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Control their Mind, Direct their Decisions, Predetermine Outcomes? Part 2/7 Kevin Hogan

Kevin Hogan on how to Control their Mind, Control their Decisions, Predetermine Outcomes

Imagine your friend weighs 350 pounds. They are a heart attack waiting to happen. Their life expectancy is microscopic.

Do you believe that, “they’re happy so leave them be?”

If so, you have started reading the wrong article for you.

Now, imagine that you turned some keys in their mind and it’s two years later. Your friend has lost 150 pounds and now weighs in at 200 pounds.

They are no longer embarrassed to get on a plane. They can sit at a booth in a restaurant. They don’t walk into little kids they don’t see at the shopping mall. They now have a life expectancy closer to normal and have energy to be alive.

Key Point: One of the most efficient ways to have a control panel in someone’s brain is to place it there.

Access the Control Panel

Here’s a secret:

The people you spend your time with already have real estate in your mind and inside of that piece of real estate is a control panel.

Your friends and family don’t just text you, they push buttons that direct your behavior and life decisions.

They might not have a clue what they are doing. They might simply wish you were more like them.

Last week in Coffee, you learned:

  • People often decide instantly what they believe about something real or imagined, and they have a clear cut sense of how important that feeling is to them.
  • Simply hearing or reading a statement that a political figure from their own political party  has stated a point of view can, and often will, determine what that person believes about that issue.
  • If they identify with the candidate, they are likely to instantly agree, often strongly, with the candidate.
  • If they don’t identify with the candidate or leader, they are far more likely to disagree with the stated view point on an issue.
  • This was found to be true whether the view was about something that was real or imagined.

You probably find it impossible that someone could have a belief about something that doesn’t exist or of which they have absolutely no knowledge about.

In order to learn how to intentionally design your own control panel in someone else’s mind, you have to know how to make it so it helps the person decide not to be 300 pounds.

That begins with knowing how people can have beliefs or memories (two very related concepts) that are useful in making better decisions.

How Do People Come to These Instant Beliefs and Ready Made Memories?

Kevin Hogan on Mind Control, Outcome ControlDr. Eugene Hartley did a study about prejudice before World War II that revealed that prejudice (beliefs and or instant beliefs) didn’t simply occur because people had negative experiences with people of other races.

In the study, he asked about people of 35 different races and nationalities.

Then Hartley reached into thin air and created three groups of people. He made up the names Danireans, Wollonians, and Pireneans.

Legend Point: He found that 3/4 of people who were prejudiced against African Americans and Jews were also prejudiced against one or all of his made up groups of people.

And of the three groups of non-existent people he assigned names to, people really didn’t like the Wollonians.

Some of those who didn’t like people from these races/nationalities, suggested they be expelled from the United States!

Half of those surveyed by Hartley in the eight cities in 1938 suggested they wanted to avoid contact with any of these people.

This study is important in understanding Instant Beliefs.

One second before being asked, “what is the closest relationship you’d be OK with having with Pireneans?” of course the respondents had never even heard of this fictitious “group” of people that Hartley had made up.

What is Influencing These Individuals?

Key Point: Their Instant Belief had nothing to do with stereotypes of various races but We/They Thinking.

In today’s language, you and I can refer to this as Identification or Polarization.

Hartley, by the way, experienced so much prejudice, he changed his name from Horowitz … to Hartley in 1942.

The issues of prejudice are beyond the scope of this already big article. Today, we are first interested in beliefs people have about things, ideas, and people that don’t exist.

Can People Form Beliefs About Things That Don’t Exist?

Over the last 70 years, there have been hundreds of questions asked for the purpose of getting attitudes about all kinds of things that don’t exist. And the questions have been posed to everyone from the elderly to little kids.

Quite often, people don’t respond to certain kinds of questions about which they have no knowledge.

And quite often, they respond strongly to questions about which they have no knowledge.

Key to Forming Instant Beliefs

There is a definite factor about how these Instant Beliefs can be created based upon HOW the question is ASKED and HOW the question is TO BE ANSWERED.

