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Change Everything in their Brain… It’s Easy

Kevin Hogan on Changing Their DecisionHow would you like to have a new key into another person’s mind?

Today I want to show you cutting-edge 2019 research blended with experiments dating to the World War II period, that give you an introduction to inserting ideas into people’s mind that stick like placing a card back into a deck of cards.

Memory Insertion

You’re going to be introduced to how to have a few short conversations with almost anyone, and have the skill of constructing memories in another person’s mind.

The applications?

Get someone to lose the weight. Cause someone to do something they should have done years ago. Give people tangible resources so they can accomplish more than you expected of them. Dramatically direct thinking in a way never seriously considered before.

This is a series of articles. It’s not kindergarten. It’s not Influence 101. Some of what you are going to learn is not taught anywhere because of the potential for misuse, which will become obvious.

What would you think if I suggested to you that most people you know have no idea what they think, or why they now think something that they soon will believe is actually a lifelong belief about something they have never heard of in the past or know absolutely nothing about?

Here’s what’s always been scary to me …

People can literally have no clue about a subject, yet have an instantaneous & strong opinion about the subject and take actions on that opinion which they believe they have had for years.

And they do it every day.

One brilliant experiment years ago found that you can ask people to give you directions to a place that doesn’t exist, simply because you asked for the directions. Instantaneously, people create places in their mind and form permanent images that they will believe are very real. How real? No real difference between this place and the memory of any other place.

Shifting new beliefs happen by accident every single day. We’re going to build on that knowledge with new research just released.

Using wisdom and caution, you can do the same thing with good intention to cause people to lose weight, be kinder, earn more money, be a better employee, and of course, get to “yes” faster than ever before.

People Like Ideas Better Depending on Who “Says” Them

The first of the TWO most recent well-done experiments into the phenomenon about what people instantly believe about critically important issues was done by (surprise!) The Huffington Post.

Obviously, The Huff Po is a very liberal publication that thrives off of poking at conservative thinking. I’m a Libertarian, of course, so you know my bias.

Kevin Hogan on Changing People's Beliefs EasilyWhen this article was first emailed to me, I thought it was another “I hate Donald Trump article,” all of which were getting old (both pro and con).

I’ve personally never considered Trump a traditional conservative. He’s always struck me as an Independent with a broad range of views that make him very non-GOP. His political views are complex and don’t give you an easy hole to place him in … which is part of what makes this specific experiment so fascinating.

That broad range of views that Trump has, stimulated a re-enactment of one of the most important psychological experiments ever done. Today it helps you and I see just how many people can create Instant Beliefs out of thin air.

A report on a detailed opinion poll done with YouGov about what people who are told that Obama or Trump said something about subject X and then, in essence, the pollster asked the polled individual, “do you agree or disagree.”

For example, here’s a sample of a question that didn’t appear in the Huff Po. “Obama says the Department of Homeland Security can never be subject to reconfiguration. Do you agree or disagree?”

What happens when poll respondents report their beliefs?

Democrats tend to agree with the suggested point of view.

Republicans tend to strongly disagree with the point of view.

What matters about what people say they think or believe to you and me?

Instant Beliefs

People will often (but not always) develop an instant belief about a subject for which they know nothing about. As soon as they hear, for example, “Obama says” or “Trump says”, people tend to mirror or polarize the stated belief of the respected friend or detested authority in question.


Every individual identifies with a number of people and a number of groups. (They might identify with Hillary because she is a woman, with Trump because he is running as a Republican or as an entrepreneur, the beliefs of the church they attend, the manager at the office because of his personal life philosophy.)

The identification is generally, but not always, context dependent. In other words, a woman who identifies with Hillary Clinton doesn’t necessarily believe everything Clinton does Or says. But because identification is such a potent connector between people, the very fact that Clinton states X, often makes X the default belief for the person being asked about their feelings about Clinton’s position on some issue.

Why is THIS first experiment so important to you and me?

Identification Cements Beliefs

Because it shows us just how many people create a belief about X, often in this instant, right now, having had no knowledge of this truly important “issue” before … all because the opinion supposedly comes from someone they identify with!

Kevin Hogan on Identification and BeliefsLet’s look at a couple of real examples published in a brilliant if not politically biased article by Ariel Levy in the Huff Po this week.

YouGov asked those polled roughly this question:

“Obama has praised Universal Health Care. Do you agree or disagree with Obama about Universal Health Care?”

Not surprisingly, 82% of Democrats agreed and 16% of Republicans agreed.

But when YouGov simply replaced the name “Obama” with that of “Trump” to a different group of 500 respondents, what happened?

It’s scary.

Now only 46% of Democrats agreed and now 44% of Republicans did as well.

(It makes no difference for our purposes here what the two politicians actually believe or really said. What matter is the powerful INFLUENCE of the IDENTIFICATION!)

How would YOU like to gain agreement with 44% of people instead of 16% of people? …

Kevin Hogan on Gaining AgreementKey Point: About HALF of people have a different INSTANT BELIEF about a major life changing subject depending on who else is mentioned as supporting an idea.

