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Acquisition of Outcomes: Addiction, Motivation, Reward, and Getting What You Want in Life (Third in a Series)

Goal: AttainedToday, you find out how leveraging the strongest core drives – motivation, reward, massive stimulus and transmutation – will take you to your goals.

You’ll see how best selling author J.K. Rowling, uses organizational stimulus to plot her books in a remarkably similar fashion to what you will be doing with Sequencing for Goal Attainment.

You’ll discover what could be on the walls of your office or living room that would trigger acquisition of goals. You’ll see what the desks and workspaces of some of the most accomplished people of the last century look like.

And, of course, we revisit the plot to have Dinner with Keeley Hazell.

Last time, you found out about how having the right stuff on the Coffee Table or your desk, keeps it available (in sight so it acts as a trigger to action).

Today we begin to put the process of goal attainment together. If you think about brilliant and accomplished minds in the last hundred years, a few names of people who accomplished what they set out to do and then some…the following three instantly come to my mind.

Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Linus Pauling.

Let’s look at some of the images and triggers that generated ideas within those three and drove them to change the world.

Meanwhile, I also picked a couple of prolific and influential thought leaders like William F. Buckley, Jr. as an example of an individual who got everything he wanted in life, and then some, being one of the most productive people of a generation. Same with Roald Dahl, the legendary author of children’s books and a few others.

Absolute Goal Attainment.

When I read A Brief History of Time, I thought I would understand the universe. I didn’t. Hawking gave me an understanding I could wrap my mind around, but really, I had many more questions I would have loved to have asked him when I turned the last page.

It would be hard to successfully argue that Hawking is not the greatest mind of the last century. Part of what makes Hawking a living super hero is that he accomplishes goals when he can’t even move the muscles in his body. He can’t walk, talk, move his limbs, twist or turn. But he accomplishes goals you and I will barely comprehend. He’s an amazing man. He IS a super hero.

Goal Attainment Office SpaceStephen Hawking would likely tell you that he needs significant “stimulation” to be as productive as he has been. I’m not talking about colleagues constantly discussing things with him to expand his brain. I’m talking about the stimulation of his environment.

It was no surprise to find a poster of inspiring Marilyn Monroe or a cool framed picture from The Simpson’s on his shelf.

Great minds that accomplish great goals often enrich their unique work spaces with images of superheroes, cartoon characters, images of beautiful women, fantasy art, sports heroes, celebrities in other fields and science fiction characters, all as self-stimulants for the area where they work and accomplish.

What don’t you see for people who accomplish goals?

Diplomas and Awards. In all my digging I found zero. Fascinating.

At first I was a bit surprised. But then when you think about it, it makes sense.

A couple of unique exceptions do come to mind. You do see an Oscar or a Nobel Peace Prize, but pretty much nothing else in the category. The accomplishments of the past…were “all things past.”

One thing is certain, those who accomplish goals can’t have triggers of their yesterday when they graduated Harvard or won a nice award for having accomplished something, because it’s all past tense. Those images trigger the Passive Goal Guidance System to see something as “completed” or “complete enough” and the PGGS moves on to the next different nonconscious target.

Just looking at Hawking’s desk allows you to see what other triggers he has to drive him every day.

Take your time and see what is there. Remember, the reason there is no paperwork on Hawking’s desk is that he is unable to move any of the muscles in his body, thus he can’t write or perform manual tasks. But his brain and mind….

Hawking, like all great minds, surrounds himself with stimulus that is all immediately “available” to trigger useful thoughts and ideas to accomplish greatness.

Absolute Goal Attainment: Office EnvironmentAlbert Einstein is the next great man that comes to anyone’s mind as to someone who achieved so much that he too literally changed the world.

The right stimulus generates accomplishment, creativity and Goal Attainment.

Always remember this image. Burn it into your mind. What is on his desk is not receipts from the grocery store. That would just be a mess. Everything on the desk is significant. It is all work in progress.

This is literally where Albert Einstein changed the world.

I am fortunate to know a lot of successful people, meaning people who have achieved greatness through goal accomplishment. Some of those people are reading this today. And they are smiling.

Almost all of their desks look like Einstein’s.

Absolute Attainment: A Genuis' OfficeEinstein was only paralleled by Linus Pauling in goal accomplishment in the 20th Century.

This is where the multiple recipient Nobel Prize winning chemist worked.

Talk about massive amounts of stimulus that kept his brain moving from idea to idea for decades.

The first shot (above) is from the 1950’s.

 Linus Pauling's OfficeThe second from the latter part of his career. You’ll notice the consistency over a span of 20 years!

Great minds are utterly predictable as to how they will begin to attain goals.

It all begins with massive stimulus, including some of the most unusual choices for “decorating” their environment. Check out THAT WALL!

