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What would happen if you knew what the most valuable aspects and directions of both persuasion and influence are in 2024?

You’d obviously make more sales, be more compelling in person, gain compliance quicker, market with predictable results, hear “yes” the vast majority of the time, be able to essentially eliminate objections, and of course increase your revenue, income and wealth.

This course has been in the making for four years and now it’s ready for YOU!

If you’ve ever been to Influence: Boot Camp in Las Vegas with me, you know the amount of content is staggering,, often breath taking.

That changes here.

This contains 4.7 times MORE content than I have ever presented at Boot Camp and you get it all on video.

Importantly there are a large number of experiences that are more valuable when learned in person. $500 price reduction for Influence: Boot Camp 2025 the very second you enroll in this online course. This is something no one except those taking this course will receive. No exceptions, ever.

There is no one out there that is training what you will learn in this course simply because they haven’t been shown it.

Some of what you are about to learn is original research. Some is real life market research NOT performed in an academic lab but in a real world setting like social media, AI experiments, PsyTek, and a host of other when’s, where’s and how’s that no one has ever seen or even heard of.

But because we can measure what is effective in 2024 vs. 2014 or 2004 or 1954 or 30 AD, we can give you the most up to the moment info on what not just still works, but what works more effectively now than at any time in the past.

And in fact you’re going to find out what some of the biggest names in Persuasion and Influence are still teaching that have not become archaic because they do still have value in a few contexts, but, with all precision, a great deal of what was helpful 30 years ago, is now simply a cute story from the past.

Example: I LOVE the concept of The Law of Reciprocity. And there ARE contexts where it continues to be very valuable. But the cold hard facts are that reciprocity is much less effective with MANY psyhcho-graphics and demographics than it ever has been.

Similarly The Law of Scarcity once the almost guaranteed approach to gaining that quick agreement…well…in 2024, yes there are a few contexts it remains helpful. There are also MORE contexts where it is actually detrimental to your communication and compliance with others. I’m going to break it ALL down for you so you can see where you have to make changes in one direction or another.

Why are such tried and true persuasive approaches failing?

It’s really quite simple.

The population, generational differences, political alliances, shifting perceptions of what people believe is knowledge, the beliefs, attitudes, lifestyles, thinking processes, are all changing and quite rapidly.

Persuasion Strategies that are Not Working anymore

Let me explain. If you were born in 1975 you almost certainly don’t know who XXXTentacion was. It’s OK, most people born in 2000 don’t know who John Lennon or Bruce Springsteen were.

I know what you’re thinking. “That can’t be right!”

But that is indeed a fact.

And it matters because if you can’t have an opinion or a series of curiosities about someone else’s heroes and desires, you have no chance of marketing, selling, gaining compliance, capturing resonance and on and on and on. The person who know who XXXTentacion was will typically not buy a product from someone who doesn’t know that name. The same is true for the person who doesn’t know who John Lennon or Bruce Springsteen were/are.

So you have choices simply related to this point.

Do you want to learn your future market or do you want to simply be comfortable with a market you’ve done well in for years. After all this is only one aspect of understanding generational differences.

The word respect in 2000 meant you would behave in certain ways with other people. Those ways have largely changed in 2024.

The world changed and people didn’t keep up. And it’s OK if you don’t need to market, persuade or influence other demographics.

I’ll take you through a step by step formula in this course as to how you can bridge the gap so that you succeed where EVERYONE else is going to fail.

While you’re pondering that, think for a moment. If you decided to go to college in 1990 the idea of having your student loan forgiven would have been laughable. You’d wonder who could have come up with any argument for that to be even…. a “real thing.” Today in 2024 in the United States huge swaths of the population know it’s not just a “real thing” but something they are planning on as a life strategy.

Talking to those two different people or groups of people requires two different mental frameworks on your part. If you were born in 2000 you have to wrap your mind around the fact that the free ticket they are hoping for will not be paid for by them, but by someone else. On the flip side, you need to be able to see the logic of why and how someone believes that they are “hoping for” forgiveness for their student loan.

Then you have politics, you have religion, gun control, abortion, health care, the desire to not raise a family, not have children, not keep your yard pristine or ….well you get the idea. Can you be ready to TALK with someone who thinks so differently than you do about ANY of these things and still be influential?

People talk about “Influencers” but the fact is there are very few. Out of every 100 people who is pointed to as an Influencer, the chance that they even have 1 or 2 candidates of having an impact on anything…their actual influence in a nation or the world would be microscopic. But it doesn’t seem like that is true when you listen to people talk about them.

Some things never change in the history of life. There are always a few people in every century that people talk about, know about, think about, are interested in.

But why have beliefs, attitudes, ideas about right/wrong, good/bad, “rights”, and on and on become SO extreme?

People can’t get along in any way if they can’t understand at least SOMETHING about what the other person believes, feels, thinks, cares about.

Let me explain, I think it was about 1985 when the last episode of a TV Series called MASH aired. It was the end of a decade long run. Heavily liberal in nature, over 100 million people watched the decade long finale. Even conservatives loved the show.

Here’s where it gets critical to understand: That episode was not able to be watched again for another year and then, one time that year. There was no place to go on your laptop, phone or TV to watch it again. You watched it TODAY or you missed out.

Tomorrow at school or the office you’d talk about ONE thing and that was MASH.

Then of course there were shows like Seinfeld, then Cheers, then Friends. These shows had ENORMOUS followings, all of which had fan bases of rabid fans. There is nothing like that in 2024. The last big television show was The Big Bang Theory, Survivor and well, there wasn’t much else.

