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Profitable Idea Generation and Brainstorming


by Kevin Hogan, PsyD

There are no great salespeople or marketers or people that are looking for a relationship of any kind, that are poor at applicable idea generation or use outdated brainstorming tools.

I gave you a number of tools in Premanipulation, released last year, and now I give you a few models that work right now for coming up with those ways to get people to click on you.

2024 is the year of creative marketing for profit, idea generation, the science of brainstorming, and the art of promotion when you don’t have a built in audience. Without mastery in influence and persuasion it is almost impossible to be brilliant in idea-to-market application.

The never ending distracted and anxious world now requires idea generation for new ways to connect, meet, have relationships that matter in life.

Example for all the above: Websites now all look like amazon did 3 years ago.

That’s a problem for everyone except amazon. As Amazon evolves this year, you’ll notice that people influenced by the Amazon model will attempt to replicate their early efforts. There’s one problem.

Amazon now has a built in massive market, not a tiny new market and psychographic they are marketing to.

Amazon has so many products and services that they have algorithmically calculated what you as a customer most likely will want with any search you make. If that calculation includes multiple comparisons, you’ll see that in the product you selected to look at. They already know.

You don’t have that ability to know, so you have to get incredibly creative with your own marketing, sales and relationship approaches in 2024. Never has an environment been so complex to make these things, “easy.” Watch how much everything you do in life is going to depend on creativity that actually works and getting at that creativity without having to dramatically pay for it.

At this moment I’m working on 7, count ’em SEVEN projects including a Netflix Series, 4 books (one with a co-author that is a brilliant creative marketing genius), the new Comprehensive Persuasion Legend Course which could be released today but will actually be out March 17.

All of the projects in this article came from the “brainstorming” material in this article as a foundation.

Generating ideas all by themselves is worthless.
You are are NOT looking for an IDEA but an idea that captures the relationship, makes the marketing and sales easy, gives you the precise direction for your content (if that’s part of your need).

Magic happens when you have intentional brainstorming that can be valuable to your business, your marketing, your selling, your next relationship, your current shift in all of the above.
Every book title or copy headline I generate with clients comes from the whiteboard.

Brainstorming Ideas that Succeed: Profits from Your Brain

The brainstorming process you are going to learn today works for finding almost any creative solution to a problem or desirable outcome.

Did you know that you can brainstorm on your own?

The woman to your right and the guy to your left are using a system we use when when doing my consulting calls with Inner Circle Members. We’ll come to it later.

Did you know that you (with a few notable exceptions)  can get better results in many brainstorming sessions on your own than you can with a full group of people?

Did you also know that some groups of people are destined to fail brainstorming in just about every context possible?

In this series of articles I want to give you processes that will get you from nothing to seriously productive and profitable “ideas” that can be implemented whether on your own or in groups.

And you’ll see that a brilliantly facilitated group typically will generate more ideas that will be implementable than most other options. I’ll note exceptions in the series.

For over 15 years our Inner Circle group has put together everything from best selling book titles and themes to new ideas, tactics and full scale strategies to grow business.

And often, we worked on personal issues like how to get the girl and even how to crush the competition.

Success typically comes with new ideas as well as superiority in certain aspects of your products, services, delivery, marketing and sales.

Everyone needs great ideas that can be implemented.

We do quite a bit of successful idea generation in Inner Circle each quarter in Las Vegas. As far as brilliance was concerned, the first few years of I.C. were hit and miss. Sometimes we’d have a mediocre result and then with the next idea it would be that best selling book title.

It quite often takes time to know whether your best ideas are any good. You often don’t know until they have been implemented as to whether an idea worked and even then, it could be the idea was excellent and the execution was terrible.

If you can be assured brilliance in execution, an excellent idea is like the manifestation of a giant gold nugget. 

Today, most of our end results not just work but work well. Here is one process that is typically effective.

Ultimately the combination of researching what works in a broad set of contexts combined with knowing what works best after finding out what didn’t work has paid off.

Before we get moving let’s see what you know about brainstorming.

Brainstorming Quiz:


Here are 10 brainstorming beliefs. SOME of these are brilliant facts while others are myths, simply do not work or perform poorly.

 See if you can figure out what works and what doesn’t.

These are true or false.

Our Inner Circle members will likely get 9/10 or 10/10 right. What about you?

