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They made the team.

Then came the incredibly difficult piece.

The pressure is on and each and every day we see another story of going from nothing to medal.

Most participants of course don’t come close to getting a medal.

The vast majority go home with knowing they competed with the best. They will get endorsement opportunities in their home countries and earn millions of dollars.

In your world and mine, we don’t need quite as much, nor as intense training.

In our world, when you don’t win, you typically lose.

It’s time to stop losing.

The key criteria? Being certain people can come and learn to get what they want in life while making the lives of others rich and rewarding.

It’s always been my dream to help people achieve what they can in their lives. I’ve trained some pretty cool stuff over the years but this is going to be a unique experience. For me, it’s a bit of a dream come true.

Now it’s your turn.

Take a step back and reflect on your life.

how do you achieve your dreamsWhere exactly are you?

Have you achieved (or have you begun to achieve) your dreams?

Do you have dreams, or feel it’s OK to have dreams?

Due to circumstances of life, I’ve always pretty much had to step forward, walk into the fire and be disciplined to get from point A to point B.

But that is not normal.

There’s been days when I thought about being un-disciplined and it feels kind of awkward.

I never really “thought about” the importance of self-motivation. I was always pretty much “there.” It wasn’t because I was “special,” it was all life circumstances…like being on The Titanic and realizing that there are two destinies. And that’s just for you. Then there are people relying not only on your decision making skills but your ability to implement…as said ship is sinking…

Problem is, of course, that that is an unusual circumstance. For you, today, I just want you to have focused and determined self-motivation to achieve your own dream.


Make Your Self…Important

How do you accomplish the process of becoming self-motivated?

To begin with, You MUST invest in yourself. Make your Self important…and make you a top priority. People who don’t do this don’t realize a crucial life factor.

When I was a kid, I was not the most important person to the survival of the family. I was most important after my Mom. If Mom were to cease to be there…we five would have been orphaned. That meant my number one goal in life at 8, 10, 12 years old was to keep my Mom living and get her to reduce her weight, reduce her cigarette habit and on and on. I needed her to take care of her Self…and everyone else in the family (all younger) needed that, too…they just didn’t know it!

Switch off from the world around you for a moment, take a step back and absorb everything you are about to read, feel free to refer back to this article because these words might be the difference in your life between success and failure. Any time you need direction, put everything you have learned here into practice – if you can do this, you will never look back.

DriveThere used to be a saying…never heard in 2020, “today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

Today, I offer you to ponder beginning the NEW beginning of your life journey NOW.

Forget everything that you have been told that is limiting you. Of course, there are certain limitations in life. Recognizing them is important for your survival. But for the most part, limitations exist only within the mind.

When you put into practice what you find here, you simply cannot fail…

And of course… it is your right to be successful…if you choose.

To begin with, you must discover what success or achievement means to you.

I am about to show you how to begin your journey by making it personal and helping you uncover those hidden desires to accomplish…to thrive…to be happy…to succeed.

Stay Focused

Having an outcome is the starting point to achievement.

An outcome in this context, is simply what you might like life to be like. What will drive you and keep you focused when you are confronted with obstacles.

Kevin Hogan on Achievement Factors, stay focused!When you are not committed to something, it tends to get pushed to the back of our minds all kinds of other stuff finds a way of making you stray from your your desires and aspirations.


Because you are only human and life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

There are elements of randomness that get in the way of acquiring outcomes, making life often…unpredictable.

Committing to an outcome and seeing it through, not only causes success it also CREATES SELF TRUST and a feeling of well being and achievement.

Flat out…it feels darn good to determine an outcome or set a goal…and then go get it.

Being motivated and moving forward…persisting.. even when it almost seems that the world is conspiring against you is what will make you great.


Fate Has Nothing To Do With It

As you read biographies of the people you admire, you will notice a pattern emerge.

People who achieve leave nothing to fate.

They don’t believe in fate.

They make a decision to achieve something and then they go get it. They plow through everything that stands in their way.

They set out with an outcome and then they DO it.

They do it without question or curiosity about “if” or “what if.”

People who achieve have long abandoned the mindset that (long term) failure is not an option.

Now that said, short term failure, is experienced far more often by successful people than anyone else.

Successful people control all the variables they can. They get help with factors they aren’t expert at and enlist the aid of anyone and everyone it takes to make dreams come true.

For me, success isn’t measured in money. Success is measured in achievement compared to my potential.

Think about that for a minute.

Someone who has a severe physical or mental handicap might very easily have less potential than someone without the handicap. (And I do say “Might” because I’ve seen some pretty impressive handicaps…and sometimes people blow through them.)

Chances are that you aren’t one of those people.

Set out to do something and then do it.

That IS success.

This is the first and last thing which you need to consider when undertaking any task.

Success flat out feels good…

…”it” doesn’t have to be some lofty achievement…

Little successes feel pretty incredible too.

Success is evidence that you are in charge of your life.

That does just about everything good for you physically, emotionally, mentally….that you could hope for.

Winning is a Habit

build up slowly to success.Where achievement hasn’t been a commonplace experience… you can start with projects that you believe you can handle and allow those “small successes” to be experienced. It won’t be too many weeks until you set your targets on another plane.

A small success is finishing the chapter. The bigger success is finishing the book. The bigger achievement of course is getting the book published by someone who believes in you as much as you do!

From the long term perspective, ultimate failure is only possible when you have given up.

I can think of exceptions….where environment or others play a role that is simply insurmountable.