What’s fascinating is when cable came along people now had 50 or 100 channels. Today if you get regular TV and most don’t, but if you do, you are well aware of their being over 1000 TV shows on at any moment, not including what is streaming from Netflix, Prime, Hulu, tubi, Paramount, etc. etc.

Now go back to any of those shows above I mentioned that might have 50 million viewers each Thursday night.

To accomplish that today would be impossible. In 1990 there may have been 3 -50 channels depending on what country you lived in. I remember visiting the UK regularly in a decade after that only to find three channels available in my hotel room. BBC1, BBC 2, BBC 3.

The downside of this is that you are going to have to pick from what someone else has to decided you get to watch on our Thursday night. If it’s on one of those three channels, no problem. You were hoping for something else? Too bad.

Today you don’t need channels unless you want to watch sports like NFL, NBA, MLB and similar. Aside from that you can watch pretty much ANYTHING you want to watch at ANY MOMENT you want to watch it.

Now bring that thinking process into the amount of effort it takes to get home, eat dinner and be ready to watch your favorite show vs. do anything you want, whenever you want and then watch your favorite show…. ANYTIME you choose.

Now imagine that someone tells you that you can’t have X now, you have to WAIT.

“Wait” is one of hundreds of four letter words that are considered at best unpleasant and at worst, downright evil in 2024. What used to be four letter words are now considered good grammar…Think about it. This has created values, attitudes beliefs and lifestyles that requires a BRAND NEW BIBLE of Persuasion and Influence.

Kevin Hogan new persuasion researh

The new Bible however is of course new because it has been made up to the minute as far as the most superior version to date. That…is what this… course does for you.

This course shows you how to place specific beliefs and others into other people. During the course you will take 2024 marketing tech from the giants.

Question: How do you get people who don’t like you to buy from you? Why is it that nurses who know that a specific drug will kill many patients in the doses they have been instructed to give to patients in a hospital? What one marketing technique and a blunder at that, has cost Tik Tok billions. What marketing tactic cost Microsoft billions and then what strategy eventually reversed the prior disastrous result into multiple billions to the good?

What are you going to learn?

This course is easily the most valuable course on persuasion and influence on this planet because it not only shows you what’s working and why. More importantly over 60% of what is in this course is not in any other course available to anyone anywhere on the planet in 2024.

PsyTek 2024 is the most advanced model and algorithms for unconscious communication. You are the first to get them today. No one has never even thought of most everything you’re going to learn.

Instead of paying $100,000 to me for just your company which is what governments and major corps have paid for up to 7 HOURS of this material, you receive a 10 WEEK accumulation of data. I promise you will be the FIRST to have this outside of the private trainings I’ve done for those who knew I was developing it.

It seems like everything has changed in persuasion in the last 6 years. It hasn’t, but much has and almost everyone is still using 2000 technology.


They are lazy. And they’ll pay the price as all the others have.

I have a confession to make to you. The first time I meet people I unconsciously use this material with them. They see it but can’t figure out and they won’t be able to.

There are people we don’t want in this course. Those who are here to take people’s money with nothing in return, stay away. This course is also limited to those 18 and over. And this course is not open to any government entities that we might work with in the future meeting tighter needs whether in law enforcement, management, covert operations and similar.

It’s so strange that you can achieve seemingly unexplainable results that borderline on literal magic or quantum only explanations with advances in Kevin Hogan’s mental imaging technology. Can you imagine using old tools of influence like visualization which ultimately didn’t work with the vast majority. But what happens if you add each of the pieces of the puzzle that we researched and figured out that turned “visualization” into reality because of how the brain processes and then frames future behavior.

As with all courses and events you’ve taken with Kevin Hogan it’s grounded in the latest neuro-scientific and neuro-biological tech woven into influence and persuasion which means utilizing the neuro-structural system that creates the actual thoughts and feelings people experience that cause them to do behaviors before they even know what they are doing. The results you achieve from the first time you learn this material will give you a unique sense of control over the environment that few will ever experience.

The difference between influence and persuasion is that influence is what happens when you change the environment. Persuasion is what happens when you move someone with influential tools to bring them to where you need them to be. Influence is about all the “stuff around you,” and you can usually determine whether something is going to trigger reactance which you have likely studied with me or it’s discoverer, Dr. Erick Knowles a the U of A, Little Rock. Persuasion is likely to trigger both reactance and resistance.

Remember when we found that people who look off to their right we discovered that they would feel comfortable (the exception was for left handed people). However for 95% of all humans looking off to the right causes people to feel calm, familiar, at ease, less stressed, etc. Meanwhile, looking off to the to the left created distress, anxiety and even traumatic experiences during every day conversations and experiences. As we went forward into studying this phenomenon we discovered it carried over fluidly to sales, marketing, hiring, relationships, in essence, to everything. Even therapists working with high anxiety, panic, post traumatic feelings would feel better in < 2 minutes if they looked off and to the right.

But then life changed. Covid came along and created a new world for us. Zoom. Ugh. Now what do you do with all that research?

You want to make sure that you end up on the person’s right hand side on THEIR screen. But you need help with that because lots of video programs change you from being on the left to being on the right. Being on the left reduces your effectiveness to almost zero. It increases anxiety and causes no sales.

Who else has shared this life changing, income changing note with you?

No one. Because they didn’t do the work. They didn’t figure it out. They didn’t know to look.

You have to know WHERE to look and ….WHERE YOU WANT THEM LOOKING NOW

There’s always someone who thinks that “suggestion sells.”

It doesn’t…but…

…it does if you say, “Are you going to buy an iPhone this year?”

If so, yes .

No one understands or knows that THIS is suggestion that will sell this year. But there are 50 ways to do this wrong

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