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The Comprehensive Charismatic Communication System

Week 6: Charismatic Stories

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Week 6 Lesson 1

20) Continued….Let go of the story you can’t tell anymore.
21) Ethics vs. Ego
22) Humor and Personal Weaknesses
23) Gitomer vs. Hogan
24) Humility Stories
25) Value of X

Week 6 Lesson 2 – Story Catalog 4

Most compelling content of Napoleon Hill was when he was sitting




4:30 What’s the problem when you are a Master of the Universe in Communication?

Kevin suggests you watch the Power of ________________________ and specifically _______________________________ original work on You Tube


Solution to a Problem : Company Policy Solution

The Policy Manual: What is the point??!!

12:30 We want people to do_________________________________________________________


As an aside why does Kevin not like big corporations all that much?

16:50 Example of “touch choices story”?

20:00 Have a story that shows ____________________________________________________________


      1. _______________________________________________________________________________

    How  often do ethical conversations come up?


        1. Story: When people whine…

      28:00 Story where you are asked to do something that you aren’t comfortable with.

      Have a story about how you were treated from the higher ups were proud of you

      #32 __________________________________________________________________

      Story about how to deal with ethics vs. store profits.

      #33 Why the customer is first

      Sometimes speed of service is

      What story does Kevin tell about “speed of service”…?


      Week 6 Lesson 3

      Simple Story Structure

      Management Focused Stories

      Policy Manual Story

      Ethics Choices Stories – Tough choices that make the customer our focus…if that’s real in the company.

      Ask Company Ethics Officer before Decision –

      Asked to do Something You Didn’t Feel Comfortable With

      Week 6 Lesson 4

      Simple Solution Story

      Dominant Frame

      Business Model Stories

      The Customer has some challenge and you or the product is the interface between you and the solution.

      “I’ve tried everything. Nothing happened. I want you to trust me because of these reasons. I’ve taken a chance because they gave me a reason to trust and I won.”

      Three Step Solution Story

      Someone is experiencing pain or fear.







      Reputation must proceed you.

      If you reputation proceeds you, you own the room.

      Sketch a picture

      Week 6 Lesson 5


      Introduction to Narrative Transportation, an element of story influence


      The imagery of the lake in Kevin’s 30 second story erases the cell phone distraction!

      Discuss “restarting”

      Narrative Transportation

      Your goal is to cause the listener to empathize with the character in the story. The alternative is to connect with the plot, for example of dinosaurs in Jurrrasic Park.

      Plot can be so _______________________and __________________________ that you


      12:05 Narrative Transportation is a ________________________________________________

      13:37 Alice through the Looking Glass accomplishes Narrative Transportation through


      It’s unique and have never experienced it before.

      15:08 It’s painful to tell the story of __________________________________

      16:07 Discuss scrutiny

      17:45 Purpose of the story is to__________________________________________

      20:11 Give examples of what we identify with ______________________________

      Imaginable plot, likelihood of having been real.

      22:16  Will it consume AND __________________________?

      24:23  A lot of people have the story of a Dad that didn’t _________________________

      25:30 What example does Kevin use from Bulgaria about the initial complexity of “interest?”

      Kevin reminds you that it took TIME for him to identify with the Orthodox Church.

      Attention and Captivation: Are you Motivated to __

      28:45 Cell phones off IF you are going for story consumption and _______________________

      There can be no interruptions.

      29:00  Transportability is successfully taking their world into the world of the character they identify with.

      30:04 The BIG reason you identify with a character is because YOU ______________

      What demographics are easier to persuade, easier to consumer the story and be transported?

      31:30 Why does Kevin say Hilary Clinton didn’t get elected

      What is the POINT?

      33:00 Second thing that happens with narrative transportation is the SAME definition as


      As you are effective, Story Thoughts INCREASE.

      Story consistent beliefs _increase as you move through the day after the story is complete._______________

      Story consistent intentions increase.

      In the movie it’s a Wonderful Life you start to recognize…

      And this is a valuable part of story telling.




      Dissect the Public Video above and then answer the following questions and return your answers along with your questions and any answers you wish to send to all the videos on this page to

      Use questions to prime and trigger desirable behaviors. Questions shape behavior and behavior shape people. Priming (triggering behavior in others) is not only easy to do, it’s done every single day…by you…. and those around you. So now it’s time to trigger behaviors on purpose and with intent. Here’s what you do. https://kevinhogan.comquestions-that-influence/

      Questions prime ___________________________

      How does a man behave differently when a man sees an attractive woman? Specifically what is the behavior?

      How can you cause a person to behave an impulsive fashion?

      People want to know what will get them the results AND it is SAFE to the rolodex.

      Who is part of the rolodex in a woman’s mind?

      What will cause yes/no?

      How are you changing a pers



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