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Influence BOOT CAMP: 2009

“Four Intense Days of Business Storms and Influence Strategies That Can Change Lives!”

“LIVE” on Audio CD!
with Kevin Hogan

Recorded at the Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas March 2009

23 Full length Audio CDs.

Flow is the Psychology of Optimal Experience. It’s where challenge equals skill and teaching people to be influential is a difficult process because everyone else has taught you incorrectly and you can see the results yourself. I LOVE being in Flow.

Each year I bring essentially 100% new material to Influence Boot Camp and show you how to use the leading-edge stuff in a way that all you have to do is turn it on. 

Influence is the central pillar of Emotional Intelligence. Without it you are doomed. With it, you are at cause.

Being at cause means you run your life (or you will real soon because I’ll drive you nuts until you do….).

The ONLY people who run their own lives are Influencers. That’s it.

In fact, now that I think about it, the only people that get the girl are Influencers too. (This, of course, is also true of women capturing her prey…but this is much more wired in…men actually have to learn how to captivate, women are already “good at it,” most are very good…)

How much change in, say, income could a person expect if they USE what they learn for their career, their job, their business?

(Obviously money isn’t the only reason we want to be able to get to “YES!” We want the girl, the kids to not do drugs, we want to get people off the bottle, into school and start working, but I can measure money for you easier than the other life changes.)

Now, if I answer the unblinding truth, I have a problem. I have wasted my time writing this entire page which has already taken a lot of time.

The truth is, someone who uses what they learn can make 3 times more money per year…immediately.

(Three TIMES?!)

BUT I’m not going to tell you that because it SOUNDS unreasonable, even in a good economy.

If I said 20% that would sound bogus, too.

Anyone can make 20% more money by just working HARDER.

And in fact if you have a regular old fashioned job that pays 30 per hour and you can only get a 10% raise next year, and the only place you utilize this information is at your job, then the fact is you only get a 10% raise! If that is the only purpose of coming, save the trip. It’s a wash (a push, a break even).

IF you, in significant part, are responsible for your own income, you are in sales or run a small business or you run a bigger business or you do anything or will do something WITH what you learn, then you can leverage the material at Influence Boot Camp geometrically.

It will come down to one and only one thing:

IF you want to.

You use and do what I show you, it’s a no-brainer. You don’t, you won’t. Simple. Simple. Simple.

A lot people prefer to whine or take a shot at being bailed out by the President. That strategy will work if your name is Chase.

If you are still reading, you didn’t get filtered.

What was written above is straight forward, no BS, and it is designed to filter OUT people who will simply never get it. They will live and then die in a hamster wheel…

Boot Camp Re-designed With You in Mind

I spent the past year redesigning Boot Camp to finally fix YOUR biggest problem.

And this year, that problem has never been bigger. People are rejecting not only expenses because of “the economy,” but they are saying “no” to questions that have nothing to do with the economy!

You can have the answer, or continue on in the same old…..

  • They can’t “do it right now because receivables are down.”
  • Their customers aren’t paying their bills so they have to say, “no.”
  • Customers don’t trust even the most ethical and honest people.
  • You can’t get through to #1.
  • She doesn’t return your calls.
  • He doesn’t ever get the brochure you sent him.
  • They trust you perhaps but still feel uncomfortable, and say “no.
  • You are honest and they still don’t trust you.
  • Your price was lower for the SAME THING, but they still said “no.”
  • Your email didn’t get read.
  • The email from your competitor got read, but they didn’t reply to you.
  • The email from another competitor got read but you got a generated response.
  • You wanted Customer Service to help but they came up with an excuse.


  • You wanted an upgrade and didn’t get it.
  • You wanted a better deal and they didn’t budge.
  • She picked another guy and he was a moron.
  • You were THIS close to the experience of a lifetime.
  • It was totally illogical that she said “no” to you.
  • She said “yes” but then “changed her mind.”
  • You do everything right and it barely works.
  • You tried what they taught you and it didn’t work.
  • You learned from them and never had success with it.

People trust fewer people and that is HOW IT SHOULD BE. In fact I find I trust a LOT FEWER PEOPLE.

Your clients have been taken advantage of and scammed by people they believed they could trust. Unscrupulous, unethical and incompetent people have all taken advantage of them and they have UNDERSTANDABLY withdrawn their head into the shell.

If you can *understand* that, then you will benefit from Influence: Boot Camp. If you can’t…you won’t.

And then there’s what you get when it’s applied in real world selling.

