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3 Secrets About Body Language That are Essential to Your Success

women body language

Every movement.

Each gesture. Each smile and frown.

How they move within the space around them.

Where they look.

It is all telling you what their unconscious mind is thinking and what they are going to do next. Now YOU can become a body language expert and learn how read the body language of anyone, while sending messages to get people to do what you want them to do.

What I Learned About Body Language in 20 Years of Selling and Training

Can I give you three closely held secrets about body language?

Numerous corporations have paid me thousands of dollars for this information.

I want to give it to you free.

3 Secrets of Body Language That Get to the “YES!” Response

Each person’s body language is a bit different. What signals mean something to one person mean something entirely different to someone else. And things differ culturally, which adds to the soup. Just like we don’t all speak English, we don’t all speak the same body language. Intentional gestures like raising your middle finger is a …well you know… in the United States. In some other countries it means, “good job.”

In at least two countries the O.K. sign is the equivalent of the American middle finger.

You can use these simple techniques and watch them change your income. Your happiness. Your life.

Secret #1

There is an obvious height disadvantage (or advantage depending on your point of view) that women have. Women, on average, are about 4-6 inches shorter than men. These differences over the years have caused several interesting opportunities for a body language expert to take advantage of.

If you want a woman to be comfortable around you…for her to like you (and this is true whether you are a man or a woman) do whatever you can to keep your eye level below hers. Here’s why. Women often have several negative feelings that mix together to form a mess when they communicate with others. The feelings are those of inadequacy, resentment, frustration, annoyance and a few others which would overstate the point and I will save for your listening and watching the program.

These feelings are quelled when you sit so that your eye level is lower than hers.

This discovery was made totally by accident several years ago when I was teaching a nonverbal communications class at the University of St. Thomas Management Center.

Instead of continuing with my planned outcomes for the day, we immediately switched gears and tested this fascinating discovery. Each woman we tested with this, utilizing both men and women in the chair opposite, reacted either neutrally or positively in the experiment.

Since then I’ve replicated the experiment numerous times. More importantly, I’ve tested it in the real world, with astonishing results!

It’s yours free. I discuss it more and in greater detail in the body language program, but you have enough to chew on there!

Secret #2

Body Language Technique That Instantly Makes….or Loses Sales, Depending on IF You Do it Right!

The next technique I want to share with you is something I didn’t discover by accident, but by investigation. For many years so-called experts have said that an excellent way to build rapport was to lean into the conversation. Position your body closer and lean toward the person you are talking to.

My experience has been that when people do this immediately, I react with a “bolt” reflex. Was it just me? Was it random? Did my reaction mean anything?

It turns out that it did. (And they don’t all turn out this way or this good.)The vast majority of men and women report feeling significantly more uncomfortable and LOWER levels of liking when people “lean in” to them early in a conversation. After picking some specific points of demarcation, the “technique” does indeed bear fruit. But not early in the conversation. Early in the conversation it causes negative reactions and a “no” reaction verbally.

Secret #3

Eye Contact and the Messages You Send

A long time ago I was taught that when people look in certain directions, it indicated that the mind was accessing different parts of the brain to gather information. It turns out this was not correct. But it was during this time that I came across this unknown secret, if you will.

When two people are communicating and the eye contact is “consistent” and “useful” (those are elements that I define in the program and will not go into here) people feel significantly more comfortable when the other person “breaks” their eye contact by looking down instead of up. Not only did this turn out to be a liking issue but it is also is reported to be a trust issue. In other words, when people are breaking their eye contact up, up and to the left, eye level and to the right… the other person is responding negatively and not neutrally or positively.

I’ve had access to thousands of willing subjects over the last 11 years and I’ve had a chance to test ideas, quirks, techniques, everything. I’ve found out what matters and what doesn’t. I’ve uncovered some truly spectacular nuances of behavior that make the difference between hearing “yes” or “no.”

In 10 years everyone will know this, it will be in the text books and that works for me. I will have spent another 10 staying ahead of the curve!

More Body Language Secrets…Revealed Only in an Exclusive Course…with Body Language Expert Kevin Hogan More secrets for you to learn…and utilize when you are through with this course…

  • Reading body language of the opposite sex. Know for absolute sure if they like you or are attracted to you.
  • Identify deception immediately. Interpreting body language! Does the boss have the funds for your raise? Did your teenager smoke that cigarette? Was your husband really late because of a traffic jam?
  • Use body language to make your own covert messages Get what you want – be completely believable and congruent.
  • Make a Dazzling Impression on the Right Person
  • Use Your Body to Seal the Deal, Make the Sale and Have them Fall for You

Whether you want to master body language to make the sale or get the girl (or guy) this program reveals all the secret codes hidden for so long! Absolutely no one has all of this information. Period. My proprietary research (which you are going to receive!) brings you to the cutting edgeof having people fall in love with you in literally a matter of seconds.

You are going to discover what really gets the sale, the promotion, and what seals or kills the deal. You are going to learn what the unconscious mind is picking up that you have been missing!

Between 60% and 75% of all of your communication is nonverbal.

Are you attracting or repelling people around you? Are you making every sale you could be? How are people reading you?

In the first four seconds people will make judgments about you:

  • I will or will not buy from this person.
  • I will or will not like this person.
  • I find this person kind, or not.
  • I find this person intelligent or not.

This program gives you the keys to directing other people’s minds to the choices YOU want!

There are no body language skills taught in elementary, junior high or high school anywhere. Most people have no idea why they “just get a feeling about someone.” You probably have no idea what cues and signals you are sending. In fact, I can guarantee you that you don’t!

