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Money Can’t Buy

Money can’t make you happy…
Chocolate can’t make you happy (well ok, maybe chocolate…)

I’d rather be happy than rich…
I’d rather be a carpenter than a Democrat…

People think and talk about truly important things as if they are related…or not…as if what they are saying and thinking makes any sense in the real world….

Think about it…

  • “Money can’t make you happy….”
  • Books can’t make you happy…
  • Lamps can’t make you happy…
  • Bicycles can’t make you happy…
  • Pants can’t make you happy…
  • Lipstick can’t make you happy…
  • Haircuts can’t make you happy….

Money doesn’t buy happiness…
But books, lamps, bicycles, pants, lipstick, haircuts and dvd’s…a different story?

Of course not…. they have absolutely nothing to do each other.

But better is when people say, “well, I’d rather be happy than rich.”

And I think. Hello? How stupid are you?

I sarcastically think, “Well, I’d rather be a carpenter than a Democrat…because after all that statement makes a lot of sense too… right?”

Uh huh.

People think, hold onto and live thoughts and beliefs that don’t even connect together and worse…they have no functional value in real life.

I’d rather be happy than stupid.
I’d rather be happy than smart.
I’d rather be happy than a home owner.
I’d rather be happy than have nice hair.
I’d rather be happy than have clear skin.
I’d rather be happy than thin.
I’d rather be happy than be a dog.

Why are people drawing these parallels in their minds?

Because they are perpendiculars and not parallels and these parallels are crushing people’s future…each and every day.

….She goes to work all day at a job she hates.

I mean, the feeling that gives you the “I can’t stand it there anymore!” feeling…..

She can’t stand the guy she works for. The environment is similar to a prison and when she sees the little red hand on the clock near the 12 with the long black hand just a click away, she has her purse, lipstick on, and cell phone in hand.

She hates her job.

From 9:00 sharp until 5:00…she might as well be in hell with the devil himself.

Then freedom.

Those last few minutes are brutal. Trying to look busy right up until it’s quitting time.

And she’s off.

She is on her way home to experience a different kind of stress.

She’ll arrive to her two kids, and her husband will be home about 30 minutes later. He’s not too fond of his job either.

She doesn’t even brush her teeth when she gets in the house.

The kids grunt awareness at her arrival.

The dog looked up and put her head back down.

She takes her coat off and heads to the kitchen and unconsciously pulls out pots and pans, not having consciously decided yet what dinner will be.

She’s exhausted…resentful toward anyone who will be close enough to feel it.

When dinner is done, she does the dishes.

Her husband, like any husband who still loves his wife, is leering at her with one thing on his mind and she knows it. She feels about as sexy as dirty dish water.

Her shower is 12 minutes of heaven.

She goes into her home office and fires up the computer. Two weeks ago she started an online business. She sees that it’s just after 8:00….at least she had a shower.

Her business is something she believes will grow. She’s not planning on getting rich. She simply wants to get out of prison and this provides some hope of that. She knows a couple people who have done well on the internet. And online, she has chatted with a number of others.

At 9:30 the phone rings. It’s her best girlfriend, Jenna.

“You’re working?! Money can’t buy you happiness girl.”

She almost felt guilty inside as Jenna carried on and then a thought percolated in her brain….

….maybe…just maybe it could.

What Jenna didn’t realize is that her girlfriend wasn’t working to “be happy.” Her girlfriend is starting her own business to gain a chance at freedom from the prison she goes to every day and is destined to go to until she wins the lottery or grows her business to the point where she can tell that jerk of a boss to take a short trip to Hades.

The work she’s been doing at home?

She’s proud of it.

She’s only put in a total of about 40 hours… but it’s interesting and will eventually give her the money to live a life of her choosing.

That may not be happiness, but it puts you in a better position to feel happy.

One thing is for sure. Her current life doesn’t buy happiness. Her happy-o-meter is running at about a “3” and that’s when she’s in the shower. She hasn’t been a “9” or “10” in a long, long time.

And it isn’t anyone’s “fault,” it’s just the way it is. The complete lifestyle runs counter to her being content, calm and …happy.

“All you think about is money. You should be relaxing spending time with your husband and kids.”