The Forced Choice Response

For example, open-ended answers get far fewer Instant Beliefs on average than those with “forced choice responses.”

Forced choice responses might include phrasing like, “do you agree or disagree?”

Forced choice responses can also include scaled responses like “strongly agree, agree a little, uncertain, disagree a little, strongly disagree.”

Watch the Order of the Response

And, of course, we now know that the ORDER in which responses are requested (is “Strongly Agree” listed first vs. “Strongly Disagree”) can also change how people will respond and what belief is created.

Legend Point: For you and I, that means that how we frame the question and how we frame the answer is going to have a BIG impact on whether an Instant Belief is formed, and, how intense that new belief will be!

Tweak Responses With an Out

Scientists for years have phrased answers in forced choice questions to either gain more responses or to gain only informed responses.

What we have learned is that if you give people an out like, “I haven’t thought about that much,” it gets a different response rate than, “I don’t know.” After all, “KNOW” is a big word. It’s a lot easier to agree with, “I haven’t thought much about it.”

NOW you and I should be asking, “Wait just a second, is the response about BELIEFS or PRESSURE to not admit you don’t know something?”

And THAT is a very good question. Notice it is also an EITHER/OR question. There are THOUSANDS of possible answers to, “just what the heck are we learning here?” but only two answers to the question I posed to you and I.

And that should shatter the thinking of both you and me!

The fact is I’m not concerned about whether it’s an internal pressure to admit I don’t know or not. That’s not important in this context.

What matters is that as soon as someone selects an answer, THEY BELIEVE IT.

Real Life Example About Belief Forming

Kevin Hogan on Instant BeliefsI’ve been handicapping football games since I was a little kid. That means I’ve spent a lifetime trying to predict who is going to win a football game and by how many points.

I recently came into a number of letters I wrote as a child which include my NFL predictions to my grandparents who were Dallas Cowboy fans.

Biases in Decision Making

Early on I recognized a bias I had.

First, I loved the Chicago Bears … because I was from Chicago.

I recognized I predicted they would win more often than I did a lot of other teams that were better than the Bears.

And I recognized that when I read newspaper articles about football teams I believed I had a piece of inside information on the game that was more valuable than it really was. Whether it was a player that had been injured or reading about a receiver that had a great game last week, I was influenced in my thinking to accept what I was reading and then tried to find further information to support the belief that, say, The Packers would win or lose.

But more importantly, I recognized that when I was in the process of decided who would win or lose, I adopted a “be objective mentality” which lasted right up until I made my prediction.

Once I made my predictions I’d look at them as if they were CORRECT. Once I compared notes with friends and shared my actual picks, my confidence level in those picks was just short of certain. I became so sure of my pick after it had been made.

At the same time, researchers in Universities were studying (unbeknownst to me) this very same phenomenon.

It turned out that I wasn’t the only person affected by FALSE BELIEFS.

Key Point: People in general are quite uncertain, until they make a choice, at which time they INSTANTLY know they are right. Beliefs form in that INSTANT.

Since then you and I have seen study after study such as our BELIEF that a coffee cup is worth more once we have actually held it. We believe an item on EBay is worth more once we have bid on it.

We also know that when anyone states something in public, they tend to stick by that statement, often in the light of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I coined the phrase The Law of Consistency in my book, The Psychology of Persuasion: How To Persuade Others To Your Way Of Thinking, to help quantify this phenomenon.

As you know I’m not a little kid anymore.

I just act like one on YouTube.

I now play in a bigger sandbox. For the fourth year in a row I am a contestant in the world’s most prestigious handicapping contest that begins with the opening week of the NFL this season.

Each of the last three years, I had very modest winning records against a line that makes all games essentially even.

One year I had bloggers mentioning my picks for several weeks when I hit a “lucky streak” or what I prefer to think of as “I had time to do a better job.” The truth is, we’ll never know.

How do you make predictions when your hard earned cash is on the line as in the season long, Supercontest at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas?