Perhaps Keeley will find her way into the history books not only for her future accomplishments, but for being a muse, as was Marilyn Monroe, for great accomplishments in the 2010’s. We’ll come back to Keeley in a minute.

Goal: Sequencing Dinner with your iconStarting to come together and make sense?

What’s coming next will likely blow your mind….

Turn the page to see one incredibly stimulating “office”:

A marvel… 

 Use Your Office for InspirationStimulus. Look at how pictures, notes, documents are clipped all around William Buckley’s “desk.”

Just think what it might be like trying to get around this office!

And, of course, that is PART OF THE POINT.

No one was likely welcome around the office. It was created solely for William Buckley by William Buckley. Look carefully at what is all around him. Really look close. You will be fascinated.

That’s a massive amount of stimulus, for a massively productive brain.

And a truly massive amount of stimulation.

Can you even find William F. Buckley, Jr. in the picture?!

Next, I thought about kid’s books.

Dahl AcquisitionHow does a children’s author find the stimulus needed to create a child’s treasure?

Here’s the great Roald Dahl in his office, surrounded by the things that stoke his creativity.

Take a close look and note (all around him) all the things that provide stimulation for creativity.

Accomplished genius after genius is heavily stimulated in their environment.

Can you see all the particular items that played a role in the great writer’s creative genius?

Take a look at Norwegian thriller writer, Jo Nesbo.

Human Desires and Goal AchievementThose books are all available as triggers and stimulus. Writing his next novel, he’ll view those books on the shelves 5,000 times.

One title triggers a thought which makes you laugh which gives you a new characters name or a new chapter title.

Synthetic creation occurs a great deal as well. Three books with mediocre titles might shuffle together on one trip to the kitchen as the next “Chamber of Secrets.”

Most importantly is the nonconscious implication of seeing YOUR book on YOUR shelf with all the rest of the great authors on the shelf. You can see his books. They are stacked on top of each other at a few locations on the shelves.

Here’s a trick I do: I place different copies of my own books that I’ve written at various locations throughout the shelves in the house. That way when I actually go looking for inspiration, I often see one of my books next to Tom Clancy, John Grisham, or Lee Child. Pays to train your brain to be in good company…

The fact is, Jo might not open one of those books for the next decade.

But, the triggers at all kinds of levels are there.

Imagine what a barren wall would look like and do for creativity and accomplishment??!!

“Kevin, I have writers block.”

The person has no stimulus in their environment and they haven’t done what is coming next….

Combining Stimulus with Sequencing

This is crucial to goal acquisition.

Jenna Blum, is the brilliant author of The Storm Chasers. Genius in action.

Work Space and Achieving GoalsThe image shows the central part of her book creation process.

From my vantage point it appears she has pieced together by HAND, not typed, various plot and character aspects. She has created a set of sequences that will happen.

I don’t know Jenna (and I’d love to have lunch with Jenna) but all it takes is one look at her mind in action to know she will write as many amazing books as she chooses.

Particularly excellent for you is Sequencing and then making the sequences stimulus by taping the paths, people and outcomes to the wall.

Now, look closely. Has she written that 100% written by hand?

Again, this is almost the identical process you use in literal Goal Sequencing for absolute attainment.

JK Rowling and 3+ Column Notes

If you’ve ever taken a course with me or heard me present, you know I tell every audience to “take 3 column notes.”

Column 1: What Kevin said.

Column 2: What I can do with that now.

Column 3: What I can do with that in the future.

Always use 3 column notes.

People who type stuff into the computer…well that is lovely…but they won’t accomplish what they typed in without the available handwritten stimulus.

JK Rowling is a perfect example of someone who uses the concept of 3+ column handwritten “notes” as an example of keeping sequencing available for instant organization and development. It’s hard to imagine using a software program to get to a similar result. There is something about the human hand and it’s unique connection to the brain.

That piece of paper is ever available. It is not perfect, so adding and scratching stuff out is easy and “feels right.” Nothing has been printed out from the computer that is neat and crisp.

p> IMPORTANT: There is one significant difference between plotting a book and plotting a goal sequence – the prediction of obstacles and plot lines going forward from obstacles. That’s a huge difference. But that one crucial distinction aside, they are pretty much the same process.

Oh, and be like Jenna…get it UP ON THE WALL.

When you begin the process, you can use a white board or stick pages of stuff on the wall or floor. Ultimately, you’ll have a one-sheet and then pages of material that are “underneath” each box (frame).

What does the biggest selling author of all time do?

3 column Notes for Goal AchievementHere’s her four-dimensional Sequencing for the book: Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix that can be your model for your own Sequencing for goal acquisition.

Once you have the basic four-dimensional sequence for your outcomes, you can then expand that to a bigger picture. You can use your wall.

