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Got Life Figured Out?

Whether your credit is a disaster or pristine, you’ll want to know what is in this article. It might not just change your credit scores, it might change your life.

More helpful than your driving record, your credit report will help your insurance agent predict whether you are worth insuring with her company or not.

Hiring someone?

Their credit report contains most of the information you need for most hires. (OK, it probably contains all the information you’d need for most jobs.)

Want to know if your life is figured out?

There’s a couple of useful objective tools that will give you eye-opening objective answers.

Look at your credit report annually and your credit score (or FICO score) every month. I see my scores at Credit Karma and also on my monthly AMEX statement. Someone told me that they get theirs on their Discover card bill each month. Neither costs you a penny.

Your credit report is a flawed history of your borrowing and repayment habits that goes back for a good chunk of your life. The last time I bought a house my credit report was over 100 PAGES in length.

That day in 2009 my credit score (I don’t recall if it was Transunion/Experian/FICO and they are all very close) was 802. I thought that was just fine. It would qualify me for a bridge loan on a house. I hate borrowing money almost as much as I hate lending money. It took six or seven months to close on the new house and I paid off the bridge loan the day of closing. I saw no point in having a loan to buy the house I have now. I can use money to hopefully grow it or I can give it to the bank and shrink it.

In May I opened my report and nearly feel over. For the first time in over a decade my scores had dropped to about 760. I immediately scanned all of my statements and sure enough there were unauthorized charges that brought the percentage of credit used out of credit available to over 50%. That’s not a good thing. If you have credit your score will plummet if you ever go over that 50% mark.

What most people don’t know is that if you want to buy a house, or a car, or insurance, or get a high paying job you will need to have a credit score that triggers the best response possible for your situation. The higher the score, the better the terms of your loan. Once your score is low enough many companies won’t hire you, won’t insure you, won’t loan you money period.

So if the spouse or kids begging to move and they are using credit without your knowledge of the parameters, your ability to move and buy can be stopped cold.

Everyone in your residence must be on the exact same page when it comes to spending by using credit of any kind.

Key Point: Had I been looking to buy a new house and my score dropped 70 points in a month (which is what happened) it shows that SOMETHING is WRONG with you. It’s like a medical check up. The red lights start flashing.

I found that the cards were being used both in appropriately and also fraudulently. Great stories for a different context.

Had you started with a credit score of say 700 which gets you decent terms on a loan and your score nosedives to 630 you might not be able to move.

In my case I was able to fix the problems identity and otherwise in about 4 weeks and I saw on my AMEX statement “821” again.

Now here’s the thing. I use my credit scores as a MIRROR on my life. I’m not looking to borrow money. But when the score dips more than it should it means there is a PROBLEM somewhere in my financial world and I have to go find it. Using the score as a mirror has helped me discover identity theft four times in the past 2 years!

Your credit score is a reflection of your responsibility, wisdom, self discipline and self regulation. And everyone knows it.

Fixing your credit REPORT is critical. That aspect means there is incorrect information which should ALL be fixed by you as soon as humanly possible. But your score (if based on correct reporting) is as ideal of a measure of your responsibility as anything out there.

And if you don’t like your (corrected) score you need to recognize it is all about you. So change YOU and YOUR habits.

After you clear up the mistakes from the people who have the same name as you do and other goofy stuff, you’ll get a score. Donald Trump and you could both have the same “credit rating.” No kidding.

Credit reports are ratings of your past behavioral trust decisions.

Credit reports are records. They record what happened. They are a box score of your life experience with the public.

Scary thing is they’re incredibly accurate predictors of what will happen next in the financial life of 100 people with the same score as you. Obviously, any single one person…it won’t tell you. But 100 people? Then you can make some sound predictions for the group as the whole.

And why is a score 820 instead of 850?

Simple: Too much available credit. In other words, algorithms recognize that when you have access to massive amounts of other people’s money, quite often stupidity can occur and people can go on a spending bender that they can’t afford. Simple as that.

Now. Don’t go getting your credit score yet. It will only serve to irritate you, too. (Do it next week, though.) Before we get to a second indicator of whether “ya’ get life or not,” think about this…

OK so HOW does your financial HISTORY, PREDICT SUCCESS?