First, I can’t read ANYTHING about the games that will be played until I have mathematically made objective predictions based on no reasoning, just the absolute strength of The Patriots vs. The Seahawks. Then when I have circled the games where the math gives the best advantage to me against the Las Vegas Line (aka the crowd) I then seek out information to support and attack the math.

I am absolutely biased by my own equations because I believe they are accurate or I wouldn’t place my money where my beliefs are.

The fact is that beliefs are formed INSTANTLY. It is a function of human survival.

Overcoming the Phenomena

That means that you must capture as much objective information as possible and avoid everything from headlines to opinions from other people, until you have made objective assessments.

Unfortunately, I’m human and I develop beliefs about my forecasts, just as quickly as any other human.

What happens once you have a belief formed is what determines winners from losers in all aspects of life.

Smart people try to find evidence to support and shred a belief.

The crowd follows itself and the crowd is wrong more often than it’s right.

Therefore, when you go to create a belief in someone else, you must not only frame a question correctly but frame the answer in such a way that a CHOICE is made.

Once a choice is made, a belief will be formed, that like Super Glue, will typically stick.

Next: Bringing them to that pre-determined outcome.

Determining Outcomes

So how do you bring people to a choice, an answer that you have predetermined?

There are numerous methods, but one that I haven’t discussed much in public outside of Influence Boot Camp is the use of QUESTIONS and the weaving together of SUGGESTED MEMORIES with ACTUAL MEMORIES.

Kevin Hogan on Instant Beliefs and False MemoriesPeople trust their memories.

They trust their beliefs.

Thus, as soon as someone “thinks something” is true or right, they are quite certain they are correct.

I’m putting the finishing touches on a novel called Glimpse, which has a character that is an expert in implanting false memory in people.

False memory, of course, creates beliefs which can be useful or not to an individual. False memory for years was something people argued about and debated. Did it truly exist? Was it even possible to implant false memories?

Today, the debates are more about the ethics of implanting false memories on purpose.

Here’s the fact of the matter. False memories are created in you and me, EVERY DAY in MANY contexts. It is normal human experience.

It is going to happen, so you might as well make it valuable to the individual if possible.

What is the Downside of False Memories?

There are tons.

False memories are quite simple to generate. In seconds, you can create a memory for a person.

In minutes, you can convince someone they committed an assault. In a few conversations, if you know how, you can convince almost anyone that they have committed an assault with a weapon.

Here’s where I have ethical problems.

One Method That Works

There is an abundance of false memory that goes hand in hand with interrogation.

There exists case after case of innocent people having been interrogated, confessed to a crime they knew nothing about and had nothing to do with. Convicted, sentenced, imprisoned.

Sometimes 10 or 15 years later, herculean efforts often shows the person (DNA evidence) didn’t do it. They lost everything because of a false confession.

The worst cases are those where the person confessed to murdering someone … but didn’t.

The interrogation process is loaded with false memory implantation technique.

“What is your name?”
“What is your address?”
“What is your phone number?”
“What is your husband’s name?”
“How did you know Bill Johnson?”
“Why did you kill him?”
“How well did you know Bill Johnson?”
“How far was he standing away from you when you shot him?”
“Where did you go after leaving work on January 2?”
“Then what did you do?”
“Then you went to the bakery?”
“What did you do there?”
“And then you pulled out a gun?”

I haven’t read of any cases where someone confessed to a felony they didn’t commit in the first 30 minutes of questioning. It just takes a little more time.

Research just published this year shows that just three 40 minute conversations like this with someone will trigger agreement that the person did indeed commit a crime, when no such thing ever happened.


71% is the correct percentage of people that agreed they did commit the crime.

That’s 7 out of 10 …

That research was done in laboratory conditions where ethical procedures were folled by psychologists.

What is the “Trick”?

The blending of facts (name, age, address, leaving work, visit to the bakery) with proposed fictitious story elements about what happened weaves together a new “memory” in the brain.

And it’s not going away.

Memories don’t just shatter because you find out it didn’t really happen.

Key Point: People believe their false memories whether or not they discover evidence to the contrary.