Once you see the plot, characters and obstacles to your outcomes, you simply WILL begin to attain them because you’ve already plotted it out so intricately. It becomes a complete blueprint.

You can have pretty much anything you want. Attaining what you want in life will happen differently than you first imagined. In fact, almost everything in the “corporate world” or at the government office is neutral to negative in attaining significant goals.

Only people who attain goals use intentional stimulus.

And now….you are ready to utilize Transmutation…

Your Sex Drive can *cause* Goal Attainment?

Your Sex Drive Can Virtually Guarantee Goal Acquisition

…it can also be your biggest enemy, so get it together. Your sex drive is ENERGY. God gave it to you, so use it right.

There should be a class on this in high school…

Drive (typically but not always – sex drive) transmutation (rechanneling of energy and delay of drive outcome) is absolutely necessary in significant or large goal acquisition. That strategic self-control alone is essentially required for attainment.

Of the 16 core human drivers, the drive to flee or fight danger, the drive to eat and your sex drive are the most valuable to your survival and the survival of your children.

They are also the source from which most people screw up in goal acquisition.

The rule is this: Delay gratification of any drives (except flight/fight) until the end of the day. Run on the energy of your drives by keeping them activated all day long. That’s transmutation. Almost everyone who accomplishes and attains their goals, masters this.

Over the last few weeks, you and I have shared all kinds of rarely disclosed facts as to why your brain will easily accomplish most goals that have currently installed Brain Software running at the nonconscious level. You’ve learned why your brain rarely accomplishes goals you think about or even write down.

Goal: Dinner with Your IconA few years ago, You and I talked about “the goal” of having Dinner with Keeley Hazellwhich we created “DwK,” to represent dinner with Keeley. Why dinner with Keeley?

Keeley is a British actress, cover girl and model. She’s edgy, beautiful, fun and not an easy girl to get a hold of on a Friday night. If I had time on a Tuesday night in London, I’d enjoy having Dinner with Keeley. She is truly one of the U.K.’s Crown Jewels.

If someone writes “it” down in their Goal Planner chances are quite high that “it” will never happen, because there is no structure. There is no plot. No other characters. There is no context.

Like all End Point Goals you write down…anything that requires more than a few days work to accomplish will be very unlikely to be attained.

Now, before I get you deep into having dinner with an icon or someone you really want to meet, do realize that I have a devious plot created for you.

Dinner with Keeley is analogous to you getting any End Point Goal you want in life. The process is roughly the same as plotting a book through time.

End Point Goals

End Point Goals have a specific structure.

I developed a way to use the structure in 1995. I wrote in detail about the methodology in my second book, Life By Design. Ironically, over the last few years a structure almost identical to the Life By Design model was recently studied at a couple of big Universities and it was found to be remarkably effective.

(Sometimes you find out you were wrong…not as fun…this was good!)

Darn thing is…it’s not slick, fast, easy or any of the cool things I wish it were…but, fortunately it is predictably effective at YOU getting what YOU want in YOUR life!

End Point Goals are goals that…end when you get there.

When someone says they want to lose 20 pounds, that is their End Point. They have then accomplished their goal when they weigh 180 instead of 200. They had dinner with Keeley. The process is similar, though not identical, as you will see today.

Believe it or not, this specific kind of End Point Goal is rather simple in theory to attain because it requires only simple digital responses throughout the day. (Eat/Don’t eat.)

But because of the most powerful Nonconscious Brain…something as simple as the flip of a switch can become “a fight” against your Self.

Life Time Goals

End Point Goals are important to achieve because they pave the way for creating sequences to have Life Time Goals. Life Time Goals are goals that don’t necessarily last a lifetime, but their achievement is an ongoing process.

If a guys says, “I want to make it to the major leagues,” he really doesn’t mean that. He means, “I want a 15-year career and play for the New York Yankees.” The first is an End Point Goal, the second is a Life Time Goal. Most people who don’t attain goals work only toward End Point Goals and because of that fact they rarely accomplish significant EPG’s.

The person with a Life Time Goal wants to lose 20 pounds and keep it off. Life Time Goals are very difficult to achieve using most people’s current understanding of “goal setting.”

As you are learning how to attain both End Point and Life Time goals, you soon discover that these monster-sized dreams become solvable puzzles.

Exceptions should be obvious, but often aren’t. Just in case…

Let’s make sure you attain goals that can really happen.

Becoming a billionaire…and having DwK…

Meeting the Billionaires? Get Your Sequence Down

Goal: Train BillionairesFour years ago, I spoke in Rotterdam to a group of 18 Billionaires. Notice I did not say Millionaires. I said Billionaires.

This was part of an unusual three day contract I had with…a large company…where I trained influence to the sponsoring corporation’s people on the first two days. The third day, my job was “to simply inform and entertain 18…” of the wealthiest men in Europe. “The Company” felt that my presence would somehow be an asset to the business relationship they had with these men. I wasn’t so sure, but they were and I had worked for this company on two prior occasions. I am obliged to not share the precise context, but I can tell you this: I was nervous.

