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The more a woman weighs, the less she will earn, the less her husband will earn, and she will move to a less prestigious job in the meantime.

If she gains weight over time, there is a causal relationship between that weight gain and a significant loss of family income, her income and her status at work, to boot. (A 20 pound weight gain will cause an average of a 12% decrease in income!)

The new research is consistent with earlier research that relates to attributes of attractiveness and their relationship to both health and financial well being.

What would be fascinating from the attraction perspective would be to tease out just what the most important factors in attractiveness are at that unconscious level. In other words, if a person were thin but facially unattractive, how does that person rate in health and financial well being when compared to people who are facially attractive but significantly overweight?

The subject at hand is about weight and women. (There is no relationship between a man’s weight and his income, his prestige or his families income.)

Coupling this research with the work that we put together in Irresistible Attraction, you discover that attractive (and thin) women and thin women (but not necessarily attractive) have the greatest wealth, the best health, and the most prestige.

Attraction fascinates everyone. For me it became an area of study at the University of Minnesota where I did my first research on dress and customer service in stores that sell diamonds.

We found that the sloppier the dress, the less valuable the ring the jeweler would show without additional security. The better the person dressed, the faster the service and longer time the salespeople would spend. It became a personal trek to find out what kinds of advantages certain people had over others because of genetics and/or being born into families with wealth.

There are significant relationships between a man’s appearance and his income and a man’s height and his income, but not his weight. The rest of the data is disseminated in the book. Here now is the balance of what you want to know as you communicate with tact, with friends and family as you encourage them to take the weight off.

An increase in a woman’s body mass results in a decrease in her family income and a decline in her occupational prestige, according to research conducted by New York University sociologist Dalton Conley and Rebecca Glauber, an NYU graduate student. The study was sponsored by the Cambridge, MA-based National Bureau of Economic Research.

The study’s authors also found that a women’s body mass is associated with a reduction in a woman’s likelihood of marriage, her spouse’s occupational prestige, and her spouse’s earnings.

In addition, the researchers found that the association between body mass and occupational outcomes was more pronounced among younger women, suggesting that it is body mass that affects occupational prestige rather than the reverse.

By contrast, and consistent with past research, men experience no negative effects of body mass on their economic situation. The researchers found no association between height and economic outcomes.

Earlier research has been conducted on body mass index (BMI) and economic outcomes. However, this is the first study to employ the Panel Study of Economic Dynamics (PSID) to address this topic. PSID, which has surveyed a nationally representative sample of 5,000 families since 1968, allows researchers to track changes in Americans over several decades–notably the interaction between age and gender–rather than at a single moment in time or over a short period.

Conley and Glauber selected adults in the survey, aged 25 or older, who were the head or wife of their household in any or all of the following years: 1986, 1999, and 2001. In addition, these adults’ mothers had to have been part of the PSID sample at some point since the survey’s inception. In gauging occupational prestige, the researchers used the socioeconomic index scores (SEI) developed by the U.S. Census Bureau in 1970. The analysis controlled for age and education.

Through sibling comparisons, Conley and Glauber found that a 1 percent increase in a woman’s body mass results in a .6 percentage point decrease in her family income and a .4 percentage point decrease in her occupational prestige as measured 13 to 15 years later. There were no such associations found for the men in the sample.

How Can You Increase Your Attractiveness Factor?

This book shot up to #2 at soon after it’s release! It has enjoyed steady 5 star reviews since.

Recent research indicates the following about the assumptions we all make about attractive people. We believe that attractive people are:


  • more successful
  • more intelligent
  • better adjusted
  • more socially skilled
  • more interesting
  • more poised
  • more exciting
  • more independent
  • more sexual
  • have a happier marriage
  • have more professional and social success
  • have more fulfilling lives

“Irresistible Attraction is a fascinating book; it is fun, empowering and precise. It has a lot of useful tools for people seeking improvement and empowerment in their lives” Renee N. Sakr, BCHT,CI.

