, but the same holds true for East Enders and Coronation Street there, yes?]

Where individual characters on television influenced a nation and caused the creation of fewer very strong influences on behavior and attitudes, today there are hundreds and hundreds of niche TV shows, few of which will influence a nation.

The same, of course, is true for movies at the theater.

Without going through a list of what percentage of people saw what 30 years ago and how those films created cultural shifts in thinking (Rocky, Star Wars) realize that it is indeed a fact that fewer choices and more compelling characters caused huge influences in American Culture.

(The James Bond Movies did the same for the United Kingdom.)

Today you have a huge advantage.

How Can You Utilize This Information?

You can appeal to a much smaller audience than Seinfeld or Cheers, but you as a person can still have a similar impact on narrower groups of people.

If you can think of you or your business as “another channel on cable,” you can begin to formulate who is likely to be interested in you, your character, your story, and you might be surprised how attached people become to you.

A few weeks ago we had some trouble in the company we use for mailing Coffee with Kevin Hogan every Monday morning.

Hundreds of people wrote and told us that they weren’t getting Coffeeor it was blank when they received it. Some were sad, some were upset, some were connected enough that they wanted me to know that they missed me. (Thank you, me too!)

That’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

(No one in my family emailed and told me they didn’t get Coffee….) But a bunch of people were “disappointed,” in one way or another.

Legend Point: I have a question for you. If you didn’t contact your customer next week would they feel forgotten? Would they feel sad you didn’t call or stop by? Would they be worried that you were OK? Would they wonder if you were traveling or hurt?

Legend Point: Why not?

Legend Point: What is the difference between your relationship with your viewer, customer, client than Seinfeld’s?

If you can spend some time answering that question and redeveloping your relationship with your clients and customers and let them become your friends, a very different experience opens up.

Take a half hour at some point today and answer the above questions. The fact is that you can become more valuable, closer, more connected with the people you do business with. See the differences and then determine how to fix that difference.



Science of Influence

The Science of Influence Master Volume VI – Invisible Influence

Knowing What They Think and Who They Think You Are

Do you need to have listened to any of the previous CD’s to use this program?

No. It has been intentionally designed to be newcomer friendly.

For those of you who have only been “here” for a year or less, this program,
The Science of Influence Master Volumes 61-72 is my effort to “top” what
most everyone reports as their favorite of the Library, 49-60.

When I listened to it, I felt comfortable that this program
accomplishes that. 61-72 is superior.

This program is brand new, unreplicated material.

The field of influence and it’s subfield of persuasion continue to grow
with fresh research from the best minds on the planet.

More books about persuasion were published in the last three years
than in recorded history to date.

Almost all of these books were rehash of Cialdini, Carnegie, and
myself. There wasn’t really anything new.

But the persuasion and researchers….well that is a different story.
I had a “field day” this year stacking just shy of seven FEET of research.
I’ve synthesized this with results from dozens of real world applications.

Here’s some of what I’ve distilled from current research that you
can put into immediate use:

We learned a lot about the relationship of how people “feel about
products, services and people” and the mental shortcuts they use to

The first cluster of material I developed was about how people
connect with YOU when they buy from you.

So, Who Is Your Customer, Anyway?

What do they think?
How do they feel?
Does it matter?
So what? Can that be used for ANYTHING?
Turns out it can….

Identity in Persuasion

It’s in a cluster I call IDENTITY.
Identity research could fill 12 CD’s all by itself, but that would
have left too much excluded that I wanted you to have NOW.

So, I put together the core concepts of IDENTIFICATION and IDENTITY
and how YOU can utilize this cluster of information in influencing

One example would be something like,
“If you know someone is a Republican who voted for Bush in the last
election, how does that help me predict what they will think, buy,
and feel about it all today when I ask them to buy from me?”

Obviously we all identify with other people.
Around the house here and in the home office, you’ll hear people
refer to me as being just like HOUSE (House M.D./Hugh Laurie). I find
that hard to imagine as he is older than I am and uses a cane….

In public, people tell me that I remind them of Kelsey Grammer,
Robin Williams, Drew Carey and David Letterman all rolled into one.
Must be a very overweight guy….

So the point is that they identify me….with them.

That means they will SEE ME through those filters. Those filters
will completely change their perceptions of me, my work and whether
they will hire me or not. For years people have used the word filters….

How would you like to know what that REALLY MEANS?

How would you like to understand what you get from a filter?!

Identification and Identity are profound areas of influence research
that are now coming to the surface. It’s nothing short of fascinating
and of course no one knows about it yet.