A) Individual idea generation is more successful than group idea generation when the problems are extremely difficult. True False

B) Ideas should not be criticized or debated (argued) against. True False

C) “Think outside the box” is an above average frame for brainstorming. True False

D) Having people write down ideas before they share them stifles their creative thinking. True False

E) A facilitator with an agenda is typically a disaster. Period. True False

F) Critical, “say no” individuals should be kept in subgroups. True False

G) Ideal size for the overall brainstorming of creative ideas is 7 to 10 people. True False

H) Results of facilitator led agendas generally perform worst. True False

I) Groups of 3 to 5 produce the most useful results. True False

J) Debating ideas is a productive strategy. True False

When there is a tough problem, a really complex problem that must be solved, assign it to a few people who have the skills to solve the problem and be certain they work apart, solely as individuals.

Rarely do groups create the next best thing. Most creative geniuses are just that. There absolutely are a few individuals that solve problems better than anyone else. But they are bored with simplistic challenges and don’t necessarily add to group dynamics unless positioned to do so, generally at the end of a session, or day of idea generation.

Legend Point: DO THIS: If each participant doesn’t write their ideas down before the first person speaks, disaster ensues almost every single time in any brainstorming session. DO IT RIGHT EVERY TIME.

Real genius is incorporating those creative geniuses that can solve incredibly complex problems and then, if they can tolerate the process, have them participate in a process that could use their talents and skills.

Here’s how we do this at Inner Circle. The formula matches research in major corporations and also psychological studies that have been replicated for the last 60 years.

Here is an example:

Brainstorming is a powerful, profitable and precise tool for generating valuable ideas, titles, tactics and strategies.


Scenario: Richard needs a Best Selling Book Title!

Step 1) Kevin states, “Richard has a new book he’s working on. The target buyers are executives of companies in the $10 million to $50 million range. They are conservatives, achievers and buy online more than at Barnes and Noble.

The purpose of the book is to give these folks insights into skills that work in the business building area.” (This is from a session we did in Las Vegas) It is intentionally vague even for our Coffee Readers as we are not giving Richard’s unique book idea, to the world just yet.) 

This is the context. This is a BOX. We will consider “out of the box” if it comes up but Richard is not a child. He knows a great deal about his target buyers. Our main focus will be playing in THIS sandbox. If he didn’t know his targeted buyers we would have first figured out who these people are. Had we not had this information we would have begun by narrowing in on just who will crave the book. Then we would title the book for them or we would take the content of the book and match it to the best possible book buyers.

Step 2) “We want to do three things in the next 90 minutes. FIRST we want a title and subtitle that will GRAB the attention of people in the book store and especially at Amazon.” (IC members know these are two completely different worlds. One is more keyword targeted and the other is more about captivating the consumer mind.) 

“Everyone use all of 10 minutes and write down as many great titles as possible then we will go around the group and find out which titles are going to sell books.” This pre group idea generation stage is critical. We are guaranteed to get the solo specialists (in this case other authors, an expert in branding, and other people who specialize in dealing with this customer) ideas so long as we give them this “alone time.”

[Think back to the Asch experiments. What happens when a person see lines of different lengths but the rest of the people in the room say they are all the same length? Yep. They stop thinking and follow the leader, for all kinds of different reasons. At Inner Circle we want EVERY idea, not just ideas that are similar to the ideas that the first person gives! Priming is not easy to overcome, even in Vegas!]

Legend Point: Writing ideas down BEFORE conversation begins pays off in VOLUME and QUALITY. True for Inner Circle. True for the sharpest creative teams. True for laboratory testing at University. And remember. Writing is done with a pen and paper, not on a computer.

Step 3) 10 minutes go by and the group generates about 150 – 300 ideas. We will consider every single title that meets Richard’s parameters (typically half) after people are done writing.

4) The step that almost every creative team MISSES is this step. Idea Generator One now reads his ideas, one at a time. I facilitate. [You need an experienced facilitator with some specialized knowledge, preferably in one of the parameters or at leading successful and profitable idea generation sessions.] The first Generator gives her first idea: “How to Use Your Head to Get the Lead.”

What’s fantastic about the idea is that it is a terrible idea to implement but an outstanding idea to trigger negative reaction, that will clear a path to where we need to be.

A) RICHARD will write down EVERY idea.

B) Each individual, including myself will now write down each idea they believe will match the parameters and be profitable. AFTER Richard and everyone has completed the task of writing the idea down, or not, then I say yes or no and offer the reason. In this case, “No. Because it plays to a different audience and ‘lead’ is too tight of a business building idea.” (And in this case it’s cute but for an executive of a $30 million dollar biz? No.)