Your thinking is so important in being successful or a failure.

Fortunately you can CHOOSE to think DIFFERENTLY starting today!

Myth at the Unconscious Level: If one ignores their financial responsibilities, the ensuing problems will either go away or “take care of themselves.”

Fact: 70% of America wanders through life living day to day, “paycheck to paycheck.” Most of Americans are about one major financial setback away from bankruptcy and don’t even sense the danger. Uncle Sam has been our dictator for so long that we think, he “gets life”…but he doesn’t……. That dude better dress with a beard and a funny hat because they’ll be coming for him soon. Last three decades he’s charged up a LOT of credit cards. Uncle Sam’s REAL credit rating isn’t so good. Probably in the low 500’s and sinking fast…

If you model the behaviors of the leaders of the nation, you will look like (and be) an irresponsible idiot. This is true whether Obama or Trump was President.

Myth: The more stuff we have as individuals, the wealthier we are.

Fact: The more stuff you have… the more stuff you have.

In most cases, the more stuff you have, the deeper the hole is being dug to make you even more obligated. Rule of thumb: If you can’t deduct it, you should think several times before buying it.

Myth: If my neighbors can afford it, I can too.

Fact: Your neighbors are three payments away from losing their house.

People wander through life thinking either they themselves or their Facebook friends have it all together.

It’s just not true.

Ok here is that awaited second tool that will give you a virtually fool proof way to see if you really do have it together. You will be able to tell quickly.

Are you successful with money?

I don’t mean are you wealthy beyond belief.

I’m talking about ….are you struggling because of nondeductible debt?

A good way to tell if you are in over your head is to list all your debts in a column and then all your assets and/or things that hold their value or may actually go up in value (like a house, a business, property, education, or an investment) in another column. (A very simple balance sheet.) I’m looking at my couch which I think I spent $1500 for. I imagine it would sell for $150 if I were REALLY lucky. Anything that goes in a house generally is worth 10% of what you pay for it, when you go to sell it. My library cost me about $100,000 but I couldn’t sell it for more than $5,000. In my world it’s gold. In most people’s it’s just books.

Now compare. Which column has the largest number after adding it all up?

If people do this they may find out a “left” or “right” answer. It’s not necessarily how much is on the plus side of the ledger. (You’ll need 2,000,000 in the bank at age 65 to be able to retire if you are 40 today.)

So the question again, “Are you having success with money?”

The answer for most of us is…

You got it.

Some people will of course think, “Yeah, but this is about money.”

Except it’s not.

Success or failure is about RELATIONSHIPS with other people and how we treat others. Your finances, how you spend your money, is about your word. How you handle money is the level of consideration you have for others and how much they trust you.

I know this sounds ridiculous but money is “energy.”

Even though gold and silver aren’t money in the U.S. anymore, I consider them exactly that, money and energy. The same is true for bitcoin, property, your work, your value as a friend, your time, your ability to love.

Credit scores predict grades, safety as drivers, risk level for insurance companies, trust/risk level for banks. In other words, the people you do business with. It’s not about the money…it’s what you and I DO with the money.

Good news?

You have the power to pay off all your debt.

The fastest way by far to get out of nondeductible debt is to have a successful small business. Most people with a rock-solid proven plan, focus and determination can pay off a lifetime accumulation of debt in two years.

True success is being real about, and, “getting life.” It’s about character, integrity, effort, trust and honesty.

How do you figure money is in the same ballpark as love?

Is money really similar to love?

They are not identical. They typically can be exchanged, in part, for each other.

Money and love are both energy with different characteristics. They aren’t the same but they are importantly connected.

That sounds really metaphysical. I guess one could say that they are both “matter” but then it doesn’t quite “feel right.”


You can say, “help those poor children” is a nice sentiment but has no energy. But, if one actually GOes AND DOes IT?

You can feed them by hand or give money so someone else can. That’s energy.

You can go to church and say “I support my church” and say, “Thanks for the sermon Pastor,” or you can put a check in the offering plate and prove your appreciation by paying the pastors salary so he doesn’t have to go work at McDonalds.

