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March 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th 2023

People changed personalities, right where you live and do business, in just the last 2 years. 
For many years experts thought, that for most people, it took decades for personalities to change, if at all. 
They Were Wrong.
Many people who were once open to new things, are less so now. Other people who were conscientious hard workers, are in many cases, less so now. To be sure, not everyone, but on whole…the world changed.
People in the world had already been becoming more polarized from others with different values, attitudes, beliefs. and lifestyles in the decade leading up to the era of the lockdown. 
BUT once the lockdown was in place (as I wrote in Coffee in March 2020) people became more permanently distant from others.
Many corporations figured out that employees didn’t work as well at home as they did in the office. 
In education, kids learned on-line.  We quickly learned that math and reading scores, the two things that matter in school, are at their lowest levels since the turn of the century. 
There are no times in recent history that compares to all of what has happened to you and me.
Sales and marketing strategy, and results have for the most part been failing in 2022.
Again, no surprise since everyone is using a script from pre 2019 with people whose personalities have shifted and beliefs have become more intense.
In the middle of 2021 I began writing the 500 page,  PreManipulation: Influencing Others to Your Way of Thinking in the New Age. 
Now as it is released it will become the ONLY resource available in the field for the next few years.
The new book includes more than 10 NEW Laws of Persuasion.
Influence: Boot Camp will include ALL 62 Laws. 
No one on the planet has this material, and no one will for a few years to come. 
You Are The First.
While everyone else was watching Netflix, arguing with their neighbors, not talking to their family, and on and on…I was analyzing behavior, carefully watching the world shift and logging the differences and changes across a completely new spectrum of changing behavior and how to create change.
Today in the United States, people have begun living with their parents into their 20’s and even 30’s. So, independence as a value for many has eroded.
Similarly, in the U.S., people are waiting to get their drivers license. Far fewer young people are going out on their 16th birthday and taking their exam and jumping into their new, used car, to express their freedom.
I don’t need to judge these behavioral changes for you. You simply need to know what they predict for the behaviors you ask people to perform.
I will show you how communicating with people who have been the most impacted by these changes now communicate in their “new selves,” and many will not “know you” in the same way they have before.
I had an extended debate with a friend the other day. He was supporting the ideas that people should not have to repay student loans and that they should get paid in return for not working. In other words, the values of self responsibility are shifting, at least in the United States of America.
Among many, what was once a value that entrepreneurs have stood proudly by for centuries, is being chipped away at. 
Again, the argument itself, for me personally is not interesting. 
What people believe is what they believe. 
But what is critical to you and me is communicating influentially with people who are undergoing identity transformation, right before your very eyes. 
Again what do these behaviors predict when it comes to YOU and your services?
In 1960 the average GPA in college was 2.5 (a C+). In 2006 it was 3.1.  “Ah, people are getting smarter!”
The opposite is happening. There is more dumbing down than ever before.
The U.S. is now down. 
These students who are devolving in 2022 are being awarded higher grades for degraded performance.
Many University classes almost have to award as many “A”’s as possible to show that their college is outperforming the rest of the universities in the nation or even the world.
Not everyone is getting “all A’s.” But you would not believe how many are. 
An “A” is the most commonly awarded grade in University in 2022. 41% of all students in 2009 reported having an A- or better GPA. In 1969, only 7% could say the same.
It’s a fascinating problem. People who were getting just a rare “A” in college paid back their student loans. 
Today, those getting the easy “A” are begging for forgiveness.
I will talk about the Freudian slip of the word “forgiveness” in Boot Camp.
Yet people still believe you can appeal to the same needs that a 40 year old book on influence addressed.
Not Gonna Work Anymore.
You are attempting to attempt people who are given awards and rewards while having no performance of significance to speak of.
Everyone knows what happens when you reward bad behavior or poor performance. 
You Simply Get More Of The Same.
Consistently reward performance with money whether in school or at the company, and you get cheating. 
The research has been done at all levels. It works out precisely as you would expect.
How do you persuade someone who is paid to cheat or lie? How do you influence someone who will ask for “forgiveness” when you want to work with and marry people who prefer different choices?
How do you persuade an individual who was once classified with Narcisstic Personality Disorder and today is essentially considered, “normal behavior.”  
You better know this because either in your home or the neighbor on either side of you has NPD and all the behaviors that go along with it. 
You must be able to persuade this group. 
They often have high incomes. They often can be Influencers! 
How do you trigger people to perform their best because they internally want to be among the best performers in some area of excellence?
On larger scales, marketers and influencers, two very separate but important groups, are both influencing differently than they used to.
Yes some things never change.
Our core desires have not changed (much). People still want food, water, sleep, sex, escape from loneliness, safety, and security.
There are changes within each of these desires over the last 10 years but the changes in some are close to zero while others are more dramatic.
You can see that Netflix and Amazon Prime are constantly showing you material that their algorithms project you will like based upon thousands or millions of others who watched a schedule much like (or exactly like) your own.
Then of course they want to calculate when you are predictable and when you are not.
What days are you always going to follow their recommendation? What months do you not? What time of the month? 
Yes, there are months when you are MUCH more predictable than others.
In fact, there are ethical tricks you can use on this swiftly changing world and it’s inhabitants to help them change and change quickly.
Remember in just TWO YEARS the personality characteristics have, significantly shifted.
And we know how and when and where and why.
I will go into great detail on how to use these changes to trick people into being higher performers, more ethical, work for their pay, get to work on time, stay until the end of the day, say “thank you” and tip the server at the end of the day.
What will you learn?
You’ll find out all that has changed and how it is impacting you, in your work, your relationships, or even finding a new connection.
You’ll learn the latest applications in persuasion, influence, sales, marketing and whether or not to take the Influencer road as you go forward.
You’ll also find out which principles of persuasion are losing their stickiness and value.
You’ll be in for big surprises here, and the results speak for themselves.
I’ll take you through all the new laws of persuasion that have taken shape, been remolded in the lockdown period and how they are making one more shift now as we enter a complex economic shift now that the markets have soared to new heights and been shaken. 
Is the pain over? 
You’ll get to look at how the world has been influenced by leaders to make certain decisions and find out how all of those decisions and changes are shifting what you will do next.
There are some things that will sell much easier in the next year. 
There are also some things that will be very difficult to sell and market in 2023.
And you’ll learn approaches to both.
What will you be able to do after Boot Camp?
Perhaps the most important thing we’ll do is look at direct applications for you. You’ll have a chance to get your specific concerns addressed live, IF that is indeed what you would like to do. 
Some people are excited to have a chance at on the spot direction and applications.  
Others prefer not to do that.
5 years ago the average person had two close friends. Today the number is 1. 
That’s a big change. 
Boot Camp is one of these experiences where you’ll probably be surprised to find intelligent, good people like yourself that will want to go out for dinner, see a show or just sit in the club and talk.
What’s Unusual about Influence: Boot Camp?
Boot Camp doesn’t end Sunday afternoon.  
29 days after everyone has gone home Phase II of Influence: Boot Camp Las Vegas 2023 continues. 
You will participate in six one hour Zoom calls that will bring us to complete our work. 
Each month we’ll pick up right where we left off in Las Vegas. 
This allows you an extra opportunity to test applications in real life and send me questions which I’ll respond to live on our Zoom calls.  
Did you get the girl? (or guy?)
Did you get the new job?
Did you get the raise?
Did you make more sales?
Was marketing substantially easier and more profitable?
Anyone can go to an event. This event doesn’t stop until we know you’ve done everything you wanted to do with what you’ll be given.
Event Schedule
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 9 AM sharp we will begin and I will speak until 2 PM when we will take a lunch break. 
At 3:30 we return to the event room and you’ll be treated to special guests who will give you in depth understanding of important tools of influence. 
At 6:30 we break for dinner and then you have a choice if you want to go out for the night or attend our After Hours Experience.
For two hours, you’ll be treated to specialists who want just the most interested and thirsty attendees. We want you to enjoy Las Vegas and we want to make it hard for you to leave the event at 9:00 PM! 
Sunday we begin at the same time and we will close our event at 4:00 PM sharp. Most people who will travel that afternoon will have no problem getting to the airport on time for their flights.

