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Reading & Interpreting Body LanguageAn Expert Shares Insider Tips!

Reading, decoding and interpreting body language is art and science! Every action or micro-action takes place within a context and in reaction to other actions that go on around the individual.

Body language has meaning that few understand and most mis-interpret. These body language photos will show you some of the basic and advanced techniques used to interpret body language! This girl is flirting with you. “But her arms are crossed, that’s defensive,” some might say. They are wrong. Head tilt to her left, hard time not grinning too big, drawing her head down like a turtle while looking right at you. She likes you.

Flirting and sexual body language is something you can quickly spot in a woman’s body language as well as a man’s in both business and personal context.

Body language revealing the liar is easily identified in both business and personal context when you know how to properly interpret the signs. I’ll show you this later.

Nonverbal communication is the least understood and most important facet of communication. The course from which this excerpt is adapted will let you learn step-by-step, so you will understand body language quickly and accurately.

Whether you want to learn the body language of love, dating or closing the deal, welcome! The analysis I’m going to give you as part of this preview includes both “liking” and deception judgments. It is fairly complex to analyze human behavior in snapshots in time. See this guy. By looking at him, that smirk should mean he’s being perceived poorly and he’s fighting for his life. But no, check out the over the shoulder look of the first girl. Women inspect over their shoulders with curiosity…until that split second where liking or not occurs. These two will connect…..BELOW…I made judgments on the relationships of the couples based solely upon these photographs and the apparent context in which they were taken. (This is as little as you have to go on with most media. It IS a challenge.

In this preview, my goal for you is to become aware of a few of the subtle nuances that you are going to begin picking up from now on. Instead of telling you each little nuance in a boring, clinical way, I’m going to let you have some fun and invest just a few minutes into being a body language expert with me.

In the course, (which I designed equally with business and personal relationships in mind) I will go into much greater detail, but if you look closely you will learn a great deal today about the nuances of nonverbal communication. Why personal and business all in one program? Because the nonconscious mind which directs almost all body language doesn’t know you are at the office or in the kitchen. It just reacts. 
Photos appear under license agreement with PRPhotos.

What Can You Interpret About a Person’s
Body Language From a Photograph?

Example 1 – Barack Obama.
People were stunned when George Bush defeated Al Gore by one vote. I wasn’t. I told the BBC and it’s on the Internet that the election would come down to an almost impossible 50,000 vote victory for the then governor of Texas. You’ll learn how this was obvious to me when the polls showed Bush losing by 3 MILLION votes later….Barak Obama certainly is known for his striking IMAGE. Notice the intensity on his face. The cheek bones. The strength of his jaw. The back of a soldier. This is a POWERFUL IMAGE that can win an election IF it is backed up with a message of VISION and not policies. We’ll revisit Obama throughout the year and see if the image holds.

Example 2 – John McCain. John McCain doesn’t have that image and would be foolish to attempt to capture it. THIS is what works for John McCain. McCain’s face shows intelligence and compassion. He is the precise OPPOSITE of Obama. Wide open eyes give the feel of open-ness. Obama? No. He is a leader with vision. He has his OWN plan. McCain appears to want to know what the person he’s talking to thinks. If McCain talks about VISION he would be crushed because that is NOT his image. His image exuded compassion, intelligence, open minded. Does America want an open minded President…or a visionary, perhaps unlike any we’ve seen? I’ll tell you in October and now in the Body Language Home Study Course

Example 3 – Body Language of Nicky Hilton with ex-boyfriend Brian Connolly.
Question: “Kevin, will these two last?” Answer…observe…Notice Nicky’s body language. The knee elevated against her boyfriend’s right leg. Her left leg supporting her entire body. The expressionless smile as she poses for the other photographer. One clue I always look for is, “Where is the cell phone.” Pocket or hand. Answer: Hand. No, this will not last.

Example 4 – Tom Arnold and Shelby Roos. (Kevin note: they were recently divorced.) The body language of Tom Arnold and Shelby Roos was always interesting and easy to analyze for the press. Tom, one of my favorite funny guys is holding his girlfriend so tightly, she is like the caged bird that must fly away. Notice you can see the white in Tom’s fingers. Check out the facial color. Observe the closeness of his head to Shelby in contrast to where it would be if he were standing straight. This is a classic photo sequence of “boy ecstatic to be with this girl.” Unfortunately i had to report the relationship would not last.

Example 5 – Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa
Bruce Springsteen and Patti are like yin and yang. Almost all photo’s of these two together reveals a mirror image of each other and this is no exception. Even when they are turning their legs/feet are the same! Then notice how similar their hands are positioned and of course his and hers sun glasses. There’s more in the program about these guys and this sequence of photo’s but essentially when two people mirror each other this perfectly, they are likely to stay together.

flirting body language bruce springsteen

Example 6 – Pamela Anderson and Richard Branson. The body language of Pamela Anderson and Richard Branson is always interesting to read. Two people who love the spotlight, one with excitement the other with comfort. Branson, like Tom Arnold above, holds tight. Notice his right hand and the strength with which he holds Anderson. Then notice that his face like Tom Arnold above has that same coloration to it. The grin indicates a very happy, “Hey guys, check it out, it’s Pam,” to the guys back….on the yacht or in the plane. And Pam who has a great body to analyze in her own right…Rarely does she show ownership of a man. Here she has her arm up and around Sir Richard’s neck and holds him too. Very unusual for her. One clue you will always look for when reading body language is the where the eyes are looking. Here, two different places. And Richard is on the camera that says, “hey guys check this out.” When people are “together” they typically are posed and focused on the same thing/photographer.

What If I Told You There is a Way You Can Learn All the Secrets of Interpreting Body Language Like an Expert?

Cool? There is much more that you can glean from each photograph inside the course. I hope I’ve given you a gentle foretaste without getting too complex or academic on you!

Now, I’m going to you introduce you to the Home Study course on CD/DVD and online where we have over 100 candid photos of celebrities, political figures, and other famous individuals in different settings.

I’m going to reveal to you how to determine whether the people you meet like you or not. I’m going to show you how to read with precision whether they are leaning “yes” or “no.” Like any skill, it simply takes a little time investment to learn.

The payoff? Enormous. Being able to control every situation you are in.

Working with celebrity photos is the best way to learn because these are people who are taught to control their emotions and feelings. But just like what you have already learned to see, the little nuances tell quite a story. The story that the nonconscious is revealing, but the conscious mind is not.

More Body Language Secrets? Click Here

Fascinating? Click below to view a short video. You can click on the photo below for more details about the Home Study Course.

Learn more about reading body language like an expert!

Couple Updates:

  • Nicky Hilton moved on to date Ian Somerhalder (Lost), Brandon Davis, Joe Francis. She is currently dating Dave Katzenberg.
  • Tom Arnold and Shelby Roos filed for divorce in 2007.
  • Longtime couple Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa are still together.
  • Pamela Anderson recently divorced from Rick Salomon, and is dating again. She will have her own reality show filming now, airing fall 2008.

All photos courtesy of PRPhotos. All photos appear under license agreement.

More Body Language Secrets? Click Here

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