You can tell your child, “I love you” and the feeling it imparts could be gold. But a lot more goes into loving a child than talk. It’s guidance, it’s direction, it’s compassion and training, and teaching and being a model for character. Words and feelings matter. They matter a great deal. But so do all the things that aren’t about feelings and talk.

You can say all the things you wish, but if you don’t put food on the table or shoes on the children’s feet, the question is, did you use your energy properly to give your child another form of energy so they can live?

Creating an Incredibly Successful Life

The American Dream. (Forgiveness required briefly from International Readers!) To this day, even with all the craziness of our government in the last 15 years….the American Dream is still alive and well.

People in most parts of the world still prefer to live in the U.S. than their home country. We’ve lost a lot of our polish in the last 15 years. A lot. But my hope is we’ll get those freedoms back. If not the U.S. will have lost part of her character.

The American Dream is simple.

Go to America and live a free life where you have freedom of religion, speech and press.

That’s “the American Dream.”

Now, what about an American’s American Dream?

It’s about anyone being able to go from poverty to living a successful life and enjoying it in freedom. Being able to give your children the options and choices to be anything that they choose.

The reason that this is possible is because of the Rule of Uniqueness.

Play along for a moment.

What sets you apart from everyone else?

Go ahead. List some areas in your life that are absolutely, without a doubt, really different from almost everyone else out there. What are some habits, skills, and talents, that you have that very few others can claim?

List them out.

The more, the better.

Now, how many do you have? Five? Ten? Twenty?

There’s the Genesis of the answer to the seemingly eternal question of how to attain a successful life.

Just knowing how you’re different doesn’t make you successful. But knowing what to do with those differences is the door.

Continue for 4 Steps to “Figuring Out Your Life”…

1. Know Yourself

You’ve looked at your behavior. You’ve seen what you have done when given energy. You either use it wisely or have made some mistakes along the way. You also see whether you have been careful to be prepared for those times that are not so perfect. Now let’s look deeper within.

When you listed out your differences, you were setting yourself apart from everyone you know. That, in essence, is you. One of the main things that makes you unique is how you’re are different than everyone else.

Society attempts to program everyone to try and be like everyone else.

Do not fall for this.

Lock in on your differences.

Own them. Enhance them. You will soon be the one everyone else is looking at, wondering how you became so danged successful. Knowing your differences is in large part knowing you. And as odd as it sounds, the better you know your self, the easier it is to live a life that makes sense (and builds wealth) for you.

2. Be Yourself

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Actually stepping out and being someone different takes courage. It takes guts.

Take a look at who you consider successful.

Are they just like everyone else? No.

They are the people who cared enough to jump out of the mold that everyone is trying to fit in.

Refuse to be shoved into a mold. Don’t believe what you hear. Don’t believe anything, unless you question it and doubt it first. The mold-people are mindless and are led by someone else with a leash, which requires no thought process. Most of the time they are being led by another mindless, mold-person who is being led by another. It’s an endless and mind-numbing cycle. Do not fall into this.

The best way to actually be yourself is to actually think for yourself. Educate yourself by reading and listening to others you have come to respect because of their actions. Develop your own opinions. Develop your own values. Strengthen your core.

To keep myself in line, I always (always) read information that contradicts what I believe to be true to see if a compelling case can be made for the other side of the coin. I then see if I can make that case as an attorney protecting a client. I still read the Huffington Post every day.

When you can do this, you become less attached to your beliefs and closer to living in reality.

The closer your life experience is to “reality,” the better you will be able to achieve. It’s that simple.

Continue the article for the next steps…!

What fixes the mistakes of the past to make success possible?:

3. Love Yourself

Don’t get weird about this and start hugging yourself in public….Once you know who you are and you have taken action to be yourself, be OK with it. I’m not a spiritual person but I often adopt a belief that I have been created for a purpose. (It rarely hurts to take this point of view and it can be very helpful.)

Take pride in that fact that your life can have purpose. Finding or creating your purpose is often an adventure. There’s no reason you can’t (or shouldn’t) enjoy being you while on your adventure. Love is a verb. You should love yourself. Treat yourself to some things that you really enjoy.