They were often guarded but they let loose once in a while. They were most amused at comments about the political arena both in Europe and in the U.S. These guys don’t give much feedback, as you might imagine. Most of the men with the exception of the Chicagoan, were reserved….but… the testosterone level in the room was quite high and it took 20 minutes of self effacing humor to break down the barriers to where we could have fun.

Earlier that afternoon, I “entertained ” their wives. Another unique experience. In the U.S., you’d never experience this scenario. But it wasn’t the U.S. It was Holland and the couples had jetted in from Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam and other “nearby” cities. Three were there from the United States, but I’m pretty sure they came in from Brussels.

“The wives” all brought friends. There were perhaps 75 total in the room that afternoon. All women. Blessedly, they laughed often and at the right points in my presentation. Again, I was there to entertain more than enlighten. Unlike their husbands, they were prepared to have fun. They enjoyed the restrained flattery I fawned upon them during a very lengthy break. They were most enjoyable to hang out with.

Use Your Influence Knowledge in Sequencing

My original bias was that they would be stuffy. I didn’t experience that at all. I told four or five women this on the lift going up to the top floor, the name of which escapes me. The lift was approximately 4′ x 4.’ The maximum capacity was 16 people or 1000 kilos (2200 pounds) on the lift. All of the women were “model-thin,” not one of them more than 55 kilo’s. I pointed out that if this specific lift were in a hotel in the U.S., it would only carry two people. There were about six of us. The waist size of Americans is astronomical compared to those you find in Europe.

In their minds, they were now superior to American women (they were likely in a similar mindset prior to the ride in the lift) and they knew that I believed, that was also the case.

After that, all was smooth sailing.

The most important element of this for you is that I had run from beginning to end, that specific day in my mind a dozen times from beginning to end in January. (This took place in February.) Each day played out differently. In some of the possible futures, I blew the women’s presentation and had to “comeback” (which I had planned for 18 people in seats, not 75). In some possible futures, I was great and the event itself went brilliantly.

The same was true for the evening presentation. I prepared for both failure and success. I knew this would be a huge career changer for me. No matter what I experienced, one thing was certain, it would be planned for.

The more possible futures you prepare for, the more likely you will be to attain the goal you are going to move toward.

Probability and Goal Achievement

For now….Billionaire:

The probability of you or I “becoming a billionaire” are around 1 in 10,000,000. That’s “the math.” But in reality, if you strip out inheritances, the chances of you and I becoming a Billionaire is actually much closer to 1 in 100,000,000. Whenever numbers like this represent your “chances” of success at something, I classify this as “essentially impossible.”

Interestingly, about 2/3 of people believe they could become a billionaire…if they wanted to. You and I will simply let them believe that while you and I operate in the real world.

Achieving Difficult Goals

Or to sum up…

Jumping up and down in your back yard trying to escape earth’s gravity while thinking about The Law of Attraction simply won’t happen. A basic knowledge of probability matters to Goal Attainment.

Meanwhile, a one-on-one Dinner with Keeley Hazell (someone of your choice), is difficult enough that it would be truly challenging.

But, it is within the realm of possibility for most people who choose to program a sequence into their brain and secondly create a structure for the goal to happen.

And yes, now that you have watched me work for a room that was worth about 275 billion Euros…Dinner with Keeley doesn’t seem so implausible, does it?

Four things will have to occur for it to happen.

Turn the page to find out.

Down to the business of Dinner with Keeley…

What needs to happen is:

Lifetime Goals

  • a) You have to have Keeley opt to go to dinner with you when asked. That makes DwK an End Point Goal with Agreement by another person or group required. A college football player who is good enough to make the pros doesn’t select the team they will play for, if any. Their skills simply make going Pro, POSSIBLE. Starting at square one in your office or living room, this is close to impossible to accomplish and time is better spent elsewhere.Crucial Point: You are not in control of all the variables of some End Point Goals.Keypoint: Is attaining the End Point Goal you have chosen independent on another person or people? If it is dependent on other people, never pretend that it isn’t.
  • b) You must create a context for the request. For example, Keeley raises quite a bit of money for breast cancer research and thus a meeting becomes more likely when people participate in mutually significant activities or fundraisers. Take home: You have to have proximity, real or virtual.
  • c) You will have a very, very meticulous sequence and structure to follow if you are not in her current circle of acquaintances. Take home: Attainment will be in handling ALL of the details in advance.
  • d) You’ve got an uphill battle ahead of you. But it’s not impossible by any means. Take home: It’s difficult, which is why you wanted the meeting in the first place. If it were easy, you wouldn’t be setting a goal.

