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Today get the latest research on color and how it subconsciously influences behavior. Put this information to good use in nearly any area of your life to give yourself a decided edge.

  • One little tweak that generates more responses to your online dating profile.
  • What sells better: blue or red?
  • How does changing the color of your plate cause you to lose or gain weight?
  • Which background you should never use on your website.
  • The color of pen to avoid using when brainstorming ideas or taking notes.
  • The specific triggers that different colored walls fire off.

Color can save or take your life.

White cars are involved in the fewest car crashes per capita.

Meanwhile silver, black, blue, red, green and gray cars take more lives.

That’s real life … and death … influence.

So why would someone drive something that has a dramatically greater chance of taking their lives?


Chrysler says that color choice is about identification.

It’s who the driver see themselves as or who they want to be.

And what kinds of colors influence whether your car will be stolen or not?

Yep. Popular colored cars are stolen significantly more often than those painted with less popular colors.

Yellow cars don’t get stolen much.

Surprisingly perhaps, red, green and brown cars are less likely to be stolen as well.

The colors you surround yourself with matter …

Colors That Trigger The Results You Want

Consider the walls in your home and your office.

Red walls trigger arousal. In order, the next most arousing colored walls are orange followed by yellow, violet, blue and green.

I’ve written an entire article about the color red. It’s an important color to say the least.

In general, red triggers and causes identification with feelings of: defiance, sin, blood, lust, energy, royalty, fun.

Red is well known to build excitement, happiness, vitality, vivaciousness, anger, rage, and hostility.

color blue influence Kevin Hogan

Blue walls trigger or resonate with: business-like attitude, softness, tranquility, acceptance, coolness, calmness, pleasantness, tenderness, dependability, dignity, truth, and even royalty.

There’s a big difference between the influence of blue and red walls!

Let’s look at a few triggers for other colored paint on the walls.

  • Yellow: Boldness, Excitement, fun, glory, cheerfulness, light, clarity, brilliance, softness
  • Orange: Activity, perhaps unpleasantness, excitement, disturbing stimulation, distress
  • Purple: Royalty, control, demandingness, coolness, calmness, thoughtfulness, wisdom
  • Mauve: Calmness, respect, coolness, serenity, peace, acceptance

Before moving on from walls for today, know that colorful walls in schools dramatically increase grades. Old painted walls cause grades to go down.

color improves performance Kevin Hogan

Persuasion and the Art of Note Taking

For years, anyone who has ever attended one of my Influence Boot Camp events or taken one of our online E-courses (the next Internet Marketing & Wealth Building E-Course begins next month) knows that I constantly urge participants to take massive notes.


Because the very smartest (and wealthiest) people take notes. They doodle. They draw. They think out loud. They do everything except sit back and watch only as an observer of reality. Instead they participate. They capture ideas rather than leaving it to chance and their memory.

One of the best predictors of income and wealth is how many notes participants at Boot Camp take. It’s fascinating.

I recently wrote about the significance of using a pen with a logo that represents something you want the note taker to identify with. Example: A pen with M.I.T. embossed on it does indeed cause test scores to go up. Cool?

But, what about color ? …

What color of ink pen should you use when taking notes or brainstorming ideas?

What color of ink is going to screw things up?

Everything influences, right?

But people go about their lives as if nothing influences and that they are the sole determiners of their destiny.

Not true at all.

You become your environment.

Red ink pens actually hinder intellectual and creative performance.

color red performance Kevin Hogan

In the article I wrote about the color red, I showed you how researchers at the University of Rochester have found that red can keep us from performing our best on tests but now there are also research studies showing evidence that people seem to write in a more haphazard or scattered manner under red light.

When using red ink their writing also becomes more illogical and inconsistent.

[Elliot, A.J., Maier, M.A., Moller, A.C., Friedman, R., and Meinhardt, J. “Color and psychological functioning: The effect of red on performance attainment.” Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 136, 154-168; Elliot, A.J., and Maier, M.A. Color and psychological functioning. Current Directions in Psychological Science,16, 250-254; Elliot, A.J., Maier, M.A., Binser, M.J., Friedman, R., and Pekun, R. “The effect of red on avoidance behavior.” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 35, 365-375.]

Color Persuasion and Learning

Red is not conducive to learning when it comes to ink or light. The ramifications are significant. I don’t get out to bars but I do peek my nose in and I can tell you that red lighting clearly helps generate more intense and unpredictable behavior. So what color do you take those hand written notes in?

There is a greater advantage to using blue ink pens to take notes, document brainstorming ideas, and writing down action steps to take when you hear an idea you want to implement.

Historically, we know teachers often use red pens for correcting papers and the correlation is that red triggers the avoidance motivation in people. Red captures attention and it holds attention but not always in the way you’d think is helpful.

Now let’s put the pen down and grab the computer.

What colors on backgrounds and screen savers are going to trigger the results you want?

In six studies conducted at the University of British Columbia, researchers came to the conclusion that “depending on the nature of the task, different colors might be beneficial.”

“If the task on hand requires people’s vigilant attention (e.g. memorizing important new information or understanding the side effects of a new drug) then red (or another color that activates an avoidance motivation) might be particularly appropriate. “However, if the task calls for creativity and imagination (e.g. designing an art shop, or a new product idea brainstorming session), then blue (or another color that activates an approach motivation) would be more beneficial.”