The first two 74-minute CD’s are packed with the most critical body language and impression making strategies you will find anywhere.

You probably already know that the number one reason people buy from you (or buy YOU) is based on the fact that they like you and they feel a sense of rapport with you.

It’s that simple. If you can assure that others fall in love with you the minute they meet you, you can make any sale, get the girl (or guy) and ultimately ink the deal. Body language makes all the difference in the world, yet almost no one pays attention to what their body is saying!

Just a few amazing secrets you will learn:

  • How to use your hands in communication so you don’t blow it.
  • How to read another person’s eyes.
  • How to send unconscious messages of liking and attraction to others.
  • Where to stand to be perceived brilliantly by one or 1000.
  • How to sit so people instantly feel at ease with you.
  • Changes you can make immediately to increase your face value.
  • What gestures signal deception.

And now for the most amazing part of the course: 6 CDs and Video are INTERACTIVE with our secret website filled with photographs to analyze!

You move through a catalog of photographs and nuance by nuance analyze the small lines, wrinkles, facial expressions, hand and body placement. All these details are explained to you by body language expert, Kevin Hogan.

The first two introductory CDs are geared toward helping you make an incredible impression in those first four seconds. This advanced portion of the home study course is all about the other person! Now you can discover whether they are lying or not. You can find out the cues of annoyance, covering hidden feelings, and whether they like you or not.

You are going to learn to read people in virtually an instant.

You’ve probably already read some of the body language advice Kevin has given to publications like The New York Post, First for Women, Cosmopolitan, Playboy, The Star, Maxim, Success, Selling Power.

Over the past two years we’ve been given over 1000 pictures of well known people that he has analyzed for the media. Kevin picked a handful of these cool shots so you get to analyze some familiar faces!

Why Are Well Known People and Public Figures the Best People to Study for Body Language?

Because, like lawyers and politicians, they must cloak their feelings when in public. What is particularly helpful for you is that most of these photos are “candids” (not posed). That means you are going to learn to read people interacting in every day situations…while being under scrutiny of cameras and fans. The greatest challenge of all.

If you can analyze these photos along with Kevin Hogan, you can read anyone!

In the accompanying manual, you will have space to put your predictions on what each person’s body language means as far as liking, deception, relationship quality and stability and so on. As you listen to the CD’s, you can then compare your notes with what I share with you! All the while you will be able to see nuances like skin color and flushing because the photo quality is stunning. This is the learning opportunity of a lifetime.

As you progress through the course, you will become proficient at reading and analyzing body language! And of course, I’m giving you the keys to my password-protected secret website with over 100 photos of the stars ready to analyze!

This is a complete seminar in reading, decoding and interpreting body language from the source. Nothing is missing and YOU have access!

You will receive my complete analysis of EVERY PHOTOGRAPH on Six (6) Digital Audio CDs. Your Secret Password to the Hidden Website for the Interactive Photo Gallery will come with your package.

Order today and take advantage of this incredible introductory offer! *In order to participate in the Interactive portion of this course, you will need Internet access. You will be provided a special website address and password in your package where you will be able to view the catalog of photographs.*

What you will receive:

  • 8 digitally recorded audio CDS
  • 125 page manual (on CD in PDF format)
  • Deception Detection VHS Bonus video
  • Successful Communicator Body Language Evaluator
  • To top it all off you are going to receive a very unique wallet card that you can review before every communication where they only thing you want to hear is “yes!” 

More importantly, you will receive five simple and powerful research projects that you can do with your friends or employees. These research projects are based on projects I have done at Universities and major corporations across the world. The information you gather from these informal adaptations of my research projects will prove to you how sales will increase, rapport will be built faster and you will have visual evidence and not the hype of an advertisement to back it up!!!

Anyone can say their “system” or “method” is the best. I will say that and more. I’m giving you the tools to do your own scientific research in less than two hours to determine for yourself how powerful this material is!

How do you price a program like this? The research alone is personally guaranteed to increase sales for almost every person who uses this proprietary material. Before I tell you the price, I must let you know that I will be protecting this intellectual property ferociously. This information has helped transform the companies I have trained and now it is yours at 1% of my daily fee for training the material.

You are about to have …

  • Ease in every social and business situation.
  • Masterful communication with your boss, your lover, your children…virtually anyone!
  • The knowledge and peace of mind that no one can deceive you.

But, that’s not all. BONUS! When you order today, you will also receive this free gift: Body Language: Get the Edge in Business & Relationships the video absolutely FREE! The following video will be included in your order, simply by ordering now!

Body Language: Get the Edge in Business and Relationships

In this video Kevin Hogan literally gives away almost all of the secrets of body language that haven’t been released to date.

Best: You get to watch Kevin Hogan interact with Beth Bednar (former ABC TV anchor) “live” in the studio! Discover just how Kevin positions himself to put Beth at ease and in rapport instantly. Find out how you can use this information to seal the deal, get the date, make that promotion happen!

Then find out how people blow it…unwittingly…and make nonverbal communication mistakes in business and social situations. You will learn how to do it ALL right. This brilliant video is 85 minutes in length and covers every major strategy of body language that has been found to be effective in sales and personal relationships. In the store, the video sells for $99.95. Order today and you receive this video FREE with your purchase of Body Language: The Complete Home Study Program

8-audio CD Set with 125 page Manual! (Manual comes on a CD in PDF format)
And 96 minutes full length Bonus Video included when you order today

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