What do you like to do? When is the last time you did it? What is life if it isn’t an adventure to be enjoyed? Love it. Love yourself.

4. Share Yourself

If you want to feel good about yourself and who you are, share yourself with someone. (I’m not talking about something illegal or immoral.) Give yourself to something you believe in. It may be helping kids. You may go out and help clean up some neighborhood after a huge storm, hurricane or some natural disaster. You may attend a synagogue, church or some other place of worship. Maybe you give some of your time there.

The point is to find a conviction; a deep belief and give of yourself. You will experience a type of chest-poked-out pride that can only leave a smile on your face so big, people will wonder what you’re up to. It’s one of the most rewarding feelings you can experience.

Keep looking and living forward.



Complete wealth building 14 CD course reveals…

Millionaires Think Differently…
Inside the Millionaire Mind: Hidden Keys to Automatic Wealth Creation

Kevin Hogan

Dear fellow wealth-builder,

There you are, the picture of success. As you look about your office you ponder how quickly your income has grown. Today, it stands at around $749,000 annually. Your accountant pegs your net worth at $9.2 million.

Just a few years ago the thought of financial independence seemed but a dream. Since that dream became reality, you’ve enjoyed levels of freedom that are beyond your wildest expectations. And while you do work hard at your business… which you own… well, it’s hard to tell if it’s work or play…

Just as your business was taking off, you found your dream home. It was a leap of faith, but you bargained hard, and got the house for $560,000. Today, it’s worth $1.4 million.

How things have changed since the days you weren’t sure how you’d pay your credit card bills.

Pausing, with gratitude, you think back to your discovery of the keys to wealth creation. The genesis of your Millionaire Mind.

This mental mechanism bars you from accumulating wealth

The above is a snapshot of today’s Millionaire Mind. The numbers above are, for this group, average.

Imagine what it will mean to you to join their ranks.

And now this mindset can be yours. See, it’s not about the actual numbers, or how much stuff you have. It’s about mindset. If you can apply the concepts introduced in this letter, this mindset can be yours. And once you master the Millionaire Mind, those things… the house, the bank account, the freedom… will follow like spring after winter.

“Thanks Kevin I attended The Millionaire Mind Intensive and billed more money in a few weeks than I sometimes accomplish in a year. Seems I thrive being around thrivers/alivers/happiness jivers.” Rob Kanzer,

You see, there’s a simple reason why you’re not accumulating wealth, or accumulating faster. There are also ways to make money faster… to attract it. And with more certainty than you’re used to.

Fact: The same part of the brain that keeps people from losing weight also keeps people from great wealth!

If you consider that the job of the self-conscious is to move you away from fear, the reason you never move forward financially becomes clear…

…Your subconscious mind is sabotaging your best efforts. You’re about to learn how to identify the mechanism your subconscious operates to keep you safely in your financial comfort zone. And how to turn the tide.

If you’ve been subconsciously repelling money, you’re about to experience a reversal. Keep reading and see how you get cash flowing in your direction…

This is not a game

Manifesting the Millionaire Mind is serious business. Your success or failure will have real consequences. It will effect your level of freedom… Where and how you live, and if you have children, what kind of opportunities they have.

My mission is to guide you through all the subconscious pitfalls that threaten to hold you in check for your lifetime. That’s why I put this package together. Manifesting the Millionaire Mind: the Wealth Package.

It is comprehensive. 14 CDs, plus 2 Bonus DVDs packed with content. Every piece of the puzzle.

But please be aware. There is a time involvement with this course. Massive time involvement. Not only will you spend over 16 hours listening and watching, you’ll spend a lot of time writing and working through things. Days altogether. And you will have to watch your finances surge forward in great leaps, monitoring and measuring your newfound success.

In fact, when you see how things change for you in the short term, you’ll probably find yourself working through the program a second and third time. Notice how easy it is to miss things the first time through.

How is Millionaire Mind different?

For starters, it represents a distillation of the best, most current research in the psychology of wealth. Every statement made is born out of hard science.

That’s hours, days, weeks of me poring over the latest in

It is the most complete, effective system you’ll find. Period.