The Cheat Sheet

Here’s the first part of a quick cheat sheet of phrases and concepts you need to know to attain goals. Reading the Cheat Sheet alone will reveal why people do or don’t achieve their middle and longer term goals.

End Point Goals – Goals that End and/or are unquestionably attained. (Dinner with Keeley)

Life Time Goals – Goals that are achieved and maintained over time. Getting married and staying married…Becoming and staying a millionaire. Losing 20 pounds and keeping it off for one year.

Goals Requiring Agreement – Goals that require someone else approving or agreeing with your outcome. Your goal is to go to Canada on a family vacation. The wife wants to go to Mexico…and you end up in Mexico.

Nonconscious Goals – Goals the brain pursues nonconsciously. This generally happens throughout the day without more than a possible general awareness of “you” at the conscious level. Grabbing M & M’s, flipping channels on the remote, getting from home to work in the morning, turning left on the way home, pushing the brake pedal at the stop light. Almost all reactive goals like getting your child out of traffic when a car is coming, picking up the glass of water when it falls over.

Nonconscious Goals and their “attainment,” are happening pretty much all day long and the brain rarely gives up body control to pursue “your” choices like losing weight, exercising, saving money, reading a book and so on. Nonconscious Goals absolutely include sleep, resting and non-active experiences as well.

The Nonconscious Brain – A phrase that represents the functions of the brain that direct your behavior almost always without “your” knowledge.

Priority Non Conscious Goals are things that WILL almost always be achieved. Your brain will acquire food for you when you must have it. Your brain will get you to the restroom. Your brain will get you out of immediate danger. Your brain will get you and your kids out the door on time in the morning. Everyone will arrive where they belong remarkably close to on time.

Conscious Mind Goals are goals “you” set. “I want to be a millionaire.” “I want to have a BMW.” “I want to have a beautiful girlfriend.” “I want to write a book.” “I want to make money in the stock market this year.” Conscious Mind Goals of any significant difficulty (spanning more than a couple of days) are rarely attained.

Goal: outcome algorithmSequencing – An almost literal computer-like program of intricate and tiny steps that you “write into the brain” through physical writing then utilize a methodical visualization strategy that is often accompanied by physical movements mimicking movements that will be required in getting to the end point.

Ex. of a sequence: You take you from your house to the grocery store and back with the groceries and put them away. Sequencing is Plot through Time.

Similar Sequencing – Using the same process but adding different content to a program.

Writing a Program – Literally writing a complete beginning to end sequence, step by step so that there could be no question as to what step happens next in all contingencies.

Installing the Program – Literally rehearsing precisely the program you have written, with the secret ingredient added to make it stick. (This will be discussed in detail in the new program to be released this spring.)

Brain Fuel and Brain Rewards (Keeley qualifies)…

The Planning Stage – The period where you plan the sequence. You determine what will go in the sequence and what obstacles will possibly arrive and then be overcome to get back on task.

Replication -Once you’ve accomplished something that requires a sequence, it is much easier to replicate. Once you’ve accomplished something SIMILAR to another goal, a new goal is much easier to replicate because the nonconscious brain will be more likely to cooperate.

A sequence of actions to get to the grocery store and back with groceries would require about 1000-2000 words and perhaps a total of 4 – 5 pages of typewritten paper. Once you’ve accomplished the task (goal) several times, it becomes easier and run by the nonconscious brain. AND similar goals like going to Target and getting stuff for the house become quite easy to accomplish because they differ only in CONTENT. The processes are very similar.

Reactance – The brain or mind’s pre-rejection of goals you consciously attempt to write into your brain. The brain does not want to add new goals to its subroutines.

Brain Fuel: Goal AcquisitionBrain Fuel – Ever present stimulus that provides “energy” for action. Brain fuel is like gasoline. There are many different kinds of fuel that trigger various drivers in the brain to action. Brain fuel is very volatile and can blow up easily.

Transmutation – a word and process coined by Napoleon Hill. You essentially trick the brain to accomplish a sequence using the sex drive as brain fuel, regardless of whether “sex” has anything to do with the goal or not. There are other drivers that you can transmute by tricking the brain. If you can create an environmental stimulus or a very strong image of urgency due to impending fear or pain, that can be as effective as engaging but by no means completing the sex drive.

Aside from instant drive gratification from escaping fight/flight and hunger, there is no driver that can come close to the sex drive when it comes to goal acquisition. There is also no drive aside from vengeance that will cause more problems and difficulties in goal sequencing. Transmuting the sex drive is at the root of most major accomplishment and transmuting the sex drive is more than a little valuable for goal attainment.

Brain Rewards – Rewards the brain gets to experience that cause it to feel pleasure filled. Cocaine, viewing stimulating people, gambling, playing the stock market, chocolate, shooting rifles, alcohol (for some people in some situations), love, nicotine, having sex (in some contexts) are a few physical things that trigger brain rewards either in the pursuit of or use of.

