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Hidden Influence: What Salespeople and Marketers Don’t See that Causes Failure

Salespeople and marketers go to sales training. Participants supposedly learn to…sell. Marketers go trainings as well. They are supposed to learn to market.

Then they go back to work.

What happen?

There is almost always a brief tiny bump up in productivity and actual sales for a few days! Then sales and marketing results rapidly return to normal.

Ultimately nothing changes.

How the heck is that possible!?

Are the training’s terrible?

Is there simply nothing to learn that consistently works at marketing and selling products?


Think about these facts of sales and marketing.

1) Most high dollar advertising attempts fail.
2) The writers and creators are “professionals” with enormous budgets.

3) The fact is that with the resources of professionals working for the big companies, the majority of advertising, marketing and professional salespeople should be successful. But they are not.

These professionals are in the red for the company they work for.


Even more strange?

Those who sell and write failed advertisements, typically keep their jobs…sometimes for years before being released back to the ocean.

How is it that people who want to show you how to market or excel in sales, for the purpose of YOUR prosperity…. why is it that they have such a hard time selling their own products and services?

There a few core factors involved in their lack of success.

Most advertisers know their market….the demographics of their customer. Age, height, weight, sleep patterns, spending habits, and so on.

Unfortunately marketers, salespeople, advertisers, teachers and parents don’t know what influences the people they need to influence.

I think the first time I recognized this why most people were failures in sales and marketing and in fact all areas of influence…it was when a guy I was working with used “AIDA” as a way of describing sales and marketing.

He said it was an old formula in selling, and it’s how you sell anything…. Attention, Interest, (Desire, I think), and (Action, I think).

I don’t recall the last two because the first two weren’t correct to begin with. The formula will not yield the hoped for results. It will fail.

Essentially, it is axiomatic that it will fail far more often than it will work.

Yet sales managers train their people that this is the answer, the formula. And it ha all helpful points, but like most trainings and ideas for selling it BEGINS IN THE MIDDLE.

Specifically that means the first steps, the critical aspects of beginning the process of selling, and in fact all persuasion, requires numerous puzzle pieces BEFORE you seek attention.

Don’t get me wrong.

Capturing attention, building someone’s interest, finding out what they want and getting them to take out their wallet isn’t terrible.

But the concept is doomed to fail for most people in most situations even though gurus will teach you stuff like this.

It’s also more evidence for the fact that salespeople fail in large part because they are given inaccurate information from the beginning.

Only a very small percentage of actual sales CLOSED “begin” with “attention.” (1% perhaps?)

The vast majority of all sales that get CLOSED started with something very, very different…something far more important!

What is it that is so much more important?

The Spirit of Persuasion Past

Long before you even MET your prospect…. Long before your consumer saw your ad or YOU a number of things happened that will determine what happens today. Let’s look at two of the things happened.

Imagine you were my customer or future customer.

You had all kinds of feelings, thoughts, emotions and expectations this morning about everything from eggs and bacon to the news to the clothes your daughter wore to school to who won the game last night to what traffic would be like if you were late getting going.

All of these things prepare your mind for expectations and behaviors that will be far more important in the results of your day than “interest,” for example.


Secondly, you are a normal human. You have preconceptions (stereotypes and prejudices) about every type of person you are going to meet today, tonight, tomorrow.

Preconception Based Filters

All of these notions are based on what you’ve experienced, been told by Mom and Dad and media, and watched experiences of those close to you with others.

Example: Some women might hate men because of something bad that happened to them decades ago. Then you, nice, kind charming person that you are…. you are going to meet this person and attempt to persuade them or sell them something. And the door will strike your nose before you can say “hello.”

You did get her attention, however….

Of course, this is a dramatic example to make the point that EVERYONE has stereotypes and prejudices, like it or not. Period.

They are *normal.*

“Stereotype” and “prejudice” are not “bad words”, by the way. They simply mean that your brain categorizes people based on differing characteristics and BY what you have learned, experienced and, of course, felt through genetic biases.

It’s simple science.