When asking Independents the question, about 45% agreed whether Trump’s name or Obama’s was used. We’ll return to the Independents next week.

YouGov asked another question of those polled:

“Hillary Clinton says Social Security should be protected from budget cuts. Do you agree or disagree with Clinton about Social Security?”

Before telling you the results, make a prediction for me. Would you guess that more male or female democrats agree with Clinton?


Your prediction would be that Clinton is a woman and thus you would reasonably predict that more women would agree with her.

What happened?

88% of all Democrats agreed with Clinton. 57% of Republicans agreed with the statement.

Replace Clinton’s name with Trump?

84% of Democrats agree. 75% of Republicans agreed with the statement.

Social Security is something most people have a lifetime of experience dealing with. But because the idea is supported by one person or another, people’s beliefs about one of the most important issues of our time, change in an instant.

By the way, women (78%) did agree with Clinton more than men (71%).

Legend Point: Gender is an important connector. Never underestimate the power of even common and obvious identification traits as simple as sex.

YouGov astutely asked a question that very few people know anything about, the Iran Nuclear Deal:

Kevin Hogan on Gaining Agreement More Often“John Kerry is opposed to ripping up the deal to put limits on Iran’s nuclear program and instead argues it must be strictly enforced. Do you agree or disagree with Kerry about the Iran deal?”

What we would predict here is that unlike Social Security which should be a rock solid belief in those polled, we would expect POLAR IDENTIFICATION (John Kerry is a mostly neutral figure to democrats but Kerry is arguably polar to Republicans) to take a much larger role in something people don’t know much (if anything) about.

51% of Democrats and 20% of Republicans agree with the statement.

But replace Kerry’s name with Trump’s?

54% of Democrats and 51% of Republicans now agree with the statement.

The proposed notion that Trump vs. Kerry supporting an almost unknown “issue” triggers 150% more people believing the notion … in ONE SECOND … is breathtaking!

The final question YouGov posed was this:

“President Obama believes that the policy of affirmative action should be kept in place. Do you agree or disagree with Obama about affirmative action?”

64% of Democrats and 15% of Republicans agree with the statement.

Kevin Hogan on Installing False Memories for Positive ChangeInsert Trump’s name in place of Obama’s?

45% of Democrats and 33% of Republicans now agree with the statement!

Huge swings of instant beliefs in a trigger issue like affirmative action are shocking to say the least.

Key Point: People instantly make up beliefs on the spot … in one second, and about half of those agreeing or disagreeing with the issue, report their belief as “strongly agree” or “strongly disagree.”

The YouGov’s poll was done correctly. The data is reliable and reveals just how important identification with the SOURCE of a message is, in contrast to the message itself. I encourage you to look at the YouGov poll and the original article and notice how income, gender and other factors of identification come into play.

How Pervasive is False Memory?

You, the people you do business with, your friends and family don’t have big discussions about affirmative action and the Iran Nuclear Deal very often.

You talk about all kinds of stuff. You talk about business and relationships.

You have an opportunity to both learn how people think, what they believe, and if you choose to influence those beliefs.

The simplest method of influencing another is not necessarily the source of information being yourself with the person you are speaking with. (Of course, you CAN be, IF they identify strongly with you.)

Legend Point: But referencing the important person/group they respect and identify with is important if you wish to cause agreement with the source belief.

Polar Identification Works

If, of course, you wish to utilize Polar Identification, you simply say Bill says that this product is no good. You know they can’t stand Bill and thus will find fault with his thinking, coming into line, presumably, with you.

Next week I’ll share more with you about Instant Beliefs.

Before saying goodbye today, I want to introduce you to the notion of memory creation and how critical it is that you understand this.

False Memories ChangeEvery day, you have discussions (arguments) with people. How many of these sound familiar to you?

“I took that photo.”

“No you didn’t, I did.”

“You said I was an idiot!”

“I never said such a thing.”

“When I was a kid I went to California.”

“We never went to California.”

“The service I got from Best Buy sucked.”

“You’ve never bought anything from Best Buy.”

Every single day, you share with others how crazy they are. The more joint experiences people have had together, the more often the subject comes up in conversation.

What’s important to know is that “false memory” is the MOST COMMON type of memory that there is. In fact, I could easily support an argument that almost all memory is false memory.

The Ease of Convincing People

What matters is that people can be convinced to believe they did something that they have never done in their life.

Kevin Hogan on False MemoriesLike what? People can be convinced in MINUTES that they committed a CRIME.

In three five minute conversations, I can convince almost anyone that they committed a felony. In four five minute conversations, I can convince almost anyone that they committed a murder.

In fact, you hear about such cases often enough.

Falsely imprisoned prisoners are finally being released from prison because of DNA evidence that proves their claims were forced into a confession of guilt to murder or other heinous crimes.

It’s frightening to think that in 4 conversations, you can learn to cause someone to believe they KILLED someone else.

Next week I’ll show you a little about how that works and how you can use memory creation technology to make people’s lives better, be more influential and make a positive difference in the world.

The research is mind boggling. I think you will be fascinated.

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