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Imagine you had three (+) NEW ways to get clients and make a sale…. It is easier to hear “yes” and hear it more often. You can see people nodding their head. You can see them look at you with a sense of fascination.

In your hip pocket you have “The Science of Influence Code Book.” Feel it there…but don’t reach for it…yet… The pages have been earmarked and are tattered. Now…imagine that every person has a different keyhole in their forehead and it’s encrypted…until you have read the Codebook…perfect…

Today, I’m going to show you three (+) proven tactics (not strategies) to increase your sales and get more clients. They’re in the Codebook in your hip pocket…they are most technically, devices…

If you will carefully insert the keys…and open these doors to your client’s mind, you can’t help but make a great deal more sales next month than you did this month. In fact, it would be almost impossible not to…unless you don’t determine your income! (In this case, read carefully and you will truly gain some incredible distinctions about what gets people to say “yes” or “no.”) I guarantee this is surprising and very cool.

What’s neat here is that you can just read about the tactics, or you can read the tactics and the examples or you can read the tactics, examples and how we know these are effective….then of course you might want to utilize them today.

Your first tactic is something I often wondered about…I just didn’t have absolute evidence whether it was true or my belief. Then what? Prepare yourself. This is brand new!

Tactic 1. VALUE SHOCK… occurs when you give someone something of such great value that they are awed.

“But how do you actually DO that, Kevin…”

Kevin Hogan on Persuasion and Influence FactorsGet something of yours (your product, your idea, your service) that has value, into your customers’ hands/mind…. as soon as possible! As soon as someone possesses something, they perceive it to be more valuable than they did immediately prior to owning it. In order to implement this strategy the client MUST sense or perceive ownership of a decision, item, idea or service.

I recently participated in a worldwide promotion where a bunch of marketers, coaches and so forth “gave away” a bunch of “gifts.” I participated as someone who had something to offer and as someone who was a consumer as well. A few of the “offers” were pretty cool. Valuable.

Then there were those that gave me something that wasn’t valuable. Something that other people had given me in the past. (like recycled gifts)

I loathe that.

Stupid Influence Work and Lousy Marketing Attempts….Worse?

As I’m being given this supposedly valuable $500 gift… I’m being pushed to upgrade immediately…before I’ve even test driven the gift…

Don’t fall prey to this. Don’t do it as a marketer. Don’t fall for it as a consumer.

Demand value. Give value. FIRST.

THEN feel free to offer other opportunities or things of even greater value.

THIS PHILOSOPHY SELLS and builds long term relationships.

When I’m part of a promotion I try to give away MORE value than anyone in the promotion.

This isn’t just my Law of Reciprocity in action.

It’s far more.

It’s having SO MUCH of value to give someone…. that they APPRECIATE and ACKNOWLEDGE what has just happened.

I like to give away full length books if possible. In fact I gave away a LOT of full length books last year.

A lot of people sell…. for hundreds of dollars (!)…. material that doesn’t approach the value of what I give away.

What’s that tell you?

You got it…”If he gives us THIS, then what’s he saving? It must be fracking excellent.”


Hold that thought…

Check out a couple of recent studies as noted from the Codebook…

(a) Individuals who ultimately bet on the Bears (for example) in a football game are often ambivalent as to which team to select between the two until they actually place their bet on the Bears. Once they have placed their bet, they tend to dramatically favor the Bears… and show little hesitation in sharing their certainty that the Bears will win.

Kevin Hogan on Influence and Persuasion Factors (b) Students given mugs in a research setting are given the opportunity to sell the mug. Other students are given the opportunity to buy the mug. On average, students will not take less than $7.12 for the mug they have taken possession of. On average, students will not pay more than $3.12 for the same mug.

Lesson: Possession is 9/10 of the law. Once you own something you value it as higher than those who do not own it….even if it has only been owned for 10 minutes!

STOP: If you OWN my truly valuable E-book… a book that takes a few days to read…filled with tons of information that you can use… if you POSSESS that, how will you rate it’s value? How will you think about the author?

Page 3

Kevin Hogan on Persuasion and Influence Factors Tactic 2. IMAGINED VALUE QUO. Create a frame (a word picture in your customer’s mind) that your product/service/idea is something that they already possess…so that it becomes the status quo in their thinking.

“Once our lawn service is yours… we help you eliminate all that crab grass… the crab grass all your old services said they would get rid of but couldn’t even keep under control!”

(a) Students in one class are given a decorated mug in return for filling out a questionnaire. In another class, students receive a large bar of Swiss chocolate. When given the opportunity to trade with members of the other class, 9 in 10 stayed with what they had.