SUMMARY: Person #1 reads. Richard writes. Group writes if they like it. I (facilitator) write if I like it. If I don’t like it, I say precisely WHY, which CAN be DEBATED by anyone, and then say, “Next.” There is no judgment in the comment, it’s simply an answer to why to keep people focused in the sand box.

Step 5) Everyone with ideas that are focused on a single aspect of “business building” as was the parameter, then scratches off their title or if they have some level of certainty they can still save it and offer it later. Then I say, “Next.” Idea Generator One then reads her next idea. The process continues until all ideas have been shared.

Step 6) I then ask people to write down their one or two top choices for Richard.

Step 7) Next we go around the room and each person states their top one or two choices to get those top choices onto Richard’s paper.

Step 8) I ask Richard, “Which resonate best with YOU?” “Which others?” “Any more? OK, great.”

Step 9) He shares 5 titles (for example).

Step 10) I then share which titles I like best.


Brainstorming that Works

Remember: Brainstorming by yourself can often be more profitable than with groups!

The Successful Brainstorming Model (cont.)

Step 11) The group then argues for the best titles that have been put forward. Whether that individual came up with the title or not is not important. It’s important to train participants to think in terms of the ultimate solution being something they contributed to, thus moving in the direction of what they believe is best for Richard and not simply pushing for “their idea.” What matters is which title accomplishes/meets the parameters. Ultimately the decision is Richard’s.

Step 12) Next one person is designated to open a laptop and in this case (titling a best seller) we have them go to Their task is to find words that are similar to the words in the title He’s looking for words that are more compelling, more precise or both. 

The group then chimes in with their thoughts. I generally say, “Next” after almost every word we would substitute for another word. Everyone has the go ahead to say “Wait, I like that one!” And they often do. In that case we discuss the possible word choice and then conclude whether it’s worthy for our best seller.

Step 13) We now rewrite the title and then compare with what was given to Richard when he got his final 10 – 20 best choices.

Step 14) We select the best choice as a group. I make a persuasive argument why Title 12 (for example) is the best and then I ask for debate and harsh criticism. This is THE time to be RIGHT. The best argument (meets Richards needs) wins and Richard decides the title of his book.

Step 15) At the end of the month when it’s time to talk with the publisher, Richard might change the title from what the group generated to a completely different title. In most personal and business decisions, the group is not at risk and the individual making the final decision is. The individual must KNOW his title is the best title for HIM. If not, there is nothing wrong with reconsidering.

This process has been productive in making decisions in relationships, steering the direction of a business, and reinventing brands.

On the previous page you took a quiz. here are the correct answers.



Individual idea generation is with notable exceptions, is more successful than group idea generation when the problems are extremely difficult. True

Ideas should not be criticized or debated (argued) against. False

“Think outside the box” is an above average frame for brainstorming. False

Having people write down ideas before they share them stifles their creative thinking. False

A facilitator with an agenda is typically a disaster. Period. False

Critical, “say no” individuals should be kept in subgroups. True

Ideal size for overall brainstorming ideas is 7 – 10 people. False

Results of facilitator led agendas generally perform worst. False

Group of 3 – 5 produce the most useful results. True

Debating ideas is a productive strategy. True

In general the optimal number of people for idea generation is about 4 +/- 1.

There are studies that have measured large groups of 25, 50, 100 and they simply don’t work

Papers that have reported in the 7 – 20 range all show mediocre results. Two people can do better than one, but not when the one is a creative genius.

Legend Point: Magic happens right around 4 solid sharp minds.

Better than the creative genius? Not at the truly difficult problems. But in general, this three to five people pays off in the generation of ideas.

The Fundamentals of Idea Generation

Brainstorming is the process of generating ideas through intensive idea sessions.

It can be done either individually or in groups. For individuals, it’s basically the process of sitting down and writing down idea after idea.

For groups, it’s a bit more complicated and a significantly more structured process. In the realm of business, brainstorming is most often done in groups. Depending on the context that 3 – 5 person group can be gold. Different people think about different aspects of solutions to a problem. You get many different perspectives if you have a few people involved.

Brainstorming that Works

Brainstorming with groups can be more effective than by yourself, but only if done by proven parameters.

As you focus on a problem or topic, you begin to generate a targeted list of ideas. You then go through the list and remove those that are unsuitable and ultimately you will have a few ideas that match your parameters. (Always save the unused ideas for another day.)

All ideas should be taken down and not judged until all ideas are on the table. The process of judging the ideas is the next phase-the evaluation process. The brainstorming session should welcome the ridiculous, the crazy, the impossible, and the incredible. .