For example:

“How do I make more sales without lowering my commissions when I sell the exact same product as my competitor?”

We’ll take the research and answer that question once and for all.KEYPOINT: You will leave knowing how to RAISE the price of your product or service and sell more of it, even if it is IDENTICAL to your competition.

Maybe one of the most exciting elements of Influence Boot Camp in 2009 is that I will show you how to sell a commodity (something that is sold by your competitor and you DON’T have a competitive edge!) for more money than any of your competitors.

Not only will I show you how to do it.

In THIS case, I will show you what to say.

And I will do it “live” with you right before your eyes with someone’s product or service in the audience!

Mutual funds? You can make far more money than your competitor’s think possible.

If you sell real estate, you’ll learn how to sell the same house for more money.

Diamonds? Gold? You’ll make a lot more if you follow this process to the letter.

If you sell insurance, you’ll learn how to sell the same product for more money to excited buyers.

If you sell tires, you’ll find out how to make a lot more money than your competitors would ever dream of making.

Trainings? You have no idea how much money is there and they literally want to give it to you.

Now, if you can increase your customer base and the amount of money your clients want to give you to be a customer of yours, can you imagine what will happen if you sell something that isn’t a commodity…something that is different from company to company?

Pharmaceuticals, advisory services, food, art, clothing, cars, jewelry, services and all kinds of other products are *easy* to sell more of and for more.

People like you (maybe you) often send me e-mails asking me to give them applications of various strategies and tactics I’ve written about. If those people are in the Platinum or Gold Inner Circle, they get an immediate response. If not, it’s not possible to get to everyone’s email. At Boot Camp, that all changes.

You get your answers and instantly.

Question: What will you be able to have if you could influence anyone to your way of thinking?

I can’t specifically answer that question for you. I can tell you that the power to influence, (not the power OF influence) gives a person permanent security and stability. You’ll be able to take full advantage of everything you discover at Influence 2009 and apply it immediately. EVERYTHING translates from business to personal and vice versa.And you are going to learn how to make a LOT more sales by seeing fewer people with NO extra work, and in fact, you will reduce the total time it takes you to communicate your message so much it will probably scare you.

And…we have fun. 

In fact everything about Influence: Boot Camp is about what I always wanted in a training.

  • Lots of content.
  • Lots of applications.
  • Lots of certainty.
  • Lots of new material.  

At Influence: Boot Camp 2009 and it’s like Christmas without the irritating relatives. You always leaving thinking, WOW!The other thing I do in a training is make sure that EVERYTHING is usable and applicable at home and in your business. I make sure that EVERY person leaves with at least one specific key PER DAY that will EACH make them in great excess of $10,000. (Really)

In just 4 days at Influence: Boot Camp, I can show almost anyone how to almost mystically drive their sales up to numbers previously thought out of reach.
I’m going to do the same for you.
Influence: Boot Camp is all about you making a sizeable profit in 2009 and it is about having a great experience. It’s run EXACTLY how I wanted every training that I have ever been to…to run. High content in a relaxed atmosphere where you can meet all the right people. The standard is high. 
What have people said about Kevin Hogan’s Boot Camp events?

“As usual Kevin, you way over-delivered at this year’s Influence Boot camp. Based on the quality of content and your choice of guest speakers, you provided an unparalleled VIP Experience.” Brian Latta – Director of Trader Development WOODS CROSS, UT

“Do you know approximately how long it will take for the boot camp DVD to be produced? I am really looking forward to watching again and again. Gary May was awesome! I wish he had more time to cover all of his presentation!” Scott Bell, Jacksonville, FL

“Absolutely loved the week in Vegas! I have been to all kinds of bootcamps etc. and quite honestly everyday by 3:00 pm perhaps, I would be drifting off or justifying in my mind why I needed to leave early because keeping my attention all day is quite a task and I have to say, those thoughts never entered my mind. I just loved Ben and Dave. All of your material was great! I heard nothing but great comments from everyone there.” Judy Munroe, Alpharetta, GA

23 Audio CDs.
Special Guest Speakers Include:
Deborah Cole Micek, How to Use Tribal Seduction to Attract a Ton of Raving Fans to Your Business using New Media Marketing
David Garfinkel, Influential Copywriting That Creates Disciples From Visitors
Al Duncan, The Magic of Exceptional Communication
Fred Gleeck, Build an Info Product Empire
Dave Lakhani, The Art of Persuasion
Hard Copy $977
Digital Download $497

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