Stuff DOES happen in life that is beyond your control.

And that is OK.

Every successful person I know has failed a lot…often… at a lot of different things.

Even that being the case, let’s say that as a general rule….Unless you have given up, you are still doing what you have set out to achieve, and therefore still on the journey to success.

Ultimately it’s pretty hard to screw things up long term unless you do so intentionally.

Make sense?

In effect, barring circumstances beyond your control…you only fail if you give up…and giving up is a choice you make.

Giving up is a decision.

Not taking actions at all…that is failure of great proportion because you have decided you want to do something and have allowed self-sabotage to beat you.

Obstacles will ALWAYS be there.


It’s how you deal with these obstacles that determines whether you succeed or fail.

Hamlet could have said (but didn’t so I will), “to achieve or not achieve, It is how you deal with obstacles and your moving forward in the face of them…that will determine the rest of your life path.”

This single factor will determine the rest of your life, career and any other pursuit you undertake. So many people have overcome difficult obstacles, why not adopt this attitude;

“Who am I to give up when people in far more difficult circumstances strive onward.”

(Kind of humbling huh?)

Success begins with a decision…

“I am going to….” and then continues with action.

You’ve read to this point so you’ve obviously made THE decision.

You want to discover the keys or secrets, if you will, to achieving…to making dreams come true.

Some philosophers talk about “legacy.” Others talk about “giving back.” Still others talk about “contribution.”

Let’s ask your Self a simple question…

“If it were necessary to do so…what have I done to justify my existence?”

Body Language jubilant.Accomplishment and achievement are essentially addictive. When you accomplish what you set out to do, the reward centers of your brain send out messages of celebration to the rest of the brain. The end result is that you feel good.

Once you have had your taste of it, you want more.

By taking action and striving to achieve something, you will find that opportunities come your way and obstacles become easier to overcome, all assuming you CONTINUE to move forward.

What’s Your Purpose?

One of the main reasons people throw in the towel and give up… ultimately failing… is that they do not have what Napoleon Hill called a “Definite Purpose.”

Their desires have no context!

Many people “pick a goal” and blindly aim for it. If you find yourself “picking a goal,” you must consider WHY you want to pursue that destination.

Achievement Factors, what's your purpose?When you have a context, you have “reasons” and reasons (leverage) are what will motivate and keep you focused.

Imagine John says, “I am going to earn a million dollars this year.”

Sarah says, “I am going to earn a million dollars this year because I want to use some of that money for my children, help out my family, free up my time and take off the pressures of everyday life so that I can spend more time doing the things that I want to do”

And of course it’s obvious now…the million dollars doesn’t mean anything. It’s just paper or gold.

But when it’s manifested as REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE, everything changes.

If we assume they both came up against the same obstacles, what would differentiate John and Sarah?

Sarah could ask herself,“Am I going to let this (obstacle) get in the way of my dream? Is this obstacle going to rob me of my freedom and rob my children of their security?”

It’s simple: A clear and definite WHY for living and achieving is essential to your achievements and accomplishments.

Make sure what you do and your life in general, has a context. Why do you want a million bucks?!

Ever hear this?

“What I wouldn’t do with a million dollars….”

And I promise you…that person will not ever see that million until they make major modifications in how they think.

When you’re looking at your life, thinking about what you want to do when you grow up the second or third time…so to speak…Choose something that is important to you…

Don’t think about JOBS…think about your LIFE. Think about your dreams…desires.

This isn’t a dress rehearsal.

Learn… then do and accomplish.

I know you’ve probably done this a hundred times…but play with me for a minute.

Write down some things you desire, things you want in your life…or people you want in your life..

we all have these desires, but everyday life has become a habit of making them seem less important…and of course…

Eventually too many people get into the habit of submitting to life’s every whim instead of living by decision…and choice.

By allowing life to control you, you lose control.

It’s OK to go with the flow sometimes…but generally speaking you want to DIRECT THE FLOW.

Focus on what is really important to you.

What is your dream?

Go ahead and write down as many things as you can, they can be big or small. Whatever.

They could be: Financial freedom, skiing on the slopes of a ritzy resort, sailing your own yacht in the Caribbean, spending more time with the people who are important to you. Spending LESS time with people who drive you nuts.

Don’t discriminate between the ideas just yet.

Just write down anything you’ve ever wanted (and still do!) to do. Better yet, type them below.

What’s next?

Be Passionate?

Which of those scribblings really burns into your soul? Which is going to keep you passionate? If nothing makes you feel passionate, what makes you feel best?

Achievement Factors, are you passionate?

Now, how much will it cost to fulfill your dream?

This is an important piece of research you will have to do, find out EXACTLY how much it will cost because this will form part of your plans, you will need to earn your dream. By knowing exactly how much it will cost to fulfill your dream, it’s much easier to check your progress and determine how far you have come and how far you have left to go.

And there is the cost of time…the cost of help…the cost of resources…

Ask yourself, What would you do to get there?

Now, I want you to write down the things you would do to achieve this dream.

Don’t just write “ANYTHING IT TAKES,” (yuk)

That is NOT specific and will not call you into action.

For example; are you prepared to work extra overtime, sacrifice a few of the toys you pay extra for… are you prepared to start a small or part-time business?

Write them all down. Or type them in the box below.

Say YES, to that last question!

Are you serious? Are you for real?

For you and me, this is where those outcomes begin to grow then flourish.

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