Sometimes the wildest ideas are the best ideas. “Hey let’s name it ‘Google’ or ‘Alibaba’ or ‘Yahoo’…” You get the idea. What may seem ridiculous or incredible might be just the edgy, original or innovative solution you’re looking for. It’s often easier to make a crazy idea more practical than to make a dull but practical idea more interesting.

Idea Generation Tech that Passes the Research and Study Tests:

Keep It Focused. That means you STAY WITHIN THE PARAMETERS. Every idea needs to be on target. Keep the session focused on the specific goal at hand. It should be at the top of your mind. Define clearly the outcome you expect from the ideas you generate. The expert facilitator will be certain this occurs.

Choose a Good Venue. The environment for a brainstorm has a huge impact on the creativity of its members. Choose a comfortable location with logical environmental cues for the session. This will help you keep it focused and stimulate creativity.

Ground Rules. Make sure the structure of the session is clear to everyone involved. State the issue at hand clearly at the beginning of the session. Everyone involved will probably know this beforehand, but stating it at the top of the meeting again is a good refresher and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Set Time Frames. Set time frames for your brainstorming sessions or parts of your sessions. This helps you maintain focus and also applies a bit of pressure. When you know you only have a limited time, it prevents you from over-thinking as you generate ideas. Collect all the coins and find the best ones next.

Take Breaks. If you have a large group of 10, 20 or more, you’ll need to work in subgroups FIRST, perhaps for a half hour. Each subgroup can take on one aspect of a task or project. Then after a break the group gets together as a team. Generally after another 50 minutes you can take a second break.

Take short breaks to change your environment, move around, get your mind off the issue momentarily, and so on. Come back to it refreshed and ready to let the ideas flow.

Make It Fun. (If appropriate!) If you’re brainstorming in a group, some contexts and problems will get better attention if you create a fun environment where everyone feels safe and there is no judgment to the generated ideas. Remember criticism and debate are fine. Judgment is not.

Brainstorming that Doesn’t Fail:

Strategic Creative Brainstorming

Asking Quesetions Personal Revelation Kevin Hogan



With the new perspective method, you take the problem and consider it from another perspective. There are a variety of different ways you can do this. You could take another person’s point of view. For example, try considering the issue from the point of view of your customers, or someone in another country.

You can select a famous person, public figure or person from history and try to consider the problem from their point of view. How would Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk deal with your problem, or what kind of branding concept would Buddha come up with?

Instead of using the vantage point of a different person, try seeing the problem from a different era in time. Take your modern business problem back to Ancient Rome or Medieval Japan.

Your new perspective could be another part of the world or another industry. For example, how would an airplane mechanic or a circus performer handle the problem?

If you’re brainstorming in a group setting, you could assign a different perspective to each member. Assign your sales team the roles of Jesus, Captain Kirk, Han Solo, Sheldon, Leonard and Howard from Big Bang Theory. You can do the same with eras in history, parts of the world, industries, etc. (i.e. What would Picard do?)

One particular model that is simple to learn is the new perspective approach is from Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats. It involves putting on six different “hats” to consider the problem using different perspectives. The hats are:

White – This is the factual hat that just considers the information available, or what facts are known about the problem.

Black – The black hat is the risk-averse hat which considers the problem from the point of view of all that could go wrong. It places security as the top priority.

Yellow – This is the hat of optimism which explores the positives to the black hat’s negatives. It looks at benefits and seeks harmony.

Green – The green hat is the creativity hat, which considers alternatives and other possibilities (you can use the challenger method here).

Red – The red hat is the intuitive hat. It bases decisions on emotions and gut instincts.

Blue – The blue hat is the management hat, which makes sure that each hat acts in accordance with its role and makes sure the brainstorming session stays on track.

You can use the Six Thinking Hats and then later develop more advanced variations. 

Assign a hat to each member of the group or each part of the group. This is also a good technique to use during the evaluation stage when you have a list of ideas to narrow down.

Guess what else we have found to work brilliantly in brainstorming for idea generation?!

Brainstorming: The New Strategy

 Brainstorming with Post It Notes is one of my favorite of all brainstorming techniques.

You and I know how powerful Post It Notes are in persuasion.

Historically what works in persuading others also maps over to what works to help our Selves be better, perform more efficiently, to be wiser and to get results in almost every aspect of life.

Next week I will show you how to use the Post It Note for potent Idea Generation. These really are ideas that succeed.


Now you have precisely 1% of one project I’m working on releasing this year.