Going from point A to point B is a process. I don’t know of any other program that takes you all the way through. You can get pieces from some. There is good material out there (though some of it is dated). These 14 CDs cover everything – as you’ll see below – that you need to go through the process in the shortest time possible.

But it is going to require something on your part. You have to do the exercises. If you just listen to them in your car, you’ll come out with a new understanding of wealth, freedom, motivation. How to attract money, people, things into your life.

For some, this isn’t enough. If you want more, then this is the program for you.

I guarantee you, if you do the exercises in the Manual for the program, you’ll not only “know” the Millionaire Mind… You’ll live it. If you’re really ready to change your life, to kick your wealth accumulation into overdrive, this is it.

Can you handle being vulnerable?

This system goes deep into your subconscious. Back to your earliest memories that have anything to do with money. This way you unplug all the negative, maladaptive reactions you have to money… reactions you probably didn’t even know you had.

This is done privately. I will also do something I rarely do. You will hear stories from my past that I almost never tell to anyone. Because that’s the level of openness required to transform your life.

Next you’ll install the reactions that will automatically take you to your goals. This takes many CDs to accomplish… and time. But once you’ve got it, you will no longer need extrinsic motivation. You can join those Millionaire Minds who are self-motivated.

In the first six CDs, titled The Psychology of Wealth, you become free. Free of all negative associations with money. You can now move any direction you choose. If you want more money, you can go and achieve that outcome. If you have enough, you needn’t chase it.

What’s inside

Here’s a few more things you’ll experience in the first 6 CDs…

The Psychology of Wealth

  • I create ‘cognitive dissonance’ in your mind about wealth, the reality of what is money. This moves you quickly into a ‘reframing’ process (non-NLP) CD 1
  • The 10 ways you can create money out of thin air CD 6
  • Affirmations don’t work. Period. But this Step-By-Step Process will reprogram your subconscious mind CD 3
  • The secret cultural reason why we say things like “it’s only money” or “money isn’t everything,” and how those phrases undermine your wealth accumulation CD 2
  • Procrastinate? Finally, a way to turn inertia into an asset CD 4
  • If you want to really understand money, you must know what it is, where it came from, and what it means psychologically CD 6
  • Paradoxes of Wealth in the 21st century: #3 lack of clear roles engenders bad feelings… but… negotiating clear roles limits your ability to change in fast paced world CD 5

Moving along to CDs 7 and 8, you next experience the creation of…

The Abundant Mind

This letter is running long, so I’m not going to run through everything in this section. You know the importance of mindset from reading this far. This is where you create the beliefs – install them – that move you in the right direction.

The first six free CDs your mind. Now you can be sure the decisions you make move money to you. You will find yourself in the path of new opportunities. Your actions come from a place of mental abundance, which is reflected in your physical world.

From a practical point of view, you’ll the importance of environment, the control your mind really has – and doesn’t have – over your world.

The 12 Abundance Beliefs will come together in your mind. You’ll learn to map out the syntax, down to the exact sequence of events, that will take you to your goal.

In CDs 9 and 10 you’ll get…

The Goal Setting System that Works

  • “A goal is a dream with a deadline”… True?
  • What the Beatles can teach you about setting goals
  • The 10 Applied Principles of Effective Goal setting
  • What the Dalai Lama has to say about destructive emotions in your life
  • How giving power to people has shaped your life, good and bad

Next segment, CDs 11, 12…

21 Tactics to Motivate Yourself and Others

  • Never need to rely on extrinsic motivation again… automatic self-motivation
  • Tactic #8 eradicates idea that new abilities are inherent. Fearlessly learn new skills
  • The right kind of goals to set for maximum effect

Also, on discs 13 and 14…

The Attraction Principle & Freedom Focus

The above are two distinct cutting edge programs are designed to get you everything you want. And with the rest of Millionaire Mind in your corner, you’ll be able to do just that.