And living the other 14 hours each day…in hell… for the rest of my life…the rest of my life…

A half hour later…twenty nine minutes after she hung up with Jenna, Richard (a girlfriend’s husband) called to say hello. She explained her dilemma to him. What did he have to say?

“Isn’t what happens to everyone is that they want to feel a certain way right now? Because they deserve it? Because they want to avoid pain, experience pleasure and get that NOW. That’s why we drink super size milk shakes and get fat. It’s why we smoke cigarette’s. It’s why we get drunk or do drugs or pretty much anything that feels good now.

“Anything that could give you a life filled with time for your family, your kids, your friends, is jettisoned into space because it takes time away from fun stuff today.

“You’re one of those people who actually sees that you can exchange money for time and with that time, you can do what you want. I think that’s called freedom and I think you figured it out because you can see past today. Jenna is a nice gal. She cares about you…but that same kind of thinking is exactly why she weighs 200 pounds and drinks like Dean Martin.

“Everything you do today, effects what you will do one year from today…and tonight. If you do the same things tonight you did last’ll do the same things next year…that you did a year ago…life will never change and the wheel will simply spin until you die…and that’s not living….that’s dying…”

He paused and she defended Jenna.

“Yeah but she said money can’t buy you happiness and that is true.”

He laughed.

“What is happiness?”

“What is happiness?”

“I don’t know…a feeling…an emotion?”

“Can money buy anger?”


“Can money buy sadness?”

“Well, no.”

“Can money buy disgust?”


“Can money buy you…resentment?”

“No. OK, I get it…you can’t buy any emotions or feelings…so WHY do people…”

He cut her off.

“Because they need a justification to avoid pain now…to have pleasure now…to have instant gratification and make it seem like it’s OK…when inside they know that their thinking has taken their life from them.”

“You sound so serious about that….”

“Because you only live once. Now let me talk to that character you married. I’ve got to take him golfing in the morning….and then tell him to help you in your new project.”

How can YOU have it all?

Time for Love, Time for Money


How can you be not 20% more productive or twice as productive, but 1000% more productive, and also give your time and love to the people that matter in your life… AND remember your SELF. You need to give yourself time as well. How do you do it? How can you make it all happen?

In this program, as in no other, I’m going to reveal precisely what I do and how I do it. I’m going to show you specifically how (for example) to generate enough words and valuable thought to fill a volume of Encyclopedia Britannica… to find time to have family and multiple streams of income…to leave a legacy and people saying, “Thank you…” and the specifics to make it all happen.

I don’t think there is much more important than creating time for the things you want in life…the things you get to do. People yearn for free time while I watch it right next to them…withering away as they walk through life with a blindfold on. There is not just free time but freedom to be had for the taking.

KEY: I will show you my system of time management (ok, it’s really a Time Production System where I generate time for things out of thin air…and I guarantee you that no one has ever shown you this before…because few people really get it.)

There is no point to working at a job for the rest of your life and then retiring. Where’s the here-and-now enjoyment there? There is no point in living a life without loving. What you are called to do is to create, to design, to sculpt a wonderful life.

That isn’t to say that each day curve balls won’t come at you. They always will. They throw you off target. They do the same for me. They can take you out for a short period of time or they can take you permanently. I’m going to show you how to get everything done and more. Because life is more than the to do list. It is about living richly as you move through life…

There IS a “to do” list in life but there is also a “get to do list” that no one ever gets to!!! I want to show you what a “get to do” list looks like and how to make your own.

You will be able to produce or create as much as you want to produce or create. You will be able to have the formula for multiple streams of income laid out for you in simple terms. Nothing complex. Follow the formula and you won’t need to rely on anyone anywhere for your security and your future. The foundation of life long security.

You will be able to earn as much money as you want and spend as much time with those that you love. You choose the number of dollars and the number of hours. I’ll show you what to do to have it all.

This isn’t a time management seminar. That would be something I could show you how to do in a book. I don’t manage my time. I live a lifestyle. This is a lifestyle program that you have to feel. Living a life where you can have it all is something you need to FEEL…and feel it you will.

All that it requires is you, your heart, a pen and the Production System Workbook to write the recipes that will lead you to a life where you get to do some pretty amazing things.

Learn More About Time Production

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