Pain killers, anti-anxiety and antidepressants often have the opposite effect. To achieve and attain goals you must give rewards that the brain wants again and again in exchange for accomplishing various behaviors or tasks. Effective brain rewards cause the brain to feel so good that it would choose to feel this good again.

“Leveraging Reward” – Part of the transmutation process is tricking the brain to transmute energy from a core driver to the attainment of the End Point Goal. The word addiction in most uses has a negative connotation to it. When I use it, it is neutral. It simply means that once you have gained so much pleasure from something you want it again, and again. An obsession (like OCD) is created. These obsessions can be quite bad (ex. heroin). But what we’re referring to here is the rush of excitement and pleasure at the sight or thought of X. Obviously I don’t want people to take up nicotine, heroin, cocaine!

For example: I enjoy playing cards and putting money at risk (at the card table, in the stock market). These are behaviors that can be addictive in a “negative sense” for some, but certainly not all people. It comes down to control. If you can control the rewarding stimulus you can leverage it. If you can’t, don’t ever play with fire.

Obviously, everyone experiences “addictions” of one kind or another. Leveraging (delaying gratification) addiction generates adrenaline AND additional reward chemicals in the brain. Win or lose, the more I play cards, the more productive and profitable I am in “real life.”

Sex and sensuality are the most powerful levers and are thus trickier to put into place. Being the most powerful motivator outside of the resolution to flight/fight, when sex is completed, unlike a session of playing poker, the brain is generally incapable of anything resembling peak performance in goal attainment. Therefore, the actual behavior of sex to culmination must be delayed. A healthy male brain in a comfortable situation will typically shut off after completing sex.

Pretty much anyone in professional sports or high level competitions of any kind will tell you that they will avoid certain activities the night before a game. You can figure out why.

Meanwhile, a brain that is completely stress free will not be able to attain goals of any significance.

Closely related to sex and sensuality is love.

“Love” is a useful addiction to leverage if the love is romantic or attachment love, i.e. feels similar to “must be with,” “think about her all the time,” “can’t get my mind off of him,” “want badly to be with” or similar “stalking behavior.”

“Love” is a powerful stimulator and is powerful leverage to accomplishment. Like Sex and the Resolution of Flight/Fight, “love”, when attained, (the object of the love is in your presence) will cause accomplishment to reduce.

When you hear “behind every successful man is a good woman,” there is some truth to the metaphor, though you might be surprised by the details. It’s more complex than having a “healthy and happy relationship.” There has to be fear of loss involved along with other addictive/reward behaviors that generate brain rewards.

As Napoleon Hill wrote, the experience of sex transmutation is critical for accomplishing bigger goals.

Goals of ImprisonmentGoals of Confinement – A goal of presence through time completion met by minimum requirements that are measured daily. For example, “I want to get a raise” or “I want to get my degree.” The acquisition of “a degree” is a Goal of Confinement. These experiences can be very helpful in creating the ability to delay gratification.

IMPORTANT: Almost everyone who attains goals needs help from others. When two or more are working together on acquiring a goal, that is a “mastermind.” Here people develop and generate the goal and work hand in hand to achieve the goal. There can be great leverage in working with another person toward a goal.

The drawback?

The institutionalized person does become a victim of institutionalization in most cases, meaning that striking out “on your own” becomes more difficult as it is definitely Sequenced in the brain at the NON-conscious level. And remember how powerful the nonconscious brain is?

There’s more of the vocabulary of Goal Attainment as this series progresses. For the moment you have the basics.

How Some Women Use Chocolate instad of the Sex Drive to Motivate (yes, really)…

That is a LOT of new information to assimilate and integrate into your brain. And because it is NEW and the brain now recognizes that it might be required to partake in conscious mind goals, the brain might easily resist Goal Attainment.

In other words: The brain “says”, (it really doesn’t “say” anything) “I’ve had enough, I’m overwhelmed, I’m taking a break and THAT is my new goal.”

That’s where Brain Fuel comes in to play.

Your Brain Fuel

You need Brain Fuel to acquire or achieve conscious mind goals.

Goal: Brain FuelThe difference between gasoline and Brain Fuel is that you put the gasoline in the car and you use up the gasoline. With Brain Fuel you use the energy, but don’t burn it up until the end of the day when you have the actual reward in real-life terms.

Example: If chocolate is something you crave, lust, covet, and “love,” you could set a piece of chocolate on the table or desk and then consume it at the “end of your day.” Consuming it NOW would begin to shut your brain down. Consuming it now means the brain is certain that The Mission is Accomplished…when it’s far from it.

If you don’t have the discipline to keep your hands off the chocolate, then use another powerful brain fuel.