I DID see a couple of Internet Marketers use material that they got
at Boot Camp where I touched on Identity. I think they did rather
well in their launch…..

Aside from that you will be the first to use this virgin research.

Because the concept of “persona” is so poorly understood and
underutilized outside of show business and branding, I do show you
how to develop your own persona. Little is more important in being
THE person want to do business with…I’ll come to that in a

I decided not to open with something so profound, however.

10 Simple Steps to Persuade Anyone

Mark Joyner, who is probably the all time #1 Internet
Marketer on the planet, asked me to write a small piece of his book,
Simpleology. (Very good book btw)

He wanted 10 steps I use when I persuade. Not when other people
persuade, but when I do, and he wanted me to make them simple and
easy to understand no matter how complex they are.

That was a challenge but in doing some self-modeling I was able to
develop quite a cool construct that I’ve never written about and now
for the first time you get it all.

This one long CD is of significant value to those who want to
influence, especially in business. I’d like to say it’s worth the
price of admission but would you think one CD could be worth $600?

Maybe not…it is…but maybe not. So I’ll just say it’s pretty
excellent and leave it at that….

Influencing the Long Tail

Finding the meeting point in the world between you and the universe
of people who would LOVE to do business with you, is the subject of
the next couple of CD’s.

KEYPOINT: YOU are THE answer for a group of people out there.
I show you how to project the image and persona you need to project to
draw that group to you.

This portion of Science of Influence 61-72 is just too cool. It was a
lot of fun to synthesize the work that’s been done in this area and
make it pretty simple to understand and just as easy to make real for

Persuasion’s Best Kept Secret

In Science of Influence Four, I briefly touched on MVD.
MVD is short for Most Valued Dimension.

No one (no one) had ever reported this phenomenon to the public
except …me.

So for most people, it was so unusual that it went right over their
heads. But about 20 people wrote this year and asked a ton of
questions about how to calculate the MVD for themselves.

This is an incredibly potent persuasion tool that is waiting for
people to learn. This is NOT easy and it is NOT simple.

I have made it approachable.

If you really want to know WHY people pick YOU and YOUR PRODUCT,
this is the answer.
 Once you know WHY people pick YOU, it is a lot
easier to project those FEATURES (NOT BENEFITS) to the public.

Once again, if I could say that this CD was worth the price of
admission…..but I won’t. I’ll wait for YOU to tell ME.

How do Mind Readers Know What You’re Thinking?
The other thing people constantly ask is how I read their minds so


The Mind Reading CD is *definitely* worth the price of admission, no
maybe’s about it. It’s frigging excellent.

Yes. I show you what to do, what to say, and how.

Enough said….you’ll see. (And do listen to this CD numerous times.)

The Ultimate Power Factor in Persuasion

CD 67 discusses in detail the two most important factors in
persuasion, bar none.
In detail that I’ve never given this subject, you will gain an
awakening awareness to these two core concepts of behavior and the
keys to control of behavior.

Subliminal Persuasion & Perception

The 3rd most commonly requested information was “subliminal X.”
Man, do people want to know about subliminal stuff and you should,
too, because it is the future of marketing and influence.
Sooooo….you get it one crystal clear hour where I pound out recent
research and what it means to how you will persuade, or not.

Fewer people ask for “recent research” unless we count “what’s new
in persuasion,” and then that is what the next program is about.

Current Research Gives You a 3:1 Edge

Current research in persuasion is voluminous and over the next two
CD’s I cover a LOT of stuff quite quickly almost always with examples
and specifics for YOU.
New research is always intoxicating because it is stuff no one knows
about yet…because it is new.

And I love new stuff…

Eminently useful immediately.

You will like. You will put into use immediately. The final two CD’s are pretty cool.

A Complete Guide to Analyzing Your Customer

For the first time ever, I show you how to analyze your customer.
The questions you want to ask YOURSELF about YOUR CUSTOMER (or the
girl or whoever) and then I show you how to utilize that analysis to
cause people to “change their minds” (and yes, their behavior).
Once again, cutting-edge research merges with real world
applications and makes you the master. (Well, maybe not after
listening just once…but, drill this stuff into your brain a few
times, and you will do very well, indeed.)

Science of Influence Volumes 61-72 will take you through the next
quantum leap.

It’s not only cool, it’s approachable, it’s exciting, it’s intense.
You will be the first to have almost all of this information. You
will be the first to use this information and I’m excited to be the
person who gives it to you.

12 hours on 12 Audio CD’s

150-Page Manual on CD

Get Science of Influence VI Today!

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