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Suggestion Changes Perception – Perception Changes Choices, Decisions and Behavior

Precispower of suggestion changes memoryely framed suggestion changes perception, and can easily create false memories.

False memories are not good or bad. Some people will tell you otherwise. They are wrong.

Suggestion from an authority figure can often over-ride a person’s visual memory to create a new memory.

How do you utilize this information?  First UNDERSTAND the broad and potent power of suggestion.

1) Know that “changing perception” means there was a dog there and you saw it and now as you remember that moment, there was NO DOG or that it was a kitten.

2) YOUR perceptions being changed is something that YOU experience everyday because of the suggestions of others that your nonconscious mind believed to be true and those suggestions completely over-rode the inputs of the actual moment.

3) Changing perception can happen in advance by suggesting something political (for example) being proposed is supported by someone you like and respect or dislike and don’t respect…and your brain will often easily adopt the opinion of the authority figure mentioned and stop it’s own processing of the information.

4) Many suggestions trigger precisely the opposite behaviors and memories of what is being suggested. See the sign, “Don’t be afraid of anyone?” How did that make you feel inside?  Exactly…

5) Choosing what you listen to, who you talk with each day, the people you mingle with at the office… all are filled with messages. Most people have no way to analyze that information. Next week, I’ll show you how.

There are literally hundreds of experiments that show how everyday suggestions, questions, comments and statements change perception.

I share this story and experiment with most of my audiences:

Elizabeth Loftus (one of the world’s leading memory researchers) performed a fascinating experiment. She showed a film to a group of people. The film was about a traffic accident.

After the film she asked the group, “How fast was the white sports car going when it passed the barn while traveling along the country road?” Several days later when witnesses to the film were quizzed about what they’d seen, 17 percent were sure they spied a barn, though there weren’t any buildings in the film at all.

In a related experiment subjects were shown a collision between a bicycle and an auto driven by a brunette, then afterward were peppered with questions about the “blonde” at the steering wheel. Not only did they remember the nonexistent blond vividly but when they were shown the video a second time they could hardly believe what they were seeing. It was nothing like they remembered it. Loftus concluded that hints leaked to us by our fellow humans over-ride the scene we’re sure we’ve seen with our own eyes.

In another Loftus experiment done in the 1970’s the film is different. The people view slides of a pedestrian-auto accident. They also see a slide of a red sports car at a yellow Yield sign. The group was asked, “Did you see the other car pass the sports car while it was stopped at the Yield sign?” The biased recall group however was asked an even more biased question: “Did you see another car pass the sports car at the stop sign?” Later most of the biased group remembered a Stop sign instead of a Yield sign! The verbal information again leaked into the visual recall.Elizabeth Loftus memory change experiment

Our objective is to use covert hypnosis to create images in the person’s mind (see strategies for utilizing covert techniques in the Covert Hypnosis Manual or in Covert Hypnosis: An Advanced Course in Unconscious Communication) that target the behavior the client wants changed and paint pictures on the landscape of the mind that vividly show that the changes are going to be taking place. The brain will begin to see/remember what you tell it to, if you meet the other fundamental pillars of covert hypnosis.

To simply read off of a sales script or therapy script and say, “The pain has gone, how do you feel?” is impotent. Once you have utilized the tools of covert hypnosis something quite different happens. The person will begin to feel less pain. There is no power in a script. There is enormous power (or not) in the salesperson, the therapist, the client, and the alliance of the person of influence and the client. Once the fundamental power structure is in place in the person of influence, the client and the alliance of the two, then change can begin to take place and covert hypnosis becomes effective.

Covert Hypnosis allows you to paint pictures on the landscape of another person’s mind.

When Resistance is Likely, Distraction Creates a Receptive and Easily Persuaded Mind.

