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Hypnosis FAQ by Kevin Hogan

What can hypnosis do for me?
Hypnosis might be able to help you change your life in many different ways. There are physical and mental health benefits, performance enhancement, self esteem building and numerous other benefits to self hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Not everyone will receive an equal benefit for self hypnosis and hypnotherapy but because of the high upside potential and the very minimal downside potential, it makes sense to benefit from hypnosis for most people in most situations.


What is hypnosis?
No one agrees on the definition of hypnosis. When there is agreement it is difficult to measure what the agreed upon definition of hypnosis is. I tend to say that, “Hypnosis is a narrowing focus of attention.” This is easier to measure for the individual subjectively than “bypassing the critical factor of the mind,” which is also a somewhat useful definition.


What is hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is a relationship between client and therapist where the therapist helps the client uncover causes and various issues from the past that are currently causing disruption in the present time. Further, hypnotherapy encompasses creating a believable, constructive future for the client.


What is NLP?
NLP is Neurolinguistic Psychology or Neurolinguistic Programming. It is an offshoot of hypnosis that has been woven into family therapy, systems therapy, body work, and Gestalt among others. There are some elements of NLP that are remarkably effective in helping people achieve desired outcomes.


Is it true that you can create amnesia in people?
For moments, yes. Long term? Rarely. The idea of causing people to forget something is, broadly speaking, something that has no therapeutic value.


Is it true you can make people do something they normally wouldn’t do?
Conditionally, yes. People will do almost anything including kill, rape, and steal in the right context, so to ask whether they would do something they normally wouldn’t do is something that cannot actually be proven one way or another.


Is all hypnosis, “self hypnosis?”
Absolutely not. Hypnosis is a focusing of attention and resonation with the unconscious mind. It is fairly easy to do this without the cooperation of another person’s conscious mind.


Can hypnosis cure AIDS, Cancer, and Hepatitis?
The short answer is, no. The long answer is that hypnotherapy and hypnosis can be useful in all of these things to varying degrees from person to person.


Can hypnosis help people with medical problems?
The short answer is, yes. The long answer is that hypnotherapy and hypnosis can be a powerful adjunct therapy for people suffering with most medical problems.


Is hypnosis relaxation?
It can be but relaxation is not necessary to have a narrowing focus of attention or resonance with another person’s unconscious mind.


I want to learn self hypnosis. What should I do? 
Self hypnosis is easy to learn. I wrote, Through The Open Door: Secrets of Self Hypnosis. That is a good place to start.
How much should I spend learning to become a hypnotherapist?
You can train for as little as $1000, but you can’t succeed long term with one hypnosis training and no further education. The best hypnotherapists are voracious readers and thus have huge libraries of books. They also attend continuing education seminars during the year to stay current. Spend more than you think you should. You can’t sell yourself or your future clients short with a lousy education.
How much money will it cost me to see a hypnotherapist? Is it covered by insurance?
Sometimes insurance covers hypnotherapy, but generally it doesn’t. Most therapists charge about $95 per session. A good therapist, someone with a great deal of experience or a specialist might charge 2-2.5 times that much.


Can hypnotherapy be used to remember past lives?
Past lives are part of spiritual and religious traditions. If past lives are part of your spiritual tradition, you almost certainly can experience what you will consider a past life.


Is hypnosis against the Bible and my religion?
No…and maybe. Trance is a common phenomenon in the Bible. There are several religions that are fearful of hypnosis because the religions use the same techniques and processes that are used in hypnosis and they don’t want you to know it!


Are hypnotherapy and hypnosis safe?
Hypnosis is not only safe it is completely desirable. Hypnotherapy involves two people so we have other variables to consider. As long as hypnotherapy is used as an adjunct to medical care it is safe. There are some unethical processes and therapists as there are in any field. (Medicine, religion, etc.) But hypnosis and hypnotherapy per se are safe. It is the individual that can do harm.


What are the dangers of hypnosis and hypnotherapy?
Poor therapists can install phobias or even convince clients they have improved from a devastating illness or mental illness with just one session, when actually the symptoms have only been covered, leaving the client with feelings of failure and guilt when the symptoms recur days later. There are other minor dangers but they are remote.


Can hypnosis be used to make me forget bad memories?
Not likely…and not desirable.


Will I remember sexual abuse in hypnosis?
You might. Many people do and the experiences are often actual events that happened. Sometimes they are constructions.


Are memories accurate in hypnosis?
Sometimes they are remarkably accurate and sometimes they are complete fictions.


What happens at a session of hypnotherapy?
This varies from therapist to therapist. In the model that I created, the first session is a thorough case analysis. The next several sessions are regression therapy, followed ultimately by a couple of sessions where the client experiences a very nice guided imagery of their life and their future. Some therapists are what we call “suggestive therapists.” The hypothesis behind suggestive therapy is that the unconscious mind will uncritically accept all suggestions if the critical factor has been bypassed. Research shows this is not accurate. Suggestive therapy has it’s place however.


COVERT HYPNOSIS: An Operators Manual for Influential Unconscious Communication in Selling, Business, Relationships and Hypnosis by: Kevin Hogan

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  • Over 150 specific non-verbal communication techniques.
  • How to stand and sit with people so they like you and believe your message.
  • Strategies for pre-hypnotic therapy.
  • How genes influence people’s decisions and how to know in advance what they are.
  • The basic thinking process of covert conditioning.
  • The 253 words that change people’s minds verbally and in print.
  • How to use 20 of the most powerful hypnotic language patterns ever spoken.
  • Discover the core 16 desires of every person you meet.
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  • The truth about distraction and confusion.
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