Such categorizing could easily save your life and those preconceptions can also lead to problems. But preconceptions of all kinds are as natural as eating lunch or thinking about sex…

Being AWARE of this singular fact will increase your persuasiveness GEOMETRICALLY.

People have a bias for formulas and systems because in the past they are often useful in solving problems. Experiential learning….

The things that are the most persuasive and change the most minds are not formulaic. They are Preconception Based Filters.

Example: Research shows that if you want to influence someone else, you are more likely to persuade them if you look like them, like a friend of theirs, or a family member of theirs.

Example: You are more likely to make the sale, get the person to marry you, have sex with the person, go to the same University….if you have the same name or the same first letter of the name or similar letters in your name as theirs….especially the more unusual letters like Q, X or Z.

Preconception Based Filters often “make up their mind” before they even see you, hear you, read your ad or letter.

Now you’re starting to see how the selling and persuasion process will be 2/3 completed by the time you reach attention.

The research is abundantly clear.

And that’s just how we look. Our voice… What we hear… how we carry ourselves all play into the context of an initial meeting and each contact thereafter.

These preconceptions all filter out non-verbally and create an environment and “chemistry” between two people that is either constructive or destructive.

Example: The letter your name starts with will influence people you do business with!

If it’s the same, or sounds the same, you are MORE likely to persuade the other person.

So you have the experiences, both categorized and recent (this morning) as well as our emotional state of mind going into our sales or influential communication.

Legend Point: Those two factors in two people’s heads BEFORE they meet in real life or cyber life or in a magazine ad, have much more impact on whether a sale will be made than, “do I have your attention.”

And we haven’t even come to a more important factor in the persuasion process.

Next week, I’ll open more doors for you that you’ve never seen opened before….and I’ll show you applications you probably wouldn’t have dreamed of…

Covert Influence: The Hidden Persuaders… Strategies No One Has Ever Even Thought Of

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What are the details?

On 7 CD’s you can listen again and again to burn these new concepts, skills and tools into your mind.

Never before released on audio or in book form, this information is freshly tested and scientifically validated.

Changing Minds with New Mental Technology is now required. This is the Genesis of that Mental Technology.

If you remotely wonder if that statement is correct, think about all of the money major corporations spent on advertising, marketing, promotion, sales and they are now bankrupt.

…It takes specialized knowledge and “digging deeper” to get where you need to go these days…

Getting people to “yes,” has never been more difficult in your lifetime than it is in 2009. It’s going to be more difficult as people’s innate defense mechanisms create a shell around their decision making faculty.

…What Does This Mean for You?

“Delay”, “wait”, “not yet”, “being careful”, “I’ll think about it”, and all of the other “tomorrow” messages are emanating from all directions.

I tried to fit this on 6 CD’s so it would fit the containers we invested in.

No luck! (Fortunately for you.)

This is a lot of information and it just got a little bigger than I guessed.

How “good” is this program?

It’s on par with my best work.

No one else has this information except, now… you.

I want to show you one of the most surprising and perhaps one of the uncomfortable….powerful phenomenon in Covert Influence.

In fact, I want to share with you all the latest research available (well, almost all…!)

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Creating Irresistible Impulse. The button is there (for everyone); it just needs to be pushed. What are some of the irresistible impulses marketers are using on you? How can you take advantage of these tactics yourself? It’s all here in this section. Kevin details the marketing phenomenon that pushes the buttons…all the way to irresistible.

Tapping into Human Desires & Emotions. With just ONE change in strategy, a non-profit organization can get 5 times the donations. What can this strategy do for you? You can’t afford NOT to implement this tactic now.

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Tribes. You’ve heard the term. What does it describe? How does it come into play in the influence process? Most important, how do you utilize the concept of the Tribe in order to make more sales? It’s all here… Kevin explains about subgroups and how to make appeals based on whether a group is “in” or “out”. This is cutting edge research that benefits you.

Covert Influence…to Control Behavior. You’ve seen the signs. Above the candy jar, tacked to the break room wall. Even posted on a fence, or highway. How do signs really influence? What elements should be used in signs to covertly control behavior? Fascinating new research uncovered for you!

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