55% of those who were gently interviewed agreed to committing an assault with a weapon!

The lead researcher in this specific study was Dr. Julia Shaw of the University of Bedfordshire.

In a press release she said the following about the descriptions of events that never actually took place.

“Our findings show that false memories of committing crime with police contact can be surprisingly easy to generate, and can have all the same kinds of complex details as real memories.”

“Understanding that these complex false memories exist, and that ‘normal’ individuals can be led to generate them quite easily, is the first step in preventing them from happening,” says Shaw.

Changing Memory

Another brilliant piece of research done recently used similar interviewing techniques to convince overweight individuals that in the past they had successfully lost a great deal of weight.

The assertion wasn’t true, but blending facts with suggested memory fragments caused individuals to believe they had indeed done it before and then they were able to do it in the present with the new access to the false memory!

I won’t go into greater detail here, but at Influence: Boot Camp 2016, I’ll explain the complete step by step process that was used to gain agreement that individuals committed a theft, an assault, and so on. I will explain in great detail how and why it works.

How “Instant” is Instant?

Meanwhile, let’s return to just how fast people form opinions of non-existent stuff and one key to creating a choice that will stick.

In 1995, The Washington Post performed a brilliant experiment. They asked readers:

“Some people say the 1975 Public Affairs Act should be repealed. Do you agree or disagree with this idea?”

1/3 of respondents offered an opinion on this non-existent law.

Another 11% offered up an opinion when they were prodded with, “which comes closest to how you feel?”

That’s a total 43% of all people forming an instant opinion on something that wasn’t real.

Kevin Hogan on how to Predetermine OutcomesBut, then they asked two other question frames:

“President Clinton says the 1975 Public Affairs Act should be repealed. Do you agree or disagree with this idea?”

55% responded to this question!

Then, they asked:

“Republicans in Congress say the 1975 Public Affairs Act should be repealed. Do you agree or disagree with this idea?”

49% responded to this question!

Remember the ANSWER FRAME is very important to whether the person will offer an opinion (make a response) or not.

Key Point: Just as importantly, remember that once a person offers a response, a belief is formed.

Beliefs and Identification

Finally, people are more likely to respond when someone they identify with or are polarized to is suggested as having been the source of the opinion/question at hand.

Going forward, you have now got a new basket of ideas as to how you can be more persuasive in your communication with others. You also can see the devastating effects of misuse of these potent communication strategies.

And you know that the next time you read a poll, that before you decide to agree or disagree with respondents, find out what the precise question and possible answers were, because it makes all the difference in the world as to how public opinion is shaped …!

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Kevin Hogan Live in Wrocław​

Media Presence

World Class Business Kevin Hogan

World Business Class

Success in Influence, World Business Class Magazine, January 2018. Cover Story and Interview with Kevin Hogan


Costco interviewed Kevin for Body Talk: Actions Do Speak Louder than Words


Kevin's body language evaluation!

Sales Guru

Article by Kevin in Sales Guru magazine (based in South Africa). "Burnout: Escaping Living Hell"

What People Say

“Want to influence others? Want to persuade others? Want to sell others? Then Science of Influence is not just an option – it’s a landmark breakthrough of information you can use the minute you read it.”
"As a psychotherapist, I work in the minefield of decision-making and I can tell you that making good decisions is critical to happiness, success, and relationships. Kevin Hogan’s course covers the terrain of decision-making with his usual thoroughness, candor, and relevance. Kevin is always ahead of the game because of his extensive research, vast and varied connections and sharp mind. His thinking about ‘high noon’ and light a fuse, if applied, would save many relationships and learning the concept alone is more than worth the price of admission."

Author of The Psychology of Persuasion, Irresistible Attraction, and The Science of Influence, Dr. Kevin Hogan is trusted by organizations, both large and small, to help them help their people reach their personal peak performance and maximize influence in selling and marketing. Kevin is an internationally admired keynote speaker and corporate thought leader. In Coffee with Kevin Hogan, he shares his research, observations, and how you can apply them in your life – both in business and at home.

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