This book reveals in 15 chapters the following information for you:


  • Are You Irresistible?
  • Irresistible Ideals in Men and Women
  • Attraction For the Rest of Us
  • Can You Hear Your Body Talking?
  • The Eyes Have It!!
  • Initial Impressions
  • Flirting Makes the World Go Around
  • The Second Impression
  • The Secrets of Charisma
  • Positive Expression and Inner Magnetism
  • Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Secrets of Finding the Love and Experiencing the Intimacy You Deserve
  • Dating
  • Intimacy: Creating and Re-creating the Deep Bonds of Love
  • Personal Magnetism in Intimate Relationships

“How can you exude your inner charisma? Irresistible Attraction blends the art and science of attraction and flirting. This book is insightful and it is fun!” Jill Spiegel, author, Flirting for Success, and Flirting With Spirituality


Reviewer: Robin Kelley from Fort Collins, Colorado

“I was pleased to find this little gem of a book. It reminds us all that we don’t have to live with inertia! If we’re not happy with something about ourselves, then darn it, change it! And this book gives real advice about how to go about doing that, and what is actually change-able in ourselves and in our relationships. Sometimes we get the attitude that life just happens to us, and we have to then deal with what comes our way. Since I’ve read Hogan’s other best-seller, Psychology of Persuasion , I’m aware of his concept of Outcome-Based Thinking, which is really a way of taking the reins in your life and leading the horse, instead of letting it lead you, so to speak. A great concept to plug into our minds.

Even if you aren’t looking for a dating relationship, this book leads you on a journey of self-awareness. What is it that others will find magnetic about us, and how can we play up those things? Well worth the cover price.”

Reviewer: Veronique Mason from Colorado

“Not much happens in an intimate relationship until two people are first attracted to each other, says Hogan. How true! Think about it. Would you even want to be around that special person in your life, if you were not attracted to them? And what about them makes them attractive to you? Have you even thought about it? Then, Hogan asks, “Are YOU irresistible?” We are all so caught up in how others are attractive to us, that we can forget about the other half of the equation: ourselves! How do I take what I have and make it into something more, something magnetic? That?s what this book answers for us. And the answer is going to be different for everyone, but this book gives tons of credible advice that will work for most of us. Fascinating: the evolutionary information inserted in chapter two such as why taller men are more attractive to women. The facts are presented in an easy to read, sometimes humorous fashion. A lot of authors take themselves way too serious, not Hogan. This book is fun and informative.

The chapter about body language was probably the most eye-opening stuff I?ve read in a long time. How close is too close to stand? What about eye contact? Gestures? How do I spot discomfort? What can I do to make them feel more comfortable? Who thinks about this stuff? Well, we all should, obviously, and our dates would go much smoother!

Hogan’s reminder about positive expression is a great tip. How many times have you been on a date, and ended up being that person?s shoulder to cry on? And you just met them fifteen minutes ago??

This is not just a book about how to have a great date. The authors delve into how to determine long-term needs, wants, desires, values. They help you ward off disaster with many how-not-to tips. This book is great for anyone not in a relationship who wants to be, AND great for anyone in a relationship who wants to remain attractive to their mate, and maybe even become more attractive to them!”

Reviewer: Brianna Burke from Anaheim, CA

“Irresistible Attraction is a book about attraction done correctly. The book starts off (or should I say, the author starts off) poking fun at himself, revealing what we all believed to be true but never were sure….that men think about sex, most of the time…maybe all the time…and women actually have interests beyond this!

Then we are taken on an easy to understand tour deforce of what men and women find attractive in each other based on research from various studies all around the world and evolutionary psychology.

Next up, and, what I found to be the most interesting part of the book were the chapters about body language. The very notion that you can enhance and improve how people feel about you simply by how and where you sit, how and when you gesture, and amazingly simple things that aren’t all as intuitive as you might think, was truly fascinating. These three chapters made the book for me.

I was even more surprised to see such a detailed and thoughtful account of just how to build and safeguard a long term relationship. It really didn’t need to be in the book, because the book IS about attraction but I thought it was really helpful. I’m young and maybe sometime soon, I will be able to use that chapter!!!

Irresistible Attraction is a really well written book, it blends well what I’ve learned in college with real life experience and I can’t help but give it five stars. (Hint: Every guy should read this book BEFORE they call the girl.)”

Reviewer: Elizabeth Ross from La Brea, CA

“The sub-title appealed to me. Secrets of Personal Magnetism. I wanted to know why some people give a great presentation, while others are ho-hum, forgotten about before even leaving the speakers hall. Chapter 9 Secrets of Charisma revealed so many things to me – this chapter itself was worth the cover price- far more, really. The different types of communicators were eye-opening and I was shocked to discover that I do alot of the things it says NOT to do! Not any more! Thank you, Hogan and LaBay for opening my eyes.”

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