Attraction principle speaks for itself. Here’s just a taste of what’s in store for you:

  • The ACTUAL FORMULA for attracting people, money, travel into your life
  • The 4 Rules of the Attraction Principle
  • Learn a complete plan and visualization that actually create a new neurological pathway in the brain… thus sewing the seed for manifesting your outcome

Freedom focus shows you exactly what to do to create the life you want. In detail. It was designed for use by therapists, so you can imagine how powerful it will be for your private use. It can also be used for coaching

This process, based on Mental Imaging Technology (TM), takes about 2 hours to complete.

A Complete System for Wealth Accumulation

It probably comes as no surprise hear that many of the so called gurus out there became rich by selling their get-rich-quick schemes. (Notice that this is the only time in the letter I’ve mentioned the word “rich”.)

You might not even be surprised to hear that they’re out there trying to “super-size” you, taking you for “back-end” deals that line their pockets with lucre. While teasing you on to the “really big breakthroughs”.

Low class, taking people’s money and only teaching them part of the story.

If this program is anything, it’s the opposite of that. Sure, I have other things for sale that complement this program. But it’s called the Wealth Package for a reason. It is a one-stop, total package guaranteed to move you from point A to point B. And in a way that is tailored to your specific circumstances.

No need to invest in other products to decode the hidden messages. No teasing for the “Missing Secret” required to make it all work.

Just simple, step-by-step, solid content that stands on its own.

Is the Wealth Package right for you?

I know that many will come to this program in different circumstances. You should know, and this is part of the science behind it, that people at different levels of wealth think differently about money.

What you don’t need is to spend well into the four figures to hear someone blathering on.

Of course it’s possible you could spend your $1000s to get one million dollar insight from the latest internet guru.

But you have to ask yourself: is the information current? Does it still work in the 21st century? Or is it tired old rehash, poorly done…

If there’s one thing you need more than anything else to succeed in wealth accumulation…

It’s this… You need an expert with a track record of taking someone from whatever situation to multi-millionaire status. In years, not decades.

You should know that this is part of the science behind the system. All this has been carefully researched for decades, and documented. Which is part of what makes the system so powerful. No mere guru anecdotes here.

Again, the key for you is to get your thinking to the next level. And if you are at the next level, you must keep learning to keep moving. Or you risk Self-Sabotaging your way back down to where you started. Billionaires think differently from millionaires about money. If you attempted to reprogram yourself to think like a billionaire… you’d quickly find yourself worse off than you are now. With the Wealth Package, you won’t make the mistake of over-reaching.

But you do get breakthrough results. As you listen you’ll make notes, work through things. This is one reason why your decisions are better.

Special Bonus:

We have 2 DVDs for you that we will rush out with your order! These are “live” performances featuring Kevin Hogan as featured speaker. Join the audience discovering…

DVD 1: The Abundant Mind
“Abundance happens on purpose.” Kevin Hogan, Psy.D.

This presentation, filmed before a “live” audience of 200 attendees, is some of Kevin Hogan’s best work. He presents the newest, most up-to-the-second information available about abundance and about developing a substantial amount of wealth.

Abundance is your birthright! It’s yours for the taking.

Get excited, along with the audience about learning the specific actions you can take to begin to establish your abundant mind.The difference between being wealthy or not is found almost entirely in the mind and it’s manifestations.

I’m going to show you a number of ways you can achieve your dream in the 21st century. Where to start, what your options are, how to include your family, how to accelerate the plan and how to build a life you can be incredibly proud of.

Abundance starts inside of your mind. But everything starts inside of the head, inside of the brain…inside of the mind. And without acquiring, adopting and integrating the active beliefs that cause abundance, long term success is… impossible.
Be a part of the audience that gets fired up with Kevin Hogan.


DVD 2: The Psychology of Wealth Accumulation
Did you know the Unconscious Mind keeps you from money?

Whether you want to help others build wealth or do it for yourself, you’re going to need the information Kevin Hogan offers here. The answer is NOT out there. It is not some metaphyical concept. It is real.

The unconscious mind (the part of you that most often determines what you do in life) is not wired to accumulate wealth. This Psychology of Wealth Accumulation will show you how to change that…to re-structure your thinking for a lifetime of abundance.

Fact: The same part of the brain the keeps people from losing weight keeps people from great wealth!