Chocolate is particularly useful for many women. The reward activation that chocolate triggers in many women’s minds is …almost identical to that of sex.

That’s potent.

And you can KEEP CHOCOLATE at the office if you can use it as Fuel and not consume it until the end of the day.

For men and many other women, you’ll need a different kind of Brain Fuel. But everyone who wants to accomplish their specific goals must have Brain Fuel or Willpower will lose to the Nonconscious Brain. Depending on your age, desires and powerful motivational drivers, it’s not possible for me to know what the most powerful driver is for you. If you set a photo of a body builder or more precisely an ab builder in front of me, I’d probably drop and do 20 crunches, 20 push ups and plank. But for me, it doesn’t transfer or transmute to Goal Attainment. Some people report endorphin highs or rushes from exercise. That’s perfect if it then drives them on to goal acquisition.

Choose the Right Brain Fuel

If you are ready to go and create and accomplish goals right after running or working out, you are in a perfect position in life. Unfortunately, the workout tends to be more like cocaine and cigarettes for most people. It’s an end in itself and doesn’t bridge to attainment of conscious mind goals. But for some, it can and does.

And, it’s worth noting that a lot of people have NO experience with brain fuel that compels them to Goal Attainment.

How to Achieve Goals: Brain FuelCan you imagine bringing this picture to the office and putting it up on the wall?

Stephen Hawking has an advantage.

He doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

He’s not ever going to lose his job no matter how well publicized his brain fuel is.

That’s why he accomplishes all of his goals.

In the U.S., having a photograph of a beautiful woman, for example, on your desk at the company office, or on your wall, would be frowned upon.

Brain Fuel must trigger adrenaline and cortisol along with dopamine release. That means your chest “gets a rush.” Some people will feel that as anxiety, some fear, some excitement. It’s all similar emotion, similar chemistry, but it’s interpreted differently from person to person.

Whenever people “feel” anything other than lizard-like comfort, they will rebel against leaving a comfort zone of any kind.

If something is perceived as threatening, they will seek to fight it. It’s brain fuel.

This is why people are “offended” or “really like” your office decoration choice. But because the “threat” of Keeley is daunting for many, someone might request Keeley be removed. That’s life in the office when it isn’t your office.

Remember it’s very possible the people all around you are likely to have not ever tasked themselves to accomplish any goals of significance in years.

They very likely have not utilized safe Brain Fuel in years.

“There’s plenty of wealthy successful people here and they don’t have Keeley or Marilyn or Brad Pitt on the wall.”

That is true.

Watch the newspapers and don’t be surprised when it comes up that an office intern and the President….

You can’t sublimate someone’s most powerful driver for long. Always keep that in mind.

You’ve probably figured out that there is a big difference between finding your highest energy driver and activating it for all to see vs. manifesting it in real life in a bad situation office romance.

Maybe you are a guy who loves to watch WWF. There is a big difference between having cool images from matches on the wall vs. beating up people in the office. They both accomplish similar benefits in energy generation, but one has serious ramifications.

Be smart and keep it on the wall.

And no, don’t fight City Hall…Having a goal to “reform how things work at the office” is truly unwise.

Because Conscious Mind Goal Attainment is all happening outside of a Comfort Zone, by definition it requires neurochemical reactions that ignite energy levels and deep core desires. A lot of people, perhaps half or more, simply have never used energy or had the knowledge or skill to use energy to attain goals.

Take a moment and just think about your own brain fuel, but do not satiate your appetite for the end result.

And remember, don’t confuse Brain Fuel with pictures of the husband, wife or kids. It’s possible these could be Brain Fuel some, but generally not.

We’ll save the self-sabotage conversation for a couple of articles from today.

If looking at the wife, kids or hubby generates cortisol release, something is probably not well in the scenario.

Brain fuel must generate energy and wire into a core and crucial driver that doesn’t just “motivate you” but brings you to intense action for a significant and extended period of time.

Vengeance This brings us to one very powerful energy producer. It can cause all kinds of problems, but it can be as powerful as core drivers of eating, sex and fighting or fleeing from danger….it’s Vengeance….

Get ready to duck as this is big…

Be very careful using “Vengeance” to reach goals… 

Stephen Hawking has Marilyn Monroe. Albert Einstein had a photo of Linus Pauling. Why Pauling?

The Role of “Vengeance”

It would be analogous to having a photo of “that other persuasion guy”, Robert Cialdini, above my desk.

Cialdini was my introduction to the scientific study of influence in college. His text, Influence: Science and Practice, drove me to learn more, and he became something of a hero to me.

Vengeance can include revenge but it also includes competition as far as the drive of Vengeance is concerned.

Because I respect Cialdini so much and because he is a hero, it is absolutely a driving force that pushes me to be “better” in some way or ways than he is. This is the backbone of evolution and change.