LESSON: People value what they have and want more of it!

Tactic 3. DEFRAMING… Create a word picture that creates a moderate amount of tension if the client doesn’t do business with your company. In other words, what will the clients LOSE if they do NOT do business with you?

(a) Research on real life applications? It’s been done! Loss aversion is more pronounced for safety than money. (People will do more to protect themselves than their money.) Loss aversion is more pronounced for income than leisure. (Losing a chance to travel isn’t as powerful as losing income.)

Lesson: People move away from loss. Determine what people LOSE if they don’t do business with you and artfully develop word pictures that clarify the hurt they might experience if they don’t.

“For every person who dies this year in the United States, SEVEN will become disabled…and if you become permanently disabled your family will lose everything because you will be unable to work and they will have the added expense of taking care of you. If you carry insurance against this enormous risk, you avoid losing everything and have the ability to maintain a high standard of living no matter what happens to you.”

Tactic 4. CODE BREAKER: Know the difference between “opportunity cost” and out of pocket expenses. Don’t confuse opportunity costs with “out of pocket expenses.” Your customer doesn’t and is watching you to see how you promote your business. Learn this code breaker in detail and then tell me what happens to your sales….

(a) Research conducted in two cities by telephone sampling:

Scenario 1. A shortage has developed for a certain popular make of automobile and customers must now wait two months for delivery. The dealer had been selling the cars at list price. Now the dealer prices the cars at $200 over list. Is this acceptable or unfair?

Acceptable 29%
Unfair 71%

Scenario 2: A shortage has developed for a certain popular make of automobile and customers must now wait two months for delivery. The dealer has been selling the cars at $200 below list price. Now the dealer sells this model at list price. Is this acceptable or unfair?

Acceptable 58%
Unfair 42%

(b) Same sampling as above.

Scenario 3: A company is making a small profit. It is located in a city experiencing a recession with substantial unemployment but no inflation. The company decides to decrease wages and salaries this year by 7%. Acceptable or unfair?

Acceptable 37%
Unfair 63%

Scenario 4: A company is making a small profit. It is located in a city experiencing a recession with substantial unemployment and inflation of 12%. The company decides to increase salaries by only 5% this year. Acceptable or unfair?

Kevin Hogan on Influence and Persuasion FactorsAcceptable 78%
Unfair 22%

In both pairs of scenarios the situation presented is identical to the previous situation. However the consumer reacts very differently to each option. People do NOT want to perceive money coming out of their pockets.

Be certain to frame every promotion in such a way that the consumer is CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY saving (or acquiring some monster sized and VERY REAL benefit, and, assume no mathematical ability on the part of the person.

Want to Know 59 MORE Tactics & Techniques of Persuasion

Imagine How Powerful You Would Be if You Actually Knew All the Persuasion Tactics in Existence

  • What would you do?
  • How would you influence others?
  • What would you want?

Persuasion tactics are very specific pieces of the persuasion pie. There are 59 tactics that can be utilized in the persuasion process and they are ALL detailed here for you.

No one on the planet has ever released a program containing every tactic of influence and persuasion. They are here for the first time.

You Will:

  • Conquer Your Market
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This program breaks new ground in persuasion.

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  • Eliminate the “call back for approval.”
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  • Eliminate, “I’ll think about it.”
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Whether you have the Science of Influence Master’s Course (v.1-12) or not, you MUST get the ADVANCED Master’s Course (Part II) now. This 14-hour course on CD comes with an oversized manual that makes learning and mastering the tactics and techniques of persuasion remarkably simple.

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“I bought your Covert Hypnosis and Science of Influence and I thought I owed it to you to tell you that your courses are the reason that I made $32,000 last week! I used to lose a great deal of customers ‘on the fence’. I thought it was just part of the deal, you get some, you lose most. I still make a great living getting ‘some’. I believe your courses enabled me to get most of the ones that are ‘on the fence’ while losing only some of them. Thanks!” Mark Deaton, AGSI, Twin Falls, ID

Principles of “Mind Reading” Revealed

In 1999 one of the world’s finest mentalists (someone who “reads minds” for entertainment without lying to you…it’s magic…) agreed to show me how to calibrate to almost anyone’s thought processes with a quick look at the person and the expression on their face. It took me all of a couple of hours to “get it.” All he asked in return was to tap my mind on the latest in persuasion. It was a match made in heaven.