Charismatic Communication in 2024

“New 11 week course fulfills on it’s promise to make you a Charismatic Communicator.”

Course begins 2/28/24

Kevin Hogan Persuasion Influence Expert

Charisma is not what you look like but how another person gravitates or NOT, to you.

If people keep their “eyes glued” to your communication’s message, you both win. If not? You both lose. Simple.

Because over half of your communication with others is now online, you have a seriously big challenge. No one has really shown you ANYTHING about being seen as brilliant, sparkling, smart as hell, attractive…when you are Face to Face or appear on video.

Your only meaningful choice is to connect and ignite real love, compassion, anger, passion in others or you are useless.

It’s time to bring out your most engaging you…into the most difficult of mediums to win…video, web and face to face in a very rapidly changing world.

Charisma says, “ya’ got me. Now don’t let me go because I’ll stay until…”

I know you’re thinking, “yeah but Kev, I’ve never been that person.”


No one showed you HOW to be that person. Grade A, #1 Fact.

The sales team/audience member/lover of the charismatic person simply doesn’t want the time to end. They want to stay with you in the moment until..

Part of my job here is giving you the step by step’s to be certain you will never disappoint in person, at the meeting, in front of a room,  a Zoom or GoTo Meeting, on You Tube. You will never look like you are #2 in a webinar, never fail to grab your listener on you tube.

You’re about to take a quantum leap to engaging communication. 10 weeks (now 11 weeks) over 3 months of absolutely laser beam advice and consulting.  Focus of this 30+++ hour mostly video course, largely brand new and  is designed and laid out for you to be brilliant in recorded and live video.  It’s also rife with applications (all given) for “the real world.”

Who needs charisma in 2024?

People who must or want to interact with others in any context face to face or on video.

Charismatic communication (picking some typical reactions) causes others to feel comfortablegenerates a little spark of emotional electricityreassures the certainty that you are credible and that you don’t resort to ancient methods of engaging new friends, clients and customers. Whether live or on on video, this video, helps you understand precisely how to do this in a video webinar context though it will be helpful in face to face communication as well.

Here’s a too short 4:32 clip from a 2.5 hour video webinar I did with Hing Nikolay, who was in Indonesia while I was safely tucked away here in Minnesota. Watch and see if it meets the criteria above. This is NOT part of the course or promotional in nature. It is an EXAMPLE of ONE way you will learn to communicate on video in this course. (Webjam Webinar in this case)

[ed. note]  Throughout this course Kevin is sharing new charismatic communication strategies in business and personal life for face to face real life, as well as video results.

In this clip Kevin talks with a live audience on Zoom. Imagine YOU are Kevin sharing this content. This is real life, no green screen, no fancy tech. Not even a web cam! It’s precisely one choice for how you will look from now on, when you are being interviewed on a Zoom call. It could also be a presentation choice of how to speak to a group, team, friends and family. It IS one and in the course I show you the various decisions and then choices you will make in specifically WHAT and HOW to do this and 20 times more.]

This specific clip is a good example of what you can expect from international connections online once you’ve mastered charismatic communication.

Did the clip allow you to see how you feel as far as your comfort and give you a glimpse of what the charismatic communicator does to transfer feelings of credibility, knowledge, certainty and most importantly, keep the listener (in this case our Indonesian group of 200) LISTENING and taking notes?

Now you have a sample of a result of 40 hours of video that are in this “interactive course.” In Air Quotes because you will take notes. Lots of them. You will email questions to Kevin when you have them and Kevin will get back to you typically within 1 day.

In other words, we know this specific moment was highly viewed and generated great questions. People were happy with the experience and loved this moment and the guy in the red and black shirt.

Now, logistics aside for the moment…

Does Kevin really believe that ANYONE can make a living online any more with that Coffee Table Business at home?


When people look at you they get a feeling, a sense of who you are. Quite often they are right. Other times not so much.

What is certain is that they are certain of their opinion of you, just by looking, seeing you on video or briefly talking with you.

With the majority now back in the office, those real world skills of connection and relationship are more important than ever.

That said, video communication is not going to stop. It has an important place in personal and business life. Life in the phone is not the same as the real world.

Now be honest. Think about the last few conference, video conferences or events you’ve experienced. How was the PRESENTER? How about the people that the presenter asked to lead the meeting or take the stage?


People are awkward in real life and terrible on video. Perhaps 3% of people on Zoom/Skype/What’s App/A professional Webinar…. can truly hold curious attention for more than a minute or two. OK, so why so bad?