I’m going to take you through your unconscious mind and show you changes you need to make. Accumulating wealth is going to become a mind game that you win every time. How you think at the conscious and unconscious level will determine how much you will accumulate.

My job is to get you to instantly respond to money and how it is directed… in very specific ways. Once you can do this, it is remarkably easy to accumulate it. Wealth is an elusive thing for most people.

People start on programs to make money, and, much like losing weight, they fail within weeks. Here is a fact: There are critical factors involved and you will discover them all.

Just to Recap

Here’s what you’ll get with Millionaire Mind: The Complete Wealth Package…

The Psychology of Wealth Accumulation: Vol. 1-6 (Over 6 hours!)

The Millionaire Mind Vol. 7-12 (Over 6 hours!)

The Attraction Principle & Freedom Focus Vol. 13-14 with Mental Imaging Technology(2+ hours)

Millionaire Mind Guide and Manual

PLUS 2 Bonus DVDs: The Abundant Mind & The Psychology of Wealth Accumulation

That’s 14 CDS, 2 DVDs and a Mega-manual on CD

Use the Add to Shopping Cart button below

Your order will be rushed to you immediately. So you can begin to manifest the Millionaire Mind, create abundance for yourself, and enjoy the freedom you thought only a dream.

You can order below now, or take a moment to see the table of contents first. You’ll find them at the bottom of this letter. Just scroll on down.

It’s time to begin the chain of decisions that will lead to your financial independence. Order now.

Yours for Success,

Kevin Hogan

P.S. This is a huge offer, containing all the tools you need to develop the foundation, the plan, and the motivation to achieve your financial goals. All of them. Don’t miss out because of old negative beliefs.

P.P.S. Here’s the brief table of contents I promised earlier…

The Psychology of Wealth

CD1: Permanently Escaping Unconscious Self-Sabotage & the Hypnosis of Flawed Thinking
CD2: Motivating Forces and the Trip Wire of Accumulating Wealth
CD3: Pulling the Earliest, Deepest and Strongest Roots of Self-Sabotage
CD4: Building the Bridge from Self-Sabotage to Prosperity
CD5: Overcoming the Paradoxes of the 21st Century
CD6: Belief and Wealth – the Focal Point that Manifests Money

CD7: The Abundant Mind Part 1
CD8: The Abundant Mind Part 2
CD9: Goal Setting System that Works Parts 1
CD10: Goal Setting System that Works Part 2
CD11: 21 Tactics to Motivate Yourself and Others Part 1
CD12: 21 Tactics to Motivate Yourself and Others Part 2
CD13: The Attraction Principle
CD14: Freedom Focus

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A giant complete Wealth Package Manual on disc. This manual includes all the accompanying workbook material for each of the above Cds.

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Media Presence

World Class Business Kevin Hogan

World Business Class

Success in Influence, World Business Class Magazine, January 2018. Cover Story and Interview with Kevin Hogan


Costco interviewed Kevin for Body Talk: Actions Do Speak Louder than Words


Kevin's body language evaluation!

Sales Guru

Article by Kevin in Sales Guru magazine (based in South Africa). "Burnout: Escaping Living Hell"

What People Say

“Want to influence others? Want to persuade others? Want to sell others? Then Science of Influence is not just an option – it’s a landmark breakthrough of information you can use the minute you read it.”
"As a psychotherapist, I work in the minefield of decision-making and I can tell you that making good decisions is critical to happiness, success, and relationships. Kevin Hogan’s course covers the terrain of decision-making with his usual thoroughness, candor, and relevance. Kevin is always ahead of the game because of his extensive research, vast and varied connections and sharp mind. His thinking about ‘high noon’ and light a fuse, if applied, would save many relationships and learning the concept alone is more than worth the price of admission."

Author of The Psychology of Persuasion, Irresistible Attraction, and The Science of Influence, Dr. Kevin Hogan is trusted by organizations, both large and small, to help them help their people reach their personal peak performance and maximize influence in selling and marketing. Kevin is an internationally admired keynote speaker and corporate thought leader. In Coffee with Kevin Hogan, he shares his research, observations, and how you can apply them in your life – both in business and at home.

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