The principles of mind reading are wrapped up in what Fortune 500 companies call psychographics. In a nutshell, you can tell a LOT about a person by asking three questions and looking at how they dress and keep themselves. No. Not a lot….everything that matters.

Mark told me that his accuracy was unparalleled and after I successfully did what he did with people, I never doubted him again.

I took the three questions, the appearance pieces and assembled the information into the coolest psychographic tool anyone could ask for.

These two (of 12) CD’s alone are worth 10 times the price of the Advance Course and that is understating the fact dramatically.

You will blow people’s minds (and your own) by knowing what people think before THEY are consciously aware of it themselves.

This is one of the big reasons people find the advanced course their “favorite” of the Science of Influence sets.

The information here will either help you or your competitor plant the flag atop your market.

Let it be you!

** Secret 1 : In EVERY presentation you make your client wants to say “yes”, at least ONCE. Learn how to TRIGGER that moment and move before they turn back to “no!”

** Secret 2 : There are precisely 59 tactics in persuasive communication. No more. No less. They have been identified and for the first time anywhere, they are presented to you in the Advanced Course!

** Secret 3 : Everyone fears rejection. Everyone. Your CLIENT doesn’t want to be rejected by YOU! Find out how to answer that call for connection every time.

** Secret 4 : No one wants to hear “no.” OK that’s not a BIG secret. How would you like to ELIMINATE your fear of hearing no…forever?!

** Secret 5 : NLP was on the right track with meta-programs. I found out which ones made a difference in selling…then found 7 new meta-programs no one else had come across…ever…and they are all assembled for you!

More that will be revealed to you:

* Credibility: 7 things you MUST do to be seen as credible by your client.

* All 59 tactics in persuading anyone to your way of thinking? They are ALL here.

* The Delta Model of Mind Control. (A detailed sequence by sequence of precision based communication and body movements that you will master.

* Everyone’s goal is to be seen and experienced as a recognized brand of excellence. I’m going to show you how to literally brand …you! They see your name, your face and they immediately trust you, know you, respect you, answer to you!

What will you receive?

Vol. 13: The Delta Mind Control Paradigm of Influence (Part 1)
Vol. 14: The Delta Mind Control Paradigm of Influence (Part 2)
Vol. 15: The Influential Secret of Oscillation
Vol. 16: Credibility: The Pivot Point of Persuasion
Vol. 17: Utilizing Metaprograms for Persuasive Impact
Vol. 18: How the Brain Buys Brand: YOU!
Vol. 19: You can’t Hear “Yes!” if You Can’t Get and Keep Their Attention. How to Rapidly Build Brand You.
Vol. 20: Mind Reading – How to Know What They are Thinking
Vol. 21: Psychographics – Why Your Client Buys…and How to Know in Advance Vol. 22: Optimizing Persuasive Messages
Vol. 23 & 24: Here they are: 59 Persuasion Tactics That Gain Compliance!

The Beginning, the Middle, and the End

In the Master’s Home Study Course Part One (V. 1-12) you learned an enormous amount of cutting-edge material now coming to light in the field of influence. Many consider the Science of Influence the Win Friends and Influence People for the 21st Century! Now you are going to gain access to truly advanced information about social influence and the persuasion process that has never been released to the public, ever!

“Imagine how powerful you would be if you actually knew all the persuasion tactics in existence. Imagine. What would you do? How would you influence others? What would you want?”

Ready? They’re here. All 59 Tactics of Persuasion!

In order to complete the second series (13-24) in the Science of Influence Home Based Program, I’ve decided to give you my secret compendium of all the tactics of persuasion.

A tactic is a very specific maneuver or plan for attaining a very specific goal. A number of tactics usually combine to form a strategy and a number of strategies…spell success. The verbal tactic is the atom. It is the smallest component in verbal persuasion.

The greatest aspect of having all 59 tactics at your finger tips is that you can determine the best tactic for each and every situation that you are in where you need compliance. (That means, “Yes!”)

So many people use the same tactics over and over and begin to sound like a machine. This is true in international negotiation, speeches, sales presentations, or even in getting the date. The person who succeeds and hears “yes” is the person who has the widest knowledge of tactics and the ability to apply them instantly.

“If You Don’t Know the Tactics, You Simply Cannot Be Persuasive to Anyone or Any Group in the Long Term!” Kevin Hogan

Order today for what I guarantee you is the most compact “download” of persuasion tactics you will EVER receive in your life.

This Part of the Science of Influence Library is the most amazing 12 hours of persuasion you’ve ever heard so far.

It’s only here.

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Get your copy of Science of Influence: The Tactics & Techniques of Persuasion

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