Festinger and Maccoby conducted an experiment in which they attempted to prevent members of their audience from inventing arguments to refute messages being presented to them. (AKA resistance in hypnosis) This was accomplished by simply distracting the audience somewhat while the communication was being presented. Two groups of students were required to listen to an mp3 about the evils of college fraternities. The argument was powerful and was obviously not going to be well received by the audiences. During the presentation to one of the groups, the audience was also distracted by a highly entertaining silent video. (That group is engaged in TWO tasks simultaneously.) The other group was not disturbed by a video. They simply listened to the audio.

What were the results of the experiment? The students who were distracted by watching the film underwent substantially more opinion change against fraternities than did the students who were not distracted.

The distracted mind is easier to manipulate and create change in than the undistracted mind.

There is resistance in the mind of every human being to that which the individual does not believe to be true. There is resistance in the mind of each person to that which creates fear within the individual.

If any ego state (part of the unconscious mind’s personality) is not in alignment with what messages are being shared between client and therapist, resistance will be met. Be aware of this now. The resistant client more often than not needs to experience pictures he creates in his mind, not pictures created by the person of influence.

When Resistance is Unlikely, Affirm Present Beliefs.

resistance to persuasion and beliefsNumerous studies have been done that reveal that people are receptive to information and attitudes that agree with their current point of view. People will formulate arguments on the spot against any point of view that disagrees with their currently held belief. Therefore: Always discover current beliefs and attitudes so you can affirm them. On the other hand, do not have your client verbally state anything that you will want them to change later. Once an attitude is communicated (verbally or in writing) it will be maintained, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Legend Point: Resistance is unlikely when people agree with the presented point of view. In these cases powerfully affirm the individual’s point of view.

When Ego States Battle for the State of Mind Utilize Ambiguity

Most people don’t but if you happen to have a hypnosis background, this will be of significant help to you:

Ambiguity allows ego states on both sides of a view-point to be equally accepted. By allowing different elements in the unconscious mind to be accepted we validate the whole person and not just one part of a person’s unconscious feelings, beliefs and attitudes. Milton Erickson, M.D. for all his inconsistencies, was a master of ambiguity. Barton said that ambiguity is the vehicle for expressing conflicting feelings simultaneously.

“Part” of the client wants to experience trance and another part doesn’t. You say, “Please don’t go into trance until you close your eyes.” Both ego states are satisfied and trance is experienced. The suggestion is a bit confusing and distracting in itself. In some cases indirect suggestions can be helpful in facilitating trance or even creating a direction. “You may or may not find yourself wanting to be more productive in your everyday life.” The obvious suggestion is to “be more productive” but because there is permission offered, “You may or may not”, there is no pressure on the unconscious parts that do not want to be productive. This permission for ambiguity is non-judgmental and can be useful when it is obvious there are internal battles brewing in any situation (clinical or non-clinical.)

Legend Point: Be ambiguous when building rapport with someone who has battling ego states. This ensures that both (all) ego states will be honored and will enhance affinity with the person of influence.

Covert Hypnosis: An Advanced Course in Subtle Unconscious Influence The Master’s Secrets Revealed! (Vol. 1 – 8)

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CD 6—Pattern Recognition: Getting someone to think about something is one thing. Getting someone to feel driven to DO something and then watch them do it like magic is something else entirely. Learn so much in just this one CD!!!

CD 7 – This is 2003 neuroscience and research that reveals how to rewire the brain. Some neuroscientists call it “sculpting.” It’s not something that happens instantly and it requires the use of both hemispheres which can be pretty tricky if you don’t know what you are doing.

CD 8 – You are going to learn some unique techniques in the eighth volume of Covert Hypnosis. Not only are you going to learn the truth about values (when they are critical and when they are MEANINGLESS) but you are going to discover the values of the unconscious mind! The unconscious mind and conscious mind do not correlate to each other but they both correlate to the behavior of every person you meet.

Intrigued? Discover the secrets to what separates Covert Hypnosis from every other compliance technology Discover what even the experts don’t know about how the mind interacts with the unconscious mind.

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