Generally intelligent people come across as dull, unaware, ill prepared, boring and flat. And you’ve seen it watching others and even your Self.

1) No one taught them how to COMMUNICATE on video or in real life.

2) No one showed them multiple effective and different ways to LOOK in real life and on video.

3) No one has trained them to generate fascination in real life or on video?

4) No one has trained them to trigger FEELINGS OF APPRECIATION in the meeting.

5) No one has showed you how to gain respect quickly, live, streaming or on recorded video.

6) No one has driven you hard enough to become one of the 3% so you actually will have long term predictable success on video (in person, live OR recorded)

7) No one showed you how to be a VIEWER of someone else’s Zoom or similar video. In other words. You suck as an audience member and the manager/trainer/teacher sees you and does NOT like you. They probably don’t hate you, but… they are getting NO VIBE from you.

8) And how do you create those in person and video messages (like training videos or webinars) that anyone would want to watch past 3 minutes. You’ve seen dozens and yes, they really are terrible. You have idiots who have no content with great technology which is a hot way to give people nothing.


Look, remember that fun pandemic experience we had a couple of years ago?! 

I was on numerous calls with companies this year where I would have spoken in person 4 years ago. There are a lot of leaders that are really trying out there. But there WAS NO INSTRUCTION on how to do business on video (aside from what we’ve put out there).

This is HALF of the world you live in.

People had never been so out of touch, so unable to persuade, to excite, to fascinate, to generate even a spark of interest. One thing is certain: It’s all fixable.

Charisma is a survival and  better life skill going into the next five years.

This is no time for ego but logic and rational thinking.

You are ready or you will be in 17 minutes,  to exude charisma in ANY situation. The flexible win. The few people with the largest number of adaptive behaviors survive. Those with charisma skyrocket because it is a chaotic time and NOTHING drives people to the CHARISMATIC like CHAOS and BOREDOM.

Even with pumpkins…

Charisma is not what you look like but how your viewer gravitates or NOT, to you.

If people keep their “eyes glued” to your communication’s message, you both win. If not? You both lose. Simple.

Because over half of your communication with others is now online, you have a seriously big challenge. No one has taught you ANYTHING about being seen as brilliant, sparkling, smart as hell, attractive…when you appear on video.

You have to connect and ignite real love, compassion, anger, passion in others or you are useless.

Work for a company and no one seems to “get you”?

It’s an important question because without charisma, people can become obsolete quickly. You want and need what not enough people have and that is your ability to cause people to CRAVE YOU.

There are two important elements of communication I’ve been working to build THIS course right for you, for just about 4 years. As I looked at non-entertainers, who are charismatic, you come to a startling conclusion. The sample size is  small and there were only about 7 elements of connection and communication that stood out.  The two most important skills are the ability to know when to ask/or not, why to ask, how to ask/or not, where to ask/or not… questions.  And secondly but with far much greater memorable importance is stories. They are the core of charismatic communication.

The right questions spoken in an effective way, and knowing when to not ask, are how you discover information, opinions and ideas.

But what you never thought of is that questions are REALLY how you train specific beliefs, ideas and attitudes.

If you’ve heard someone tell you that content is king… well… the content that is KING is in the listener, the viewer… in THEIR MIND.

That’s why I have put together not just a “list of questions,” but QUESTIONS that change minds, shift perception, alter frames, CREATE criteria. And obviously the more important elements of HOW to ask, WHEN to ask, WHERE to ask, with what tones of voice and cadence to ask.

Now I have a question for you.

Do you really believe TRUE CRITERIA for things people do EXISTS?

Answer? It’s rather disappointing to hear but obviously not after believing yes for years. I know the feeling. 

Don’t feel slighted. About 75% of trainers were never shown how to train effectively. It’s embarrassing.

People don’t have criteria for virtually anything.

People are walking around in their house, eyes glued to their phone, and waiting for someone to tell them what to do.

Don’t believe it?

Ask someone to send you their criteria that existed BEFORE TODAY  for searching for that new job or starting new business related project in 2024.

Ask anyone their criteria for a spouse whether they are single or married.

Drop me a note with that and their criteria that existed BEFORE today for getting a new house, investment or automobile.

The charismatic person has rules on dealing with people. Show me your rules, or those of others and you have a foundation to change a person’s life forever.  You only get to THIS point if you have that charismatic ability to cause people to trust, believe, have certainty in YOU.

By now you have figured it out that humans have no clue why they do something, decide or choose. They “just decided to,” because they have no other way to describe that impulse. The same feeling you get around a charismatic person, triggers you to a very positive feeling, even a dream you’ve always had.