[Mehta, Ravi and Rui (Juliet) Zhu,”Blue or Red? Exploring the Effect of Color on Cognitive Task Performances,” Science, Published Online, In print, 28 February, Vol. 323, no. 5918, pp. 1226-1229. For more information about this study contact Rui (Juliet) Zhu, Ph.D. at]

Precisely what Colors Motivate You to Do? …

How Color Influences Motivation Styles

Avoidance motivation is experienced when our behavior involves action that takes us away from what we perceive to be negative or unwanted situation, possibilities or outcomes. In other words, avoidance motivation is when you’re more focused on avoiding failure than you are on obtaining success.

On the opposite side is approach motivation. It is generally considered to be behavior toward what we perceive to be positive or desired outcomes. In other words, approach motivation is when you’re more focused on achieving success than you are the possibility of failing.

According to researchers, the color red fires up the right hemisphere of the frontal cortex, a characteristic that usually signals avoidance motivation.

Red triggers PREVENTION FOCUS. And how do you use that color red and the resulting prevention focus in PERSUADING OTHERS?

Red leads to prevention focus. Red should enhance persuasion when paired with an ad that features images that are unambiguously related to the target product (e.g., specific product details).

This is so because such clearly unambiguous, product-related images ensure these prevention-focused individuals that everything is in order and the ad involves no ambiguity.

color blue trust Kevin Hogan


The brown bag is more likely to be a compelling purchase if the man carrying the bag is wearing blue.

Blue, due to its activation of promotion focus, should enhance persuasion when paired with an ad that features images that are remotely related to each other and to the product. As such a setup provides opportunities for these promotion-focused individuals to engage in creative processing. An ad featuring either unambiguously or remotely related images was adopted from Zhu and Meyers-Levy.

As expected, those in the red condition were more persuaded when the ad featured unambiguously related images than remotely related ones, whereas the opposite was true for those in the blue condition.

Red is not more influential as a trigger than blue.

Red combined with clear cut related images sells.

Blue combined with more ambiguous imagery sells.

One color isn’t more effective … until it’s used in connection with other persuasion factors.

The Scarlet Brain

Interestingly enough, one of the times when using red comes in handy is when one has to do detailed or analytical work. So, if you’re proofreading or trying to memorize important data, the color red is now your friend.

Another example of the color red being helpful is when it comes to online dating.

A study of 64 French women with personal ads online tested the color of the women’s shirts in their online photo. Nothing was changed in the photos except the color of their shirts. Of the six colors tested (blue, green, black, white, red and yellow) the response rate of emails was highest for each woman when her shirt was digitally altered to be red in color. Their response rate went from 14-16 percent without red up to 21 percent when “wearing red.”


That’s an improvement of about 50% in the context of thousands of men online interested in contacting them from just one little tweak. Ladies, if you’re utilizing an online dating profile, what color of shirt are you wearing in your photo?

[Gueguen, Nicolas, “Color and Women Attractiveness: When Red Clothed Women Are Perceived to Have More Intense Sexual Intent”, Journal of Social Psychology, Volume 152, Issue 3, 2012, pp 261-265]

While online, here’s something you want to consider about color and perception …

Did you know the color red is “slow”? …

Red Web Pages are Slower to Load?

Did you know that web pages with red backgrounds load slower than blue ones?

Wait a minute.

How can that even be possible?

In reality it’s not, but the people in another color experiment perceived the red background pages to load more slowly than their blue counterparts. Even though the pages were timed to load at the same speed, people became agitated waiting on the red background pages. This also was true of yellow background pages.

Should you make all your background pages blue?

I don’t think you need to go that far. Just being aware of the influence red and yellow have an agitation factor and that gives you an advantage over website owners unaware of this subconscious element.

How Color Persuades Your Waist Line

There is a phenomenon involving visual perception bias called The Delboeuf Illusion.

Delboeuf Illusion Kevin Hogan It is an optical illusion that was initially recorded back in 1865. The easiest way to demonstrate it is to take two black dots of the same size and place them next to each other. Then you can give the illusion of one dot being larger or smaller than its neighboring dot depending on how large of a circle you place around the black dot.

All by itself that’s interesting … but hardly amazing.

But what if you have to influence someone … like yourself … to LOSE WEIGHT?

If you have losing weight as a goal, knowing this information can help you prevent unconsciously giving yourself larger portions of food than you think you’ve taken.

In the test study they used tomato sauce and Alfredo sauce served on red or white plates. If there was a sharp contrast between the color of the plate and the color of the food being placed on it — such as tomato sauce on a white plate, the research shows you will not put as much food on your plate.

But when there was little or no contrast in color between the plate and the food, such as Alfredo sauce being put on a white plate, then people put 22% more Alfredo sauce on their plate.

Add up how many times a day you eat. Now add that 22% in for each meal time. Is it any wonder why we people think they have tried everything to lose weight?

Everything but influence …

Color persuasion to lose weight

Here’s what researchers Dr. Brian Wansink and Dr. Koert Van Ittersum discovered that can help you overcome the Delbouef Illusion.

Color and size of plates influence weight loss Kevin Hogan The most obvious strategy is to simply replace your larger plates and only use smaller plates. If your budget doesn’t permit that, your other option is to make sure there is a strong contrast between the color of the food and the color of the plate you’re going to serve the food on.

But if you only have, for example, white plates and are eating pasta with Alfredo sauce, then put a placemat or table cloth with strongly contrasting color under the plate to help offset the Delbouef Illusion.

[Van Ittersum, Koert, & Wansink, B. (2012). “Plate size and color suggestibility: The Delbouef Illusion’s bias on serving and eating behavior.” Journal of Consumer Research, 39(2), 215-228]


Today you learned how to make more sales, lose weight, get better grades, learn more, and how to paint your walls to generate specific feelings and emotions.

It’s now time for a second cup of Coffee. Black coffee …

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