The competitive drive will work for a lot of people. It was from Dr. Stephen Reiss that I first understood the drive as Vengeance. It sounds “harsh” and it is. Vengeance plays out one other way in real life: People are far more likely to pay dearly to punish someone else than to profit themselves.

That sense of justice/injustice is an enormoous driver of human behavior to attain their goals.

Vengeance, like all core human drivers can be disastrous or it can be a powerful form of harnessed energy. Using vengeance to “gain revenge,” to be the best, without ever inflicting a drop of pain on or in another human is ideal for goal acquisition.

For me The Vengeance Drive is a well of energy.

I don’t have time to “get back at other people,” so I take the time and do what I can to be better…

The image of vengeance on the wall doesn’t typically “work.”

There is one exception. I do have a a large movie poster of the movie “V” on the wall. You can see how that manifests, can’t you?

Icons and the Hero as Motivators

Goal: Icons as MotivatorsWhat drives your brain is going to be different than what drives mine. The concept, the template is always identical. The content is different.

Having those triggers available to activate the drives that move YOU is what matters most.

I have framed images of signed photographs of Elvis Presley and Paul McCartney on my wall. Those are drivers for me because it pushes me to accomplish similar things.

Elvis had a presence on stage that was one of complete control and ownership while being very in tune with making other people happy. Those are all extensions of drivers I have, as well. He recorded hundreds of songs and did well over 1,000 concerts in just 8 years. That’s a lot of performing and that taps into, “if he can…I can” wiring, among other reactions.

Why is a signed photo (or a signed matchbook) of a hero or other Brain Fuel better than a photo? Only you own the signed photo. It is unique. It is personal to you. It is a connection to that person and that is more Brain Fuel.

When I experience moments thinking, “oh I don’t want to do…” I often just look up and find the image that triggers my adrenalin. For me, there is no competition from the visuals and that is important for me because I don’t run programs from the point of simply beating someone else at their game, but by being the best at my game.

Visual stimulation is most effective when it is more than an arm’s reach away from you. You can’t turn the page, you can’t go to the next image. You can’t touch the image. You don’t get lost in the image. Instead it serves, ideally, as adrenaline and brain reward. Read that as “energy.”

Goal: Motivation to AchieveThe stuff in your environment determines who you are and whether you will be successful or not.

Marilyn Monroe is always there with you. That’s like having another brain (body) in the room. Hawking could always be recharged by that image. It’s precisely what works for him. Only he could tell you all the leverage it gives him, but you know two things, it gives him Brain Reward and it gives him adrenaline…energy to achieve goal after goal.

The brain doesn’t make much of a distinction between a photograph and a real person. Both trigger pretty much the same emotions, feelings, and behaviors.

This gives you a huge advantage if you select wisely. It can also stop you from attaining goals before they have begun. It’s all easy enough to test.

Never underestimate the power of the environment.

Design Your Optimal Productive Space…

Make Your Environment

The environment is much, much more powerful than an individual.

With rare exception, your environment shapes you.

Therefore, you should create your environment.

Make Your Own Motivating EnvironmentMy workspace is my design. I recline on a sectional which seats 8….but it takes a lot of work to actually sit here because there is a large Coffee Table that keeps the world OUT and AWAY from me. It discourages “traffic” getting near me and distracting me.

Of course, there is visual stimulation, as well! Pamela Anderson is my Brain Fuel this week. What’s yours?

Depending on my mood and driver needs, I have a large Plasma TV in front of me. If I turn the TV, on it will be on from 7 am – 3 pm if not longer. It will be on CNBC if I hold market positions. If not, I won’t have CNBC. The volume is almost always down, though – when news events are happening, it’s up. Obviously, you can’t observe anything with a plot line.

Distraction and continuous stimulus are excellent at triggering creativity and energy. But, a plot is devastating. I might put a movie in on occasion, but it will be with the sound off. The plot must be negligible.

There are other things that generate adrenaline in my body beyond one of a kind signed Elvis photographs and stock trading. Actually, there are many things.

Goal: A Clean Desk Does Not MotivateOne is having too many books nearby. There is a pressure that having too many books that places just a little stress on me for various reasons. If I only had one book near me, I’d be inclined to read it. I can’t read 20 books. The bonus is that I see titles and book covers all day long. Being an author, this is Linus Pauling. If I see Daniel Gilbert or Roy Baumeiester over there, it bugs me just enough to join the club….

The danger, of course, is the clean desk. You don’t ever want to find yourself in a sterile environment like this.

It means the nonconscious brain will now take over and direct you to what it wants…

…and that’s the same as “Go to Jail. Do not Pass Go. Do not collect $200.”

Don’t Dream.


Find the medium to take you to your goal and then YOU make it happen.

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