Kevin Hogan Influence Expert
Kevin in Italy

 I could give you the 21 questions you want to know and master asking, RIGHT HERE in text and even this pile of gold nuggets is all but useless without those questions being integrated with all the other aspects of brilliance in communication. 

Instead you learn what is in the course so you can train people you are responsible to and for, to use criteria that you need them to use. It’s a skill.

It needs to be practiced. You’ve got to get reeeeaaaalllly good at this process or you are going to fall deep into the bottom 97% of communicators.

You are now in The Advanced Era of New Age of Communication. Yeah The Age was born around 1950, it grew up and graduated from high school in 2000 and just got it’s bachelors in 2024.

But no one went to school for Charisma in the Age of Communication.  You already know that 85% of people are inadequate communicators IN PERSON. What about on video (live or recorded)?

It’s horrible.

Video just makes people worse communicators because they haven’t been shown, and aren’t going to try, to become brilliant on video. That gives you the advantage. No one else is even TRYING!

People have no idea how to have a DATE ON VIDEO.

It’s been around for over a decade and there isn’t a basic template, until this course.

I mean a ROMANTIC date that people remember FOREVER.  

An experience that they will tell others about forever. Because no one else took the time to develop the strategies and techniques to make online dating WORK for them in the Age of Communication. Instead they learned to make a “profile” and send an email.

In the Charismatic Communicator Course we fix that. 

And as the context grows you can bet we’ll grow the options and content in the future for you, but for the moment you are getting what we know with ABSOLUTELY APPLICABLE step by step technique so you come across as not just a “maybe” but a “YES!”

Then what?

How do you get the girl or guy to go out on an IN PERSON date with you in 2024?

Things have really changed. They’ve gotten more difficult for most people.


You need to make “it” work, and SOON,  in the new world or you RAPIDLY fade into a black hole.

Wroclaw, Poland late autumn 2019

Stop thinking about how you THINK things should be. That’s madness. You and I don’t control how things will be, EXCEPT as they relate to YOU.

So you go out to the gas station to get gas and 20 people look at you.

How many look at you TWICE?


If you talk to someone and think the person is a possible hire or a possible date, do you even have ANY clue as to what you’d say?

Look, the world CHANGED. Any similarity between 2024 and 2014 is purely coincidental.

This all means that stories become part of the communicating with charisma equation.

I get on a lot of these conference calls, typically as a presenter, but sometimes as a viewer. Yep, I recently “attended” ANOTHER really fascinating, online, international biblical archaeology conference. I’m fascinated by the topic and I love READING these folks who presented on Zoom.


Because those speakers ability to communicate a message that was once communicated in live workshops and brilliant textbooks, the lack of skill in presenting on recorded video and live video means they can’t simply give data point after data point. IT DOES NOT WORK in 2024.

MOST fields and niches in businesses are simply going to die because people suck at communication. It begins with charisma. That means YOU MUST HAVE THAT *WOW* about you.

Sure if you are hot and look great on Tik Tok, well good for you. You got those 100K likes on that video, I’m thrilled for you.

The reality is you really don’t want or need 100K likes!


Because you can’t hire 100,000 people or do business with 100,000 people or be in a relationship with 100,000 people.

All you really want and need in life is to have a good connection with 10 or 20 or 30 or 100 or maybe 200 people for pretty much anything.

And again, no one has every shared this with you. Your ability to communicate charismatically doesn’t need to mean that you’ll have a million texts or a million video chats, or a million dinner dates, unless you really want and need that. And if it did that would be related to other courses we do in addition to capturing all you need to know about your ability to connect and master.

If you’re thinking of your presence in a larger business context, certainly you can do that with what you learn here. But even that is still a connection at a time, a relationship at a time.

So STOP worrying and begin the process I walk you through in detail in this course.

I’m going to have YOU, get good at this: You need people to stop and listen to you, like you watch that one hot girl on Tik Tok pitch her car insurance, jewelry, clothes, food, shoes or landscaping service.

I don’t look like that “influencer” so I have to be an influencer that relies on ME. I have to rely on my ability to give you a LOT that you NEED and WANT and your training from me to USE THAT in every day life.

I wrote a book called, Irresistible Attraction. It touched on charisma.

…in 2024 we can’t “touch on” charisma.

In 2024 you must BE CHARISMATIC.

We live it or we are finished.

Not social distancing from those who died over 150 years ago…Catacombs, far under street level in Paris. January 2020

As no other time in the past, people must see you as unique and comfortable in every context you are given to work in. Face to Face, or on Zoom, webinars, video casts. All of it.