BUT, you can ask for an invitation to Inner Circle on MONDAY, March 13!
Some attendees will need to be at home, but others will be in my suite with some of the sharpest and best people I know. Our Inner Circle is well known for in depth consulting in front of an NDA (non disclosure) group of people. 
Inner Circle will be in my suite from 10 AM until 6 PM., Monday March 13.
VIP Dinner with Kevin Hogan, Sunday night or Monday night.
Each night Kevin will give his guests a copy of PreManipulation, sign the book and take a photo with you while dining at one of his favorite restaurants. 
A maximum of 9 guests will join Kevin each evening.
Influence: Boot Camp Las Vegas 2023 is fun and it is thinking. It is work and play. It is an event you’ll tell people about for years to come. 
If you’ve ever attended our events you know we don’t replicate information from year to year. What we do is unique and about half of what you will learn from me is material no one has ever shown you before.
Stay with us at the Event Hotel if you Desire!
Want an excellent price on a hotel room in a city that will be loaded with conventioneers this week? All you have to do is CALL THIS NUMBER AND TELL THEM YOU ARE WITH INFLUENCE BOOT CAMP. They will take care of your room at a price lower than any published rate at XXXX per night. 
Of course you don’t have to stay at the event hotel, the city of Las Vegas is literally YOURS!

Kevin, I want to register now. I understand that if at any time before lunch break on the first day I am dis-satisfied, I can return my manual, materials and get a full refund, no questions asked.

Kevin I can’t wait for Boot Camp, register me now for the Guest Package of all four nights AND After Hour Events AND an opportunity for me to stay through Monday, for your special open meeting Inner Circle in your suite

I understand that the Guest Package is only $1997.

Special Note for Guests with Disabilities. For those with hearing impairments, contact for special seating. 

For those with challenges walking, using crutches, etc., contact and Kevin will personally be certain to have you seated so you can get in and out with ease.

Other special needs? Bianca is here for you! 

Special note: Only so many people fit in Kevin’s suite, and it’s a big place. Thus, this is a first come first serve aspect of the Guest Package. VIP package participants will be given priority.

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