People need to see you as THE PERSON who they want to connect with BECAUSE YOU KNOW HOW to have an ONLINE DATE.

They want to TALK to you because THEY FEEL LIKE YOU ARE FASCINATED by them.

Read that again. No one has ever said that to you.

It’s 2024.

I hope you take lots of business courses, marketing courses, dating courses, continuing ed credits, you name it…

this year. Heaven knows you’ll have LOTS of spare time to do it IF you don’t learn how to communicate in a way that separates YOU from EVERYONE else.

I’ve put together the most comprehensive course there is on the planet.  Period.

The course is 10 weeks in duration. It is NOT EASY because it requires YOU to make shifts in how you frame, question, use story, captivate and take advantage of all of the disadvantages we have in 2024.

Story?! You’ve read about how to tell a story. Shoot you must have taken my 10 week online courses like the  Professional Speaker Course, Wealth Accumulation Course or Success Course if you are in business. But how many stories do you have CATALOGUED that you can tell at the trigger words.

Here are a few stories that come to mind from the 177 (personal) stories I’ve logged as effective…

San Diego, Summer 2019

Here’s a super quick example of a list you pop onto  3×5 card and stick it in your pocket in case you get stuck. Everyone of these stories stops people from eating and holds the listener until I’m done.

Next time you see me live, ask me to show you my “List of 10.” It’s in the left hand pocket of my suit and is there if I ever need a 10* story to grab my audience. (I’ve used it one time in my life. Thank god it was there!)

Boy Scouts bring food.

Little Girl in Wheel Chair.

First social security wages? Age 12

3 Things a Day.

247 rejections.


Election Prediction.

Gold Shout to Buy

Snowstorm that Triggered Career and Millions


Idiot in the Target Parking Lot

Hollywood Calling

Each of those words or phrases is part of a catalog of nearly 200 best stories based on responses, not how cute I think it is.

More importantly…

You will learn and MASTER,  YOUR 30 most electrifying stories. I’ve never taught more than 6 in a course. Here you have the template, a sample and a directive. You will have YOUR own catalog in weeks!

If you can’t tell a story AND WISELY pursue a person’s loves and likes, you can have anything and anyone you want.

And what about questions?

Any idiot can ask a question and believe the dictum of “there are no stupid questions.”

That of course is blatantly ridiculous. Most questions are ill considered and often hurtful to yourself and others.

You go on a date and ask a bunch of questions and you don’t ever go on a date again. You ask questions on the SECOND date UNLESS your questions are SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to place your date at the top of the competition in some way.

Business is different. Here you ask questions on the first meeting. It’s one of the few context differences between business and personal experiences.

And you will have learned how to be charismatic, that very rare person most people will meet a few times and yet will never have dinner with. That is the way charisma works in real life.

I’ll give you the 21 most important questions you will REGULARLY USE IN YOUR LIFE and you will LEARN THEM, because if you don’t people will look at you and see your face as one of the millions of other faces they see every single day.

If you are slated to already make your million in 2024, well hey, carry on.

Here’s the truth.

EVERYTHING has changed.

Videocast prep in Deb Cole’s place in L.A., Summer 2019

And meanwhile if you are going to believe that Facebook, Google and Amazon are immune to CHANGE, just save this little note and look at it at the end of 2024.

Oh they are good at communicating. But they neglected two really important pieces of LONG term success. I’ll explain that in the course too so you don’t fall prey to arrogance.

11 weeks…  AND you have access to me by email ever day. NOT some lackey who got hired to talk to you as if they knew what they were talking about.

No, you can drop me a note and ask a question, including APPLICATIONS of ANYTHING that might not be absolutely evident.

Shopping Mall in Wroclaw, Poland; Autumn 2019

I’m on the floor of the most elite shopping mall in Poland. That’s the picture above.

Now stop.

“How can Kev possibly feel OK down there where the 2 year olds are?!?!?!”

Now you get it!

The short story on “how do you price a freaking 40 hour course that is ALL about YOU  …is that it’s not easy.

In Summer 2024, Charismatic Communication is discounted to 1995.00 and I’m thrilled.

It’s as simple as that.

Register today. And yes, we do reserve the right to reject any application from anyone for any reason. And as you know we do.

It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s here. The course is 10 weeks and you have full access to Kevin during the course. Tuition is $1995, discounted from $2995. And if you prefer installments you can do $195 today and then $195 each month next year!

Apply now for $1995


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